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Joseph W Fleming III, PE

Why Hire Us For Your Home Inspection?

We create easy to understand reports with color photos and an easy to read summary.

We deliver the report over the Internet to anywhere in the world within 48 hours.

We are also available on weekends.

We use HomeGauge inspection software to generate a professional report with a password protected link for viewing.

We are courteous, accessible and on time.




We inspect homes, perform wood destroying insect inspections and conduct Radon tests. Our reports are easy to understand and delivered over the internet withing 48 hours. We are courteous, accessible and on time.

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Great Home Inspector! He is very detailed oriented person & explains every details to clients making them comfortable & eased with the findings.
- N.G., April 2024
Very professional! Joe gave me great advice
- D.G., July 2021
- P.M., HALEDON NJ, December 2018
Joe, Thank you again for everything. We are truly blown away by the thoroughness of the report. Going forward, you will definitely be the one we call to inspect all of our properties! All the best, Ken
- K.L., October 2018
A true professional. Joe's knowledge of homes is unsurpassed. When he is finished with your home inspection you have a sense of security.
- M.K., August 2018
Thanks for the knowledge and patients Joe! You went through step by step with us and did not rush when explaining all the details and even providing us with advice on every item found. You really have incredible knowledge in what you do and you do it right! We are extremeley thankful!!!
- J.R., October 2017
Joseph is excellent at his inspections prepared, knowledgeable full of experience that brings insight. His inspection gave me peace of mind, which is in my opinion is invaluable.
- R.T., Wayne NJ, July 2017
Great job, very complete and professional.
- G.M., April 2017
Great Reporting!! 1st time I've worked worked his company extremely thorough, definitely want them on my team.
- D.R., December 2016
Joe wrote a detailed and informative Inspection Report that reflected his experience, education and credentials. He was timely, professional, and knowledgeable in all of his communications with me. I would highly recommend him for your inspection needs. I will keep his contact information available for my own use in the future and for referral to my colleagues.
- M.O., August 2016
Friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
- R.A., September 2015
Well above my expectations. Great tips and information on maintenence.
- K.K., May 2015
Hey Joe, Thank you very much for the extremely detailed and well-drafted report for our home. I'm glad I brought you in. Much appreciated!
- M.Q., March 2015
Mr. Fleming has done an excellent job. The home inspection is very detailed, thorough and the report is presented in an easily understandable manner. He was accommodating when we set up the appointment. I cannot say enough good about him. I recommend his services to anyone.
- R.A., January 2015
My wife and I were truly impressed with the thoroughness of Joe's Inspection process. I was impressed with Joe's attention to detail. We would recommend All in One Home Inspection to anyone who wants a complete in depth inspection, attention to detail and courteous service. Thanks again.
- G.R., December 2014
Joe Fleming, professional and thorough on his inspections. Takes the time to explain concerns to buyers. A real pleasure to work with.
- E.C., December 2014
Joe was great. I am a first time buyer and he was very patient and walked me through all off the issues he saw and answered any questions I had.
- J.M., November 2014
Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you.
- O.H., October 2014
Joe, As always "thank you"! Karla :-)
- K.C., Dumont NJ, May 2014
Very professional, very thorough and knowledgeable about all aspects of the electrical, plumbing, and general overall safety/quality of our condo unit that was inspected
- B.M., April 2014
Joe, Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure.
- B.T., March 2014
Joe was extremely thorough in his work and very descriptive in his findings. he answered all of our questions, and, as we are first time home buyers, we had LOTS of questions...Joe was great!!!
- M.S., March 2014
Great job Joe.
- K.C., Dumont NJ, March 2014
I would like to hire Joe to some of the repairs as well. He's that good!!!
- E.R., January 2014
Personable and professional. Mr. Fleming answered all our questions and was very efficient.
- J.S., November 2013
Super Inspector!! :-)
- K.C., Dumont NJ, June 2013
Joe was a pleasure to work with and I learned much about the home he inspected for me. Joe's attention to detail and knowledge made the whole home buying process much more comfortable because I was significantly more aware of what I was buying.
- D.G., June 2013
