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Sean Reed

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Evergreen Property Inspection L.L.C.. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 5099534787 Mobile Phone: 5099534787

About Evergreen Property Inspection L.L.C.

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Spokane and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Washington State license #843 Radon Testing, Mold Inspections, Energy Reports, Indoor Air Quality Consulting.


Professional, friendly, accurate and thorough inspections. Inspecting in the Eastern Washington area, located in Spokane,Wa. Buyer and seller inspections, Water Quality testing, Radon Testing, Mold Inspections, Lead Testing,and Asbestos 2!

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Sean is fantastic! Incredibly personable and very, very thorough. We enjoyed his sense of humor and pragmatic approach. He checked in with us several times during the inspection and the report was emailed the next day (also very thorough). He made the inspection process fun and educational. Would definitely recommend!
- N.S., Spokane WA, July 2020
We had our inspection a few days ago and I immediately recommended him to our realtor. We have had many inspections over the years and most are inadequate. They take your money and leave you with little substance. He is very easy going and he is not bothered if you ask questions along the way (in fact, he encourages it). He is knowledgeable and thorough. You won’t be disappointed.
- D.G., June 2020
Inspector was very thorough! He was also happy to clearly explain details about issues with the home to help us have a better understanding of problems and possible remedies. He pointed out many things we would have definitely overlooked. Well worth the peace of mind!
- H.F., Spokane WA, June 2020
Sean is very thorough and does a fabulous job of explaining all of his findings throughout the inspection! i would recommend him to anyone
- J.R., Spokane WA, May 2020
We have had many home inspections over the years but Sean's was by far the most thorough and most informative experience we have ever had. We think he's awesome! ... and EASY to work with!
- R.P., Mica WA, May 2020
Sean was extremely thorough in his work. He explained everything he saw and why it was important. As a first time homebuyer, I was nervous about the inspection process, but Sean put me totally at ease. I would recommend him in a heartbeat--both for his attention to detail and his ability to explain his findings in a way that makes sense to a novice.
- C.B., Spokane WA, May 2020
Sean conducted a thorough and highly detailed inspection of the condo we are considering for purchase. He is very outgoing and a pleasure to work with, answered many of our concerns on the spot and his completed report was explicit In including clear photos of problem areas that needed attention. For peace of mind in reaching a real estate purchase decision, we would highly recommend Sean Reed...a job well done!
- T.T., Spokane WA, May 2020
Sean has completed another thorough inspection for us and we are completely satisfied with the results. Sean is approachable and answers any questions that you have during and after the inspection. I will 100% recommend Sean and Evergreen Property Inspection L.L.C.
- C.C., Spokane WA, April 2020
Sean made the process very easy. He was very thorough, had a lot of insight and created a report that contained a lot of important information regarding the house we had inspected. Sean was professional and approachable throughout the entire process and answered any questions we had in a timely manner. I will certainly recommend Sean and Evergreen Property Inspectors to all my friends and family.
- C.C., Spokane WA, April 2020
Sean was extremely thorough in his inspection. He was able to point out a ton of costly issues that I wouldn't have previously noticed. He answered all of my questions and made sure I understood all aspects of his report. He made the process extremely easy and took the stress off of a first time home buyer. I would recommend him to anybody!
- B.C., Spokane WA, April 2020
Very happy with Sean. He is very informative and friendly. He will find everything he can and inform you without scaring you into backing out nor sugar coat or pass over anything. He prices fairly and is there to help you make the best decisions for YOU.
- B.C., Spokane WA, March 2020
Sean was so thorough and made sure time and time again to make himself available for questions. He helped us begin a home file of maintenance and helped us to see things we wouldn't never seen in one of our previous home inspections. He used to work as a contractor and actually has the background and knowledge along with the equipment a good inspector needs. I will recommend him to everyone I know.
- C.F., Spokane WA, March 2020
As a first-time homebuyer, Sean explained things to me that I didn’t understand. His comprehensive report gave me room to negotiate with the Seller as well as provided me with a checklist of improvements to make on the house. I was very impressed with Sean’s knowledge as well as the length and detail of the report.
