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Keith Rogers

Buying a home is the largest financial commitment most people ever make.  And because of the size of the commitment, you want to better understand the property you are buying.  I want to make understanding what you are purchasing simple, while giving you the best possible information about your new home.
My commitment is to give you an unbiased snapshot of your home, giving you valuable information about its condition, maintenance, and possible improvements.  The report will give you better information about your new home.  It should be no surprise, but there are no perfect homes!  Because every inspection will reveal a variety of items requiring attention, the fact that I will identify items for improvement should not be a cause for concern. 
Fifty percent of my work is technical, but the other fifty percent is good communications!  If you have questions about anything related to your report, please let me know.  I will work hard to clearly communicate, avoiding jargon and overly technical description, but still getting the specific point across.  If you have questions, email, text, and the phone all work for me! 
My pricing is based on the expected time I will spend inspecting your home and writing a clearly written, concise, but detailed inspection report.  I estimate this time based on the size of your home, your home’s age, and your homes expected condition, to give you immediate feedback.  I typically do a recap at the end of the inspection.  A typical home requires approximately 3-4 hours onsite for the inspection.
Requesting quotes from multiple inspectors assumes that all inspectors and inspections are the same which is not true.  Selecting Around the Home Inspections you will get a thorough, professional home inspection based on my experience of conducting over 1300 home inspections, as well as building and renovating over 440 homes, during more than 40 years as a home builder, general contractor, and home inspector.


NC General Contractors License 31378, NC Home Inspectors License 3320


Your need: a thorough, perceptive inspection. My promise: an unbiased report, clear communication, response to questions. My experience: 700 inspections, building and renovating 440 homes, over 35 years as a home builder/home inspector.

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Keith was friendly, thorough, and professional. Not only did he point out the things that needed addressing in the inspected home, but he spent as much time as my wife and I needed to understand the house and how to operate everything. He gave us useful pointers and was a great help. He showed that he had complete knowledge of Home Inspections, but spoke to us in language that we could understand. His report was well written, covered everything, and included photos so that we could better see what he was describing. We recommend his services without hesitation and we will use his services ourselves again if needed.
- T.M., August 2019
Keith is so thorough with his inspections. The inspection report is full of useful information and is easy to understand.
- M.M., July 2019
Extremely thorough and knowledgeable in all aspects of home construction on both new and older homes. He uses current building codes to explain what was accepted previously in home construction and what is current today. Uses many pictures and explanations in his report to give the user of the report a clear understanding of the problem and what needs to be done to correct the problem that was observed.
- L.P., March 2019