Leonard was fantastic!! He is great at his profession and was able to communicate all of the concerns to me in a way that was easy to understand. Thanks Leonard
- H.S., June 2018
Len was very thorough and took the time to explain and provide recommendations for every aspect of the inspection.
- M.P., June 2018
Thank you for your indept knowledge and understanding of issues regarding the granite stone farm house I was purchasing and all the little things about being on a rural property. it was a pleasure to meet you and watch you work.
- T.A., June 2018
Very pleased with a thorough inspection. He explained everything well and a very detailed report with pictures. Very happy and I would hire him again and have no hesitation to recommend him to someone else.
- M.O., May 2018
- D.D., April 2018
Len was great - very very thorough in his work and explained everything to us as he went along. Did not rush at all.
- I.N., April 2018
You were very thorough, and pleasant to be around and watch work.
- M.W., March 2018
Great work and tips on fixing minor things
- G.E., March 2018
Len Inkster is very knowledgeable and personable. While accompanying Len during the inspection, he explained the probable cause of the problems and their significance. Although the rigorous inspection revealed numerous concerns, the report provided an unbiased evaluation upon which members of the estate can make decisions and prioritize their decisions.
- B.A., January 2018
Very thorough inspection. Always professional and pleasant. Thanks again Len!
- C.J., January 2018
Len did an outstanding job! I would have him do an inspection any day. Very well done! Thanks again Len!
- B.C., October 2017
Len was exceptional. He was on site as promised-in fact he was even early and was professional from beginning to end. He takes pride in his work and took ample time to explain the report. Rest assured you are in good hands with Len. DF
- D.F., St. Davids,, September 2017
Thanks so much for your hard work!
- K.P., August 2017
Len just inspected two houses for us and we are so pleased with his service. Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Both houses are new construction and we sure wish we had met Len earlier to attend our pre-delivery inspection. Besides a very thorough and detailed inspection, Len provides so many tips and ideas on home maintenance. He is also very well versed with the Tarion Warranty on new construction. Thank you again for your detailed reports and we strongly recommend you. C.I. August, 2017
- C.I., August 2017
Very knowledgable and professional. He went through every little detail for our home inspection and explained everything to us very thoroughly. Definitely a great experience for us working with Len !
- P.V., July 2017
Highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and professional.
- P.D., July 2017
Len was very professional, informative, and gladly answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
- J.S., June 2017
Mr Inkster was clearly very knowledgeable and I had every faith that he was looking out for my best interests!
- K.H., June 2017
Very professional. The report I received is high quality and with very helpful images. Additionally, being able to create a list of items to send to the seller is extremely helpful and saved me lot's of time. Thank you!
- K.N., June 2017
Len is a solid Professional with a great experience and he did our due diligence in a very effective way. Thank you for your support. My Best Regards Luca Esposito
- L.E., March 2017
Len was very professional and thorough and an absolute pleased to work with. I would definitely recommend his services.
- A.D., March 2017
Len completed an excellent house inspection. He was thorough, knowledgeable, answered all of our questions, and quickly followed up with the inspection report. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for an inspector.
- A.S., March 2017
the best home inspector Ive had the pleasure to work with. Integrity, honesty, credibility is what you get...I highly recommend Len.
- L.R., February 2017
I would absolutely recommend Len in a heartbeat! He is both thorough and friendly, and willing to take the time to explain the full report and his procedures. I would definitely use his services again in the future!
- C.M., January 2017
Pleasure meeting you, great job! Very happy with your report and all the additional information.
- M.T., Welland ON, October 2016
Great job! You were very friendly and explained things in detail and answered all our questions
- R.R., September 2016
Hi Len. I was extremely impressed with your expertise,knowledge and professionalism . I would recommend your services to anyone I'm sure I will be contacting you for future advice which I feel is a very helpful service on your part One of the things I liked about you to offer your advice for 12 mo after inspection Very professional and helpful. Len gets a 10+ from me! I do have a question regarding the information he gave me at inspection. How to I contact for advice? Cell phone?
