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CRL: Save Time With Repair Addendums Made From The Inspection Report

We know you dread copying and pasting all those items to create your repair addendum. It's a mess. Now with our Create Request List (CRL) feature, you can create a list easily and attach it to your regular repair addendum form right from your inspection report.

Try a live demo now!

Easily add items to your list

No more copying and pasting — you can save precious time by using the inspection report!

Collaborate with your buyer

You and your buyer can both work on the same list and see who requested what!

Add your own custom items

Need a request that's not a part of the report? No problem! Add as many items as you like.

Email or save the results

It's easy to share the results or to attach them to your addendum! Email it or download it right away.

Try it out yourself!

Try the demo below to see how fast you can create a repair list from the inspection report. No more cutting/pasting, plus you get to track all the requests and you can use the photos (if you want).

Try a live demo now!


Can the buyer and agent work on the Request List simultaneously?

Yes. CRL will record who adds which items and also if someone removes or makes an edit to an item.

My state has a specific form for their Addendum...

That is correct — for all states there are different forms and we are not replacing them. On every form there is usually limited space for a list, so most agents type "See Attached list". Our feature creates the insert for them to include with their Addendum.

Is the inspector involved in the request list?

No. You can share it with your inspector if you want to, but otherwise they do not see it.

Can I save the results or share it with the seller or seller's agent?

Yes, at the end of the process you can send the list by email to anyone you like.