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Greg Plapp

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Accomplished Home Inspection, LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 702-610-4502 Mobile Phone: 702-610-4502

About Accomplished Home Inspection, LLC

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Las Vegas, Henderson and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Very knowledgeable, very helpful. Thank you, Greg!
- J.Q., October 2019
Very thorough. Thanks for the help, Greg!
- A.H., October 2019
Thanks Greg for the house inspection it was great. Hope to be working with you much more in the future
- V.H., October 2019
Thank you greg! Very thorough on the inspection! great job!
- M.P., October 2019
Greg was very detailed and knowledgeable, I even learned something from him. He was great.
- C.Z., October 2019
Very very thorough! Found items needing attention that I didn't see on my inspection. I would use him again and recommend him to everyone. Dale Hill
- D.H., las vegas NV, September 2019
Greg is great. I highly recommend him!
- C.P., September 2019
Greg's thorough inspection provided us an inside look to the home we want to purchase. We live out of state and purchased without actually seeing the place. Greg's report allowed us to further negotiate repairs to close the deal. Thank you Greg!
- D.B., September 2019
I very much appreciate your attention to detail to notice potential issues and cosmetic flaws I completely overlooked while looking at the house! Thank you so much Greg!
- A.F., September 2019
Greg was amazing giving us all the information we needed, walking us thru small issues through the house. Very professional & very knowledgeable.
- A.M., September 2019
Thank you Greg! Very professional and friendly. Reports are thorough and the detail is amazing! Greg provides excellent service and takes time to explain the details!
- T.B., September 2019
Great job Greg .
- H.M., Henderson NV, September 2019
Greg was extremely thorough reviewing every aspect of our potential home! He then walks you through everything to pay attention to. His report is very detailed and makes it easy to discover items that may need a fix. We would definitely recommend Greg and his team!
- R.S., September 2019
Nothing but helpful knowledge and professionalism from these guys, I recommend!
- A.I., September 2019
Very thorough job, made this process less stressful knowing what we need to do now and what we may need to do in the future with our new home.
- D.M., August 2019
We saw an inspection report they did for another house I wanted to buy and so when it was my turn to hire an inspector, we chose Greg and his company. I liked all the drone photos and how thorough they were. I was able to be there and he took the time to walk me around the house and yard to show me things that needed attention to prevent further damage. And I got their report within 5 hours of them leaving the property!!! Amazing job!!
- P.K., August 2019
Gregg was very thorough, answered all my questions and provided a comprehensive report for everything. His experience and professionalism are top notch and I left feeling like I know the house thoroughly before even moving in!
- T.P., August 2019
Greg, I was very impressed with the inspection report that you provided. You did a very thorough job and added useful comments. The report gave us a comfort level about the home we will be purchasing. Thank you
- M.F., August 2019
I will use Greg to inspect my home I p loo an to sell. Very thorough and detailed, thank you
- C.C., July 2019
Great report, very thorough and helped me make a quick and fast decision about the property without me being able to be physically there. He was my eyes and ears. Thanks Greg.
- M.H., July 2019
I am so thankful for Mr. Plapp?s home inspection report. Since I work overseas, I was not able to do the initial walk through of the home I was purchasing. However, my friend was able to see it through. He said Mr. Plapp was very thorough and meticulous in checking everything of the property, inside and outside. When I received the 100 some page report, it looked overwhelming, but it was detailed with photos. I would definitely use Mr. Plapp again and recommend him to others because of his professionalism/ knowledge/expertise, his honesty, and his thoroughness!
- E.M., July 2019
Greg was a pleasure to deal with. He was extremely knowledgeable about his job. He explained things on a level that was very easy to understand. I appreciate his professionalism. I would recommend his services to anyone I know. Thank you.
- J.H., July 2019
Greg was so kind and helpful. I never leave reviews but he truly went above and beyond. He was really thorough in the inspection and took time to answer all of my questions (of which there were many!). He was able to explain each part of the inspection to me and explain exactly what he had done. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for an honest, professional, and helpful inspector.
- K.K., July 2019
Thank you Greg Plapp! Great job, very professional, thorough, and fast. I appreciate your excellent service.
