Parrish was great! Great person to have on your team. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and did a great job on the inspection. He went above by walking the new owners through the process, explaining what he was looking for, how they can best maintain the home and all. Would defiantly recommend!
- L.C., June 2024
Parrish was very professional, friendly did an amazing job
- J.V., August 2022
As a Realtor it's imperative to have a good home inspector on your team of professionals. I've used Parrish for years and he's the best I've worked with.
- M.L., April 2022
Parrish does a famtastic job and is very articulate
- L.R., May 2021
Very professional and thorough.
- J.C., August 2020
Parrtsh is awesome! He is thorough and takes the time needed to assist clients and myself with questions or concerns.
- K.L., March 2020
Parrish is super down-to-earth, detailed, and explains the inspection report in very easy to understand terms. He has his realtors license and understands exactly what buyers and agents need to know and makes solid recommendations. His pricing is very realistic.
- C.P., Provo UT, August 2019
Was late for appointment. Had to call to see where he was. Accepts texts better than calls. After reaching him to find out where he was. He did apologize. I was not present. I was told he was apologetic and very personable. We felt he did a good job. I would highly recommend him.
- A.H., July 2019
Parrish was very thorough, informative, and answered all of my questions. He was easy to get a hold of for scheduling and follow up questions.
- K.A., November 2018
You were awesome and made us feel very well informed about everything you spotted. I feel even more comfortable now to be buying this house than I was at first. Thank you for your great and thorough work and report.
- D.S., March 2017
Parrish was very thorough in his inspection as well as very courteous. Thank you for walking us through what will soon be our future home.
- M.P., February 2017
Parrish was very thorough in his inspection as well as very courteous. Thank you for walking us through what will soon be our future home.
- M.P., February 2017
Thanks! The inspection on our new home left us with all the information needed to feel knowledgeable about the home we purchased. Thank you for all your details and spending the time to use the latest and best technology to give us as much information as is possible. We are happy to know all the wiring, electrical, insulation and water lines actual condition. we love the infared images.
- A.C., February 2017
For years I've been buying-&-selling homes for my own use as well as for fun-&-profit. Never in my experience have I had the pleasure to work with a professional as skilled, knowledgeable, & thorough as Parrish Kunkel. He is hereby my go-to guy for inspections. I'll never use anyone else again.
- J.M., January 2017
Awesome job
- J.B., West Jordan UT, December 2016
He was very thorough and informative!
- C.F., August 2016
Parrish was amazing and did a great job through the inspection. I loved the details and he was very personable.
- B.H., July 2016
Parrish was very thorough and explained everything in detail. I would definitely recommend him!
- M.L., June 2016
- C.E., October 2015
Thank you for the high quality report it was very professional and easy to follow.
- D.P., June 2015
Very thorough. Was very knowledgeable and friendly. Explained everything and answered all questions. Highly recommended!
- J.S., May 2015
You are one of the very,very best !!! Love your professionalism and knowledge of homes.
- T.J., May 2015
?Your Inspection Pros is far more professional than other companies. The staff was courteous and willing to help. Parrish arrived early and his thoroughness was well above average. The value of the service was well worth it and I would highly recommend their service. Where other inspectors promised but never delivered, Your Inspection Pros responded to a last minute call and performed a top-notch service.?
- J.H., Sandy UT, April 2015
Parrish was extremely thorough and professional in inspecting our home under contract. He found expensive problems that will help us negotiate before closing as well as well as peace of mind after the sale. It was also nice to interact with a personable individual, especialy when you are from out of state and are not familiar with the area. Parrish left me with a list of great plumbers, electricians and other contractors. I have used some of them and they have been very helpful. I would highly recommend Parrish Kunkel for your inspection needs.
- S.C., April 2015
Parrish Kunkel performed a professional inspection in a timely manner. I would recommend him to others for an inspection.
- C.S., April 2015
Very professional and thorough. Extremely nice and friendly. He knew so much about the house, including ways we can upkeep it and improvements we can make. Highly recommend!
