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Gregg Traum

Your 1st Choice in home & property inspections. Services include an unbiased inspection form the ground to the roof. A full digitized report with colored photos delivered on site on a flash drive for your review to protect your most important investment so that you may make an informed decision of your purchase.


Ca Lic Gen Cont.,Roofing Cont.,Termite Operator and Licensed Real Estate Agt, InterNACHI Certified Master Inspector


The most qualified unbiased home inspection services. A full digitized report including colored photos delivered on site for your review. From ground to roof inspection services to protect you and your most major investment..


Gregg was highly professional and incredibly knowledgeable. My wife and I are very thankful to have had him for our inspection.
- J.A., November 2020
I would absolutely recommend Gregg, he was very thorough with the report and he made sure we understood what everything meant and we asked questions and he had answers. It was a great experience!!
- Y.T., November 2020
He was awesome and so detailed!
- K.T., October 2020
Gregg was thorough and thoroughly explained his findings as well as what the needs for repair / replace of items and estimate of costs with each item. I would highly recommend him for home inspections prior to purchasing of a home ... especially an older home.
- L.J., September 2020
Gregg is probably the most professional, thorough home inspector I have ever used . My wife and I have bought about 7 homes. This is the second time we have utilized his service. He saved us from buying a disaster a couple of years ago. I cannot recommend him high enough. I will contact him every time I need a home inspection.
- J.T., August 2020
Very detailed and methodical. Helpful suggestions
- M.G., June 2020
As a first-time homebuyer, a home inspection can be nerve wracking. Gregg was on point in his report and friendly. He arrived early to get the job done! He made the experience painless, and his report is very helpful with pictures and details of his findings.
- L.B., May 2020
The Inspection Report that Gregg provided to us was thorough and transparent. I appreciated his honest opinion and recommendations on how to ensure the house was safe and ready to move in.
- T.H., April 2020
Gregg was very thorough with his inspection of the property we were looking to buy. He gave me a real understanding of the issues with the home and the way to move forward with repairs and basic fixes. I would highly recommend his services.
- S.J., March 2020
Very thorough and helpful understanding any issues with the home. Highly recommend!
- J.R., March 2020
Gregg was very thorough & very professional. It was an extreme pleasure to meet such an upstanding, honest & experienced gentleman. Can’t say enough good things about Gregg. Would highly recommend. Five ??.
- T.T., February 2020
Gregg was a pleasure to deal with. He is very professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of home inspection and offered several suggestions that will save me time and money. I now have a good grasp of what is now going on with the home. I am easily able to prioritize needed updates and repairs that will keep my home protected and safe for years to come. I would definitely use Gregg Traum for any future inspections.
- L.R., January 2020
Gregg did an outstanding job of the inspection of the house we were considering buying, we had toured the home a couple times and thought we had spotted things that needed addressed, but he found and explained things to us that we would have never dreamed about looking for. Very thankful for his professional opinion and how he took the time to go over every detail of the inspection report. Worth every bit of the cost of the inspection would not hesitate to use Gregg on any inspections.
- R.S., December 2019
Thank you for your thoroughness. Your inspection was excellent and pointed out many things I didn't even consider to look at. I appreciate your attention to detail.
- B.C., December 2019
Very knowledgeable and professional. Nice reporting system with automatic build of the repair request list... Thanks Greg!
- J.R., Laguna Niguel CA, November 2019
Gregg is incredible! So thorough and honest. I completely trust him and his recommendations. He catches even the smallest details. I would recommend Gregg to anyone needing a home inspection!
- A.D., November 2019
Greg did an exceptional job and was totally thorough. He pointed out a list of things we can upgrade and we're extremely happy with the service! Chrysteen & Larry Braun
- L.B., November 2019
Gregg was thorough, thoughtful, inclusive and informative. His final inspection presentation was careful, methodical and full of visuals and helpful information based on his years of experience. Having Gregg as our inspector made a challenging process much easier.
- K.G., November 2019
Wonderful job Gregg! Thanks again.
- M.H., August 2019
gregg is amazing and i will absolutely be using him again. thank you, gregg, for your thoroughness and kindness through a stressful time for buyers.
- C.D., August 2019
Gregg was thorough, informative and helpful. He made sure that we were understood the whole inspection and was easy to work with.
- M.G., Newport Beach CA, August 2019
Thank you ! i know I am not the easiest client and you worked with me!! thank you!
- K.U., August 2019
Appeared very knowledgeable and thorough. Gave excellent descriptions and explanations.