- C.F., Spokane WA, February 2020
I use a screen reader and needed help to complete this because the slide is not workable. Sean was excellent and prevented me from making a serious buying mistake.
- A.C., Spokane WA, January 2020
I was not at the inspection due to being out of town, but my Sister said the inspector was great and had a good sense of humor. From the inspection report I received, it was extremely thorough and provided details that allowed me and my realtor to determine what to ask the sellers to fix before closing or what I could put off for a bit.
- S.C., Newman Lake WA, January 2020
Sean went out of his way to make sure we found a good property to buy. I have never been so confident in an inspection or an inspector. My only regret is that I am such a procrastinator that I didn't get this review accomplished until 5 months after the inspection. The time lapse absolutely does not reflect my opinion of Evergreen Property Inspection or Sean Reed.
- M.O., Spokane WA, January 2020
Sean did an excellent job explaining things and going over everything involved. He was knowledgeable and very personable. Highly recommended.
- T.L., Cheney WA, December 2019
Sean is absolutely phenomenal! There isn't a single negative I can give. He inspected our potential house with a fine tooth comb and listed everything in the report. Even with us not being present at the inspection due to currently living abroad, Sean talked with us a bit over video chat during the inspection as well as talked over the phone afterwards to go over all of his findings. I highly highly recommend Sean and will absolutely be requesting his service whenever he's needed in the future.
- J.D., Spokane WA, July 2019
Sean, your inspection report was very impressive. I found it to be very detailed and well structured, it has helped me discover concerns I may not have found conducting my own inspection. The pictures made it easy to identify the problem areas, or areas of concern. I would definitely recommend you to others looking for a complete and thorough report. We will most likely have you conduct inspections on any future property purchases. Thanks for your complete inspection.
- S.S., Spokane Valley WA, July 2019
Sean, Thank you so much for your time. We felt we were in the best hands having you inspect our house. You made the experience fun, lighthearted and extremely informational. You were methodical, precise and were able to communicate to us in real terms. Will absolutely recommend you to anyone looking for a professional needing an inspection. 10 out of 10!!!
- C.C., Spokane WA, July 2019
Sean is amazing (i.e., competent, thorough, friendly and fun to work with as you explore the house together). We recommend him without reservation, and we would hire him again in a second.
- T.Q., Spokane WA, July 2019
I would definitely recommend Sean if you are looking for a home inspector who is going to be very thorough and honest. As a first time home buyer I basically followed him around as he explained everything he was doing in easy to understand terms. He report was also delivered on time as promised and easy to read through. Pictures lined up with all concerns and findings as well as a potential to formulate a request list directly from his report, a feature that was nice when beginning to think about negotiations.
- T.C., Spokane WA, July 2019
Sean, Thank you for being so thorough and informative. We appreciate your knowledge as well as work ethic in examining the home and the inspection. Definitely refer to others!
- D.H., Spokane WA, June 2019
I will never call another inspector again! Sean was so professional and incredibly thorough with his inspection. He took tons of pictures and made notes of EVERYTHING he saw, regardless of the severity or significance to our purchase. His investigation gave us a very clear picture of what we were getting in to, all summed up in a report that was clear, easy to follow, and referenced photos and recommendations along the way. Sean was honest, funny, and welcomed our presence during the inspection process so he could talk us through what he was seeing and give us recommendations on the spot. I would highly recommend Evergreen Property Inspection and Sean.
- T.A., Spokane WA, June 2019
Sean was professional and knowledgable, and was very, very easy to work with. He clearly explained everything he found while he was doing the inspection, and his report was absolutely comprehensive. My realtor who has been in the business for years, said Sean's report was one of the best he'd ever seen. I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend Sean for a home inspection, and will use him again should the need arise in the future.
- D.P., Spokane WA, May 2019
Sean was very thorough and addressed all questions my clients had. Very pleased with the job he did and the report he compiled for them as it was well laid out and well done.