- B.T., July 2019
Greg was very through and diligent in his physical inspection of the property and in his report. His findings and assessment gives you the tool the make the best judgement call as to what is in immediate need of repairs and what needs future attention. I was very please with his feedback to my questions and concerns and recommendations to address those concerns. I can definitely say that his work is one of the most through and detail inspections I have ever had done, and his professionalism and expertise is very much evident in his work.
- D.T., July 2019
Awesome job! Very thorough!!! Thank you
- D.J., July 2019
Absolutely amazing! Very thorough and informative, buyers were extremely pleased!
- D.D., July 2019
Greg is very thorough and professional. I feel he did an excellent and fair job on our inspection. I would recommend him for any home inspection needs.
- R.B., June 2019
Greg was extremely helpful in walking us throughout the house and explaining everything to us and answering all of our many questions. We would highly recommend him to anyone.
- D.V., LAS VEGAS NV, June 2019
Greg, thank you for the great work and extra effort you provide to my client.
- R.L., Las Vegas NV, June 2019
Thank you Greg for all of your hard work, knowledge, and assistance. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone who needed a home inspected and if I need recommendations for home repairs, I will call you.
- D.A., June 2019
Greg was recommended to us by our agent, Genevieve. He was very thorough in inspecting our new home. Super helpful in answering any questions and concerns we had. Prompt in responding to us after the inspection was completed. We will absolutely recommend him to family and friends. Thank you, Gregg! Cayden & Jennyfer Carter
- J.C., June 2019
Appreciate the backup photography documentation!!
- C.L., June 2019
Very professional, his home inspections are top notch. This is the second time I used Greg, a d I definitely would use him for any home inspection in the future.
- K.C., May 2019
My husband told me not to waste money on a inspector. I hired Greg anyway. After meeting with Greg and reading his report my husband will never buy a home without Greg's inspection. It's one less thing to worry about when buying a house. Thank you Greg.
- D.P., May 2019
Greg provided a thorough inspection report. After discussing the inspection we felt confident that all aspects of the inspection were completed.
- S.P., May 2019
Thank you so much for being so detailed with your inspections. It was amazing help with the walk through. Especially with this being our first home! So many things I would have never noticed if not for Greg?s inspection.
- R.W., May 2019
It was a pleasure working with Greg. He is extremely knowledgeable and does an excellent job.
- J.D., April 2019
Greg was timely and professional. He performed a 1 year inspection on my new home prior to our builders warranty ending. He found things in my home I had no idea should have been built differently (missing a jump duct, insulation done incorrectly in the attic, etc) along with plumbing and wiring issues. Because of how thorough his inspection was, the builder now has a long list of items they are fixing which is saving me money and headaches that would happen down the road. I cannot say enough positive things about Greg and Brody and I highly recommend them!
- A.N., April 2019
Greg was absolutely amazing. This is my first home and Greg walked me through slowly and showed me everything I need to know in detailed (yet simple) terms. I would recommend Greg to anybody.
- T.M., April 2019
I was very impressed with Gregg's report, very thorough, pictures and explanation really help. Thank You it helped me feel better about the structure of the home
- F.M., April 2019
This is the second time we have used you for home inspections, and your thorough reports which include pictures and clear information about what you see, what needs to be done, etc., are beyond helpful for us, as we are living in a different state right now. We feel like we are there with you, looking at the home through your eyes. Your inspection reports have helped us make (what we hope are) the right decisions in purchasing a second home.
- M.C., RIVERSIDE CA, April 2019
Gregg was so thorough and detailed in his inspection. He was so focus and very precise. Got the result at once and he did one great job. We'll highly recommend him to our friends who have plans of buying a house.
- G.E., April 2019
Great and knowledgable inspector, great customer skills, report is in details, highly recommend this inspector.
- L.P., April 2019
Great inspector. Very thorough and detailed. Very keen eye for potential issues.
- E.K., April 2019
Greg was awesome im very happy and he seems to have good knowledge of this business Which made me more than comfortable buying this home. Great job Thank you.
- R.B., April 2019
We are a military family buying sight unseen. We got Greg?s number from a friend of a friend and couldn?t be happier with his service! He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He?s excellent at communicating and had the best electronic home inspection report I?ve ever seen. His detailed report gave us the piece of mind that we?re making a great decision to purchase our new house. Not only did I think highly of Greg and his professionalism but so did our seller! They?re wishing they could move Greg to Kansas to inspect their future home! You can?t go wrong with him as your inspector!
