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Chad Hardin

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call First Choice Home Inspection LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 812 630 1106

About First Choice Home Inspection LLC

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Ireland and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Thourough inspection.
- A.S., February 2018
This will always be my 1st choice in home inspections. Chad is very good at what he does and is very personable. Didn't hesitate to answer all my questions and make me feel confident about buying a home. Thanks!!
- E.D., February 2018
Very thorough and walked us through everything! Very happy to learn things we didn’t even notice
- A.H., February 2018
Thanks for being so professional and honest with us. The feedback we received was so beneficial and we appreciate the time you spent explaining all the details to us. Thanks again for everything.
- K.V., February 2018
Chad was very thorough on inspection. Would highly recommend!
- B.B., January 2018
We appreciate your quick response in doing our inspection. The only question we have is: The termites in the attic, are they active now?
- M.F., December 2017
We appreciate your thoroughness with the inspection and were impressed with the written report. It reflected all of our concerns with the house.
- S.M., December 2017
Chad was super easy to work with and very informative!
- L.F., December 2017
Thank you Very Much for taking the time to explain things so will. Also for helpful tips! Thanks again! Happy Holidays & Be Safe God Bless
- K.B., November 2017
Chad was really great to work with. He made setting up my inspection very easy and he allowed for me to come to the last hour of the inspection. He answered any questions I had and was a great sounding board for this nervous first home buyer! He put me at ease and provided me with all the information I needed to know about my new home moving forward.
- S.H., October 2017
Chad was very professional, it was evident that he is very knowledgeable about homes and what to look for. With that being said, he was very personable during his communication to the client and the home owner.
- D.U., September 2017
Very thorough water, electric, finishes, and fire hazards. This guy is looking for the concerns that would definitely be an issue.
- J.M., September 2017
I wasn't able to be there when Chad performed the inspection. However, his inspection report was very thorough and easy to read.
- J.A., September 2017
Chad did a great job setting things up for us and making sure everything went smoothly. It was our first time getting an inspection done on our new home aand he walked us thru he process and options. Chad did great work inspecting and would definitely use his service again. Highly recommend.
- D.H., September 2017
Chad was very informative about the inspection. He showed me everything I need to know about the house. He even showed me how to replace the air filter and how often I may need to replace it. Highly recommended!
- I.B., August 2017
Thank you for being so helpful and informative. I know you probably didn't have to make as many suggestions as you did, so I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions.
- S.A., August 2017
Chad did a great job and was very thorough in his review with me. I appreciated the time he took to show me potential issues. He is very knowledgeable and was extremely patient and helpful. I will use Chad again in the future, and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home.
- T.H., August 2017
Chad did a very thorough job inspecting all elements of the property. He took his time to point out and explain any concerns, and address all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Chad for your future home inspection needs. Thanks and good work!
- B.T., Evansville IN, July 2017