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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Accomplished Home Inspection, LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 702-610-4502 Mobile Phone: 702-610-4502

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Las Vegas, Henderson and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Greg goes above and beyond with his inspection. When I say "above" I mean above....aerial views of the roof were great....something we'd have no way of seeing. And to receive a 107 page report within one day of the appointment is amazing. Being able to pay and view the report makes the whole process super easy.
- S.D., October 2020
Excellent job. The best inspection report I ever had Thanks Greg
- E.L., October 2020
very impressed in the detail of the inspection thank you
- M.M., October 2020
Greg Plapp is extremely thorough, professional and timely. We are very happy with the quality of service he provided. All the photos/videos and descriptions for any issue were beyond easy to understand. We are so glad we have him on our team during this process of buying our first home!
- M.A., October 2020
Would definitely recommend Greg for an inspection. We had a detailed walkthrough of items found during the inspection and he was able to answer all of my questions.
- J.D., October 2020
Great job very detailed explained everything very we
- A.C., October 2020
Greg did our inspection and was very thorough, and provided us with a very detailed 100+ page report with lots of pictures. Also included was a 6 page summary. Very helpful, and I would very highly recommend him!
- B.D., October 2020
Greg Plapp was very prompt and thorough and he made himself available when I called with follow-up questions. He is very professional!
- K.H., Fort Worth TX, October 2020
Greg's inspection was very thorough, he gave us a very detailed report with a list of the most important items to be fixed. I definitely recommend Greg Plapp.
- A.J., Riverside CA, September 2020
The job required of Greg Plapp and his associate Brody Plapp was undoubtedly a formidable task well done. One comes to appreciate the value of a home purchase by reading and identifying areas shown in the Report as vulnerable to damage if not corrected. The Report is expansive, detailed and highlighted with excellent explanations, multiple photos and supported by video. The trio of investigative tools directs attention to specific areas designated for repair or replacement consideration. 'The Summary' was invaluable because it provided an objective condensed review of those areas of most concern as seen through the eyes of a professional. It undoubtedly alleviated the guesswork of prioritizing my wish list of repairs. Additionally, I was extremely surprised to receive the inspection report the very next day! They were diligent, friendly and never hesitated to answer questions. The quality of expertise and retention of such valued staff is certainly a reflection to the high standards ACCOMPLISHED HOME INSPECTION maintains. Congratulations !
- M.K., September 2020
Greg did a thorough and thoughtful inspection. We found the entire report easy to understand, and each claim backed up by photo and often video evidence. We know much more about our potential home than we would’ve had we forgone an expert opinion. We absolutely recommend Greg Plapp for home buyers who are in the process of purchasing a property.
- R.S., September 2020
Greg was thorough, knew his craft, and had a nifty program to generate the list. I love it! Thanks so much
- M.P., September 2020
Greg is so fast to book the inspection and is the most thorough and honest inspector we've ever used!! Thank you Greg!
- J.R., September 2020
Thank you Greg for the thorough and detailed inspection of the house. I like that you included multiple pictures, videos and explanation drawings to help me understand the report. I appreciate your help!
- H.Y., September 2020
Greg and his team were very thorough. Appreciate their attention to detail and the descriptions/photos in the report.
- N.S., September 2020
Excellent inspection. Very detailed report. Absolutely, 100% recommend.
- G.S., September 2020
Greg is very knowledgeable and thorough, he answered every question I had and gave me details about specific things about the home. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- M.D., North Las Vegas NV, August 2020
Inspector Greg was very Thorough. He was clean, and neat. Very helpful and informative. Excellent inspector. I would recommend and use him again if needed.
- R.R., August 2020
I am a new agent. was able to fit me in. Gregg was professional and prompt.
- D.T., Henderson NV, August 2020
Greg was very detailed. He took the time to go find details and include them in his report.
- J.Z., August 2020
Was very detailed and thorough.
- D.O., August 2020
Great in communication, knowledgeable, (very thorough and detailed) and well organized.
- J.M., Las Vegas NV, August 2020
The report Greg prepared was incredibly thorough and left me with confidence that we have a complete picture of the condition of our (soon to be) new home. This kind of service is especially essential for folks like us moving in from out of state. Could not be more pleased.