- E.B., March 2015
Parrish, your Work is second to None, Love the way you present the information to Our Clients and the Confidence you give them in buying the home. Thank you!
- J.H., Sandy UT, February 2015
My experience with Mr. Parrish was professional, and also very friendly. I do not do this everyday, and he took the time to explaine everything he inspected, and the purpose of it. I would very much so recommend him to anyone that is thinking of buying a home.
- J.T., October 2014
Parrish did a wonderful job. He was very thorough and explained things to me so I understood ( my husband wasn't able to come to inspection). I feel like he went above and beyond expectations. Not only did he explain the safety concerns and inspection problems, he told me problem ares to watch and how to upkeep them so they don't turn into major issues. I loved my experience using inspection pros!
- L.B., October 2014
Parrish did an excellent job! He was very patient and willing to answer all of our questions in detail. We were quite impressed and it was apparent he was we'll educated in his field. Awesome job!
- J.P., August 2014
Took lots of time to explain his finding. Very much appreciated..
- R.F., August 2014
Parrish was very thorough and took the time to show us the items identified and how to remediate them. He was very knowledgeable and it was evident that he enjoys what he does. I would recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection. Neal
- N.P., July 2014
Exceptionally thorough and detailed. Will definately recommend to anyone needing an inspection.
- C.C., July 2014
Awesome. I will continue to refer to my clients. Thanks again Parrish and Lisa. :)
- T.S., Riverton UT, June 2014
Parrish did an excellent job he gave us ideas of what to look for and fix and he gave us a great impression of the house we are buying. We felt confident going forward that we knew whAt we were getting into.
- B.S., June 2014
Thanks for explaining everything to me so I understood it!!you did a great job!!!
- K.D., June 2014
They were amazing! Honest and told us the results immediately. I would recommend them to anyone!
- M.S., April 2014
Mr. Kunkel was great. Very thorough and great at explaining everything.
- W.D., March 2014
THANKS PARRISH...!! I really Appreciated Your Skills and Talents on Inpsecting Our home to be.. We would Highly Recommend You to anyone... ;-)
- E.T., February 2014
First of all, Parrish is very kind and personable. From the moment we began he was warm and friendly and I knew we could ask him any question we had. He is thorough and honest. If he did not like something, he let us know. He walked us through every inch of our property and gave us an in depth report on what he found.
- R.B., February 2014
We were very impressed with the quality of the inspection. Would definitely use again and recommend to friends.
- K.R., January 2014
We were very pleased with how thorough Parrish was with his inspection and explanation of what he found. His report was detailed and informative. Thanks for doing a great job!
- C.R., January 2014
Great job! Very thorough. Makes everything very easy to understand.
- K.T., January 2014
Very honest, friendly, great easy to understand explanations, Keep up the great work!:)
- L.R., December 2013
Parrish was extremely thorough in his report as well as when we walked the home with him. It was very reassuring to have him tell us even the littlest of things, things that are not a big concern but may be things that could be updated or fixed at a later time. He was very friendly and answered all of our questions. I will be telling everyone about our experience with Your Inspection Pros.
- B.K., December 2013
I thought Parrish was thorough and professional. I appreciate his insights and observations
- A.F., December 2013
Parrish was absolutely outstanding. He met me early on Thanksgiving Morning, completed the Inspection in a Timely Manner - explained any questions. I would ALWAYS referr my clients to him, and call him myself - when I am the one scheduling an inspection. Great Credit goes also to "his helper" and office manager, Lisa (she is GREAT) Irene H. Mitchell, Broker IHM REALTORS Integrity*Honesty*Maturity
- I.M., December 2013
Service was excellent! Thank you!
- J.S., November 2013
Great job. Very personable. Thorough inspection. I appreciated the objective opinion.