- B.V., Niagara Falls ON, September 2016
My first home inspection, and it was such a pleasure working with Leonard. Very professional and accredited- i am so glad i chose his services. He provided a detailed and thorough inspection, notes and verbal explanations, and answered all my questions. Highly recommended! Thank you Leonard! Jen W
- J.W., Burlington ON, August 2016
Thank you for your mold inspection. Very professional and thorough. You even found mold along an interior wall that I had no idea had mold. Your report and website are impressive and detailed. I highly recommend anyone to use you for their home inspection. Thanks again, Len!
- P.L., Niagara Falls ON, August 2016
Thank you for your mold inspection. Very professional and thorough. You even found mold along an interior wall that I had no idea had mold. Your report and website are impressive. I highly recommend
- P.L., Niagara Falls ON, August 2016
Very thorough, informative session. Worth every penny and more. Thanks Len! Che Baird
- C.B., July 2016
Excellent service as usual. Very thorough, super knowledgeable and translates everything into plain English. Franco
- F.B., Niagara Falls ON, July 2016
Thank you Len for a thoroughly impressive and professional home inspection. Your knowledge base is astounding, and you also took the time to walk us through your knowledge sharing at a pace where we could follow and understand. The extra information imparted orally, visually and via the computer allowed us to peruse the report at our speed. We are better for the experience, consider it money well spent, and now feel very well informed about the home we wish to purchase. We know the steps that need to and could be taken to turn the house into our home.
- J.W., June 2016
Hi Leonard; Bill and I were very impressed with the report you did for us on the home that we wished to have inspected before purchasing. We were left in no doubt about the condition of everything that needed to be attended to or things that would or could cause issues or concerns in the future. The report was very thorough and complete and the quality of service and timeliness was excellent. We would happily recommend you to anyone wishing to have a high quality home inspection done. Thanks for a great job well done, for taking us on at such short notice and arranging your schedule to fit us in. We truly appreciate it. All the best in the future, Bill and Ann Smith
- A.S., June 2016
Very thorough and knowledgeable
- D.V., June 2016
Thanks Len! You were very thorough and a pleasure to work with, you are very knowledgable!
- P.M., Oakville ON, May 2016
Excellent Inspection Service and Extensive report with on the site feedback on issues encountered. You made the inspection a pleasant educational opportunity about maintaining my new home, Thank you for your business Mr.Inkster, I will never look for someone else to do my inspection.
- A.B., May 2016
Phenomenal service! Leonard was a pleasure to work with and is a pro at the very top of his profession. You are in great hands!
- M.K., April 2016
Len, We appreciated your quick response to our requests. You were very professional, informative, and personable. Thanks again!
- S.B., March 2016
Leonard was easy to talk to. He took the time to explain what needed to fixed now and what could be fixed later.
- T.R., March 2016
You are terrific!! Very thorough. Keep up the good work!
- G.P., February 2016
Thank you again Len:) -Sonia
- S.S., February 2016
An excellent inspector who went above and beyond what was expected. Thank you Len for making us feel at ease about our home purchase.
- G.L., February 2016
Our third time availing ourselves of Len's services, this time for an investment property. Why do we keep coming back? Attention to detail, encyclopaedic knowledge, no nonsense, punctuality, clarity, helpful hints and a sense of humour on top. My sister-in-law ended up "scooping" the house for her own future home, which means we're back on the hunt for a good investment property. Will we be getting Len to look that one over? Absolutely.
- F.O., December 2015
Len is very professional and knowledgeable. As a first time home buyer, I have very little knowledge regarding a house, how it works and what to watch for. Aside from him inspecting the house, he gave me points on why or how we need to have it fixed or replace or put in. Highly recommended! He goes above and beyond his duty. I couldn't be happier on his service!
- A.T., December 2015
Very knowledgeable. Explains items in a clear and he is easy to understand.
- M.F., November 2015
Hi Len It was very good to meet you. We thought you were very thorough and knowledgeable during the process of the inspection, and made some excellent points along with written recommendations. Thank you for your time and prompt response regarding the house inspection.
- J.O., November 2015
Leonard was very friendly, knowledgable and responsive! Thank you for making this a quick and painless step in the home buying process!
