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Jack Rothweiler

The difference between ordinary & extraordinary? ~ that little extra . . . Make someone's day today and go a little out of your way for them.

Castle Home Inspections is more than an inspection company. We strive to be your Building Consultants for life! That's why we do our best to go the extra mile for both our clients and their agents.

Make one call to us for your home inspection services including the Home Inspection, Termite Inspection, Radon Test, Indoor Air Quality Test, and Sewer Lateral Scope Inspections.

Over 10,000 inspections performed since 1996. Servicing St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County. If your home is outside these areas, just call and ask if we can help you. If not, we may be able to help you reach a reputable inspection company in your area.

Just imagine a home inspection company that cares about your future investment and gives you that little extra to help safeguard your family. Visit us now:


ASHI Certification, Jefferson County Board of Realtors, Twin City Chamber of Commerce


Full Service Home Inspection Co. Everything in place to provide the Best Value for Your Money. Call now and ask how we can help you sell your home faster and for more money! It will blow away the other homes for sale in your area!

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Jack was great!

Took his time to explain items and point things out.  Displayed a great amount of knowledge of what he was doing.  I felt like I was in good hands and was going to get a report that I could depend on.

- J.C., March 2019
Proficient and Professional!
- J.O., Dittmer MO, June 2018
Best inspector ever! Very thorough and I was very comfortable that he covered everything. He explained things as he was inspeting.
- M.H., Crystal City MO, December 2017
Jack, you and your inspectors are great, you have given us great service and kept us from buying houses with major problems, which we would have missed. While I would rather have a house we could move into, I look forward to your next and hopefully final inspection for us, at least for a while.
- S.G., Hillsboro MO, May 2017
Jack, thank you again for your skill, professionalism, and attention to detail. We are, again, extremely grateful for your part in our home search. Without your effort and contribution we could not have been successful! You and your staff truly lived up to your motto, together you've earned 110% of our confidence!
- T.N., Bonne Terre MO, March 2017
Very thorough and helpful with any questions we had. Thanks Jack :)
- F.M., Blackwell MO, January 2017
Thanks for answering all of our questions.. :)
- C.L., De Soto MO, December 2016
He was very detailed and went through the home with a fine tooth comb. I would highly recommend him!
- D.E., May 2016
Thanks for my inspection and explaining things in easy terms
- M.L., October 2015
Was professional, thorough and answered all of our questions.
- K.C., August 2015
Very knowledgeable and willing to explain the finer points will request Jack again and will use Castle again in future
- L.T., July 2015
Very thorough. I was very impressed with the detail and effort that Jack Rothweiler put into our home inspection. Thank you!
- D.G., June 2015
Jack was wonderful. He explained everything to us. He even gave maintenance tips. If you are looking for a complete home inspection with a knowledgeable person call Castle Home Inspection today.
- K.D., May 2015
Top notch - honest, cordial, thorough
- K.F., May 2015
Thank you for taking care of my clients for over ten years. You have always been very professional and stay focused on the task at hand. I believe I have been successful because of the business relationships I have developed through the years. Thank you for being a person I can have confidence in to refer to my clients.
- B.R., April 2015
Jack has always done a great job for me. Thorough and professional.
- T.B., February 2015
Very thorough and helpful. The report is clear, concise, and extremely valuable. I will be using his services again and will recommend him to both buyers and sellers. I'm extremely pleased and impressed with his work.
- C.M., February 2015
If you were 1.5 inches taller....I'd look up to you!!! Thanks for all you do!
- S.H., St. Louis MO, December 2014
Thank you so much for the inspection! I appreciate the work that you do!
- J.K., November 2014
always makes the clients feel comfortable. explains everything
- P.B., October 2014
Jack did a great job inspecting our home as well as Steve who has previously inspected 2 homes for us. We feel very confident the report is accurate and it was a pleasure meeting the two.
- R.V., St. Louis MO, July 2014
Jack, you are truly a professional and a gentleman. I enjoyed our conversations and thank you for answering all my questions and concerns. It was my pleasure meeting you. Mike
- M.F., June 2014
He explained and went over everything very well. Was very helpful.
- W.C., June 2014
Thank you Jack for making this new advancer so easy to understand . and for taking your time to explain everything in an easy way for us to understand .We will definitely refer you to all of our friends. Gary and Debbie Hodge
- D.H., May 2014
Thank you very much Jack! You did a thorough job which is greatly appreciated.
- C.S., May 2014
Thanks to Jack for his help in explaining what he was doing so I could fully understand the report later.
- T.M., April 2014
Jack you did a very thorough job with the home inspection. You also explained everything very well. I can tell that you're very knowledgeable in what you do. Thanks, Terry