- C.M., April 2019
Greg was totally professional and thorough. His report was comprehensive and completed in a timely fashion. He made sure I was aware and satisfied with the inspection of the property. Outstanding customer service!
- K.S., April 2019
Greg was great, will definitely us him again!
- L.R., April 2019
We were truly impressed by the thoroughness of the inspection, clarity of the photos (and videos too), and concise information. The speed and efficiency was top notch as well - obtaining an inspection and having the extensive report completed!! The software program was also very professionally done - ease of use, etc.
- S.B., April 2019
Greg's inspection confirmed my suspicions of the problems that existed plus a couple more we had missed. Thanks Greg for a thorough job. We will definitely be using you for another inspection.
- K.B., April 2019
Greg Plapp was amazing. He explained every question I had in detail and when I wasn't understanding something he explained it again in more detail. He gave him some tips & ideas on somethings I would be able to take of myself. Overall great guy and very knowledgeable... It's just sad that I can only rate 10stars max... He seserves more.
- J.F., April 2019
My wife and I were impressed with the breadth of knowledge and thoroughness of the inspection. There was a lot of "attention to details" throughout the entire inspection process: both the verbal walk through after the inspection and then in the written report on line. We also appreciate the accompanying photos and video attachments to the report. We will definitely recommend Greg and his son (thank you for your service!) to others in the future. Great job!
- H.M., March 2019
I didn't meet him however My agent did. I am very pleased with how complete he was with the inspection.
- J.H., March 2019
Good work.
- A.G., March 2019
Greg was very informative and knowledgeable during the inspection. Walked us through every found defect, and the basics of home maintenance. I would recommend Greg Plapp to anyone needing a inspector.
- L.M., March 2019
Greg does an exceptional job, inspections are thorough and explains any issues he finds. This is are second home he has inspected and wouldn't hesitate to hire him again.
- F.B., March 2019
The inspection confirmed several issues with the home that the seller seemed not to be telling the truth about. We were beyond disappointed to have to withdraw our offer on the home, but Greg's thorough and professional inspection report let us know we were doing the right thing. We will use Greg again, as we are still looking for a home and we appreciate his attention to detail and the recommendations that came in the report.
- M.C., RIVERSIDE CA, March 2019
We recommended our Son used you as his inspector on his first house. Thanks for the great job you did.
- R.H., March 2019
Fantastic service. Catches things that other inspectors would miss. Highly recommend to anyone needing a home inspection,.
- E.K., March 2019
Great job!!
- M.R., March 2019
The photos and recommendations were outstanding. Great job. Glad Gen recommened you.
- T.H., February 2019
Excellent work, Greg did a great job completing the inspection, very through, every detail was checked, and pictures were taken, i will highly recommend him.
- G.A., February 2019
I had perfect peace of mind during the new construction of my $800,000 home knowing Greg had inspected it and provided a thorough report back to me in the builder. I highly recommend working with Greg Plato!
- S.N., February 2019
Thank you Greg for your incredibly through home inspection of our new home. Your reports and due diligence helped both my husband and I observe the inspection process from another state as if we were right there with you. I appreciate your clear discriptions, photos to back up your call outs and your professional opinion in regards to what was observed. I appreciate you and would recommend your service to anyone!
- M.B., February 2019
Excellent service! The inspector was through with the details.
- G.A., February 2019
Greg is highly professional and manages to provide a detailed analysis, while at the same time an overall "story" about the house. As a former builder he is also able to provide invaluable insights and suggestions in the mitigation of specific issues.
- T.H., Las Vegas NV, February 2019
Greg is wonderful very thorough He makes sure that you understand the inspection report and will answer any questions you have. Highly recommended.
- W.D., February 2019
Very thorough and doesn?t beat around the bush. Very straightforward and very detailed. He?s great. Definitely recommend. Thanks greg
- G.R., February 2019
Greg was great! Answered all my questions and he is very knowledgeable!
- L.L., January 2019
Great guy and very helpful. He also had some great suggestions and additional information to add to my questions.
- A.B., January 2019
Greg is very detailed and professional. He is able to turn his findings into a meaningful story about the home.
