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Avi Levy

I am MD licensed home inspector with over 17 years of combined experience in home inspection and construction. My goal is to provide every client with a dependable, thorough and knowledgeable inspection through courteous, respectful and honest interactions. All my findings are delivered professionally in an easy-to-understand, computer-generated report within 24 hours complete with digital pictures. I perform inspections 7 days a week. I am also a NRSB Radon Measurement Specialist and a Home Energy Score Assessor.

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MD Licensed Home Inspector #30832 ASHI Certified Inspector #251285 NRSB Radon Measurement Specialist #16SS014


I am MD licensed home inspector with over 9 years of experience in home inspection. My goal is to provide my clients with a dependable, thorough and knowledgeable inspection through courteous, respectful and honest interactions.


I've bought & sold more than 10 homes and Avi is the best inspector I've ever used
- H.S., April 2022
Avi is knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. He takes the time to do a thorough job and will gladly explain, in detail, anything you may have questions about. Thanks, Avi!
- P.Z., March 2021
Avi provides a detailed inspection, provides home owner education and produces high quality inspection reports. His report was crucial in helping me make a decision on a home.
- B.M., March 2021
Highly reccomend!
- T.C., January 2021
I've worked with one other inspector in my time and Mr. Avi Levy by far has done beyond an exceptional work. His professionalism and patience is quiet remarkable to say the least. Even my sister who bought her home four years ago, and didn't work Mr. Levy-agrees and is in favor of recommending Mr. Levy alongside of me. Thank you for your honest and thorough inspection.
- Y.M., November 2020
Avi was very courteous and professional. He inspected all the appliances and features of the home that could be of any concern. He was patient in explaining the details, potential issues, and recommended solutions.
- R.A., November 2020
Avi did a thorough detail oriented inspection and gave a comprehensive report with a wide range of recommendations. This really helped us get a pretty good idea of what to expect after buying the place and gave us a good negotiating position with the seller. Will definitely recommend his expertise!
- B.N., November 2020
Very thorough; took the time to explain what he was doing, and what I needed to know as a new homeowner. I couldn't have asked for better service - Avi is a true professional!
- R.C., October 2020
Avi did a very thorough inspection. He was helpful and informative and was also a fun person to spend half a day with during the inspection process.
- C.B., October 2020
Very friendly, helped us through a lot first time home buyer instruction and dumb questions. On time and easy to communicate with.
- A.L., September 2020
Avi is professional, thorough and efficient. He is great at explaining situations and possible options/solutions. And he was able to squeeze us in next day. We highlighted recommend him to any home purchaser!
- K.B., July 2020
Great service, detail oriented and most important for us, fast!
- M.R., July 2020
Avi conducted a thorough and professional home inspection for us as first time home buyers. He answered all the questions that we had as well as provided insight from his experience as an inspector for areas we did not ask about. His report was extremely detailed and provided an easy to follow break down of each area of the home and if something should be monitored or repaired.
- D.W., July 2020
Very thorough, professional, and transparent. Definitely would recommend for any home inspection.
- S.J., July 2020
Avi was actually our second home inspection. We had a home inspection from someone else a few days before and were very disappointed with his work (not very thorough), the comprehensibility of the report, and his professionality. So we decided to get a second home inspection, and Avi came highly recommended. Avi was SO much better than the last home inspector. Avi was professional, responsive, and extremely thorough. His report found over twice as many issues as the other report we got, and the report explained them in language that we could actually understand. I definitely recommend working with Avi.
- L.R., July 2020
I am truly glad that we had the opportunity to work with Avi. Very thorough and professional in his inspection work, and candid in his assessment. Would highly recommend.
- M.K., June 2020
On time. Through. Answered all of our questions with expertise and patience. Report was ready the next day!
- D.S., June 2020
Avi was very thorough and took the extra time needed to explain any issues as he came across them. I appreciated that he was especially diligent about discussing potential safety concerns.
- J.K., May 2020
We had a great experience with Avi as the inspector for our first home purchase. He was punctual, arriving at the house and starting the inspection before I even got there just in time for our scheduled appointment. He was patient walking me through many of the details he was looking for while also providing tips for regular maintenance, expected costs of repairs, and more about what to expect as the homeowner. In our conversations, it was very clear how much experience he brought to the table as he was able to explain everything I needed to know in layman's terms. As expected, he took many, many photos and referred to them throughout his report, which he was able to provide the same day as the inspection. Overall, we were pleased with his service and no nonsense approach.