- S.J., November 2015
You went over and above explaining in full detail and making us feel comfortable to ask questions. We know your time is valuable and you still stayed longer then we imagined to make sure we all understood correctly. Thank you for the tips and advice. You're the best!!
- A.B., November 2015
We were very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection, Len's professionalism and knowledge base. We feel very confident in his assessments and recommendations.
- B.H., October 2015
Len was amazing, he took the time to explain as we worked through the inspection. I feel confident that the house is well made and safe. I will be able to care for my home and be a better home owner as I now know what jobs need to be worked through to keep the home in good condition. I love the report, items are well explained and will be a good reference for me. Thanks again, Alison
- A.V., October 2015
Len is extremely thorough, always on time, respectful and honest. I have used him twice, referred him and will continue to acquire his services with future property purchases. Thank you Len for your organized and thorough inspection reports, all your suggestions were taken into serious consideration and/or applied to make our house a warm, safe, inviting home:) Cheers, -S
- S.S., October 2015
Very grateful for your attention to detail, common sence approach, and clear explanations.
- K.W., September 2015
Leonard was great he answered every question we had for him. He was very professional
- D.D., September 2015
I am very pleased with the concentrated effort you displayed to thoroughly carry out a process that exposed faulty and below acceptable levels of workmanship by some of these tradesmen. You took me into areas of concerns that would have gone unnoticed by the untrained eyes, to detect sub par level of workmanship. Also thank you for advises not only on how to maintain certain levels and upkeep of our new home, but also, to implement certain pro-active measures that will eliminate or minimize future problems that may incur, regarding building maintenance and deterioration. Thanks a million times over. Cheers mate!
- N.J., Mississuaga ON, August 2015
We have purchased three homes over the past thirty years and Len is the best home inspector that we have ever used. Len is extremely thorough and extremely knowledgeable. As we moved our way through the inspection, he made suggestions throughout, recommending products and strategies to correct all minor and major deficiencies in the house. This was most helpful. Len has our unqualified endorsement. Anyone making a significant purchase like a house would be very wise to use his professional services. Brian and Lesley Golden
- L.G., August 2015
My girlfriend and I had two house inspections performed by Len. With his information we made a very good decision in walking away from one home. Luckily the second home he inspected for us was immaculate and he confirmed what we assumed. His knowledge and expertise allows you to be confident in any home buying or selling decision. He is professional, charismatic and a great human being. I highly recommend this man's business.
- L.C., August 2015
We cannot even say how much we appreciated working with Len. It was both a pleasure and a wealth of fascinating lessons! Len does it all. Where he sees maintenance issues, he instructs thoroughly. Where he finds problems, he digs for the details, and gives a clear summary of what is needed. We learned more about our house than we might have after 10 years of ownership, and all this was before the deal closed! We had fallen in love with the house quickly, but Len gave us such excellent service that we knew we had done our due diligence in the biggest purchase of our lives.
- E.G., August 2015
Leonard was great to work with; so completely knowledgeable and committed. He also taught us the details of our house, and how to care for it in the long run! He stayed focused through a long and detailed survey, and followed through immediately when something was difficult to assess. Our report arrived at midnight, the same day after an inspection that started at 9 am, and lasted until 6 pm. We enjoyed Leonard and the entire process.
- A.R., August 2015
Hello Len; My wife and I just wanted to thank you for the inspection the other day on the bridge water home. We found you to be extremely knowledgeable and professional as well as very personable and approachable. This home is a large investment to our family and a massive upgrade from our current home. We immediately felt a sigh of relief when you said you felt it a good, safe home. We also took the information provided and will formulate a plan to rectify the issues mentioned. My wife stated that she felt that she learnt much from you, and came away much more confident in the purchase. I would strongly recommend you and your expertise to my friends, family and clients, and I would most certainly employ your services in the future. Many thanks and warmest regards The Uppers
- M.U., July 2015
Leonard is great to work with! We had a lot of fun with him, and he helped us discover our new home. It didn't feel that he was there to find the problems, but in fact pointing out features of our new home. He has a great sense of humour and made the experience not as stressful. We would highly recommend his professional and knowledgable service to all
- M.G., July 2015
Len not only identifies issues, he proposes solutions. He confirmed my suspicions that our cottage is a leaky, rotten, moldy bug infested pile of mulch. Len is extremely thorough.
