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Jordan Ballard

I got into the Home Inspection business because I have been involved with houses and construction for the bulk of my life and this was the natural "next step". I feel that I will bring to the table all of these years of experience and be able to help you make a better educated decision on the property that will be your future home for many years to come. I want to bring you peace of mind and help you make a more educated decision on your future home so there are no surprises as things move forward.


WA State Inspector License #2303 Internachi Certified Professional Inspector#18091839 FAA Registered Drone Pilot


Based In Maple Valley and local to WA. 100% Integrity and honesty to help to inform you and/or a client on the condition of their prospective purchase. I am a veteran of the USMC. Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions!

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I would absolutely recommend Jordan! He is a 10/10 stars inspector! He did a great job on pre-closing inspection for a new construction townhome. He has wealth of knowledge, sharp builders eyes, and deep understanding of many different trades. I am very thankful for his thorough inspection, for answering many many questions in detail, and for the significant time he spent to educate me, and ensure that I understood his findings. His report is outstanding, and it is a great reference/manual guide for the new home maintenance. He is an excellent inspector, hard worker, and a good human being with a good sense of humor! I highly recommend Jordan Ballard of Tahoma Inspection services LLC for anyone searching for a good solid inspector!
- N.D., Kent WA, May 2022
I am very pleased that I contacted Jordan at Tahoma Inspection Services for my one year warranty inspection! Jordan is very thorough, detail oriented and easy to work with. He not only spent time to examine every necessary details throughout the house but also was very patient to answer any question we might have, and spent the time to give us advices and recommendations on home maintenance. I highly recommend Jordan to any home owner, I am confident that you will be happy with his services! His services give you the best value for your money! He is also very quick and attentive, his report came back the same night with lot of valuable information that to me I can use it as a checklist to follow up with the builder and as guidebook for me to maintain the home years to come.
- T.V., April 2022
I would most certainly use Jordan’s services again. His professionalism, thoroughness, expertise, and pleasant demeanor were well worth the cost of a pre-inspection.
- C.M., March 2022
I would absolutely recommend Jordan Ballard of Tahoma Inspection Services, LLC. He is thorough, precise, and easy to work with. He explained his findings and patiently answered all questions. In addition, the electronic report of his findings is a first-class product. Lots of photos and explanations. And he got us the report the same day as the inspection! Thank you, Jordan!
- T.M., March 2022
If you would like a thorough inspection including an in-depth report Jordan is your guy! The information in his report protects you as the consumer. You are not just a consumer but a valued client. A portion of his report is dedicated to making you aware of the maintenance necessary to take proper care of your home. In addition he includes videos to assist you in doing so. He takes pride in providing his services in a manner that he would want a family member or friend to be treated and informed. We appreciate you for being our advocate and caring. Thank you Jordan, Belinda and Andrea
- B.B., March 2022
Jordan was detailed and helped explain the process, when we had to change dates he was very flexible. He found many items our builder was unaware of that would lead to long term problems. Without using Jordan's service my new house would have came with many problems. Jordan saved me far more money than the inspections price. Would highly recommend for anybody buying a house, including new construction.
- a.t., January 2022
Jordan was very professional during the inspection. He went over all of the details and explained it in way that was easy for me to understand. He gave me helpful tips on where to begin. I highly recommend Jordan for your home inspection.
- N.Z., Orting WA, October 2021
We couldn't have asked for a better inspector than Jordan Ballard. In the first inspection he did for us, he uncovered some major issues in the foundation and roof, which made us reconsider the house (even though we were excited about it). He took the time to show us every issue he uncovered, always politely checking whether he was going in too much detail or not enough. I felt very comfortable asking questions and did not feel judged for not knowing much about houses. The inspection he did for the house we did end up buying was very thorough as well, and he even gave us some ideas for remodeling/improvements when we mentioned certain characteristics we wished the house had. All in all, I would recommend Jordan to anyone without any hesitation at all.