- S.C., Poland IN, August 2020
Greg did a great job explaining all that he found good and bad. Would definitely use his services again.
- T.L., August 2020
Gregg Plapp did a thurough job inspecting the property. His report was was thurough with pictures of all of the defects. I would recommend hi to anyone who needs a property inspection.
- B.T., July 2020
Conducted the inspection while I was working and unable to attend which was a huge plus for me. Report was detailed and influenced some repairs in the home purchase I'm going through right now.
- D.D., Las Vegas NV, July 2020
Very friendly, thorough and hard working! Amazed at the detail put in to our inspection. We highly recommend Greg! Communication was great, reports were timely. Couldn’t of had a better experience!
- K.B., July 2020
Greg had a wealth of knowledge in the area of Home Construction and Inspection. He was very pleasant and easy to work with. Had some very positive suggestions as to things to take care of before we bought the house. Would definitely use him again.
- T.R., July 2020
Gregg is an accomplished professional. He is detail oriented, succinct in his explanations and thorough during his inspections. A true professional that answered all my questions and provided me with clear understandable information that I could process in order to make an informed home buying decision.
- J.L., July 2020
greg is a nice guy very thorough and knowledgeable would recommend
- F.V., July 2020
Greg did an amazing job and was very thorough with the home inspection. He even went over additional items with us to make sure they were brought to our attention.
- P.P., Chesapeake Beach MD, July 2020
Great Job!
- E.A., June 2020
Greg was very thorough and very helpful. He was easy to reach and very helpful with any questions/follow ups that we had
- S.C., June 2020
Thorough, professional, personable.
- J.M., June 2020
Very knowledgeable and skilled. He’s super helpful and thorough.
- R.R., June 2020
Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Great attention to detail and thorough
- E.M., June 2020
Greg was very professional and knowledgeable about the inspection items. The report was very thorough with photos of specific items needing attention. The cost was very reasonable!!!! I am very happy with the work performed, the professionalism, the knowledge, and the amazing report that was put together as the final result.
- G.D., May 2020
Greg Plapp was very professional and easy to talk to, but more importantly he was extremely thorough!
- K.P., May 2020
Greg and his son were professional as well as knowledgeable about their craft. Completed a very complete inspection. Would highly recommend them. Ty The Bensons
- B.B., May 2020
Absolutely First Class service. Most detailed and thorough inspection I've ever received. I have an extremely high level of confidence in purchasing my new home and going into it knowing what I'm getting! Cannot give this team a high enough recommendation!!!!
- D.L., May 2020
Greg and his assistant performed a very professional inspection of the home we intend to purchase. His comprehensive report was delivered to us within 8 hours after he finished the inspection. Greg's fee was reasonable and he answered all of our questions about the inspection. We recommend that you use Greg's services for your next inspection. Mr & Mrs Richard Muhlhauser
- R.M., May 2020
Even thou I was not present during the inspection, my great realtor was, when I received my inspection report it was very well written in terms that a lame person like myself, can understand. Loved the FYI's and suggestions for future fixes on the property, very minor things. The pictures on my report were of excellent quality as well. Thank you Greg!
- S.C., May 2020
Gregg and his associate were great! They were friendly, professional, and completed a very detailed inspection. He was very thorough about everything as we went especially with things that needed attention. I would highly recommend his service!
- A.B., April 2020
He was very detailed, made sure we understood the problems and gave suggestions. Greg and his assistant were very professional.
- D.T., April 2020
Greg did great and very thorough in the inspection. Was on time and extremely professional. Would recommend Greg and his company to anybody in the market to purchase a home
- D.S., April 2020
Greg was on time and did a great job of looking the property over. a great inspection. we're using him on another home inspection.
- G.F., April 2020
A thorough inspection was conducted that uncovered deficiencies in areas I would not have noticed.
- G.F., March 2020
Very friendly and thorough with the home inspection report. There was very close attention to detail and he answered any questions I had in regards to the house at the time of the inspection. The inspection itself is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate for the people receiving the report as the headers are linked to every section and are very similar to how a pdf file would read. Overall, I would recommend Greg if you are to look for an inspection report on your house.
