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Carol Jackson

All of our inspectors at RV Inspection Specialists are certified by the National RV Inspectors Association in order to provide a thorough unbiased inspection on all types of recreational vehicles.  Our inspectors, Carol and Jim Jackson are experienced RVers themselves and Carol is a trained and certified RV technician and brings that wealth of knowledge about RV systems and components to the testing and evaluation of the RV.  A typical inspection on an RV up to 30 feet will take 3-5 hours and the larger motor coaches, trailers and fifth wheel trailers can take up to 8 or 9 hours to complete.  We provide a written report and summary of the inspection findings complete with photo's and videos. 


Purchasing an RV is a huge investment regardless of type, there are complex systems in your RV just like your home as well as systems that are unique to the RV such as leveling systems and slide outs.  Most buyers don't know what to look for when purchasing an RV and by spending a little up front for an RV inspection can save you thousands in repairs afterwards.   Even if you are an experienced RV owner, do you know how to correctly test the systems?  Perform a propane leak test?  Perform a Delta T test on the air conditioning systems? Do you have all of the necessary tools and meters to perform all of the testing needed to evaluate the systems? 


Even if the dealership provides a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) our RV inspections are typically more thorough, and because we are independent from a dealer we don't have a biased motive in the sale or purchase of the vehicle.  We have been trained by the NRVIA specifically to inspect RV's in a way that allows us to methodically and thoroughly inspect each component of the RV and provide detailed electronic reports that are supported by lots of commentary, photos and videos.  Our RV inspections are often compared to a home inspection and are actually written on a software platform that was designed for the home inspection industry. Our process is so thorough that we typically uncover defects and issues that the dealerships technicians often miss.  Our reports will provide you with the information to make an informed decision on the RV you are considering purchasing as well as giving you the documentation to aid in your negotiations with the Seller.


Certifications: NRVIA Level 2 Inspector Certification, RVIA Registered Technician, and many RV specialty Certifications


