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Choose the best home inspectors and energy performance contractors in the industry to help sell your home, buy a home, or manage your home. Select the best service providers in the HomeGauge network rated by previous customers (just like you) and rate their overall performance with you and your home!

Real Estate Pros

Choose from the best home inspectors in the industry and get easy to read reports for your clients! Manage and store your reports. Deliver your customers the best service providers from your network and get repairs or quotes to facilitate the home buying and selling process!

Service Providers

Connect with inspectors, real estate agents, and energy performance contractors to get in their network! Gain access to new people just moving into town! Prove yourself worthy with our "Gauge" rating of your company!

Energy Professionals

Connect with a home inspector to provide their customers with a home energy report. Use HomeGauge for easy to read illustrative reports. Connect with other service providers to gain more business!

Home Inspection Software

Download a free trial of our home inspection software.

HomeGauge makes it easy to create professional home inspection reports and print them onsite or deliver them online. HomeGauge comes standard with templates for many different types of properties, including single family homes, multi-family, commercial buildings, energy, condos, mold, four point inspections, new construction phases, and also includes support for the Texas (TREC) format. In addition, you can create your own templates for just about any type of inspection you may need to perform. HomeGauge offers technical support and also tips on marketing your business. HomeGauge home inspection software is used by inspectors across the US and Canada, and is widely accepted by all the major trade associations.

Inspectors: Learn how you can get more inspections and provide better service to your customers!

Welcome to the HomeGauge Network!

Find Home Inspectors, Home Energy Professionals and Service Providers (Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Handymen, Contractors, etc.) all hand-picked or rated by home buyers and home owners! The HomeGauge Network gives home buyers and sellers access to many Home Inspectors and Tradesmen who are rated on how well they treated their previous customers. Buyers and sellers can enter in their zip code at the link below and find a home inspector or a Trade Service Provider.

Our Service Providers (tradesmen) have paid to be listed and have joined a home inspector's network. They are rated on how well they treat their customers in workmanship, punctuality, professionalism, price confidence, etc. Tradesmen in our network realize that the next job they get depends on how well they take care of their current customer. Search the HG Network now!

Choose your next contractor from the HomeGauge Network!

Many homeowners will start with a home inspection to get their home's condition first, and then gain access to tradesmen in their home inspector's network who can perform repairs or help on a remodel or renovation. Your home inspector will perfom an inspection of your home's condition and will upload the report to a password protected storage site just for you. There, you can return time and time again, working from the report on repairs or improvements. Inspectors are not compensated for any referrals, they merely want to provide their customers with a list of reputable contacts. More...

Search for a home inspector now!

Plumbers, Electricians. Heat and Air Contractors, Roofing, Painting Contractors, Landscaping, Handyman, and Pest Control Contractors: Tradesmen or Service Providers interested in promoting their service on the HomeGauge Network can find out more here!

Recent user comments:
jshaffer (Inspector)
I wanted to take a moment to say how much I love the HomeGauge products and support, especially the home inspection software. I just recently purchased it and after setting it up for my business I will be using it today. I say a big thank you to Shancy, Michaela, and David, who have all been so helpful. I am starting to understand the software to where I am now solving my own issues. My only regret is that I did not find it sooner. HomeGauge is a quality company and a Home Inspector’s dream. Thank you for all you and your team have done, and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with HomeGauge. Take care and keep up the great work!!
Best Regards,
John Shaffer
Cascade Home Inspections LLC
Seattle Washington
HomeView (Inspector)
I'm assuming you probably hear this on a regular basis, so I thought I would pass on my thoughts as to my recent interaction with HG support. As I have come to experience each and every time I call support, I get outstanding help. My most recent contact was with Kate and I will have to say WOW. She exceeded and surpassed every expectation I could have asked for in helping us with a template challenge. It is such a pleasure to speak to your group of professionals. Thanks again Kate!
JDunsing (Inspector)
I find the ease of use to be the best part. If I run into a oddball situation on a home, I can write it in the report for just that single use, or keep it for future uses. The flexibility is great.
kenmelton (Inspector)
I use it simply because it is the most user friendly home inspection software on the planet. Adding photos to my reports is a breeze. In my opinion, there is no other software that is even a close second. Oh yes, did I mention the superb support team? They actually listen and take action.
InspectionConnection (Inspector)
Best customer service around, and everyone is approachable there.
jskrypka (Inspector)
Intuitive home inspection software, great looking reports, and excellent support services.
emcospec (Inspector)
Excellent product. Very user friendly. Easy to maintain.
alertinspections (Inspector)
I just saw an ad for a paper report package that cost $14/report. I do about 400 inspections a year. That paper report would cost me $5600 a year for 400 inspections!! I can't imagine anyone using something like that when HG home inspection software is: less money, hands down better report, easier to communicate.
spy (Inspector)
I would like to thank you and your staff — when I found your company several years ago you said you were founding your company on service — and that you have. It means a lot to me to be able to call and get help for a problem with my home inspection software when I’m in the field. I don’t know how, but it seems everyone I talk to is happy to help, almost like family, and I know you don’t know me from Adam. Thanks for making me look good.
dougs@his (Inspector)
I purchased your home inspection software at the end of October 2008, and had no computer experience at all prior to that. I needed a lot of help, and this is to let you know I always got the help I needed. My transition from a hand written report to the computerized report has been so much easier than I could have ever hoped, and I believe it is directly related to your designers, tech guys, and your staff in general. All you guys are great, and I look forward to a long working relationship with you and your people. Thanks again for a Great product that helps make me an even better home inspector.
mcr59 (Inspector)
Best home inspection report system. I like it and use it. Exceptional customer support. The best in the industry.
rickg (Inspector)
I am retiring on Oct.1 from Home Inspecting and spending 3 weeks in Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast and tell all the top boys I said I was going to drink one for them in Italy !!! ChowBella, Rick G. (8 great years with you all).

Thanks Rick for all your years of customer loyalty. We thank you for your business and wish you many great years of retirement! Go fishing!
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge President
(828) 254-2030
1stInspections (Inspector)
Homegauge is simply the best home inspection software out in the market.
Inspectorcleveland (Inspector)
The software is easy to use and extremely professional looking. I really like how the agents and my client can easily view the report after i upload it and send out the email notification.
CAPITOL (Inspector)
FANTASTIC customer service. Everyone LOVES our report and raves about it over and over! Thanks!!!
cvilleinspector (Inspector)
I have had more compliments on this home inspection software in four months than I have using any other form of inspection reporting in the last nineteen years. I even got a compliment from a civil engineer. (how about that?) The real estate agents love the fact that the pictures remove all doubts about a problem and my customers are impressed with the amount of information and thoroughness that the program provides. Thanks for a great home inspection software program.
Integri-Spect (Inspector)
1. HomeGauge has the best user interface and functionality. 2.The support team is terrific. 3. Integrated features such as server upload, credit card processing, calendar, and more...
clamroch (Inspector)
I have used HomeGauge for 3 years and love it.
eei (Inspector)
Before I bought HG I looked at all of them. HG is the best by far.
JimHawk (Inspector)
I love the software, flexibility, customization, tech support coupled with all the positive feedback from customers and realtors alike. Even though many inspectors HomeGauge, I have customized my reports to stand out and use more features that are available than most. Readability is of the utmost importance with an unbiased condition of the home. The quality and ease of use with HomeGauge is in line with my business practices. Innovation and constant upgrades are a way of life and learning.
inspectionexperts (Inspector)
I have used this service for about 200 inspections and have not encountered any real problems. The system was easy to learn and customize to my own methods.
larrybrowninspection (Inspector)
They are very service focused and always willing to help.
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