- S.T., May 2019
Sean was fantastic. He took the time to inspect all the areas of the property. He was very detailed and informative. He answered all of our questions and had extensive knowledge on a wide range of topics. He also took the time to perform our inspection on a Saturday just before Mother's day so my husband and I could attend. I highly recommend his services.
- M.T., Deer Park WA, May 2019
Timely, profession, & down to earth. It?s nice to see people take pride in the details of their work while providing excellent service!!
- W.H., Spokane Valley WA, May 2019
Thank you, Sean, for all your hard work, your thorough inspection, detailed report and summary and most of all, your exceptional customer service. I really appreciate you and thoughtfulness for my situation and needs.
- J.V., Spokane WA, May 2019
Thank you, Sean, for our home inspection. We were impressed with the very thorough results. We were surprised at some findings and laughed at others we had overlooked. Your professionalism with a personal touch was much appreciated. Thank you so much.
- T.L., Spokane WA, April 2019
Savvy, thorough, well experienced, and equipped for multiple inspection needs. I hired Sean on 2 home inspections and a radon test. He uncovered serious items in one home that alerted me against making a serious mistake. Sean pulls no punches, sugarcoats nothing, makes clear on what he's evaluating and how. He's a pleasure to work with.
- L.K., Spokane WA, April 2019
I?m happy Sean inspected the house I?m buying, but I?d be scared to have him inspect the house I?m selling! Very thorough report and extremely detailed. Excellent job
- C.S., Spokane WA, April 2019
Sean was so thorough in the reports! He was quick and made this process easy.
- A.G., Spokane WA, April 2019
Very thorough and made it simple to follow him through his inspection. Pretty laid back guy so it's easy to just talk to him about any concerns that you have. If I buy another house I'll definitely be calling him again.
- V.R., Spokane WA, April 2019
I would highly recommend Sean to all of my friends and family. He was very easy to schedule and work with, had tremendous energy throughout the inspection, and very extremely thorough. He knowledge is impressive and he was able to easily answer all my questions.
- M.B., Spokane WA, April 2019
Sean, you are very thorough and helpful. Your work is invaluable when making decisions about our future home. We will always go to you for future inspection needs. Thank you!
- M.D., Spokane WA, March 2019
Sean was very thorough and extremely personable. I would highly recommend him. Gretchen
- G.P., Newport WA, March 2019
Very thorough, communicative, and responsive. There is no doubt that we know everything we need to know in making an informed decision about this purchase.
- C.S., Spokane WA, March 2019
Sean is extremely passionate and knowledgeable. Will definitely use again and highly recommend him for your next home inspection!
- O.S., Spokane WA, February 2019
Sean was great to work with. His communication through the process with very informative and his inspection of the home was very thorough. I would definitely refer to him again for future inspection needs.
- C.S., Spokane WA, February 2019
Sean inspected a nearly brand new house. It would have been easy to just do a cursory inspection, but instead he did the most thorough inspection I?ve ever seen when purchasing a home. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided great feedback on the house as well as how to maintain the property in the future. I highly recommend Sean.
- C.D., Spokane WA, February 2019
Sean, you were great! Thank you for your hard work. Barbara
- B.B., Spokane WA, February 2019
Very thorough & knowledgeable in his work. He provided great feedback and called to make sure I understood what was int her report. Absolutely will use him in the future!
- L.S., Spokane Valley WA, January 2019
Sean is absolutely amazing at what he does. He is thorough and answers all of your questions. He has great rapport with others in the community and can refer you to anything you might need for your home in the future! His response time is quick and he is friendly! I highly recommend Sean.
- A.N., January 2019
Sean did such a GREAT job checking everything in the house. I value his services, because it really made a difference in our decision of purchase. We felt like we had walked into a house that was only "cosmetically" damaged, but found out there was a whole slew of other issues we wouldn't have been able to see/find without Sean's inspection. We feel as if we have dodged a bullet, and will use Sean in our next venture.
- J.L., Hayden Lake ID, January 2019
Thanks so much for being so thorough!