- H.S., August 2021
Jordan did a great job with our pre-inspection for a prospective house purchase. We were in a rush to meet the offer review date and he agreed to come out on a Sunday morning to do the inspection and had the report for us promptly that evening. We had asked Jordan to focus on areas like the roof, crawl space, and attic - anywhere there might be big ticket items that would nix our offer for the house. He was extremely thorough, giving detailed pictures and descriptions of the state of the house (both good and bad things). This helped us make our buy decision more easily and we really appreciated it. You can't go wrong with this guy.
- T.G., July 2021
Jordan was very polite and provided a thorough and detailed inspection report for us to review within 24 hours of performing the inspection. He was happy to take the extra time needed to answer any of our questions and I definitely recommend his services
- S.G., Covington WA, June 2021
I cannot say enough about Jordan. He did a detailed inspection on the home I am in contract.,He explained everything I needed to know and was very patient with me. I would highly recommend him if you need someone to do home inspection.
- T.M., June 2021
Jordan was friendly and professional and freely offered opinions and suggestions as he walked me through the entire inspection. He was very thorough and took the time to do a proper job. Using a drone, he was able to get aerial images of difficult to access roof details and views that could not be attained by just walking on the roof. Problems with access for the sewer inspection required a toilet to be removed and time did not allow for the toilet to be reset that day. Jordan scheduled a time to return a set the toilet correctly and followed through on his commitment to completing the job. The inspection and sewer reports were delivered promptly via secure website. The many pictures and descriptions made it easy to review, and contained a summary of items that needed to be addressed immediately as well the full report of the inspections. He was available for follow-up questions and even gave me some excellent, high quality aerial images of my home and property. I will be recommending Jordan to anyone who is looking for a home inspector who does a thorough job and follows through on his commitments.
- D.H., June 2021
Jordan is the best inspector we have ever worked with. He is patient and thorough and will take extra time to make sure you understand everything about the inspection and the home. He is honest and to the point which is very appreciated.
- K.C., May 2021
knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you Jordan!
- J.P., April 2021
10/10 stars - absolutely! I highly recommend Jordan at Tahoma Inspection Services. I recently purchased a condo and was so glad to have Jordan perform the inspection. His work was through and professional. Jordan walked me through the entire place and made sure I understood every item that ended up in the report. Plus, the report was detailed, easy to read and I received it within a day of the inspection. I am a first-time buyer and was a bit nervous about the home buying process in general, but Jordan's inspection and report helped me feel better about my big purchase. Last, he's a hoot to hang out with - the inspection was fun!
- S.S., March 2021
Jordan is amazing! He is very thorough, knowledgeable and timely. He walked us through each step of the inspection, answered all of our questions and delivered a comprehensive report on time. I highly recommend Jordan and will use him again!
- M.C., February 2021
If you are looking to buy a new or old house and need your home to be inspected before closing, look no further, Jordan Ballard is your guy. l highly recommend him. He was so thorough going everything with us, even giving us tips for home maintenance. His report was unbiased, organized, and so much detailed with photos to support his comments which has been highly beneficial during repairs. On top of being very good at what he does, he's knowledgeable and very professional. I will definitely use Jordan again next time i'm in the market for a new home. I would highly recommend Jordan for home inspection. Here is his contacts; Jordan Ballard Tahoma Inspection Services LLC
- F.M., January 2021
Jordan is a consummate professional with the wealth of knowledge making him an exceptional inspector. His thorough and complete inspection and report is immediately valuable in understanding the complete picture for a home’s current value/needs as well as a long term map of how to properly maintain a home over the next decade. Jordan Ballard is the choice for home inspections and will save you money/time and provide peace of mind for your next home purchase.
- M.C., January 2021
Jordan is very knowledgeable and professional. He is has done some inspections for our clients, and he is very good at explaining every detail in a home.