- B.M., July 2015
Len did a very thorough and honest assessment of the property we purchased. Very helpful and useful tips for simple upkeep on the property and what hazards to be aware of. Very satisfied with the inspection and would recommend Len to anyone purchasing a home.
- J.B., July 2015
We were very grateful for how thorough you were. And we really appreciate all of your suggestions for making our repairs. We would definitely let others know about you. We wish you all the best!
- L.D., July 2015
I thought you were very thorough and appreciated all of the recommendations and comments during your inspection.
- D.R., July 2015
Hello, Len! Thanks again for your inspection! I would certainly recommend you to someone else too. I ended up not going with that unit I had you inspect on Dorchester.I actually just finished finalizing another house, but it was very competitive and I had to act quickly, so I went without the inspection. It was a newer home though, hopefully that doesn't come back to bite me. Anyhow, thanks again, Len, I thought you were very thorough and did an excellent job explaining everything!
- G.M., July 2015
We have hired Len twice for home inspections--on the same house. We had a very long closing (almost a year) so wanted a follow-up inspection just before closing. In between the two inspections there was a burst water pipe and flooring damage on the ground floor and Len checked in on the quality of the remediation work being done. It was very reassuring to get Len's thumbs-up on the two inspections and on the interim check-up. Len's level of detail and the background expertise it reflects are truly remarkable. The amount of time he spent reflected real professionalism, and commitment to the customer. His reports were of the highest quality and contain valuable ongoing resources for us. The first report recommended some fixes by the vendor before we firmed up the offer. The vendors were somewhat resistant until we sent them a copy of the report, whereupon they followed through right away. Top notch, reliable service-and a sense of humour. I'd rate him a 12/10 if it were possible.
- F.O., July 2015
Leonard Inkster was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. His report was thorough, well-organized with pertinent pictures, which was most appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend him to others.
- B.H., June 2015
Appreciated the input and advice on repairs and maintenance as we did the inspectioin.
- J.B., June 2015
Len: Thank you so much for putting our minds at ease with regards to our new home. With two small children, we don't have the time or money to worry about major fixes in our home. Your advice and expertise made us feel that we were in fact making the right decision about this move. Thank you so much. We'll be in touch Craig, Carrie, Leo and Nora
- C.M., June 2015
Len performed his inspection on our prospective property, with utmost professionalism and diligence. He was very thorough with his findings and we were absolutely impressed with his manner and style in performing our house inspection. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a qualified house inspector.
- B.S., June 2015
Thank you so much Len for helping us through the process. Your expertise, experience and assistance was invaluable.
- M.C., June 2015
Super professional and pleasant to deal with.
- C.J., May 2015
Len was very professional and thorough. He answered all of our questions and gave us a good understanding of the process.
- K.C., May 2015
Mr.Inkster is an asset for any person buying or selling their home. He is experienced and knowledgeable in his profession and I would not hesitate to rely on him in the future.
- L.W., Burlington ON, April 2015
Len is well versed and knowledgable on what he's doing up to the last detail!
- M.R., April 2015
This is the 7th house that I buy and Len's inspection work is head and shoulders above any other inspection that I had done. His report is really a personalized user's manual. My wife, real estate agent and I learnt a lot on heritage home though our discussions with Len. Thank you!
- M.T., April 2015
During the spring of 2014 my wife & I were looking to buy a rental property. He helped us avoid one property and assisted us in our decision to purchase another. His attention to detail, and his thoroughness, set him apart, to us. In January 2015 our own home, that we have lived in since 2001, suffered a fire in the attic. Lots of water damage, from a fairly small fire. After weeks of frustration with the emergency crew and our insurance adjuster, I realized that I needed to take the bull by the horns. I called Len, to do an inspection of our home, and help us identify what our priorities should be with this mess. This has been my smartest move. Len identified issues that I had not considered, and relieved us of worries we need not have. Most of all, his detailed reporting and professional reports, gave me what I needed to back up arguments with my adjuster. Len has been there for us throughout, this stressful ordeal. Thank- you Len. You are truly a foul weather friend, fighting for the little guy. SA
- L.A., Port Robinson ON, April 2015
thank you for an inspection that to me was 100 percent I appreciate the work effort and professionalism applied. thanks Ron Caldow.
