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Jill Hauk

Jill Hauk has been renovating homes for over 15 years.  She does not flip homes but lovingly restores homes to their former glory.  Because of her attention to detail and the desire to have the work completed to her high standards, she has learned the skills and expertise needed to complete the work on her own.  Jill has acquired a perspective that can only be achieved through "hands-on" experience with all of the components of a home.  It is through that perspective that Jill will carry out your home inspection.

Jill believes a home inspection is not a pass or fail examination but an opportunity to learn more about how the home functions as a group of interdependent systems.  From her experience of renovating homes, she has learned that there is almost nothing that can't be fixed and that care and maintenance will prevent most issues from happening in the first place.  A home owner equipped with the knowledge of the current condition of the home and how to maintain it can move forward confidently with the purchase of their new home.

Please contact Jill if you have any questions about the home inspection process or if you would like to talk about the trial and tribulations of working with plumbing in a 115 year old home. 

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Wisconsin Home Inspector License #2784-106, InterNACHI Member #15010914, Wisconsin Association of Home Inspectors Member


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Thank you for your expertise and knowledge.
- L.C., June 2019
Jill is very thorough and detail oriented. I have had 3 other homes inspected in the past and would not hesitate to use or recommend Jill to anyone. Very knowledgeable and provided us with a very usable/easily discernible report.
- M.M., July 2018
Already recommended you to my employee Karen Juno. She gave you great reviews. I will share your name with others in the future. Enjoy the sunshine.
- C.B., April 2018
Jill, you were very thorough and knowledgeable during and after the inspection. The inspection report was very detailed with pictures supporting your findings. It was also very nice to receive the inspection the same day due to my closing time table. Plus it was already in a digital format so I didn’t have to digitize it to send to a contractor. Thank you!
- M.A., March 2018
Jill was very knowledgeable and thorough with her inspection. Answered every question asked and had a very pleasant attitude the entire time. Also, her follow-up report was tremendously detailed. Would highly recommend!
- R.T., March 2018
Comfortable with her services and she is extremely knowledgeable. So easy to talk to and to learn from!
- K.W., March 2018
Hi Jill. This was my first time ever going through a home inspection so I have nothing else to compare to. But aside from that, I did appreciate working with you while you inspected so I could get my questions answered right away as they came up. I appreciate your attention to detail and was pleasantly suprised at the fact that you take photos of the areas of concern and include those photos in your report. Maybe all inspectors do that??? I don't know but I think that's an awesome addition to the report. I also reviewed your web site and you have some great information there for people to review. Nice job! Sue I
- S.I., March 2018
Jill was very detailed when assessing our new home during the inspection. We are first time home buyers and had lots of questions. She was very helpful and knowledgeable!
- A.M., March 2018
Jill took the time to explain things to my daughter and her boyfriend, who are first time buyers about how to turn off water and how to look for other signs of problems . We live an hour and 1/2 from their new home and it was nice to see them listening to her and learning about owning a home. Would recommend her to others.
- D.C., February 2018
Jill was very accommodating, as my husband and I were looking for homes remotely and she was able to coordinate with us, our realtor and my mom (on our behalf). She did such a great job my mom may use her in the future!
- B.J., February 2018
Jill was amazing! Knowledgeable, thorough, and took the time to work with me and my realtor so that we could make informed decisions. She explained things in a way that was easy for a non-expert to understand! I highly recommend Jill!
- W.C., December 2017
Super informative about the process and the areas she inspected. I was impressed with the level of detail she went into. I was also impressed with her patience when my father coming along to the inspection. She was great!
- Y.M., November 2017
Really took the time to explain everything. Professional, knowledgable and personable. Overall a very agreeable experience. I would absolutely recommend Jill.
- M.B., November 2017
Jill did a great job with the inspection, very knowledgeable and friendly.
- L.D., November 2017
Pleasure to work with and very detailed. Jill made the home inspection process easy to understand for new home owners.
- M.X., October 2017
This was the most complete and in depth inspection report I've ever received. The specific details of each issues and with the correct photos accompanying the text. I've had reports with photos but it's never been this complete. And doing the walk-through with Jill - she really listened and went over the issues and their significance. She also went beyond what needed to be addressed and brought up areas of concern and potential concern. She also was very upfront that this was a 'first step' and that we really needed a structural engineer and foundation expert to examine the structure too. Thank you Jill!
- M.M., October 2017
Jill did a phenomenal job with our home inspection! She was extremely thorough, professional, thoughtful, and kind though the entire process. The online system she utilizes made it easy to get the inspection process started, hit important deadlines, and stay on track through the homebuying process. We were able to access the inspection report online same-day which provided us ample time to negotiate repairs with the seller. The report itself included an exhaustive list with photos, clear descriptions, and Jill made herself available via phone and email for any questions or concerns. She also spent time with us after the inspection to provide a detailed summary of her findings, along with recommendations to ensure there were no surprises after closing, and the home was safe for our family prior to move-in. If we ever buy again, we will most definitely utilize Jill's services!
- A.O., September 2017
Jill was great! She is very thorough and does a great job at explaining everything she is doing. I would definitely recommend her and would hire her again.
- M.S., September 2017