- T.H., Las Vegas NV, January 2019
Greg was very patient and explained every little detail to me.
- S.P., January 2019
Very thorough and diligent, far exceeded my expectations. Overall outstanding in every way.
- B.D., January 2019
Very detailed and very efficient. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
- G.R., January 2019
Greg was very thorough in his work, had superb attention to detail, knowledge, and experience in his various trait skills. It was great being able to have normal conversations with him too include humor in the mix. Greg didn?t rush the inspection, and that?s a good thing to have in an inspector! I?ll definitely recommend Greg to my friends and coworkers who are or will make a move!
- J.L., January 2019
Such a professional! We are new to Vegas and Greg helped us out so much with our new home. He even took time to educate us on every aspect of the home. Good tips and recommendations for safety measures as we have small children. He had a very thorough and in-depth report done the same day as inspection including pictures and information. True first class service! We will be calling him again if we need him in the future. Mahalo NUI Greg!
- M.C., January 2019
Wow, I walked thru the inspection with Greg and this was a different experience, showed me things I wouldn't have noticed, Greg is a true professional, answered all the questions that I asked, If Your looking for an a home inspector this is guy you want call
- A.M., LAS VEGAS NV, January 2019
Very detailed
- R.G., December 2018
- P.S., Las Vegas NV, December 2018
The report is amazingly detailed, Greg also adding suggestions on what to look for in the future to ensure no problems will go unnoticed. It is a very thorough report with pictures and video's where needed. A professionally done report, delivered to us electronically within 24 hours of the actual inspection..
- H.R., December 2018
Very detailed inspection, good work
- H.D., December 2018
Outstanding job very professional.
- M.P., December 2018
Very professional, very happy with our inspection. Would recommend Gregg Plapp for any inspection. 5 stars 🌠
- M.P., December 2018
Great service! Very thorough and detailed. Explained all findings very clearly and made the process simple and smooth.
- R.B., December 2018
Thank you! I found the report to be very thorough and informative! The suggested remedies were very much appreciated!
- J.B., December 2018
Very thorough and does a great job of working with the customer to answer any/all questions they have!
- K.O., November 2018
Very thorough inspection. the only negative, if it is a negative, would be that I think regarding the cracked patio cover material, a more strongly worded statement that it should be repaired as when it rains water will be coming through on to the patio. To replace it all is not a minor expense. Other than that, I am very happy with the thoroughness of the inspection and would recommend Greg 100% to anyone asking about him or his company.
- W.K., November 2018
Greg, this is my seventh home. My appreciation for your level of detail goes without saying. This was the best inspection because of your willingness to explain and the time you took post inspection. If I was to add some feedback or something for you to do different, I couldn't think of anything other than my sincerest thank you. Great Job..!
- M.L., November 2018
We were very pleased with the inspection and service provided. Very professional and helped walk us through the home explaining any issues that needed addressing, etc
- M.S., November 2018
You were very detailed and helpful. Thank you!
- C.G., November 2018
Greg's service was above and beyond what I expected when I hired him for my mobile home inspection! The inspection report was very clear and detailed. I recommend his services to anyone looking to have a home inspection!
- J.R., November 2018
Greg has a very efficient inspection system. Everything about the process was well done and so professional from the first contact to the completion. So very well done. Amazingly well explained.
- P.A., North Las Vegas, November 2018
Extremely professional and thorough, willing to answer all questions in layman?s terms. Mr. Plapp instilled a feeling of confidence and gave practical and safe advice. I have no hesitation in recommending and using his services again. Thank you for an awesome job!
- A.L., October 2018
Greg did a very thorough job inspecting the home and wrote a very detailed report with his thoughts and findings. He was very receptive to questions from 3 people during the entire inspection and walk through. I would definitely recommend and use again in the future.
- J.B., October 2018
Greg was very thorough, caring and efficient. He took video and photos of the property that were very detailed.
- G.G., October 2018
Very thorough and informative!
- N.T., October 2018
He explained everything. Very detailed and thorough. Answered all questions.
- N.L., October 2018
Thank you so much. Great job - Well done.
- H.D., October 2018
Greg was extremely thorough on my home inspection, he was very knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions!!
- L.P., October 2018