HomeGauge News Alert May 2013, Part 2

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Our Support team is spectacular! And not just for this industry, but for anywhere! That's what Earl Beam and many of our inspectors say. The best support in the industry! Get the best support, video in reports, expanding hi-res pictures, report delivery and more when you use HG Services! More info

Email improvements

Personalized email notifications! No more inspector+123@homegauge.com. Now, emails sent from HomeGauge.com have your company's email in the FROM section. We can do this because we are paying a service fee for authorized delivery of emails! We now channel your email notifications through a company which has special privileges with many email companies your buyers use.

This also means:

Better delivery of your reports! With "granted pass-throughs" HomeGauge ensures even greater success in delivery of your email notifications to your customers.

Bounce backs / failed emails, usually from a mistyped email address or full mailbox, will be delivered more reliably back to you as well.

HG Services just got better!

Interactive HomeGauge Training

Two day training in Asheville, NC July 11-12! In this class we will spend hands-on time using the HG Companion as well as features on the Desktop. Call Shancy at 828-254-2030 to reserve your seat today! Cost is $99.

Warranty News

We have more inspectors opting in who see the value not only to reduce their liability, but to give great value to their customers! One of our inspectors took the idea in front of his agents and...well here is his quote: "I just introduced the program to about 30 agents at a CE seminar, verbally only, and they are salivating over it. With marketing material I would kill."

Another quote: "That is awesome! It sounds like you guys are doing for us exactly what we need in the field to knock this out of the park. Thank you! This is going to be a game changer for selling my service... "

We can send you stock cards now! Just email jennifer@homegauge.com with your address and how many you need! Hand them to every customer and demonstrate the value added service they qualify for because they used "YOU" as their home inspector!

Remember: They can't get this warranty anywhere unless they have a home inspection by a home inspector who uses HG Services!

Soon we will be coming out with brochures for agents who want to market the best warranty in the business!

Like You Back!

Are you on facebook? If you "like" us on facebook, the staff at HG will go to your facebook account and like you back! That's one like in return for several likes from us! Hey....we like you!

Check us out on facebook!

iPhone and iPad Update

iPhone and iPad update for the HG Companion: It is in progress! No definite time yet, but we will let you know as soon as we can!

Kate's Camera Review

The all new "real" zoom camera with an Android interface on the back! WOW! Now that's a tool! Use it with the HG Companion!

See Kate's Review

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Until next time,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge, President