Joseph Fleming is exceptionally thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and outstandingly professional, and I am incredibly pleased with his work. Throughout the course of the inspection, he readily shared information with me, answered questions, and provided information about his findings. He helped me to understand the history of the house and how that history will affect me as the future homeowner. The inspection report itself is clear and easy to read, and there is also a convenient summary of things that will need attention and/or repair.
- C.K., May 2013
I am very satisfied with Joe's top level professional service. He is very knowlegeable about home inspection and I felt that he was organized, streamlined and also very thorough during the inspection. After the inspection, the inspection report I received was outstanding with lots of pictures with explanations and recommendations. Entire process was very pleasant and i definitely recommend Joe for home inspection
- N.C., April 2013
Mr. Fleming is very thorough and knowledgable.
- J.B., April 2013
Very detailed and excellent. Highly recommended.
- M.P., hasbrouck heights NJ, December 2012
Very thorough in his inspection, and also in explaining things to us during the inspection. And I think the style of the report, and the use of many pictures was excellent. Thanks for this report. from Jim Gunning
- J.G., November 2012
Joseph's inspection and report is very thorough and detailed.
- X.Z., May 2012
Joe did an excellent job inspecting, photographing, and documenting a property I am intending to purchase. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a honest and accurate home inspection. I can be reached at for any additional commentary. Thanks, Mark
- M.K., April 2012
Joseph is a very good home inspector, who I believe is very thorough and knowledgeable. He has help me in a number of home repair areas. I would highly reccommed Joseph Fleming as a home inspector. Kevin Bob
- K.B., February 2012
Hi Joe, Thanks so much for your promptness in preparing the home inspection. It was easily accessed by all parties which is always helpful. Your website continues to be full of helpful suggestions, timely reminders, and user frinedly. Love the newsletter! I coordinated the inspection with Julie and she couldn`t have been more helpful and accomadating. A rewarding experience all the way around. I will not hesitate to recommend your services in the future. Thank you again for all your help, Best Regards, Lynda Bartell Centre Realty of Nutley Nutley, NJ
- L.B., June 2011
Joe was very good - he took his time (3 1/2 hours) to inspect the interior and exterior of the house and property and was able to produce a very thorough report and recommendations. We would definitely recommend Joe to family and friends.
- M.C., May 2011
Mr. Fleming truly is an outstanding inspector! While thoroughly inspecting the home from head to toe, he patiently answered all of my questions while also clarifying any concerns along the way. Additionally, Mr. Fleming's report is laid out in an organized fashion. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to feel well-informed and confident when purchasing a home.
- H.S., May 2011
Thanks Joe, you were punctual and reasonably thorough. You spent the time to explain your findings and answer all the questions that I had. Your report format and clarity is superior, particularly related to the web based format, the photos, the concise explanations, and the summary. I would use your services again and recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspection. Thanks for all of your help. Regards, David Rogosky
- D.R., May 2011
Joe ... I am so glad I found your company, All In One Home Inspection, on the web and you were willing to make the trip to Rockland County. I appreciate your professionalism, thoroughness and patience. It was the best and most thorough home inspection I have had during my very long journey towards home ownership. At the end of the inspection, I was armed with the needed knowledge to make an informed decision about the purchase. Thanks, Kharunnissa
- M.H., May 2011
Joe is hands down the best inspector in the area. Joe stressed on pertinent discovery over just hurrying things up and he gave us quality time in the process. We were thoroughly impressed with his detailed work, deep insight into every aspect of the house and his patience and ability in answering all our questions. All reports were produced in a timely manner and were impressive in their detailed content and presentation that included photos. We remain highly satisfied with the experience and results. If you are looking for the best inspection you can get, stop right here. We thank Joe for everything and highly recommend him for all your inspection needs.
- N.P., East Rutherford NJ, April 2011
Joe Fleming is the best home inspector I have ever used. He is thorough and patient with his time and with my buyers. His attention to detail is incredible. He can find a needle in a haystack and I am just glad that I was able to find him. The only suggestion I will make is for Joe to please be careful on ladders and roofs because we need him around for many years to come! :) Thank You Joe, Joshua Baris