This is the second home Jill has inspected for us. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. She did a great job and provided a very easy to read report within a day. I highly recommend Jill to any potential home buyer.
- J.G., September 2017
A pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable, honest and thorough. We are very happy with her detailed report and would absolutely hire her again! Thanks Jill!
- C.R., August 2017
I appreciated the thorough inspection and patience from Jill. Jill is a pleasure to work with and look forward to having her being my future home inspector. Lucy
- L.D., August 2017
Thank you so very much for all your works. You are the best inspector!!
- G.K., July 2017
Jill was very easy to talk with, she made recommendations that made a lot of sense. Jill also had a great way of being "to the point " about things without seeming rushed. She had a great mix of professionalism and friendliness.
- J.K., July 2017
Jill, I loved walking around with you getting to know what you were looking for and what you thought realistically. I talked to quite a few homeowner friends who had experiences that left them feeling confused or out of the loop. I didn't feel that way. I felt like I walked away from our appointment having learned A LOT of new things both about my home and just in general! I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
- S.V., June 2017
Jill, thanks for your thorough inspection and same-day report with photos and detailed explanations. Thank you as well for answering our questions and addressing our concerns during the inspection.
- N.H., June 2017
Jill was friendly, professional and thorough with the house inspection. All issues were both photographed and explained. We could not have been more pleased with her work.
- M.J., June 2017
Jill was invaluable in helping with my decision to move forward with this house sale, which I ultimately did not. There were many maintenance issues with this home that Jill was able to identify and tell me the consequences. Highly recommend!
- M.D., June 2017
Jill was VERY polite, thorough, and explained to us what she saw. She handled all the questions we asked her! First house buyer, so I very much appreciated her trust, professionalism and knowledge!!
- A.B., June 2017
I liked how professional Jill was and how she took the time to explain things. Very thorough. Nice job!
- P.P., June 2017
My husband and I were truly impressed with how professional, thorough, and knowledgeable Jill was throughout the inspection of our new home. Online scheduling was a breeze, and we received clear instructions about the process at each step. At the inspection, Jill explained what would happen, checked every detail, and made sure we understood what she was seeing and documenting each step of the way. The inspection report was in my inbox within a matter of hours, and was detailed, easy to read, and full of clear photos showing the area in question, as well as diagrams where needed for further explanation. We especially loved having the ability to pick and choose items from the report to include in a request to our seller to repair, replace, or provide monetary compensation (of our choosing) for the issue. And I particularly appreciated Jill's understanding and flexibility when we reached a little hiccup in the road. Of our entire selling and buying process, I think we can honestly say Jill's inspection was one of the brightest highlights of the journey. Thank you, Jill!!!
- M.H., May 2017
Jill did a great job, we had to get a second house inspected and this time we chose her again because her reports are so throuough and she is so knowledgeable. She gives her honest professional opinion and is so nice and amazing to work with.
- D.B., May 2017
Jill was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was thorough in her inspection and made sure to show me, in person, any concerns that popped up during the inspection so I knew exactly what she was talking about in the report. Additionally, Jill was quick to respond, always professional and the reports she sent over were extremely easy to read. Hands down, I will recommend Jill to others.
- A.M., May 2017
Jill was a true pleasure to work with. Professional, thorough, and easily able to explain things in a way that we could understand, as well as giving recommendations on how to resolve minor issues ourselves. She has helped make the stress of the first-time buying process so much less than it could have been, I will absolutely recommend her to everyone I hear about that needs an inspection done. You won't regret hiring her!
- H.G., May 2017
Jill is an awesome inspector! We are so happy that we went with her to inspect our future house. She is very thorough and explains things to you so you understand. With the pictures that she gives you afterwards you can tell exactly what she is talking about. It was very easy to talk to Jill and I never felt like I was inconveniencing her with questions that I had. (not to mention how patient she was with my 4 and 7 year old kids running around) I would strongly recommend Jill to anyone who is looking to purchase a house. Thank you Jill for doing such a good job. Kristin R.
- K.R., May 2017
You were a pleasure to meet. When conducting the inspection your thoroughness was amazing. My husband and I are much more confident in the purchase of our condo. We understand how the mechanics of our unit work thanks to you.
- J.R., May 2017
I thought I did this, but it most have been for the Stark Rd. house. Jill, this was not an easy event for me, leaving my home of 33 years. You made me feel very comfortable with the process. I would recommend you any time and will. Thank you for making a difficult event easier. Joyce Smail
- J.S., April 2017
Jill. This move is not an easy thing for me. You helped me feel comfortable with the process to which I am very grateful! Thank you! Thank you! Joyce Smail
- J.S., April 2017
She was very thorough, easy to work with and took the time to make sure I understood everything.
- J.B., April 2017
Jill is a fantastic and skilled inspector! Prompt, thorough, and friendly are just a few of the qualities that we really appreciated. The detailed and highly organized inspection report helped us approach negotiation with precision and confidence. This was our second inspection with Jill, and she rocked it each time!
- W.D., April 2017
Jill was very professional, cordial, and thorough. She walked us through how the inspection would proceed, and was very informative at each stage of the inspection. She answered all questions during and was adamant about contacting her if we had any further questions. She followed through with a very detailed written report reinforced with actual photos of the inspected areas of concern. The process left my wife and I with a confidence to move forward with the process. I most certainly recommend Jill to other future prospective home buyers.
- P.Z., March 2017