- R.B., Otis Orchards WA, December 2018
Sean was very thorough and informative , friendly and fun to talk to as well ! We are very satisfied with his service !
- M.S., Mead WA, November 2018
We're so glad to have hired Sean Reed from Evergreen Property Inspection LLC to conduct the home inspection or our newly built townhouse. Sean was an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely knowledgeable in his line of work, Sean was also very easy going and easy to talk to. As his clients, we were never once afraid to ask something that we didn't understand or wanted to know more about. Sean provided a timely and easy-to-understand report that was also accessible online. This online format served as an effective resource convenient for us and for our townhouse developers. We highly recommend Sean; you will not be disappointed!
- M.H., Spokane WA, October 2018
Sean has been excellent both in regard to time management as well as being extremely thorough and professional. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! Sean will be our first recommendation to anyone who asks.
- B.P., Spokane WA, October 2018
Sean was very professional both times, as well as very friendly and up beat. I will recommend him any chance I get.
- G.H., Spokane WA, October 2018
Very thorough and excellent feedback and advice given. Sean is a consummate professional and a real pleasure to work with.
- D.G., Spokane WA, October 2018
Sean did a fantastic and thorough job.
- W.F., October 2018
Sean, Thank you for making such an important inspection process understandable, enlightening and a positive experience. I especially appreciated your enthusiasm, attention to detail and ongoing communication skills. You offered wonderful tools and file suggestions for continued realistic and practical maintenance of our potential new home.
- M.Z., Spokane Valley WA, September 2018
Great job. very informative on what items could/should be repaired and how. Explained how to use information to upgrade home for future use as well as resale. Once I received the written inspection there is so much useful information provided I was amazed. I would recommend Sean to any one who needed a home inspection done.
- A.H., Spokane WA, August 2018
Very thorough and informative! Sean was professional, timely, had our best interest in mind and worked hard! I would recommend Sean to anyone!
- L.K., Mead WA, August 2018
Sean did a very thorough job. He was also very friendly and helpful. Thank you. SM
- S.M., Spokane WA, August 2018
Absolutely an amazing guy. Informative! Great Sence of character! I will absolutely refer Sean Reed to any of my family and friends that needs a home inspection done.
- K.L., Spokane WA, August 2018
Sean was very professional and extremely thorough in his inspection. He took the time to explain every step of his process to me, as well as being amazing at answering all of my questions. I really felt he had my best interest as his top priority. From his inspection of the home I was buying saved me from having to buy a new roof and replace the outdated electrical box (since this was pointed out it became the sellers responsibility). I would highly recommend him for anyone buying a home, especially if like me this is your first forever home. His expertise is flawless.
- C.S., Spokane WA, July 2018
Sean was very thorough and walked Us through every portion of his inspection. Sean provided informational tips and suggestions on how to Keep maintenance up and improve home. Thank you very much!
- N.A., Spokane WA, July 2018
This was our first home purchase and Sean answered all our questions. His inspection was super thorough and I love the online format.
- M.M., Colbert WA, July 2018
Sean is very thorough and explains everything in detail! His report was very helpful when it came time to categorizing and fixing problems. I feel confident in knowing what is wrong with my house, what needs to be taken care of right away and what can wait. I highly recommend him!
- H.D., Spokane WA, July 2018
Sean was beyond great, he took his time to show me all of the important things about the house and proposed ideas for addressing them going forward. I really appreciated being shown the house with his detailed perspective.
- D.P., Spokane WA, July 2018
He has been great from start to finish. Thanks Sean!!
- V.C., Cheney WA, June 2018
Sean takes is job very seriously and makes sure he does the best when inspecting your home. Sean is very knowledgeable on the age of your appliances. Sean did an amazing job when inspecting our home and pointed out things that I would have never of thought of. I would highly recommend Sean to do your home inspection.