- G.O., May 2020
Mr. Levy was efficient and very thorough. He is also very knowledgeable and patiently explained his findings and answered my many questions. I highly recommend giving him a call when you need a home inspector.
- A.D., April 2020
Avi helped us with back-to-back inspections on houses we were looking at to purchase. He was extremely thorough on both properties and flexible with the quick turnaround. It was just prior to the world-wide pandemic so we were happy we got to have that one-on-one experience with him. We would recommend Avi to anyone and everyone needing an inspection. Thank you for taking care of us!
- C.P., April 2020
Avi was a great inspector. I was on a time crunch (had a one day inspection contingency) and Avi was so responsive, flexible, and professional from start to finish. He knew I was a first time homebuyer and patiently and clearly explained everything during the inspection. He did a very thorough inspection, while providing me with great information about maintenance, potential issues to watch, priority questions to ask the sellers, and tips to keep appliances and the home in good shape. I fully recommend Avi. He was a great inspector!
- A.L., April 2020
100% professional. He is very clear and direct. Me and my boyfriend ask him a bunch of questions, he was very patient and explain in detail. He mades very good recommendations and the report is well organized and easy to understand. We needed the inspection and he had immediate availability. Punctual. I recommend a 100%
- D.R., March 2020
Avi was very thorough and patient. He explained things in detail and made me feel confident about what improvements on the home needed to be prioritized. Avi is knowledgeable, accessible, and kind. I certainly recommend him!
- A.W., March 2020
I will recommend Avi Levy without hesitation! His home inspection is very organized, thorough and detailed. He explained the function and life time expectancy of all major appliances, and more importantly, the importance of routine service to ensure the best performance. Avi addressed all safety concerns, all while, providing recommendations to remedy the concern/problem. He granted additional time to answer all questions. Overall, Avi provided a great inspection!
- L.H., March 2020
Avi was great! Caught an obscure AC refrigerant issue that we were able to get looked at as a result of his keen eye. Highly recommend.
- A.K., March 2020
Avi did a very thorough job during our home inspection. He spent about four hours looking at the property and provided good explanations regarding potential issues and remedies. He is very responsive and detail-orientated. He also took time to answer questions after I received the inspection report. I highly recommend Avi and am very satisfied with his services.
- C.C., January 2020
Excellent work, very thorough.
- J.R., December 2019
Avi was very professional and factual with the information that he gave me while performing the home inspection. His inspection led us to more information about the home, and how we can make improvements down the road. I would absolutely recommend Avi to do a home inspection for anyone!
- M.H., October 2019
Avi, As homebuyers purchasing an older home for the first time, we were not aware of the many items reviewed during a home inspection. Your knowledge and patient explanations throughout the inspection truly took a weight off of our shoulders. Beyond the inspection, the ease of reading your reports and receiving the information online made the process all the easier! Thank you for your professionalism and work!
- L.T., October 2019
Very thorough and clear, with report supplied the same day.
- C.R., September 2019
Avi is responsive in a timely manner. He explains each activity to the best of satisfaction and he is friendly.
- M.G., August 2019
I hired Avi to inspect the townhouse my family is buying. He arrived early for the appointment, and promptly started on examining the exterior and interior. He spent over 2 hours examining the house and made sure the realtor and I see and understand the problems he identified. He also explained to me the urgency of what I need to get fixed. For example, he noticed that the HVAC system is very old. He explained to me in details about the age of the HVAC system (over 20 years old) and why I may need to get a home warranty or ask for a home warranty from the seller in order to avoid high upfront costs in case anything go wrong in the near future. Our appointment ended at 1pm and by 9pm, Avi uploaded a detailed and well-organized report for me. This helped me and realtor to negotiate with the seller in a timely manner. Because of Avi's timeliness, attention to detail and thoroughness, I will gladly hire Avi for my next home inspection!
- M.P., August 2019
Picked Avi based on other reviews and was not disappointed! He was very generous with his time and answered all of my questions as a first time home buyer. He provided estimated costs of the repairs that were helpful in calculating all the costs that would go into buying the property. I would recommend Avi to anyone else needing an inspection!