- G.C., December 2020
For buy a new home inspection, Mr. Jordan was very clear and easy to understand the home priority need it and founded any issues that I will be need it my attention on this new property, very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and nice I will say sweet person give you to asked for anything with out be shy. His knowledge and his high skills at customer service was amazing and very helpful to know about how important it is to have a inspection in a new home property needs. Thank you Jordan for make myself very confident and learn how important it is your job. I'm very please to have you by my side.
- C.H., November 2020
Jordan came with a strong recommendation from our agent and he was everything we could have wanted in an inspector. He was detail-oriented, patient, and could explain everything to us in a way that made sense. Home inspections are inherently a stressful thing, but Jordan made it seem easy! He took the time to address all of our concerns. He was reassuring in moments when we were nervous and honest about things we should address quickly. He also recommended what to look out for in the future. We would absolutely recommend Jordan!
- L.C., November 2020
Jordan has done two separate inspections for us and has always been extremely helpful and professional. He has taken significant time to walk us through the entirety of each house to ensure we understood the findings he had, and has always had an incredibly positive and patient attitude while answering our many, many questions. We would highly recommend Jordan's services to other homeowners.
- M.L., November 2020
Jordan is amazing. He’s prompt (he showed up early to start on the outside inspection before the scheduled time as it would be dark soon). He’s thorough (He ran a cycle on every appliance, checked all the electrical and even checked the bottom edge of the siding to determine if it had been correctly finished - advised finishing it to avoid future water damage). He’s extremely knowledgeable (the electrical panel should be affixed with a flat fastener not a pointy one because a pointy one might damage wires). He’s helpful (he took the time to explain how the gas fireplace’s remote and thermostat worked as well as explaining how the house’s ventilation system worked. Do yourself a favor and call this guy for your inspection, you don’t meet people with his level of integrity very often.
- E.K., November 2020
Jordan Ballard is very helpful and careful while doing inspection. He marked all potential problems and gave some detailed solutions in report, this is very helpful. He also shot some nice views with the drone, and kindly gave original photos to me. The website also have a function to review and comment on each inspection item and then generate a repair report. This is really helpful. I generated mine and plan to go shopping after close.
- D.X., November 2020
As a buyer in a real-estate transaction, you have very few people who are truly in your corner. The various agents, brokers and the seller themselves are all motivated to get you to pay more for the house. But there is one person who is entirely on your side: your home inspector. And there is NO one I would rather have in my corner than Jordan. Jordan is relentlessly thorough in his inspections. He checks every last detailed and takes PICTURES and VIDEOS of everything that he finds, good or bad! His reports are always approachable and easy to follow, with pictures highlighting anything you need to be aware of. We've used him 3 times now now, twice for homes we passed on due to issues he found. In both cases, his pictures detailing the issues and advice on what repairs would involve were invaluable in making our decision. The third house he inspected was the one we ended up buying, and we couldn't be happier!
- N.B., October 2020
Jordan is an awesome inspector and very knowledgeable about houses and related standards. He was very flexible around time and patiently answered all our questions during the inspection, he also gave us some great advices on various improvements and maintenance ideas around the house. The report he generated was precise with all necessary details and was definitely better than other pre sale inspection reports we saw during our house hunt. As first time home buyers we were really relieved after working with Jordan. I will strongly recommend Jordan for your inspections and we plan to work with him in future. -S.K
- S.K., October 2020
Jordan is absolutely amazing. I was a first time home owner and not very knowledgeable and Jordan walked me though every aspect and feature of the house, big and small. He explained everything in great detail and left me quite much more educated. He also wrote up the most detailed written review going over everything once again in great detail with many photos. I would definitely hire him in the future if I have any more inspection needs and recommend him to my friends.
- A.G., October 2020
Jordan was extremely insightful throughout the inspection and made sure to show/explain to us all the things about the house that were not up to code. He took his time to walk through everything that was positive/negative about the home and I could not imagine having anyone else as our home inspector in the future. 10/10 would recommend!