- K.M., October 2013
Parrish is absolutely AMAZING!! He explained everything in detail. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- T.L., October 2013
Having dealt with many inspectors in the past, the previous ones do not compare. You are very thorough and knowledgeable. It is important to have the inspection finished when the home buyers arrive and this was accomplished. Hopefully, we will never need to buy another home but if we do we will definitely call Parrish Kunkel!
- S.W., October 2013
Thanks for everything. I thought you covered everything beautifully!
- C.J., October 2013
Thanks again Parrish!
- S.E., October 2013
Did great, thanks again for your help!
- R.S., October 2013
Friendly, informative and very helpful with recommendations on easy fixes around the house. We'll definitely be using him again for future inspection needs.
- M.L., October 2013
Parrish went through every part of the house, and was maticulous in his observations and documentation. He provided pictures and an explanation for everything inspected, and had the report sent to me within 24 hours. He was very professional, and walked me through each part of the inspection to ensure I understood everything. I highly recommend Parrish Kunkel for your home inspection needs! Thanks, Parrish!
- K.R., September 2013
Very knowledgeable and helpful!
- W.Z., September 2013
Thank you for your thoroughness and professionalism. I greatly enjoyed meeting you and talking with you about our future home. Thanks!
- R.R., September 2013
You did such a great job Parrish. I appreciate that you were more than willing to answer any and all questions I had (and we asked a lot of questions). I was very happy on how meticulous you were with the inspection and I feel like I know the ins and outs of my new home which gives me a sense of security when I sign the final paperwork.
- B.S., September 2013
Great inspection! Would recommend him to anyone that needs a home inspection. We appreciate his professionalism
- S.L., September 2013
The pricing was fair. The inspection and explanations were thorough and honest. No complaints here!
- K.H., September 2013
I am very satisfied with the inspection that Parrish preformed for me. I am a 1st time home buyer and had lots of questions. Which Parrish was able to answer and happy to answer. My Realtor referred him to ma and i am so glad he did. As I arrived he was just finishing up, just as I was informed he would be. I can tell he really took his time, and i have no worries about my new home. He will definitely be referred to everyone I know that is in need of a home inspection.
- J.M., August 2013
Very thorough and personable!!
- L.O., August 2013
Great job on our home inspection. I appreciate your level of thoroughness and detail. If the opportunity arises again we will certainly contact you.
- D.L., August 2013
Parish was very helpful as he inspected our new house. He was patient and answered any questions we had about the inspection and the house.
- C.H., August 2013
Parrish is extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional. He's good at explaining things to keep you better informed. I'd definitely recommend Parrish!
- J.P., August 2013
Parrish was very professional and very thorough. We appreciated his advice and were able to negotiate with the sellers for the issues that needed to be addressed. Thank you!
- D.C., August 2013
Parrish did a great job explaining everything to me in terms that I could understand and in great detail. I am very thankful for his recommendations.
- A.W., July 2013
Parrish is truly a professional. He was on time, took the allotted time that he stated, then met with us to go over the findings. He then provided us with an e-copy of the report.
- J.L., July 2013
Parrish was extremely thorough and friendly. He willingly explained, in layman's terms, everything he inspected. His report was complete with photos and easy to understand.
- R.L., July 2013
Parrish did a great job! He was very professional and very informative. We feel prepared to move into our new home. Thank you!
- R.R., July 2013
I was very impressed, he was very helpful and informative.
- R.H., July 2013
My husband and I could not be more happy with the services provided by Parrish. He was so incredibly thorough and uncovered issues during his inspections that we would never have noticed or known to look for. He is extremely knowledgeable and provided very sound advice and suggestions for the problems he discovered. We used Parrish's services three times in a two month period until we found a home that met our needs and we would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who wants to have peace of mind when purchasing a new home.
- J.A., July 2013
great job
- , July 2013
Great to work with. Very informative and detailed walk-thru. Really appreciated pointing out the water shut off and circuit box.
- T.R., July 2013
Very thorough and patient with answering all of my questions and explained his report effectively.