Carol was very knowledgeable and thorough. We hired her to inspect a used Fifth wheel which was on consignment at a local dealership. While we were happy with how we were treated at the dealership, we decided to have the unit inspected for our protection. Carols detailed inspection revealed water damage among other concerns. We of course decided not to go through with the sale. Carol saved us thousands! It was the best money we spent! If you want a knowledgeable, experienced, unbiased third party inspection give Carol a call. You will be so happy you did! We were!!
- L.M., April 2021
Carol was exactly what I needed prior to purchase. Her detailed report was as comprehensive as I could have hoped for. I'm absolutely certain that her report saved me thousands of dollars over time Carol's professional approach creates a comfort level and feeling of trust from the first contact. I read that hiring a reliable inspector is money well spent. I now know why. Thank you. Jerry Boyer
- G.B., February 2021
I can Highly Recommend Carol Jackson to do an rv inspection. She is thorough, explained everything she was doing so I understood the what and why, and answered all the questions I had. I have complete confidence that the information I have about the rv is complete and accurate. This will allow me to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase the rv. If you are thinking about purchasing a rv, hiring Carol has my highest recommendation.
- J.C., January 2021
My experience with Carol was more than I'd hoped for. Professional, thoughtful and informative, she went over every inch of our new coach and answered every question I had, and even jumped in with pointers for things I didn't know to ask about. Although I'd done my research before purchasing my first motorhome, YouTube and RV forums can't cover everything. No matter what I asked, she had the answers to how and why and took her time when explaining things to make sure I got it right. She and her husband Jim were at our place for close to 6 hours and I had a bit of information overload when they left. No problem though, she said to feel free to contact her with follow-up questions, or even new questions, at any time. You can tell Carol is passionate about what she does and wants you to have a great experience. I felt it was important to her that you come away with the knowledge you need to have a great, safe and long lasting love of RV ownership.
- S.I., October 2020
She did an outstanding job inspecting our travel trailer and not only would we refer her, we would use her again if we purchase another travel trailer in the future. I’ve already referred Carol Jackson to members of the Grand Design 2600BR Owners Group.
- S.P., August 2020
Carol and Jim are top notch. Carol worked with me to create a custom inspection checklist, due to some unique circumstances. I joined them for the inspection and they exceeded all of my expectations. I suppose you could assume that all NRVIA inspectors are competent and thorough, but what really impressed me was their personal touch. Being new to RVs, Carol took the time to explain everything to me, unbiased and professionally. That was very much appreciated. I originally debated the extra costs of an inspection, but it's money well worth it! We decided not to purchase the RV, but now I know who to call when I need another inspection.
- J.S., August 2020
best systems inspector i've encountered.
- A.H., June 2020
Carol was prompt, courteous, a great communicator, and worked our new 5th wheel into her schedule to get it inspected at the dealership. The unit was brand new, but Carol found quite a few issues with it that I never would of spotted. I was on site for a few hours and it was a learning experience to see how thorough she performed her tasks. I would highly recommend using Carol and her inspection services before buying any new or used RV. She is competent and extremely professional, has all the right equipment, and she knows her business. She will send you a final report that is so well detailed and every infraction she finds is detailed and photographed. Your inspection will be worth every dollar that you pay. I could not be more happy and satisfied. HIGHLY RECOMMEND RV Inspection Specialists!!!!! Kerry from Shamokin Dam, PA
- K.S., October 2019
We worked with Carol and RV Inspection Specialists, LLC recently and highly recommend her company. The first inspection on a used unit w/ only 6K saved us tens of thousands of dollars. it was a used Class C w 6000 miles on it, which from the "laypersons" view looked pretty clean. Shortly, after the exterior "skin" test was done, she moved inside & started on back right wall. There was a small spot..less than an inch..on the top right back corner that was a little discolored. This led to the screws in the under the bed storage area that were white showing corrosion, that led to the soft spots in parts of the floor. Up to the roof we went and numerous 3" size patches on the rear roof as well as a very "soft"back roof line. It was obviously never sealed or cared for in the short 2 yrs they had it. Needless to say, the deal was off and we went no further. And the inspector refunded 1/2 of our purchase price since she did not complete the entire inspection. We are now looking at a new 2020 unit (32' Class C) & again went with an NRVIA inspector. The inspection on the new unit took just under 7 hrs. We received an in-depth, inclusive report with videos, photos and variances where applicable. Everything from tires, appliances, furniture, slides, chassis, water systems, HVAC, levelers, roof, seals, windows, propane regulator and pressure, floors, batteries, etc. In depth, timely, inclusive report with videos, photos & variances where applicable. We presented the report to our dealer who advised they had dealt with inspectors before (including ours) and would get to work on correcting the issues identified.The second inspection on a new unit gave us insight to problem areas that no doubt would have cost us $$, time in the shop, back & forth with dealer/ manufacturer & possibly failures on the road.
- P.B., October 2019
Thank you Carol for your thoroughness and attention to detail during the inspection for the Roadtrek van I was interested in buying. Your report, compete with photos and videos, highlighted several areas of concern that were addressed by the seller and we were able to successfully negotiate a sale. You do good work and I would recommend you to any potential RV buyers.
- J.J., October 2019
Very professional inspection. Answered all of our questions with exceptional knowledge. She was very patient with all of our newbie questions and gave us peace of mind that we bought a quality motorhome. Carol knows her stuff!
- H.L., August 2019
I am deeply impressed by Carol's professionalism, commencing on our first telephone conversation, through receipt of a comprehensive and lengthly report. Carol's report presented very detailed pictures, explanations and recommendations, the result of which causes me pause to purchase a brand new RV with some serious issues. I highly recommend Carol to all purchasers, whether new or seasoned purchasers, whether buying new or used RVs. I am rather taken aback at the extent and numbers of issues raised in Carol's report. If I pass on this new RV, I will have Carol inspect my next choice. Simply stated, the value of her report is priceless, taken into account the cost of new purchase and the pain of dealing with materials issues on a new RV. Job well done, Carol!
- K.G., July 2019
Carol did a great job. Very thorough and detailed report.
- R.S., June 2019
Carol did an incredibly thorough job in inspecting the RV we eventually purchased. Not only that, she made herself available after the inspection to answer questions that arose. I?d definitely recommend Carol to anyone looking for an inspector.
- B.C., May 2019
I ABSOLUTELY recommend Carol Jackson!! She amazing! Being the newbies we were she broke out the crayons for us and walked us step by step through the entire process! From the initial email, through the actual inspections; she was patient, informative, knowledgeable, personable, available and never once spoke down or at us!! She took her time to explain stuff to us as she went but never lost her focus at the job on hand! Her inspection was extremely -- pages and pages and pictures - detailed! At least 1,000x's more detailed the PDI the seller was offering!! It was worth every single penny! We had the pleasure of working with a wonderful lady and now the peace of mind our new home was safe for travels!! I will never not buy a trailer without an professional inspection and hopefully it will be Carol again!!! Thank you!!!
- K.L., March 2019
Absolutely fantastic job and very thorough with her inspection of our RV. We appreciated her responsiveness and her keen attention to detail. I would definitely hire her again!
- C.M., Chesterfield VA, July 2018