- T.L., March 2020
Greg was great. Professional and thorough. Highly recommend him
- S.H., March 2020
Greg, you are the absolute best, Thank you for all you do to make help me and my clients understand what is going home with the homes they are purchasing !!
- A.J., March 2020
Greg provided an efficient and thorough inspection of the property I planned to buy. He pointed out and documented his concerns, classified them as to severity and priority for repair, and suggested options to consider. He was very patient at the end of the inspection and answered all of my and my realtor's questions. If he wasn't certain about anything, he gave us his best assessment based on his experience, but then suggested we also discuss these types of matters with a specialist. In the situations for which we did hire a specialist, the specialist agreed with Greg and did not suggest anything radically different needed to be done.
- H.U., March 2020
From start to finish i heard great things about greg. My realtor group recommended him to do a full blown inspection on my potential new home and he did. Received a great detailed report from top to bottom in the home and i was not disappointed. Great team to work with!
- A.G., March 2020
I would highly recommend Greg Plapp if you are in need of Home inspection services. Greg is professional, very thorough, and detail oriented during the inspection process and on the final report.
- J.D., March 2020
Greg was informative, helpful and very nice. He took his time to answer all of my questions. I will certainly use him again!
- C.F., March 2020
Really nice guy knows what he is doing...
- P.B., March 2020
He was extremely thorough and professional.
- J.S., March 2020
Greg was very detailed and very patient when explaining the inspection process. I appreciated this because this is my first time going through an inspection and I had no ideal what to expect.
- W.S., March 2020
Gerg was very though in his inspection and was able to shed light on items that might have been missed without using him. I would very much recommend him for any job that requires a in-depth inspection. He is though and very organized on his inspection method's. I am very pleased that I used him for my new home inspection.
- D.B., March 2020
Very thorough and prompt. Thanks!
- J.D., February 2020
Greg did a very thorough and detailed inspection of the home. And his explanations of the findings is very clear and easy to understand.
- A.A., February 2020
Thank you
- C.G., February 2020
He did great
- D.G., February 2020
Very thorough detailed report which was easy to read and understand. Thank you Greg, for walking us through the house and explaining the highlights of the findings of your inspection. Professional and very knowledgeable, overall a fantastic experience and would highly recommend!
- J.T., January 2020
Greg Thank you for the thorough and professional inspection experience. You gave our client some very good and useful information to help her prepare her home for listing. We will definitely use your services in the future and will highly recommend you to others. Thanks again. Don and Sharon
- D.K., Henderson NV, January 2020
Greg was extremely thorough. I have a very strong understanding of the things that need to be fixed. I also thought the Massage Envy Gift Card was a nice touch!
- M.S., January 2020
Greg was extremely prepared, kind, and helpful throughout the process. The reports were very thorough and had everything I needed to make requests. He explained things and walked us through each of the potential repairs and made me feel much more comfortable afterwards. Would highly recommend!
- C.G., January 2020
Thanks for allowing me to ask all my questions, which allowed me to move forward purchasing the property with confidence.
- D.H., January 2020
He did an amazing job!! He was extremely thorough to inspect every part of the house. He went above and beyond in his inspection. The inspection report was very straight forward and easy to understand. I loved the drone pictures he took of the roof too. I would highly recommend to anyone needing an inspection done.
- M.L., January 2020
Thank you Greg for always being spot on with your inspections.
- A.J., December 2019
Very professional and meticulous. Explained on how the whole process works from the very start.
- J.H., December 2019
Greg was prompt and very thorough. I would definately recommend him
- J.F., November 2019
Very courteous and professional and quickly received the report
- M.B., November 2019
You were very thorough, I appreciate you taking the time to walk me through my future home-Thank you!
- R.A., November 2019
Highly knowledgeable, great communicator!
- S.F., November 2019
Did a awesome job, I would recommend him to anyone, Thank You! Greg you are the best...
- R.H., November 2019
Greg is one of the best inspectors in the industry. He takes the time to explain the report and answer any questions or concerns and the reports are always completed in a timely fashion.
