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Bob Corsini

The leader in the Home Inspection business. Using state of the art "Thermal Technology" to go beyond the visual home inspection. See "Thermal Technology" in action at:


30 Years in residential construction and project management. NAHI Certified / ASHI Certified / OSHA Certified.


Corspect incorporates 30 years of construction knowledge combined with industry leading Thermal technology to provide the most comprehensive inspection service available in the industry.


Thorough with work....great advice on maintenance for clients.....makes the inspection process a positive experience for buyers and sellers.
- W.D., June 2020
Thank you so much for your help, Bob. I appreciate what you do and how well you do your job. I would strongly recommend a home inspection to be done by anyone looking to buy and if given the opportunity to make a recommendation, I would highly recommend you. Thank you again.
- D.H., November 2019
I was extremely impressed with Bob's knowledge, diligence and professionalism. I will definitely hire Bob to inspect future properties I acquire. Matt Edstrand Edstrand Real Estate, LLC
- M.E., February 2019
Best inspection we have ever had bar none. This guy is the REAL deal. Professional courteous and did a complete job. Best ever
- W.S., October 2018
Bob did a great job of explaining information thoroughly. I appreciated that he had advanced technology and equipment to perform the inspection. Thanks Maria H.
- M.H., August 2018
Thank you for your top-notch work, Bob! Combining the latest technology with your extensive experience in the construction industry to provide more in-depth information to a potential buyer sets you apart from the average home inspector. You answered our questions fully and provided background to understand the issues. Wish my daughter had known about you when she originally bought a home in Omaha!
- M.R., August 2018
You are amazing Bob! I can't thank you enough for going over everything with me and answering all my first-time homebuyer questions.
- S.O., July 2018
Thank you for doing a great job with our home inspection. Very thorough.
- K.C., April 2018
Bob keep up the great work!! Thanks again! :)
- J.S., March 2018
Bob did a fabulous job! Inspected roof with a drone, and has a infrared camera. I would highly recommend. Got the report the same day! Thank you
- D.D., November 2017
Extremely thorough. Would highly recommend to others.
- R.W., June 2017
Bob is the best home inspector I have ever used in my 11 years of real estate. I do not recommend anyone else any longer. Knowledgeable, thorough, helpful, confident and to the point. Super great guy professionally and personally.
- J.W., March 2017
Bob was extremely thorough in his report and with his infrared camera was able to see things that the naked eye could not (water damage, rodent or insect infestation, termites, etc). He showed us the photos right after the inspection and walked us through every step and then later sent us the report with arrows pointing to items he was referring to. Top notch and would recommend him to anyone needing an inspector - either prior to purchasing a home, selling it, or even looking it over after some items have been fixed.
- D.C., December 2016
Thanks again my clients thought you were fantastic
- B.H., May 2016
I absolutely love using Bob for my buyers inspections. He is very thorough and I am honestly amazed at the depth of his knowledge. Bob also gives clients advise for how to repair or improve minor defects that he has found! Other inspectors just seem to skim the surface, but Bob gets into the weeds! He is one of the few, if not the only inspector, that will actually climb on a roof to inspect it! Others just use binoculars! An accurate roof inspection for hail damage etc is crucial for a buyer to obtain homeowners insurance. I'm not so sure that he's not one of the few, if any, that actually go up into the attic as well! He also takes his time to thoroughly explain everything to the buyer and to show them the pictures he has taken. I can't imagine that I will ever prefer another inspector for my clients!
- K.S., April 2016
Very patient and great in explaining the details of the inspection process, outcomes, and solution! In addition, did appreciate his efforts in going over a list of things a home owner should be knowledgeable of. Thanks!
- C.S., January 2016
Thank you again Bob. The only reason it is not a 10 is because I am a firm believer that no one is perfect, but your reports get a close as I've seen.
- B.K., April 2015
I just wanted to thank Bob for all of his hard work, and all of the advise he gave us. I was extremely impressed with him and his research. I also appreciated how friendly he was. He really took the time to explain his findings with us, and offer advise on how to fix smaller items.
- W.W., April 2015
Bob's home inspections are very thurough and very informative.
- R.B., Omaha NE, March 2015
I would have given Bob a 10 since everything was great, but I was told long ago that no one is perfect. :-) Thank you for your wonderful service Bob.
- B.K., February 2015
Thank you Bob for your thorough inspection and explanations, and your excellent recommendations! My wife and I appreciate your expertise and honesty. We will be recommending you to anyone we know who is looking for a home inspection.
- B.R., February 2015
Thanks, Bob. My agent did me right by sending me to you. You addressed everything and then some. In addition, I enjoyed your enthusiasm and positivity even though your job was to point out flaws. Sincerely, Jan
- J.W., November 2014
As professional as they get
- S.S., November 2014
Very impressed with report and service. Would recommend in a heartbeat. Thanks!??
- J.D., May 2014
Bob, sure you hear it all the time, but your background and experience were more than apparent in your extraordinarily comprehensive review of my property. I am very grateful for your thoroughness and for taking your job seriously and with great competency. Thank you!
- C.J., July 2013
Very thorough, and a fantastic job! We learned a lot. Thank you so much Bob!!
- L.Y., June 2013
Great to work with. Very thorough and knowledgable. Definitely would hire again.
- J.L., May 2013
Thank you very much for your professional, swift and friendly service. Thank you for taking the time to also talk to me on the phone about your findings. We couldn't be more happy with your work. Regards Glenda and Shawn Kelly
- S.K., April 2013
Bob did an great job! Bob walked us through the entire house and explained everything.
- A.E., February 2013