- T.G., September 2020
Jordan was a blessing! So glad I hired him for my inspection. As a first time home buyer, the process of inspection was a stressful thought on my mind. Jordan helped to put my mind at ease, through his excellent work ethic, attention to detail, and knowledge of the inspection process. We walked through the house after completing the inspection and he pointed out any potential problems that could be foreseeable. The extra time, his patience, and attention he gave, truly helped to relieve my stress which was more than I could have ever imagined. And, my report, explaining everything was delivered within a few hours! Jordan will inspect your home, as if it was his own! Such a great addition to my team of home buying helpers! I will definitely be referring him to my family and friends for their future needs as well.
- N.R., September 2020
Jordan Ballard is highly knowledgable, ultra-thorough, and steadily reliable. I can always count on learning something from his inspections as he is able to effectively distill information about the home and make it digestible for clients and realtors alike. I trust Jordan with all of my inspections on both purchases and listings.
- J.S., September 2020
Jordan is fantastic! Super thorough, knows his stuff, and has patience for days! With our new construction home, he gave us the support and information we needed to ensure our house was done right! We couldn't have asked for a better home inspector - thank you, Jordan!
- A.D., August 2020
Jordan was awesome! He was extremely responsive before, during, and after the inspection. I had him do an inspection on a new construction house, and he was more thorough than I could have ever even dreamed of. Originally the builder told me I could not be there when he did the inspection - but he went completely above and beyond and advocated on my behalf so I could be present. He walked me through the house and pointed out everything he found so I could be prepared for my official walk thru with the builder. He also delivered the full 77-page report to me within a few hours after inspection. I will be recommending him to everyone I know in need of an inspection!
- G.H., August 2020
Jordan was amazingly thorough. I had previously had an inspector from another company come to my existing house to do a presale inspection. He never went under the house or in the attic (just poked his head in those places). Jordan left no stone unturned as he went through the house (a real Columbo). If I ever need an inspection I would absolutely is him .... and no one else
- T.G., August 2020
So grateful for Jordan's thoroughness and patience with us as first time home buyers. I would not want to buy anything without Jordan inspecting it first!
- N.S., July 2020
Jordan was very personable, and thorough with his inspection taking pictures of any concerns with the house. He also takes great area photos using drone technology. We will refer jordan to all our friends and family!
- G.C., July 2020
Jordan pays meticulous attention to detail, tells you everything that's wrong or potentially wrong with your property, explains possible causes, and shows how they can be fixed. I would definitely use him again! Thanks Jordan!
- J.Z., June 2020
As first time homebuyers, Jordan was extremely patient with any and all concerns that we pointed out. He went beyond this and pointed out the small nuances that we could change to make this home our own. We will definitely request Jordan to inspect our homes in the future!
- H.B., May 2020
Jordan was fantastic. We are first time homebuyers and he was more than happy to take the time to explain everything thoroughly and answer any questions that we had. Never at any point did we feel like we were rushed. He gave us some great advice on how to take care of the issues that were found and never made us feel like we were asking a dumb question when asking our newbie first homebuyer questions. If possible, I plan to use Jordan for any future inspections that I need.
- B.C., May 2020
Jordan was fantastic! He was clearly knowledgeable about inspecting every part of the house. My favorite part was how he explained the inspection details to help me understand how to properly care for a home. I learned so much! And if a picture is worth a thousand words, Jordan “said more” in his report than most inspectors! I now feel confident that I can take the notes with pictures and take care of things that need to be fixed/adjusted to get the most out of our new home! Thank you, Jordan!
- R.R., April 2020
Jordan is great! He explained the procedures really well and adhered to all safety guidelines during this emergency situation, he made the inspection process really smooth and had eyes to look/check for things that I'd have probably missed. Highly recommend his services to my circle!
- V.I., April 2020
This was our first home purchase, and Jordan did an excellent job at explaining things that he noticed about the home along the way. His work was very thorough and complete, and enabled us to submit a better offer to the sellers. On top of the inspection itself, his friendly and warm personality was an added bonus. Thanks Jordan for a job well done.