- B.N., July 2019
Avi spent about 3 hours inspecting the house and was really thorough. He told me what he was finding as he went so there were few, if any surprises once I got the report later that day. He identified a number of safety issues, gave us useful information about the house in general and suggested some future upgrade projects to start planning for. We ordered both the sewer scan and the radon test which were definitely worth the added cost.
- T.D., June 2019
Ari was prompt, polite and very professional. patiently explained everything in very easy to understand terms. he was thorough and pointed out things that weren't so obvious and his experience were much appreciated.
- A.B., June 2019
I will definitely recommend Avi to my friends and family. He?s extremely thorough and professional and his expertise exceeded my expectations.
- L.B., June 2019
Avi was professional and thorough. He explained things that needed to be replaced, and things that should be evaluated. He was very quick in providing a report.
- S.W., May 2019
I recently contracted Avi Levy to do an inspection on a house I was planning to purchase. He was thorough, professional and patiently explained everything while conducting the inspection on the house. He also pointed out what things were in need of immediate attention versus those things that could be maintained and updated at a later date. I would definitely recommend Avi Levy.
- P.P., May 2019
We really appreciated that Avi was very thorough and took the time to explain things to us along the way. I feel like I know much more about the house we're about to buy.
- D.I., April 2019
Avi is very professional, thorough, on time and kind. I would recommend him over and over again.
- V.C., April 2019
Avi was a complete professional. He was communicative, punctual, and gained our confidence from the beginning. Avi's inspection was thorough and minimized our stress throughout this phase of the purchasing process. Highly recommend!
- S.D., April 2019
When Avi Levy was inspecting my house, I felt satisfied and appreciated everything he did. He completed our house inspection perfectly!
- M.N., January 2019
He was very thorough with his inspection! He took the time to explain each item that needed to be addressed as well as some other items to look for in the future.
- M.C., January 2019
We were very happy with Avi's work.
- M.M., Bolivia NC, January 2019
Avi was thorough, helpful, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. We would use him exclusively. Great inspector, great report, and took his time for all our questions.
- J.H., December 2018
Avi was very good and thorough! I appreciate the easy to understand report with pictures to help me understand what he found and what to do about it. I would highly recommend using Avi in the future!
- C.S., November 2018
Avi was very professional and thorough with his inspection. He gave advice not only on the issues that needed immediate attention but also on potential issues which required continued observation. His report was detailed and helpful. I am very satisfied with his work and I would recommend him to my family and friends.
- T.S., November 2017
He is Nice and gives Complete Information.
- K.C., October 2017
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Avi for your home inspection. Professional report was delivered less than 24 hours later.
- A.A., April 2017
Avi was very detailed and attentive to all the aspects of the home inspection. We were very pleased with his work and professionalism.
- S.R., January 2017
Mr. Levy was prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. He went out of his way to educate me about the areas of the home I would need to watch in the upcoming years, and indicated the areas to maintain to keep the home functioning properly. I would recommend him to anyone and would definitely hire him again.
- B.P., September 2016
Avi was very thourough. He uncovered items that many people would miss due to subtle details. Avi takes the time to explain his findings and answer questions completely. I would recommend Avi to any home buyer without reservation.
- A.S., August 2016
Avi was available when several other inspectors were not. He was punctual and professional. He addressed all our questions thoroughly and patiently during and after the inspection. He also provided a detailed report with clear pictures that helped us understand the inspection results in detail. Thank you, Avi!
- A.A., February 2016
Avi was very professional and knowledgeable and gave me great advice on how to maintain components in my new home.
- S.T., December 2015
Avi was very knowledgable and helpful.
- D.M., November 2015
Excellent Inspector. Very Thorough. Would recommend him to any and everyone I know that would need an inspector.
- C.H., November 2015
I highly recommend Avi Levy for inspections. He is extremely thorough and isn't afraid to get into every inch of the house.
- S.L., May 2015
Thank you - this is an excellent report, and done super quickly too!
- L.M., February 2015
Mr. Levy was extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. He was helpful and provided valuable insight.
- T.F., October 2014
I appreciate Avi's work and he was very informative.
- R.B., March 2014
Avi Levy's fee was money well spent. He performed a very thorough inspection and wrote a detailed report (with pictures). I would absolutely hire him again.
- R.S., December 2013