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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call OTA Inspections. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 856-993-3498

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

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Dan was very professional and extremely proficient! Highly recommend!
- M.A., October 2020
Dan was thorough, explained everything, and just all around excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone getting a home inspection
- S.R., February 2020
Very knowledgeable
- E.M., September 2019
Gracias muy buen trabajo muy profesional de principio a fin con basto conocimiento de su trabajo lo recomendaria 100 por ciento y sobre todo muy buen precio.
- J.G., August 2019
Very good job Daniel thank you
- L.B., July 2019
Dan was extremely informative and thorough. I would highly recommend him.
- J.S., July 2019
Absolutely wonderful experience with Daniel. He saved us from a contract for a home with SERIOUS structural issues the first time. It was a big house and took a long time to inspect. He took his time, didn't rush and prepared a very thorough report which allowed us to back out of a very bad deal. The second inspection was just as great of an experience. Thorough report complete with detailed photos and video as well as easy to understand explanations. He is friendly, easy to talk to, VERY professional and works hard to have the report in to us the next morning! This is so critical going through the very stressful process of buying a home where waiting for answers feels like torture. He also had the opportunity to charge us full price but refrained from doing unneeded further tests once we knew the first home was a no go. Every dollar means so much to us right now and his honesty and good service is much appreciated. Best recommendation I ever received. Thanks Daniel!
- S.B., July 2019
Extremely informative, professional, friendly and knows what he is doing! 10/10 recommend Daniel!
- D.T., June 2019
Daniel Halgas is one of a kind! From the time my realtor referred me to him until a week after settlement he has been amazing! Even my attorney said he had never seen such a thorough inspection as the one Daniel performed! Thanks to his expertise, he saved me in more ways than one with several items he noticed and recommended be repaired or replaced prior to settlement! In the end, he saved me many headaches and a lot of repair work. I cannot express my appreciation for his professionalism and thoroughness! On top of everything else he is very easy to talk with and answers any questions without hesitation. If you need a reliable Home Inspector, I'd highly recommend Daniel! He will not let you down! AB 6/19/19
- A.B., Bellmawr NJ, June 2019
Daniel was extremely thorough during the inspection. He stopped and answered our questions and gave us an update of his findings as he went along. He was very friendly and turned the inspection report around in less than 24 hours. Amazing! I feel better equipped with the information his report provided me and now I am able to see what I truly am getting with the purchase of this home. I loved the recommendations, the videos and guidance information on how to correct the issues. This investment was definitely worth it! Thank you so much.
- J.L., June 2019
Daniel was a constant professional and very thorough. Definitely recommend for your property inspection.
- L.R., June 2019
Daniel did a phenomenal job. I cannot recommend him enough for multiple reasons. His report and inspection were incredibly through and easy to understand with clear pictures and explanations. He was friendly and helpful to speak with and instilled confidence that were were in the hands of someone that greatly improved our home buying experience. Finally, the digital platform through which the inspection report is hosted and navigated is very user friendly and convenient. I don't plan on buying another home any time soon but I'd recommend him to anyone else I know who will be. Thanks!
- S.L., May 2019
Daniel was great! He was personable, happy to answer questions, and very thorough. He was professional and courteous - he really took the time to exam all aspects of the house and we were very confident in his knowledge. Being a first time home buyer I was unsure of the process or what to expect of a home inspection. Daniel was very helpful in explaining what we could expect! I highly recommend Daniel to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- T.O., May 2019
Dan was extremely professional and very informative. He did a great job of being very precise about his findings and taking time during his inspection to answer any questions we had. I would highly recommend dan to anyone looking for a top notch inspection.
- E.S., May 2019
Thanks for a very thorough inspection! You saved us from walking into a really bad situation.
- S.Y., April 2019
He is extremely knowledgeable, and was happy to explain items of concern. He is easy to talk to regarding questions you have about the property and he puts it into terms I was able to understand. The price was very reasonable, and he made the whole process easy and convenient. I would recommend him to everyone !
