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Glenn Albrecht

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call ABI. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 410-310-3965

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Saint Michaels and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Glenn was very thorough and professional. He is very prudent and knowledgeable.
- D.C., September 2020
prompt, professional, courteous. Efficient and accurate assessments
- C.S., March 2020
I can't even imagine using someone else for an inspection. I recommend Glenn every time I hear of someone having purchased a house. Reports include lots of details and everything is explained clearly.
- B.L., June 2019
Glenn is absolutely professional and thorough - He took all the time needed to deeply inspect the house and made us aware of things that need repair.
- D.S., February 2019
Mr. Albrecht was great! his report was very detail and he gave us very good advice. We will recommend him and use him again definitely. Super Happy costumer!!
- J.C., January 2019
Thank you for your advice,I will follow up with a professional contractor.
- B.Y., November 2018
Glenn is the best inspector in the area! He is thorough, honest & fair. He takes his time & is happy to discuss any issues at length. I have used him for all my inspections for 15 years! You can't go wrong with him & Hector! If you see one not so glowing testimonial from a woman with an historic house, please ignore it! She is a sue happy lawyer & has tried to sue half the town! He was found to be in the right at every level. No wrong doing at all! He is a total pro!
- K.K., October 2018
They were thorough and very informative. Would definitely recommend.
- R.D., Dunkirk MD, May 2018
Straight shooter and honest.
- C.T., March 2016
Glenn and Hector did a great job. They were prompt, thorough and very informative. They worked us in on short notice and we are very appreciate.
- R.H., December 2015
Glen did a great job reviewing the property, noting the details we didn't even notice, provided a detailed report in an expedient manner, and all for a fair price. Thanks for the piece of mind.
- T.W., November 2015
Glen did a very good job. I will recommend him to anyone that neds and inspection
- J.E., October 2015
Fantastic Job. Will use for any future inspections.
- J.B., July 2015
Glen was very thorough and knowledgable. He was pleasant to be around and took the time to explain everything that needed attention once the inspection was completed. His report was emailed to me exactly when he said it would be and that was pretty quick.
- M.B., June 2015
Glenn was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, prompt and kind - a dream to work with! As long as he's inspecting, I'll be referring.
- A.L., April 2015
Mr. Albrecht did my inspection promptly, and his crew worked efficiently and neatly, they were well organized. All of my questions were answered clearly and completely. Ken Healy
- K.H., March 2015
Glenn Albrecht's home inspection report is thorough and well-documented. Glenn's report revealed many cosmetic and substantive construction and mechanical deficiencies in each building inspected, several of which we had not detected. The report, with supporting photographs and specific analysis of problem areas will be of significant assistance in deciding whether we will continue with our interest is purchasing the property; and, if we do buy the property, the report will be useful for post-purchase repairs, demolition, etc.
- B.C., December 2014
He is the best in the business. I would highly recommend his services to any/all my family, friends, and social media contacts!
- A.M., November 2014
Excellent job - very thorough!
- C.H., July 2014
I have never seen a person do such a thorough mechanical inspection. I would definitely recommend Glenn Albrecht to any person in need of an inspection.
- S.M., June 2014
Thank you Glen and Hector! Prompt, professional, and efficient,
- L.O., May 2014
Unbiased, professional, calls it like he sees it and timely. Just a nice guy to boot :)
- M.S., January 2014
Glenn Albrecht Was a person I could talk to and he was very inform about hes job. thanks for doing a great job.
- S.G., December 2013
Excellent job doing our home inspection, very through and informative. Highly recommend Glenn Albrecht!
- J.J., October 2013
Competent and thorough. Explained what was possible to inspect and then the condition of all that inspected. Also explained what could not be inspected and why. I would certainly use his services again.
- M.B., March 2013
- B.R., October 2012
A very knowledgeable professional who has the great ability to communicate technical issues clearly to the average homeowner.
- M.M., August 2012
I hope 10 is the best! Your inspection was thorough. I would have appreciated fewer references to "the house" but I understand that is in your template. Also, I would have appreciated a summary of the deficient items with estimates of cost to replace or repair.
- J.F., May 2012
Great job Glenn. Your inspection was well worth the cost.
- P.G., April 2012
You were very thorough and took the time to explain your findings, which was invaluable. I am very satisfied and can not thank you enough.
- S.T., November 2011
The best of the best !
