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Scott Shackelford

Scott and Holly are full time RVers since June of 2019 and enjoy traveling the country and helping others.  Scott is a certified NRVIA RV inspector and a Registered RV Technician with the NRVTAA.

Scott provides in-depth RV inspections that take anywhere from six to ten hours to accomplish using over 150 points of  inspection to provide a detailed report with 80 to 100 pictures regarding the overall functioning and condition of the RV.  It is this type of detailed inspection and report that RV buyers need when purchasing a new or used RV.  It provides them with valuable information to make an educated purchase decision.

The information received in the report can be used to help with negotiating the price, identifying life safety concerns, itemizing required repairs prior to purchase or even making the choice to walk away and continue the search to find the right RV.

Scott and Holly can also be hired to help new RV owners to understand how to operate the various systems on their RV and learn tips on what to do when things go wrong and how to keep them working. 

Please feel free to reach out to Scott and Holly for your “Every Inch” RV Inspection at (520) 269-0637 or learn more at



NRVIA Certified RV Inspector, RVTAA Registered Technician


Scott is a Certified RV Inspector who enjoys helping people by providing them information to help them to make informed decisions regarding one of the largest purchases of their lives. "Making happier campers one inch at a time."

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This was our first RV of any kind. Upon reading their list of items they inspected, we did not know over half of what they were talking about. Since this was the case we needed help. We decided to use Every Inch RV Inspection Service to inspect our RV we wanted to purchase. Scott and Holly were friendly, helpful and answered a ton of questions. They communicated, after our permission, directly with the RV dealer and got most items repaired. The inspection took most of the day, similar to a home inspection on real estate. They are very detailed. So glad we invested in their company for the inspection. Now we feel safer in our RV and have a better understanding of all the equipment. We choose to have one of us present during the inspection so we could see live what was found and start the dealer working on it. They handled us with grace, patience and respect. They are full time RVers and had many suggestions for organizing etc. We would recommend them to anyone we know purchasing any type of RV, whether it is their first or 20th. You inspect your real property to protect your investment and find out the true condition, your RV (moving home) should be also. C & F Johnson
- F.J., Tucson AZ, August 2022
Scott was professional, knowledgeable, detailed, and polite in all his communications with me. He was very timely in EVERY response. I would use Scott for ANY rig I was considering to buy - if I could!!!
- K.F., June 2022
Scott Shackelford of Every Inch Inspection was very professional. He showed up on time and did a very detailed inspection. Scott and his company were pleasant, informative, and helpful. They took the time to educate and inform. They answered questions of a new RVer as if I was their family. They even gave suggestions on the doormat to help keep dirt and dust out. I am grateful for the detailed inspection. When they say every inch, they mean every inch! I would highly recommend this company for an RV inspection. I will use them again in the future.
- A.K., Green Valley AZ, April 2022