- V.K., August 2019
Gregg Traum is the ultimate professional. Very friendly, thorough, and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with the speed and depth of service provided by Gregg Traum. I will gladly recommend him to any potential homeowner. He will protect your best interests.
- S.B., July 2019
This was the most impressive home inspection we have ever had! Gregg was thorough, impressed us with his ability to complete the report on site giving us not only a verbal review of the report in person, but also the report on a memory stick and now access to the report online. The report is exceptionally thorough and easy to follow. Extremely impressive!
- J.W., July 2019
Very nice guy and did a very nice inspec tion follwoed by a detailed overview in persona nd asked if we had any questions. Also he was prompt which is very important to me.
- S.K., July 2019
Gregg did a fantastic job! Extremely thorough and detail oriented. Gave a straightforward and comprehensive report and took the time to make sure I understood everything he found. Was a pleasure to work with - Highly recommended!
- B.P., July 2019
Gregg was very knowledgable and took the time to explain in detail any issues that came up during the inspection. He was thorough and straightforward, and I would absolutely recommend him to a friend.
- M.R., July 2019
Very thorough inspection and explanation of identified issues.
- J.K., Lake Forest CA, June 2019
Hi Gregg Excellent Job! Really appreciate you taking the time to explain the details of the inspection. Thank you. Sincerely, Rob
- R.P., June 2019
Gregg was wonderful and thorough. Thank you!
- G.H., May 2019
Great work. Great attention to detail and communication.
- J.B., April 2019
I have been in Real Estate for 23 years and Gregg is one of the best inspectors I have seen work. Extremely thorough without being an alarmist. Very knowledgeable about the systems in a home as well as the current codes pertaining to them. Very helpful with suggestions for correcting any issues. I would highly recommend Gregg.
- S.R., April 2019
Thank you for your thorough and professional inspection. You had a keen eye too for ceiling leaks and other hidden issues. I also really like your online management and digital Home Gauge software.
- M.H., March 2019
Greg was very thorough and efficient. You sat with me immediately afterwards and went through the entire report (even gave me a thumb drive) and then we were done! Thank you, Gregg!
- T.H., March 2019
Excellent thorough work and great communicator!
- S.G., March 2019
His inspection recap meeting was very informative and easy to understand. His recommendations were also very helpful. Thank you!
- C.S., March 2019
Very detailed and took time to explain everything and answer questions
- A.C., February 2019
Very pleasant and easy to work with. Thorough and easy to understand explanations of report
- S.M., February 2019
Gregg did a superb job walking me through everything he found. As a first time home buyer, his expertise was invaluable!
- M.S., January 2019
Great was the bright spot of the entire day.
- D.B., January 2019
Very thorough and very professional. Gregg explains things well. I would definitely recommend him. Nice guy, too!
- E.M., January 2019
Gregg is very thorough and took the time to explain everything to me. He has a contractor's background which allowed him to better explain what was an issue and what wasn't.
- M.P., November 2018
Gregg was extremely thorough and professional and we are very happy with his inspection on our new home. Thank you Gregg!
- K.J., November 2018
Awesome inspector!
- S.B., San Clemente CA, October 2018
Gregg was fast, efficient and communicated all repairs needed for our new house very clearly. Thanks Gregg!
- C.N., October 2018
did a very detail and good job.
- D.L., October 2018
Gregg, you were amazing! Thorough, caring and highly professional! I couldn't have asked for a more qualified home inspection report, very grateful for all your expertise. Thank you so much!
- I.T., October 2018
Gregg was on time and very professional, he was very thorough and wasn't upset when I stopped him to ask questions. His report was easy to read and understand, and easy to navigate. I would diffidently would recommend him to anyone needed a inspection. Mark S
- M.S., October 2018
It is absolutely a pleasure to work with Gregg, who is responsive, respectful and professional. His attention to detail is amazing. We know we are in good hands.
- Y.Z., October 2018
Gregg was very upfront and clear with me on everything that he recommended to be replaced, He was very thorough in his home inspection and answered any questions I had throughout the process. I would highly recommend Gregg to anyone of my friends or family members for their home inspections.
- N.H., September 2018
Gregg was very thorough and explained everything he found from his report. His report was detailed but easy to understand, from the minor issues to the more urgent problems, Gregg helped me to understand all.
- D.J., September 2018
Mr Traum made us feel good about the findings he found with the house.He showed us picture of what he found and pictures on what it should be so there was no question.He was straight forward on every question we asked about the inspection.I will use him again if needed.