- B.P., September 2011
- A.B., August 2011
You can see that Glen enjoys what he does and is very good at it. He also tells it like it is. I am very impressed and would highly recommend him. Thanks, Mike Mitchell
- M.M., April 2011
Mr. Albrecht, I appreciate your prompt response and excellent documentation of the inspection of my home. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Charles Christie
- C.C., CENTREVILLE MD, April 2011
Buy a notepad. More professional than an old envelope and less chance of overlooking something. Overall an excellent and indepth inspection. Thanks.
- D.W., April 2011
Very professional and a pleasure to talk with.
- J.D., April 2011
Great , Thorough job, Thanks
- C.G., February 2011
Mr. Albrecht did a excellent and thorough inspection on my home. He was very polite and explained everything to me very well.
- N.W., January 2011
Friendly--efficient--good helper--(Hector)--did the job when he said he would--(quick notice)--price was more than I thought it would be--but then I think I required more than I originally thought I needed--overall--I sensed a fair and honest man--I would use him again if I neded a home inspection-- Mr. Mourlas St. Michaels Md 21663
- J.M., December 2010
Glenn and his associate was prompt, professional, very through and explained things in a way that was easy to understand. Their willingness to take time during the inspection to answer all of our questions was much appreciated. We would definately reccommend his company to anyone.
- A.M., November 2010
Thorough inspection of property was completed in timely manner and report is detailed and easy to understand. Having the breakout in each portion of the inspection and supporting pictures for visual are helpful.
- E.C., November 2010
Your report was clear and understandable.
- F.C., October 2010
Very knowledgable and a great amount of information was provided, very good at answering questions and very thorough.
- W.B., October 2010
Very nice and respectable. I felt like he gave our home a thorough inspection!
- V.C., October 2010
I refered Glenn to someone and they used him.
- S.H., September 2010
You did an absolutely amazing job! I was amazed at how detailed my report was! Will recommend you to everyone! Thanks! Rachel Parkes
- R.P., August 2010
Glenn, The final inspection report that you emailed to us is well organized and easy to read/understand. It will be invaluable to us as we address problem areas you identified. Thank you so much for not only completing our necessary inspection but for your personal attention and your patience as we followed you around with our many questions! Regards, Teri and Lauren Baer
- A.B., August 2010
Glenn did a great job!
- S.S., August 2010
I thought that he was very professional and went through everything with me. Thanks Glenn
- P.G., July 2010
THANK YOU !! Your report brought me into the twentieth century W. Robinson/6893 Hopkins Neck Rd I will be in future contact with you!!!
- W.R., July 2010
Thank you for a very thorough inspection and report.
- J.R., July 2010
Great service, very knowledgeable, and pays attention to detail. Thank you.
- S.S., June 2010
Glen thank you for going the extra mile for both buyers and sellers and also the realtors and your continuing support.
- E.F., June 2010
Thank you for your professionalism yesterday during the inspection. I now realize the need for inspections as a routine household need instead of simply waiting until you plan to sell a home. Thank you again, Emily Thomas
- E.T., May 2010
Well worth doing
- M.S., May 2010
Our first experience with a inspector, but they were professional, thorough and courteous.
- M.M., May 2010
Thanks for doing a thorough job of inspecting my new home purchase. You gave me confidence to follow though with my purchase, knowing that the items that you found that needed attention could be taken care of and then the house will then be move-in-ready. I highly recommend your services and would use them again if needed. Sincerely, Dr. Steven V. Heyman
- S.H., March 2010
1st Class for emailing documents and photos of home inspection report!
- D.M., St Michaels MD, January 2010
Glenn and company were very quick, professional, and thorough in their inspection. Top notch work!
- J.G., December 2009
Thanks so much for your thorough and informative inspection, as well as for getting it done so quickly. Hope you and yours have a FAB-ulous Christmas and we wish you the very best in the New Year. Cheryl G.
- H.G., December 2009
Outstanding inspection and feed back to the owner and buyer.
- J.S., November 2009
Very thorough and detailed. Because of the findings in the report, we're backing out of the house contract. Thanks for helping us not make a big mistake.
- J.I., November 2009
Very thorough. He really looks out for your best interest.
- J.J., October 2009
Hi Glenn, I was very pleased with your service. You were friendly, thorough and clearly explained everything you inspected. It was great meeting you. Thanks!
- T.V., September 2009
Thanks, Glenn, for your help. You were thorough and your comments very helpful. Also appreciate the fact that you are so "literate!" It was a pleasure.
- M.B., June 2009
Thorough inspection and results explained well. I feel very confident of his analysis.
- A.W., June 2009