- S.R., March 2020
Jordan has inspected two homes for me this year as I search for my perfect home. He doesn't miss a thing! He will answer all questions you have. He looked at everything! If my bid is accepted on this (or any home he has inspected for me) - I know exactly what improvements need to be done to the house and in what order they should be addressed. If (when) this bid goes through - I will also have him out to the house again to inspect potential wet areas because the day he inspected it was a sunny day. His work is impeccable!
- A.P., February 2020
Jordan is very thorough and knowledgeable. He went above and beyond, taking time to show me things and explained them very well. Very professional and friendly!
- C.E., February 2020
Jordan was fantastic! He was able to respond to a same day call for a pre-inspection for a home that we were interested in buying. This helped us tremendously as time was of the essence and the home is on an island where it can be challenging to get services the same week, let alone same day. His willingness to let me tag along on the inspection was appreciated and I learned a lot about the home in the process. He was very meticulous and thorough but also personable and explained things well. I received the inspection report the same evening of the inspection, which positioned us well to make a winning offer on the house. He's also gone the extra mile to answer a couple questions that I've had in the days since then inspection. If the need arises for us to have a home inspection done I will definitely be giving Tahoma Inspection Services a call. - Riley
- R.S., February 2020
Very friendly and professional! Jordan does a very thorough job!
- P.O., October 2019
You were incredibly thorough and I greatly appreciated the bluntness of your feedback. 10/10 would recommend, we didn't get the house so we will be requesting you for the next place we get inspected.
- C.B., October 2019
Excellent. Courteous, prompt and thorough service. I would definitely recommend Tahoma Inspection Services. Jordan was extremely professional and knowledgeable, performing the inspection with great care and in careful detail. He went far beyond expectations, offering useful tips and opinions that really made us feel that he was genuinely concerned with our knowledge and awareness of the house. Many thanks!
- N.K., Seattle WA, August 2019
Inspector Jordan was very thorough, professional and responsive to our right timeline
- J.T., June 2019
I asked Jordan to inspect my roof and siding after some serious damage from a wind storm. He used his drone to take photos and also went up on the roof to get a closer look at things. Jordan was very thorough in his inspection and gave me peace of mind about repairs that had been made and the need for future repairs. He is prompt, great to communicate with and very professional. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for an inspection!
- K.F., May 2019
Jordan was FANTASTIC. Absolutely dedicated to a high-quality inspection and experience. He was diligent and thorough during the entire review of our home and went above and beyond to ensure every part of the house was inspected. In addition, the depth of quality he provided on the report was beyond anything we experienced during our first inspection when we purchased the home. I highly recommend anybody looking for a true and honest inspection work with Jordan! Jason Holmquist Maple Valley, WA
- J.H., Maple Valley WA, May 2019
Jordan did a great job with our roof inspection. Would definitely recommend him!
- C.V., Maple Valley WA, May 2019
Jordan was very thorough during the inspection. He took enough time to inspect each and every aspect of the house including attic, crawl space, appliances, garage, roof, exterior, patio etc. Even though inspecting the cosmetic issues was not a part of his contract, he readily looked into them and suggested potential repairs. During the inspection I kept asking him questions which he answered comprehensively and ensured that I was well informed of the fixes needed. He also suggested improvements which could be made in the house to keep it well maintained and extend life for installed heating/cooling systems. His inspection report was detailed and included pictures of all the things including ones which were well maintained and those needing repairs. His report helped us gain confidence regarding the condition of the house based on the property age. Using the report we were able to estimate the true cost of the required fixes and were able to negotiate the selling price accordingly.
- S.D., May 2019
Jordan was incredibly helpful and thorough in explaining the level of concern to be had with deficiencies found. I also like the software used to access different items to make a list of things needing further evaluation. I would highly recommend him for others.
- M.C., Maple Valley WA, April 2019