- J.B., Fort Lee NJ, March 2011
i just want to say this inspection was truly fantastic. not only was joseph highly knowlegable and thorough but extreamly respectful to the home owner clean, on time, fairly priced and helpfull i would recomend him to anybody in need of an inspection. thank you
- W.S., October 2010
Joe, Thank you for a comprehensive report, backed by color photos as evidence. You did a very thorough job and I would always highly recommend your service. Besides, your couteousness and professionalism are simply outstanding! Thanks again. Lovell Pinto
- L.P., October 2010
Mr. Fleming's service was worth every penny! We would recommend him very highly to anyone needing a home inspection. Incredibly thorough and professional.
- J.S., September 2010
Joseph is very professional and knowledgeable about homes and their systems. I truly respected his honesty and integrity throughout the entire home inspection process. I feel comfortable that I am now aware of the condition of the home I am buying; including all its parts (good, bad or indifferent) as a result of his thourough home inspecton.
- D.T., August 2010
Joe was awesome. he is very detailed and had inspected 2 homes for us. you will be happy with his service.
- A.H., August 2010
I found Joe through the American Society of Home Inspectors' online directory, hoping to find an honest and qualified inspector. Joe was just that; his inspection was quite thorough and he offered very honest advice - immediately assuaging all concerns of an internet lookup. This all in addition to the post-inspection realization that the building was well outside All In One's service area.
- A.F., June 2010
Great Inspector and would highly recommend to anyone
- M.B., May 2010
I think he was great.
- J.S., May 2010
Outstanding! Detailed, thorough, professional with a very pleasant demeanor.
- J.S., May 2010
Very thorough. Saved me from a large potential problem. Great to work with.
- M.A., May 2010
Knowledge, professional and through. A+
- J.S., May 2010
I am so impressed with Joseph Fleming, he is so thorough and knowledgeable. During the inspection he explained so much to us in a manner we would understand. He reviewed everything from outside of the house, shingles, gutters, but even helpful tips like how to prevent damage to your driveway, the best place to start your garden where it will get the most sunlight and truly thrive. He could offer so much insight into trees, animals, insects, bees, you name it! He is a walking encyclopedia. I haven't begun to tell you how much he knew about the inside of the house and things we would never have thought of, he was THAT good. He explained everything in a very professional manner. He found past and current termite activity. He went on the roof. He checked the furnace, the basement, everything. The final report was even better than I expected. He had detailed photos and suggested actions to take - I tell you this was the best money we have ever spent he created a manual for our future house!
- H.R., April 2010
Thank you for another well-done report. Your work is always the best and the "pictures are worth a thousand words." Your reports always make the bidding process go smoother, because the home owners can read the exhaustive report and look at the photographs and know the truth!
- B.J., April 2010
Joe was very patient and explained in detail what he has observed. He took time to do a thorough inspection and was never in a rush. I would highly recommend him.
- G.R., March 2010
Fantastic Job...Very Detailed
- R.S., January 2010
Thank you very much for your thurough job. I will definately recommend you in the future.
- J.G., November 2009
Hey Joseph, Thank you for an outstanding job! My attorney claimed -" In 30 years he has never received a more detailed report" It was a pleasure to follow you around at the inspection! Thank you! Steve Lehrhoff
- S.L., October 2009
Joseph Fleming gives the best inspection I have ever had. Don't hesitate to recommend him to your clients. They will be impressed with the time he takes and the depth of his knowledge.
- B.J., October 2009
Joe you did a great job and thanks for the education. It was really appreciated. I have already recommend Joe to 2 other people I know that are looking to buy.
- A.L., August 2009
Both the clients and I were very pleased with the time and effort Joe spent on this report and with us.
- B.J., July 2009
Your inspection was excellent and thorough Joe! You left no stones unturned and you highlighted a lot of interesting points that will be helpful to us in the future. I cannot believe the extent of detail, completeness and photo documentation included in your report. Great Job!
- K.B., June 2009
Your inspection was excellent and thorough Joe! You left no stones unturned and you highlighted a lot of interesting points that will be helpful to us in the future. I cannot believe the extent of detail, completeness and photo documentation included in your report. Great Job!
- K.B., June 2009