- B.A., July 2013
He was very thorough and professional. We were very impressed and felt comfortable with his comments and suggestions.
- T.O., July 2013
Great Job! I will definitely use you again.
- J.D., June 2013
Thank You so much Parrish for everything you did. You are truly great at what you do! I have been really nervous about this whole home process and after meeting with you I feel more at ease. I appreciate you explaining everything to us and your suggestions. The addition of the pictures was a plus. I would definately recommend you to any one of my friends. You are great!!
- U.C., June 2013
Did a great job explaining everything and also putting it all in an email with videos and pictures to help remind what needs to be done. Flexible to your needs!
- R.D., June 2013
I have used this home inspection company twice now and I am very satisfied with their work. Professional, expert, and fast!
- A.H., June 2013
Parrish was a very professional inspector and very thorough. We unfortunately didn't have the utilities on in spite what we were told but Parrish did a great job describing everything to us and being patient with our questions. He was very timely in getting the report back to us too. We got the report returned to us that night within a couple of hours after we ended the appointment with him. I would recommend Parrish to anyone.
- T.H., June 2013
Not only obviously highly experienced and thorough, but possesses the rare ability to rate some of the issues at hand. Pictures excellent and captions/language very good. Can't quite imagine asking for anything more. T. Jones
- T.J., June 2013
The inspection was complete, factual and very informative. The photos were very helpful. Thanks!
- M.H., June 2013
Very professional and informative. Thank you
- C.D., June 2013
Parrish is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and we would recommend his services to anyone before purchasing a home.
- J.A., June 2013
Very knowledge and friendly.
- A.T., June 2013
Thank You Parrish! You made me feel confident in the knowledge of my new home! The problems that you made me aware of, gives me piece of mind that I can address them with the seller and or fix them on my own. This makes my purchase of my new home feel comfortable and confident that I will love living there for a very long time! Thank you again! Rebecca Barnes
- R.B., May 2013
This was a very pleasant experience. Parrish did a great job of being thorough with the inspection and then he made sure I understood the details.
- R.A., May 2013
Great job. Very thorough. Thanks for pointing out even the little things we'll want to fix.
- S.C., May 2013
You were very courteous and professional. You took the time to thoroughly explain everything. The report you sent was very easy to understand and had great documentation. Thanks so much. I would definitely recommend your service to other home buyers.
- L.T., May 2013
Precise and explained every aspect of his findings. Freindly and professional.
- S.A., May 2013
You are an awesome guy. Thank you sooooo much.
- T.H., May 2013
When I was selling my condo, the buyer had their inspection done by Parrish Kunkel. I was so impressed with his quality I hired him to do the inspection on the house I am planning to purchase. Would definitely refer him to others and will continue to use him in the future.
- A.O., May 2013
Very thorough. Excellent job!
- M.B., May 2013
Parrish was awesome to work with. He was knowledgable and explained everything in a way that I could understand. I would definitelty reccommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- S.T., April 2013
He is very thorough and honest. He is great to work with and makes sure you fully understands his concerns.
- M.A., April 2013
Parrish was very personable right off the bat and created a wonderful first impression by greeting me by name and smiling. He was very knowledgable and explained things clearly as we walked through the home. He did a really thorough job, I've shared the home inspection report with others and they have been very impressed at how in depth the inspection was and really loved the pictures that were taken of all of the different mechanisms that were used during the process. In the end, Parrish made us feel confident that we were making a wise purchase and that in and of itself was priceless. We can move in to our home virtually worry free because we know that everything has been looked in to. Thanks for being a great service provider, I will definitely share your information with anybody that is looking for a home inspection.
- P.S., April 2013
Thank you for the excellent ideas and comments during the walk-through. You were very professional and the report was easy to read.
- I.N., April 2013
Parrish was great! He went over all aspects of the home inspection with me and made himself available for any further questions I may have. He was very friendly and I trust that he was very thorough in his inspection.
- K.M., April 2013