- J.C., April 2019
Daniel did a very thorough job inspecting the home. I am ever so grateful for his expertise in finding things I would have never thought to look for! This is my very first home and so very pleased with Daniel?s job very well done! I highly recommend him for anyone needing/wanting a home inspection!
- C.C., April 2019
Thank you for the most thorough inspection and for your incredible amount of patience with the current homeowner. :)
- D.Y., February 2019
Dan's attention to detail and knowledge of homes is impeccable. I have used him twice and no matter how minor the issue, he finds it and reports it to you. He went above and beyond to provide useful information about the house's plumbing, electrical and structural systems for future renovation plans as well.
- J.M., December 2018
Thank you so much !
- S.J., November 2018
Daniel was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He walked us through his findings and just checked every aspect of the house. I could not recommend a better inspector.
- J.R., September 2018
Daniel you did a 100% top notch job. I am recommending you to everybody who is buying a home. Great Job, Thanks Again Norm
- N.S., September 2018
Daniel was very detailed in his report, easy to read and understand. He did a very thorough inspection of the home. Would recommend to anyone that wants to know the true condition of the home they are buying.
- J.W., September 2018
Daniel is thorough and provides useful information. He is easy to track to and communicates well.
- J.S., August 2018
I had to use OTA Mr. Daniel Halgas for the second time due to my last home inspection found faulty repairs done by the seller in which he refused to fix. Since OTA did such a great job in finding future problems in home repairs in which I would have ended up paying myself, I was extremely glad to use him again. I have such great respect for people who value their customers. Thank you once again.
- K.A., August 2018
Daniel was very professional and knowledgeable. He discussed his findings with us and answered all of our questions.
- N.H., July 2018
Daniel was very meticulous. He was also very patient in answering all questions completely, as well as helped me understand all issues around the apartment. Not only did I become familiar with the specifics of the apartment, I also was able to point out worn items to the seller -- which in turn saved me money.
- M.N., July 2018
Dan was extremely thorough and professional. He helped us to better understand the house we were buying, and gave us tips on future up keep of the house as well as current problems that need to be addressed!
- L.C., July 2018
Daniel was excellent. We highly recommend him. We were very pleased.
- M.W., July 2018
Daniel was very thorough and knowledgeable. He took time to answer all of our questions. Highly recommended.
- K.C., July 2018
Dan did a great job with the inspection and gave great advice about things that we needed to look out for. Would definitely recommend.
- K.M., July 2018
Very prompt and thorough. Excellent report.
- J.L., June 2018
He did a great job!!!!
- A.S., June 2018
Mr. Daniel H did a very good job for me and my also making the inspection easy to understand and navigate. I would absolutely use Mr. Daniel again.
- K.A., June 2018
Daniel was GREAT!!! I knew he would be great from the second I noticed that the front door of the home I'm purchasing was open. He was EARLY!!! Not because he had other plans and needed to leave sooner than he was supposed to. But because he's that professional. Some people would be concerned about their inspector checking things without them there. Well, Dan had no problem retracing his steps!!! He went over everything he checked before I arrived and showed me everything. He constantly checked on me to see how I was doing after hearing about the issues with the home. He spoke about how serious something was and talked about how easy something was to fix. This is someone I will recommend every time!! He made the process a lot easier!! Thanks, Daniel!!!
- L.J., Lumberton NJ, June 2018
Daniel did a fantastic job inspecting our new home. He was very attentive and truly went above and beyond. His knowledge and insight are second to none. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody needing a home inspection.
- E.C., May 2018
Very pleasant experience. Mr. Halgas was very knowledgeable and had all the right tools for the job. I would definitely recommend your company in the future.
- E.M., May 2018
Thank you for all your help and thoroughness!
- N.P., May 2018
Dan was very meticulous, professional, courteous, detailed, and punctual in his inspection work. I would recommend Dan any day to my friends and use for future properties as well. thanks Vijay
- V.E., September 2017