- S.O., Nine Mile Falls WA, June 2018
Sean is the best! Very professional and thorough, leaves nothing unsearched. He gives great advice on how to proceed to remedy any issues that he finds. I had Sean inspect two homes for me in my search. I appreciated his honesty on the first when he flat out said that he had great concerns about this house and only charged me half price. When I sold my house I was there when the buyers sent their inspector. He spent 20 minutes and was gone. I was a little concerned that this is how inspections worked. Sean took about 2 hours to look at everything and walked me through the whole process. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend Sean for any home inspection needs. Best money you will spend when buying your home!
- M.L., Spokane Valley WA, June 2018
Sean is the best! Very professional and thorough, leaves nothing unsearched. He gives great advice on how to proceed to remedy any issues that he finds. I had Sean inspect two homes for me in my search. I appreciated his honesty on the first when he flat out said that he had great concerns about this house and only charged me half price. When I sold my house I was there when the buyers sent their inspector. He spent 20 minutes and was gone. I was a little concerned that this is how inspections worked. Sean took about 2 hours to look at everything and walked me through the whole process. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend Sean for any home inspection needs. Best money you will spend when buying your home!
- M.L., Spokane Valley WA, June 2018
Mr. Reed is vey thorough with his inspections. I would strongly recommend to present when he is there, because he will walk you through everything he sees and explains how to address things and what maybe an issue further down the road.
- W.B., Spokane WA, June 2018
Sean was amazing. Very thorough in the investigation. He also had a amazing personality and was very upbeat the whole time.
- D.T., Spokane WA, June 2018
Sean inspected 3 homes for us during our recent house hunting excursions in the Spokane area. Sean's inspection services were systematic, thorough and well documented. Sean kept us contemporaneously informed on major building envelop issues discovered. Sean also explained all aspects of his findings. Sean's service was exceptional, reports on time, demeanor friendly and professional, and sense of humor wonderful.
- M.F., May 2018
Great teacher, thorough, cheerful and helpful
- J.S., Spokane WA, May 2018
Sean is absolutely fantastic! He is incredibly thorough and found even the smallest infractions during our home inspection. He has a great line of communication and we were informed the whole way. I really appreciate Sean's professional yet easy going personality. Thanks for making the home buying process easier, we will be doing business again in the future!
- R.K., Spokane WA, April 2018
Sean was awesome! Paid attention to detail and was basically the Watson from Sherlock Holmes with his deductive reasoning skills. Thanks man
- D.D., Spokane WA, April 2018
Sean's attention to detail enabled us to return to the negotiating table with the seller / her agent and identify a number issues that were not originally identified on the "seller's disclosure" documentation. Being able to have a report to substantiate those issues - in an unbiased and detailed format - enabled our agent to outline a number of concessions would need to be made in order for our purchase of the house to continue in the process. By my estimate, Sean saved us over $15K in costs we would have incurred. Sean Reed gets our highest possible recommendation, and we will be calling upon Sean again once my wife's brother moves out to the greater Spokane area.
- J.S., Spokane WA, April 2018
Sean Reed is the consummate professional who not only conducts extremely thorough inspections, but offers sound perspective in terms of considerations buyers should weigh in making a final decision on purchasing a property. We called upon Mr. Reed's expertise twice, and we could not be more pleased with his level of service and commitment to our complete satisfaction. I recommend Sean Reed without any reservation whatsoever and strongly encourage any prospective home buyer to hire him. Sincerely, -John Schmidlapp
- J.S., Spokane WA, April 2018
Thank you for your help!!!
- A.W., Spokane WA, April 2018
This was an absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish. Sean Reed returned all phone calls promptly and maintained excellent communication from my very first phone call to after the inspection. He answered all questions in an honest and straightforward way and is by far and large, the most thorough inspector I have ever worked with. If I can convince you of only one thing, call Evergreen and talk with Sean Reed about your home inspection. I cannot recommend him highly enough, and I'm thankful to have worked with a professional with such high integrity.
- J.T., Cheney WA, April 2018
Sean was very personable and also very knowledgeable. He was very thorough and shared the information in an easy understandable manner.
