We hope this page will answer all your questions about HomeGauge's recent announcement. If not, please feel free to email us at support@homegauge.com with any additional questions.

Q0: What is the announcement?

A0: HomeGauge became an independent subsidiary of American Family Insurance Mutual Holding Company (AFI Holdings) on November 15, 2017.

Q1: Why American Family Insurance Mutual Holding Company (AFI Holdings)?

A1: Technology is changing quickly and its impacts are leaving no industry unchanged – including ours. Partnering with AFI Holdings has allowed HomeGauge to maintain who we are with new opportunities for growth. AFI Holdings shares the goal of maintaining you as a trusted advisor and making buying a home and homeownership easier. HomeGauge will continue to operate independently as a subsidiary of AFI Holdings.

Q2: Why is HomeGauge doing this now?

A2: There are many software features, such as our appointment scheduler, that we want to accelerate, and AFI Holdings has the resources to help us do that, while still allowing HomeGauge to maintain business as usual. In addition, look for our data security and privacy to get even better.

Q3: How does this benefit HomeGauge inspectors?

A3: This benefits inspectors in many ways. Being able to improve features faster with more developers plus additional funding will keep HomeGauge on the cutting edge. That results in better products available faster for inspectors. We are committed to strengthening security and privacy practices to continue to give the inspector confidence that their data and their customers’ data will be carefully managed and kept secure. Though business will continue as usual, we are exploring several new opportunities to help benefit HomeGauge inspectors beyond those typically related to a home purchase. Stay tuned.

Q4: How does HomeGauge fit with American Family Insurance Mutual Holding Company (AFI Holdings)? Will I (or my customers) be getting sales calls from AFI Holdings?

A4: No. Rest assured, there will be no surprise sales calls or emails to you or your customers from AFI Holdings. All programs that would send personal information to AFI Holdings will require opt-in.

Q5: What will happen to my HomeGauge data?

A5: Your HomeGauge data and personal information will be kept secure and private throughout this process. Any program will require opt-in. We’re updating our terms and conditions to ensure all of your business and customer data is managed properly and you will be receiving notification of those updates in December 2017. You will have time to review the new terms prior to agreeing to them without losing access to HomeGauge. As an insurance company, AFI Holdings takes management of customer information and privacy of customer data seriously.

Q6. I heard about HomeHubZone, how does this fit with HomeGauge?

A6. HomeHubZone (HHZ) sold their software platform and intellectual property to AFI Holdings. HHZ is a small, yet successful, mobile-first inspection report writer. We look forward to incorporating the best of HHZ into our future HomeGauge software releases.

Q7: What else do we need to know?

A7: HomeGauge, and Russell and Sean, remain committed to providing you with the excellent service you’ve come to expect. HomeGauge will continue to operate independently as a subsidiary of AFI Holdings.

Please contact support@homegauge.com with any additional questions not answered on this page.