Bob did a very thorough job in our inspection and was very detailed in explaining everything to us when we discussed the inspection. We were impressed by his use of technology to help evaluate our new home as well as his overall knowledge of all aspects of our new home.
- D.V., October 2012
Hi Bob...Thanks for a job well done. I just wanted to make sure you got the check. I was returned to me with the correct address so I resent it a few weeks ago. I did not hear where the radon test results came in at. Thanks, Danette Voshage 5801 S. Shadow Ridge Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57108
- D.V., August 2012
I sincerely appreciate your professional knowledge and your keen attention to detail in completing the home inspection for me. Your recommendations were very useful in ensuring the home is protected and solid for our long-term residence. I will definitely refer other customers to Accurate Home Inspections. Thank you!
- J.J., August 2012
Thank you very much! Bob has been quick to respond & the buyers enjoy understanding their new residences. I will continue to recomend Bob.
- H.T., August 2012
Bob, I was against doing an inspection because I thought I could handle it. My wife pushed the issue so I looked for the best inspector I could find. I wasn't dissappointed. I've already recommended you to one of my friends. You have pride in your work and it shows. Thank you for a job well done. John Widman
- J.W., June 2012
Bob was very professional and had a lot of input and advice on different items and features of the property when I met with him at the property after the inspection. I do wish the report was a little more detailed with some of the comments in writing, but overall very pleased. Thanks Bob! Bryan
- B.E., May 2012
thorough, good equipment, timely, efficient, pleasant to discuss results with. He makes sure you understand what he is saying. Presents himself well. Professional
- J.M., April 2012
Fantastic Inspection! More than we anticipated. Thank you Bob! Highly recomend Bob Corsini for your Home Inspection needs!
- E.C., April 2012
Bob service was fantastic. He was accurate, to the point, and very efficient. He didn't miss anything, and his recommendations of repairs was well explained and educational. I'd recommend Bob and Accurate Home Inspections to anyone.
- N.J., January 2012
My wife and I greatly appreciated Bob's expertise and knowledge and committment to his profession. Bob walked us through our new house to be, and explained in detail the hows and whys of a home inspection. The peace of mind given to us to help us decide if we are making the right decision in this major purchase is very comforting. Thanks Bob for your assistance. Dave and Shirley Miller Canton, SD
- D.M., December 2011
Bob Corsini is one of the most caring professionals to work with when it comes to home inspection. He uses high quality equipment, is very well educated on his career, ENJOYS what he does/passionate about it, remains honest and true to his values/morals, and explains everything in very "buyer-friendly" language. Bob made us extremely comfortable, taught us a ton about home ownership and was willing to support us along the way! It was one of the most beneficial meetings we have had thus far in home onwership, and are so grateful he was recommended to us. He was very reasonable as well! We would HIGHLY recommend him to any homebuyer.
- R.R., December 2011
Very detailed inspection!!
- C.S., November 2011
Thank you for a very detailed and complete inspection. The detail and explanation is very much appreciated. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone.
- J.M., September 2011
very informative, and very particular just like he is inspecting his own house
- M.G., April 2011
Very thorough and honest about work to be completed on the house.
- T.O., April 2011
Bob, Thank you so much for inspecting this property. I was very impressed with your professionalism and the complete review that that you performed.
- A.S., March 2011
Bob, thank you for your extra time you gave us to review your work that day. Your pride in your work really shows. We appreciate it. Frank
- F.B., March 2011
Thanks Bob. Outstanding Job!
- D.L., January 2011
Bob Corsini is a true professional and always takes the time to review questions with clients and is a straight shooter. He is very well qualified. Keith Sandberg Broker Associate Sandberg Realty Group Hegg Realtors 605-212-1567
- K.S., December 2010
Thank you so much for everything! You are a great person to work with and we love the great job you do. I will recommend you to anyone we know who would need you in the future. Thanks again and we wish you a Happy Holiday Season! Best wishes, The Ivelands
- N.I., November 2010
Very detailed inspection and I appreciate you taking the time to explain all of your findings in great detail. I also very much appreciate the usage of the FLIR thermal images as it helps me see thing not possible with the human eye. I have zero complaints. You answered all of my questions and knew information which made this process incredibly easy. I would have zero reservations about using your service again and I will gladly refer friends and family members to you if they find themselves in need of inspection services.
- C.W., October 2010
excellent job, very thorough,absolutely worth the investment! I would highly recommend Bob to anyone interested in a home inspection.
- T.F., September 2010
Met and exceeded my expectations and most importantly my buyer clients were extremely satisfied that he took the time to answer all questions in detail. Ketih Sandberg Broker Associate Sandberg Realty Group Hegg Realtors
- K.S., September 2010
Thank you for all your help and advice. As a new home owner I appreciate any knowledge you have on the subject.
- S.L., August 2010
I think you did a great job ensuring we understood what you were referring to, you told us what items were urgent and which were not. Great experience! Thanks!
- C.E., August 2010
Bob came the very next day so quick and very reliable. gave very detailed report and got the report to us within 6 hrs after he did the report.
- D.R., July 2010
Thank you Bob for a professionally done job! We will highly recommend you to future patrons!
- W.K., May 2010
Excellent job on inspecting our house on 3005 South Carter PLace. We know exactly where we stand with our new house. When ever we get the chance Bob, we will recomend you others for house inspections.
- R.P., May 2010
Great experience! Highly recommended! Great value for the service provided!
- J.L., April 2010
Thank you for your help!
- B.L., March 2010