- G.T., Spokane WA, April 2018
Not only is Sean an expert inspector, he is also very friendly. If I ever know of anyone who needs a home inspection I will gladly recommend Sean.
- S.R., Spokane WA, April 2018
I would recommend him to anybody that is buying a home he does a very though job and explains every thing as he does the inspection so you can understand everything the report.Great job
- R.H., Cheney WA, April 2018
Sean was excellent and inspected our new home like it was his very own. Highly recommended!
- M.L., Kirkland WA, March 2018
Sean was Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Sean took his time throughout the inspection to explain everything he was inspecting and then to explain how to best apply long term care to our future home. He took additional time providing best practices after the inspection to ensure we had a full understanding of home ownership and how to best maintain and increase the potential value of our home. I will recommend Sean in the future and given the chance will use him again.
- B.J., Spokane WA, March 2018
Very easy to coordinate with, very thorough and personable. Cost is very reasonable as well.
- K.O., Spokane WA, February 2018
Very friendly, helpful, and detail oriented. Sean also offered to answer any questions we had regarding the report after we moved into the invaluable resource. Thanks!
- A.S., Spokane WA, February 2018
Excellent and very helpful service! Would recommend to anyone!
- C.K., Spokane WA, February 2018
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Enjoyed him as an inspector.
- T.P., Cheney WA, February 2018
Sean was very thorough, informative, and extremely friendly. He was a pleasure to work with. I would gladly work with Sean in the future.
- M.W., Spokane WA, February 2018
There is always some anxiety when purchasing a new home. Sean made the process worry free! Sean’s knowledge through this experience has helped me make educated decisions about my home. Sean is friendly and professional from the booties on his shoes to climbing around in an attic. If you’re looking for someone who has the knowledge, and experience to help you through the process of purchasing a home. You will not need to look any further!
- K.H., Spokane Valley WA, January 2018
Sean completed a very thorough inspection and we appreciate the images and markers that pointed out areas of concern around the house. Sean was friendly, professional and very detail oriented. We are grateful for his time and service and will definitely recommend him to friends in the future.
- J.R., Cheney WA, January 2018
Sean did a great job!
- J.M., Spokane WA, November 2017
First off Sean is very professional from start to finish, he does a very thorough inspection, he takes the time to do a proper job and does not cut corners. We appreciate everything he did for us, and thanks to his skills he found multiple issues needed to be fixed, thank you!
- , October 2017
First off Sean is very professional from start to finish, he does a very thorough inspection, he takes the time to do a proper job and does not cut corners. We appreciate everything he did for us, and thanks to his skills he found multiple issues needed to be fixed, thank you!
- , October 2017
Sean was very thorough and upfront with information. He was easy to talk to and great with feedback.
- S.B., Airway Heights WA, October 2017
Extremely thorough. Excellent report, with clear explanations and suggestions. Very personable with both the buyers and sellers. Would recommend Sean to anyone who who wants a very exacting inspection.
- D.P., October 2017
Thank you Sean for your time and "layman's" explanation of home issues. I learned a lot!
- J.B., Spokane WA, September 2017
Sean you were fantastic! Thank you for all of your advice and thorough inspection. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I meet that is buying a home. Fabulous work!
- A.A., Spokane WA, August 2017
Sean was fabulous! Extraordinarily thorough and accurate. He also gave us helpful advice.
- S.M., Veradale WA, August 2017
Sean is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. This was our first home inspection and we left feeling very confident in all that he had explained. There are no surprises on the report as he explains it all so well. We will be calling again for any future homes!
- S.C., Spokane WA, July 2017
Prompt replies, thorough job and clear explanation with a friendly demeanor. Would recommend!
- B.L., Spokane WA, July 2017
Does a very detailed inspection and will spend as much time as needed looking at everything with you answering questions. Great guy all around and will always recommend Sean to anyone that needs an inspector.
- S.H., Cheney WA, July 2017
Thank you Sean for doing a thorough and professional job. You are a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend your services to anyone! Thank you - Richard K.
- R.K., Cheney WA, July 2017