- L.K., November 2019
Greg is NUMBER # 1 he always goes above and beyond we will use him again and we will also recommend him to family & friends A PROFESSIONAL 100% Linda & Milo
- L.L., October 2019
Very knowledgeable, very helpful. Thank you, Greg!
- J.Q., October 2019
Very thorough. Thanks for the help, Greg!
- A.H., October 2019
Thanks Greg for the house inspection it was great. Hope to be working with you much more in the future
- V.H., October 2019
Thank you greg! Very thorough on the inspection! great job!
- M.P., October 2019
Greg was very detailed and knowledgeable, I even learned something from him. He was great.
- C.Z., October 2019
Very very thorough! Found items needing attention that I didn't see on my inspection. I would use him again and recommend him to everyone. Dale Hill
- D.H., las vegas NV, September 2019
Greg is great. I highly recommend him!
- C.P., September 2019
Greg's thorough inspection provided us an inside look to the home we want to purchase. We live out of state and purchased without actually seeing the place. Greg's report allowed us to further negotiate repairs to close the deal. Thank you Greg!
- D.B., September 2019
I very much appreciate your attention to detail to notice potential issues and cosmetic flaws I completely overlooked while looking at the house! Thank you so much Greg!
- A.F., September 2019
Greg was amazing giving us all the information we needed, walking us thru small issues through the house. Very professional & very knowledgeable.
- A.M., September 2019
Thank you Greg! Very professional and friendly. Reports are thorough and the detail is amazing! Greg provides excellent service and takes time to explain the details!
- T.B., September 2019
Great job Greg .
- H.M., Henderson NV, September 2019
Greg was extremely thorough reviewing every aspect of our potential home! He then walks you through everything to pay attention to. His report is very detailed and makes it easy to discover items that may need a fix. We would definitely recommend Greg and his team!
- R.S., September 2019
Nothing but helpful knowledge and professionalism from these guys, I recommend!
- A.I., September 2019
Very thorough job, made this process less stressful knowing what we need to do now and what we may need to do in the future with our new home.
- D.M., August 2019
We saw an inspection report they did for another house I wanted to buy and so when it was my turn to hire an inspector, we chose Greg and his company. I liked all the drone photos and how thorough they were. I was able to be there and he took the time to walk me around the house and yard to show me things that needed attention to prevent further damage. And I got their report within 5 hours of them leaving the property!!! Amazing job!!
- P.K., August 2019
Gregg was very thorough, answered all my questions and provided a comprehensive report for everything. His experience and professionalism are top notch and I left feeling like I know the house thoroughly before even moving in!
- T.P., August 2019
Greg, I was very impressed with the inspection report that you provided. You did a very thorough job and added useful comments. The report gave us a comfort level about the home we will be purchasing. Thank you
- M.F., August 2019
I will use Greg to inspect my home I p loo an to sell. Very thorough and detailed, thank you
- C.C., July 2019
Great report, very thorough and helped me make a quick and fast decision about the property without me being able to be physically there. He was my eyes and ears. Thanks Greg.
- M.H., July 2019
I am so thankful for Mr. Plapp?s home inspection report. Since I work overseas, I was not able to do the initial walk through of the home I was purchasing. However, my friend was able to see it through. He said Mr. Plapp was very thorough and meticulous in checking everything of the property, inside and outside. When I received the 100 some page report, it looked overwhelming, but it was detailed with photos. I would definitely use Mr. Plapp again and recommend him to others because of his professionalism/ knowledge/expertise, his honesty, and his thoroughness!
- E.M., July 2019
Greg was a pleasure to deal with. He was extremely knowledgeable about his job. He explained things on a level that was very easy to understand. I appreciate his professionalism. I would recommend his services to anyone I know. Thank you.
- J.H., July 2019
Greg was so kind and helpful. I never leave reviews but he truly went above and beyond. He was really thorough in the inspection and took time to answer all of my questions (of which there were many!). He was able to explain each part of the inspection to me and explain exactly what he had done. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for an honest, professional, and helpful inspector.
- K.K., July 2019