Notice of Financial Incentive

August 31, 2021 | 

The following notice is provided for California residents.

From time-to-time, HomeGauge offers select qualified Inspectors the opportunity to build their inspection business at a discounted rate (“Promotional Offers”).

Promotional Offers provide the HomeGauge reporting platform at discounted rate of$1 for a year (12 months from sign up). With these Promotional Offers, we hope to share the value of our state-of-the-art reporting platform to a broad new market of Inspectors.

If you are new to HomeGauge and interested in qualifying for Promotional Offers, you can opt-in here.

Privacy rules and regulations may consider these Promotional Offers as financial incentives provided in exchange for contact information. It is our reasonable estimate that based on our operating costs and the consideration exchanged, the value Inspectors receive from Promotional Offers is reasonably greater than or equal to the value HomeGauge receives. HomeGauge uses the contact information to offer the option of receiving additional information about discounted products, and only after recipients explicitly choose to opt-in.

These are optional offers, and you can withdraw at any time. To opt out of Promotional Offers, please contact us at, Customer Support toll-free phone number 877-274-4299. If you withdraw from a Promotional Offer, we will be unable to offer you the HomeGauge reporting platform at the discounted rate.

To learn more about HomeGauge’s Promotional Offers click here, and to learn more about HomeGauge’s privacy practices, see the HomeGauge Privacy Policy.

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