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Why choose a HomeGauge Inspector?

Convenient, Professional, Value


HomeGauge inspectors are industry professionals who strive to provide the best service and solutions to their customers.


Scheduling appointments is easy with many opportunities along the way on their website, or in the dashboard.


With the HomeGauge dashboard, you can manage your inspection experience all in one place.


Use our Create Request List™ tool as you review your report to quickly build your repair list and easily share it to your agent and other parties involved.


You’ll have the opportunity to receive exclusive new Home Buyer deals with Homebuyer PLUS, providing you even more value outside of the inspection itself.

Homebuyer PLUS

Get The Most From Your Upcoming Purchase

The process of making your new purchase can be time-consuming. When you choose to work with a HomeGauge inspector, you’ll be provided with many opportunities to streamline the process, saving time and money, and reducing stress.

Extra Knowledge

Things will be easier from inspection to move-in with a Homebuyer PLUS inspector, who has access to in-depth training, exclusive events, and important industry connections.

Extra Time

Check all your boxes with one inspector, who provides easy online appointment scheduling, report viewing, document signing, create request lists, and even a homeowners insurance quote for you.

Extra Savings

Our Inspectors provide you with access to deals that help you save on the things new homeowners need most, like homeowners insurance, curated DIY content, renovation deals, and so much more.

Extra Support

Providing the ultimate set of experiences and accessibility you need, our inspectors get exclusive access to software betas, exclusive trainings, a website badge, and more.

Extra Sanity

Focus on the important things. When you choose a Homebuyer PLUS inspector, you’re choosing a professional who wants to relieve you of some of the pressure that often accompanies the journey to homeownership.

Extra Access

Get access to more specialized content and stay ahead of the game with the upkeep of your new home.

How to take advantage of Homebuyer PLUS

If you are a home buyer working with a HomeGauge inspector, many of these benefits are already coming your way! For additional value, you’ll want to:


2. When you’re provided with the opportunity to choose from available offers, check the boxes you’re interested in. You may opt back out at any time.


3. If you’re not interested in the items available to you at that time, simply leave the boxes unchecked.


4. If you’d like to opt-in or out, you can log into your Buyer Dashboard and make those changes at any time.

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