- T.L., April 2014
Jack is great at what he does and very knowledgeable. He is also great at explaining any issues that arise during the inspections. Your inspection couldn't be in better hands.
- x.x., March 2014
Excellent feedback, professional, knowledgable and very easy to work with. Thanks you
- R.M., March 2014
- R.D., November 2013
Jack explained things very well to me...especially a being a first time home buyer. He gave me great recommendations at what needs to be done to prevent things. I definitely recommend him for anyone who needs a home inspection.
- R.P., November 2013
Jack, and all of his employees, were professional, concerned, and courteous in all of their dealings with us. We would highly recommend.
- W.L., November 2013
Great inspections, helpful consumer tips!
- D.E., July 2013
Jack did a wonderful job and was very helpful answering all of my questions!
- K.L., July 2013
Nice guy, did a very detailed inspection. Extremely pleased.
- L.H., June 2013
Thanks again for doing a great, thorough job!
- C.S., June 2013
Very knowledgeable and personable. Great inspector. I was very happy.
- D.C., June 2013
Love the video addition to the inspection!
- N.K., April 2013
we appreciate you letting us tag along. you were great. thank you again.
- N.S., March 2013
Awesome as always.
- K.B., March 2013
Hey Liz, it was good to see Jack the other day. You know I normally don't go on inspections, but with the changes in the HUD process, I am suppose to be there, whenever an inspector or service company enters the property. What a joke that is!! Anyway tell Jack he is doing a good job, as always. Also, I notice he is putting on a little weight? Waist line is putching out there a bit!! HE HE Comes with getting older. Just giving him some s--t. See ya
- T.M., St Louis MO, March 2013
Awesome, knowledgeable, professional. I'm very glad that he was referred to us. He was very thorough.
- M.E., February 2013
Great job. I appreciate your quickness of being able to do the appointment.
- J.S., St Louis MO, December 2012
A professional, thorough and complete inspection. Feedback was helpful and suggestions were useful. I would definitely recommend Jack to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- M.L., December 2012
As always, you guys are the best.
- K.B., October 2012
If possible a 10 plus another 10 Best inspector we have ever had. If you don't use Jack, you are doing yourself a great disfavor.
- C.S., Marble Hill MO, September 2012
Jack was thorough and took his time during the inspection. He answered all my questions as well as those of my client.
- T.W., August 2012
You rock
- M.W., July 2012
They simply did an amazing job...we thought they did an excellent job start to finish. They couldn't have been nicer or easier to work with. We would highly recommend Jack and Liz to anyone looking for a home inspection. Thanks, Amy & Scott Dwyer
- A.D., April 2012
The buyer is more than pleased with your work and the report. He commented that you were thorough and did not waste time chatting, but explained things that were discovered and went over the entire report at the end of the inspection. I am happy to be able to recommend your company for all my home inspections.
- M.F., April 2012
Thank you so much, Jack! You truly are a professional on every level and I felt very secure with your input and advice. I'll be recommending you in the future!
- J.J., April 2012
Jack was very thorough. He walked me through the entire process and explained everything very well.
- M.C., March 2012
Mr. Rottweiler is the superman of home inspectors. Impeccable service. Thank you Eric & Lisa Roth
- B.R., November 2011
Jack was very thorough, he did a awesome job!! I feel very confident that he was looking out for our best interest. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone.
- R.C., October 2011
I will always recommend Jack for my home inspections. I feel he goes above and beyond to help meet our questions and concerns during an inspection. I believe I have been recommending Jack for about 15 Years now. I have never been disappointed. Marcia Wilson
- M.W., FESTUS MO, October 2011
Jack was professional and took the time to answer all of my questions.
- D.B., April 2011
Jack, We respect your experience and candid manner with regard to your home inspection. You are thorough with your descriptions, breakdown of complex information, pictures and recommendations. Mary McKay
- R.M., April 2011
Jack, Thank you so much for your thoughts and saving money for my buyer. It takes a great person to do what you did and not perform tests that costs the clients money and puts money into your pocket because of issues in the building inspection that probably is going to kill the deal. I take my hat off to you and your integrity. Deb
- D.C., ST. LOUIS MO, April 2011
Jack did a great job and made sure everything was inspected, took his time and I was very happy with the outcome he gave after the inspection of our house!
- S.D., March 2011
Jack did a great job and made sure everything was inspected, took his time and I was very happy with the outcome he gave after the inspection of our house!
- S.D., March 2011
Thank you so much for your inspection. You did an outstanding job. Thank you too for the advice! Michelle Rogers
- M.R., March 2011
Jack is #1 in my book!!! He is informative and a person to get it done. Thank you for coming out on a Saturday for my clients. You are the best!!!
- K.F., March 2011
He was very personable and explained things in a very clear manner. Thanks so much!
- T.B., February 2011