- G.C., September 2018
Hi Gregg, We appreciate your thorough inspection and also for pointing out all the issues that were missed by termite inspection. Respectfully, Shadi and Ali
- S.M., September 2018
Gregg, it was so nice to have met you yesterday. I'm really glad Jason selected you to inspect the home. You were awesome! Don't change a thing, even the seller was impressed after you left. Thank you Gregg. Godspeed to you sir!
- M.O., September 2018
Very helpful and thorough presentation! Answered all our questions fully and explained everything as much as we needed. Thank you!
- M.C., September 2018
Great job. Gregg had my best interest in mind!
- S.B., August 2018
Gregg was great! Was very detailed, thorough, and knowledgeable in his field. My husband and I felt very comfortable with his recommendations and follow up. I would recommend Gregg and 1st a choice to anyone!
- T.V., August 2018
Thank you Gregg for your efficiency and guidance through our home inspection this weekend. Your report was very thorough and helpful!! It was an absolute pleasure working with you!
- K.G., July 2018
I think Gregg did a great job. He was very thorough, and when he was finished he explained everything very clearly. When he was done and was leaving we had a question and he came back in and showed us exactly what he had been referring to in the report.overall, I felt he did a fine job.
- E.N., Laguna Niguel CA, June 2018
He found a lot of things large and small that a casual buyer would not see. He also explained everything well and provided helpful tips about these items. The photo were good and necessary. His manner and disposition are very good. I would have no reservation about recommending his service to other buyers. Thank You,
- R.B., May 2018
Very thorough inspection. Gregg presents the results in a clear and understandable way.
- D.P., April 2018
Gregg was great and very detail on every aspect about the house. Thanks for great job, Gregg!
- B.K., April 2018
Gregg did a very thorough inspection of the property we intend to buy, explained his findings in details, and also provided recommendations regarding the items that are not subject to general inspection. Thank you!
- A.Z., April 2018
Thank you very much for your thorough review!
- M.W., March 2018
Gregg is very knowledgeable and ready to answer any concerns you might have.
- R.N., March 2018
Gregg did my home inspection for me last Friday. He was there an hour before I showed up and was there for another hour and a half more. At the end of his inspection, he went over his report page by page showing me all the issues he found as well as telling me about my big equipment such as water heater, air conditioner, heater in the attic. I really appreciated him going over his report and explaining everything to me. He was friendly, professional and patient as I asked a lot of questions. He also pointed out things I should keep an eye on and things that may need maintenance in the future. I highly recommend his services! He is definitely thorough and that's a sign of a good home inspector.
- P.I., March 2018
Excellent job Gregg. Thanks for the thoroughness and insight.
- R.E., March 2018
Very though and efficient inspector.
- M.K., February 2018
Great job Greg! Very professional, efficient and comprehensive work!
- V.R., February 2018
We will never use another inspector other than Gregg. This was the third time we have used his services and he has always been efficient, extremely thorough, honest, and polite. Highly, highly recommended.
- J.H., January 2018
Gregg does a detailed inspection of the property and explains all details to me and my client in a manner which is understandably along with a thumb drive with the full report for each of us. He also welcomes any follow up questions to him after reviewing the report at home. thank you Gregg
- D.C., November 2017
Gregg is very professional and highly recommended. His inspection report is not only clear and easy to follow, he will walk you through it at the end of his inspection and will provide all needed suggestions and solutions. An absolute pleasure to work with.
- M.M., September 2017
Thank you Gregg for your usual rockstar inspection! You nail it every time! I appreciate you!
- D.M., San Ramon CA, April 2017
Gregg is so helpful and responsive in setting appointments. His reviews are comprehensive and fair. The online reporting system makes it very easy for sellers to prepare work order requests. No hesitation in recommending Gregg as an agent's choice for home inspectors!
- M.C., Rancho Santa Margarita CA, March 2017
Greg did an amazing job. The buyers commented numerous times about his knowledge and expertise. Would definitely recommend him to other clients and agents!
- F.B., September 2016
Gregg - You are the best - thorough, knowledgeable, informative! I like how you review with and educate my clients. They (and I) feel comfortable contacting you for further information and/or discussion of any items found. All the best, Heather Proud Villa Real Estate
- H.P., June 2016
Always great!
- F.B., May 2016
Great report. Ive done many. Easy to work with. Report is immediately available and that is great!!! One of the best reports Ive seen.
- K.N., May 2016
1st Choice Property Inspections are the best! Gregg Traum is very thorough & knowledgeable! Highly recommended!