- R.C., March 2015
Very professional. Makes you feel confident about the report. Suggestings ways to fix the small things even provide an estimate of how much it will cost.
- C.S., Cambridge ON, November 2014
Leonard you were very detailed on explaining everything. I would definitely use you again. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks Dale
- D.A., October 2014
Extremely thorough inspection with a lot of helpful hints and information about repairs and maintenance.
- P.T., August 2014
Leonard provided a thorough honest and professional assessment of the septic system for a pre-purchase inspection on an older home. I will use his services in the future without hesitation. Thank you again Len.
- D.C., July 2014
Len was extremely professional from the start to completion of his inspection. What immediately created a positive perception was his respect for the customer, by (1) arriving on time (2) bringing another pair of shoes, to ensure he doesn't dirty my floors/ carpets. Len, had also exceeded my expectations by going above and beyond. He took the time to explain me all details of what he was inspecting and what the possible impacts it could have on me as the owner. We spent about 4 hours together, which was definitely longer than anticipated, but he was friendly, professional, and patient through out the whole process. Just a wonderful and informative consultation. Vee
- V.G., July 2014
Len, I can't thank you enough for the thorough and exhaustive inspection you conducted at 3170 Ridgemount Rd, Stevensville. You took the time to explain what you were doing and why, which was enlightening for someone inexperienced with Septic and Cistern Systems. Your report was detailed , informative and provided useful information re the operation and maintenance and measures to keep the system healthy. I would gladly and highly recommend you for any further investigations including home inspections. Thank you and Cheers C Walter
- C.W., July 2014
Thank you Len for the straightforward, no nonsense report that was very clear and informative. I will gladly refer you if anyone is looking for inspections. Regards, Chris
- C.W., July 2014
Len, After seeing you at work, I couldn't imagine having the nerve to buy a house without having you inspect it first. Thank you ! Bob
- B.M., July 2014
Len, the thoroughness of your inspections are truly appreciated and your knowledge of the pertinent codes and regulations are incredible. Thank you
- F.B., Niagara Falls ON, July 2014
I find you're very knowledgable and when there is a problem you offer sound advice as to solutions. All my clients have been very satisfied with your inspections.
- R.J., July 2014
Thanks for a great job and very happy with every that we went through.
- J.B., June 2014
Hi Len, Amazing as always!! Thx, Shannon
- S.R., Niagara Falls ON, May 2014
- S.P., May 2014
You were more than excellent and helpful Thank you
- B.D., April 2014
Len is very dependable and knowledgeable when it comes to home inspection. He takes his time to really go into every detail and explains everything in simple terms that lay people will understand. I highly recommend Len to realtors and buyers out there who is looking for a reliable and dependable home inspector. - Eddie Llanora, Sales Rep, Coldwell Banker
- E.L., April 2014
Very thorough. His findings helped us to steer clear of one property that we might otherwise have purchased. The next one was a gem, but he still gave good advice on what should be done once we owned it.
- L.A., Port Robinson ON, April 2014
Len did a great and thorough job. Very knowledgeable and willingly shared his expertise.
- D.R., Waterdown ON, April 2014
Great job! Len, we were very satisfied with your inspection.
- A.A., March 2014
Thanks Len, Great experience and very constructive useful advice. If we need to we will contact you in the future for sure! We will also HIGHLY recommend you to anyone wanting a very thorough comprehensive home inspection. All the best and thanks again, Richard and Regan
- R.B., February 2014
Thank you for your time, thoroughness, and attention to detail. We appreciate the time you took to help us understand what was discovered in the inspection. Shannon said you were the best, and she was right! Cheers, Kristine & Jason
- K.W., February 2014
Excellent job Leonard, thanks Jason
- J.W., February 2014