Best building inspector and most thorough one I have ever encountered. He is outstanding and I highly recommend him.
- E.H., December 2010
Very thorough and great description of operation of systems to homeowner.
- R.L., November 2010
Hi Jack, First of all, thank you so much for your patience in answering all of my questions today. As a new agent, I have so much to learn. You made this an easy process. The detail and pictures in your reports were easy to understand. And the final summary provided an awesome tool for me to communicate with the listing agent! The customer service that Liz provided was also extraordinary. Her excellent coordination of all the inspections made my life easier. I appreciate that! I will look forward to recommending Castle for future inspections!
- K.O., September 2010
Jack was very friendly and helpful! I was extreamly happy and would definatley use this company again! Thank you so much! Kammie Williams
- K.W., September 2010
We have used Jack on two homes now and he is not only well-versed in the field of inspections but absolutely professional in his manner. Our goal is to provide a safe, affordable, long-lasting home for buyers and by using Castle and Jack in particular, we get that extra piece of mind and second set of eyes to make sure we are on track to meet that goal. I would recommend Castle to anyof my family, friends, clients, etc and will definitely keep them first on my list of calls when a project is complete and ready to be put on the market. Thanks Jack! Grant, Mainstreet Developments
- B.C., August 2010
Jack did a great job. He was very informative and courtious. We will recommend him to anyone that might need this service. Thank-you! Becky Mann
- B.M., August 2010
Jack, It was so nice meeting you today. Thank you so much for all of your hard work today! It was so nice having everything explained in such great detail. We really appreciate your time. Thank you again! Best, Loren & Mike McEllin
- L.M., August 2010
Great job as usual Jack. The clients were very pleased with your personality and explainations during the inspection. They also commented on how much they learned from you.
- T.R., June 2010
I was impressed with Jack's thorough inspection, explaining and pointing out issues as they appeared. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting an honest and informative inspection!
- L.O., June 2010
Jack is terrific. As a Realtor, I can say I am happy when Jack is the inspector chosen by my Buyer. For that matter for my Sellers, too, as I know the report will be fair and accurate. If I were buying a home for myself, I would have Jack inspect the home for me!
- M.M., May 2010
Very nice and helpful.
- C.C., May 2010
Jack: Great job again. Thank you for having all the inspections, (termite, well and septic) all completed with one telephone call to your office. That makes my job a lot easier. Tony Russo
- T.R., May 2010
Jack did a good job. Thanks Jack!
- L.M., May 2010
Thanks Jack! You were very helpful and thorough. I appreciate the time that you took to explain everything to me. I feel very confident that inspection that you performed was the best that it could be.
- J.M., March 2010
Quite impressive. Jack was on time and did a very thorough job. I received a detailed professional report with pictures very promptly.
- B.E., March 2010
Thanks Jack. I think you did a really great job and I plan to call you again.
- M.M., March 2010
The most effective use of money spent during a transaction for my Client is on a Building Inspection. Jack and the Castle Team are professional, thorough and attentive to my Client's needs and concerns. The online inspection ordering process is forward thinking, saves me time and makes me more effective and look better to my Client(s). Keep up the great work everyone!!!
- S.H., St. Louis MO, January 2010
It was a pleasure working with you. I look forward to using you in the future!
- J.L., January 2010
Jack, You have been absolutely fantastic! You really do a thorough evaluation and we appreciate all of your hard work! Sincerely, Valerie Crider and Michael Ecker
- V.C., September 2009
Jack, Very well done, thorough, and helpful. Will definitely recommend to friends. Thanks so much for your help.
- D.J., ST. LOUIS MO, September 2009
thanks alot jack you guys did a great job.if you ever need anything just let us know.THANKS AGAIN DAVE AND CINDY BROWN.
- D.B., August 2009
He was very helpful, and explained everything in great detail.
- B.K., HOUSE SPRINGS MO, August 2009
Jack was very professional as well as personable. He definitely knew what he was doing and what to look for. He explained everything in detail and items to look out for in the future, I would highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to purchase property.
- P.E., ST. LOUIS MO, July 2009
You were very thorough and explained many things to us that was very helpful. Thank you, Steve and Shellie Sitzes
- S.S., IMPERIAL MO, July 2009
Initial call for information more than expected. Liz listened to me and offered not only helpful but additional info allowing me to easily understand and move forward with my needs. Jack was professional, informative, precise, respectful, and easy to communicate with. The final report is outstanding and exactly fit my needs. Much thanks and appreciation for guidance and a delightful home owner experience!
- L.D., June 2009
I will continue to recommend Castle Home Inspection. Jack is friendly and honest. What I respect most is the fact he works 100% for the Buyer. I have had 100% satisfaction from my Buyers.
- K.L., June 2009
Jack Rothweiler is the best inspector i've ever meet
- K.W., ST. LOUIS MO, June 2009