- , April 2016
I am a full time Realtor, Greg has done many home inspections for my clients.They have always been grateful to Greg for being professional, on time, courteous, and patient. Greg delivers his reports immediately, no waiting. Absolutely the best in Orange County! Thanks Greg, Robbi
- R.P., April 2016
Gregg represents the name of his company well, 1st Choice Home/Property Inspections. If you need a comprehensive, detailed Home and Property Inspection done, with a report that substantiates the work performed and the findings, Gregg should be your first choice. He’s detailed in the methods used to complete his inspections. He’s always on time and extremely friendly and best of all when the inspection is completed he sits with you and discusses his findings. All other inspectors I’ve dealt with in the past simple visit the property, do the inspection, hand you a business card and email you a report. They don’t take the extra few minutes to go over their report with you and answer any questions you may have while you’re still at the property. Gregg should be the first person you think of when needing an inspection completed. Fredo, Broker Island Brother Realty
- F.D., Anaheim Hills CA, April 2016
I'm currently representing the sellers on a huge property in Villa Park and the buyers hired Gregg to do the inspection for them. I was very impressed. He is one of the most if not the most professional knowledgeable inspector I've ever come in contact with and I've been doing this over 10 years. Great efficient inspection and great use of technology. My favorite part of the day was when he hands me a flash drive on his way out the door saying here's the entire inspection for you. Very impressive.
- R.D., February 2016
Gregg was on-time, in fact he was early. He performed the inspection thoroughly and completed the summary immediately afterwards. He was helpful with questions, available for calls, and informative. Would definitely recommend!
- S.P., January 2016
I will highly recommend Greg Traum! He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He arrived early and was fully prepared and ready to go when buyers arrived. He was interactive with buyers and answered all their questions. He reviewed his findings in detail and offered assistance should they have any questions while reviewing the report at home. Most importantly, the buyers felt they received a very thorough inspection for their money!
- K.P., November 2015
Thanks for always being there and helping out when I need it!
- G.R., Mission Viejo CA, September 2015
He did a great work. He had a very detailed report and was very efficient in his walk through.
- A.S., August 2015
Thank you for taking the time to explain and answer all the questions that my client had and for offering your time to offer any additional questions buyer might have down the line, that really puts people at ease.
- M.L., August 2015
I have worked with you now for more than 10 years and have always trusted your expertise and valued support. I have had to work with others for reasons unknown to me but have never had the faith in them that I do in you. Thanks for always being there for my clients. Gary Rapp
- G.R., Mission Viejo CA, July 2015
Gregg was thorough and professional. Many thanks.
- M.O., June 2015
I was very impressed, especially with the through debrief and the immediate report on the flashdrive..have not seen that before! I will definitely use him again!
- M.F., May 2015
I admire Gregg's knowledge, professionalism and his sincere attention to and interaction with his clients! Kurt
- K.H., Laguna Niguel CA, February 2015
Gregg is very punctual and thorough in his reports.. Always will have a quick response to setting up an appointment time.
- S.L., September 2014
Gregg is the Best Home Inspector I’ve known in my 20+ years in Real Estate as a Broker. His work is very professional, thorough and efficient. My clients are very appreciative of Greg’s comprehensive inspection with detailed explanations and they are happy getting a digital copy of the report right at the end of the inspection. Thanks Gregg for your excellent work done with integrity all these years! Trang Le- RE Broker- Prestige Homes Realty Inc.
- T.L., September 2014
I've worked with Gregg for many years. and have referred him countless times. An unbeatable combination of professionalism, superior communication and extensive knowledge. My clients appreciate that his reports are always explained thoroughly and understandably.
- K.S., Long Beach CA, August 2014
I have used Gregg Traum for numerous home inspections and he always does a thorough job. He is punctual, professional and pays attention to detail. I highly recommend using Gregg Traum.
- E.N., August 2014
Great job and I appreciate you doubling back to the property to go through the explanation on the issues found.
- M.B., August 2014
As usually it was done very professionally . Again, I have recommended to my broker that out company use you! Thanks again. Stephanie
- S.B., Mission Viejo CA, July 2014
Gregg conducted the home inspection on a Tuesday on short notice; unfortunately, we were not able to be there. He reviewed parts of the report with us after emailed to us, though. It was great that the report was available immediately, too, and included detailed photos of any issues.
- K.G., June 2014
Gregg's inspections are always professional, thorough, detailed, and have the clients best interests in mind. As a real estate agent, I can trust Gregg's inspections will protect my clients and give them a full analysis of the condition of their property. Could never recommend anyone other than Gregg Traum for your property inspections.
- J.D., June 2014