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What is HomeGauge?


For Inspectors

HomeGauge helps manage your business so you can focus on the needs of your customers. You’ll get the proper tools to succeed, including report writing software, connected business tools, dashboards, and more! We also provide industry-leading support, whether you’re starting a new business, scaling an existing one, or are looking to add value outside of the inspection.


For Home Buyers

HomeGauge provides knowledgeable Inspectors who are connected, professional, and equipped with more tools than you’d expect! HomeGauge also offers lots of Home Buyer resources to make the journey from inspection to purchase seamless.


For Real Estate Professionals

HomeGauge bridges many gaps that can exist between Agent, Inspector, and Buyer, when it comes to a new purchase. Added value for the Buyer including resources, support, online collaboration, delivery of reports, and even a create request repair list, make this journey more simple and efficient than it’s ever been.

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