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Ken Neill

Peace of Mind:  Before you purchase your next home or property, call The Right Home Inspection Services, LLC.  We can help you make informed decisions about your next purchase and protect your investment with a very thorough home inspection!  
We provide thorough inspections at reasonable prices.  We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision and find THERIGHT HOME for you and your family.
We are located in Durham and serve all the surrounding areas.  We look forward to hearing from you! Additional Image


Excellent job done and so very thorough and complete report. Very nice and ample pictures of issues especially with great 360 degree ones. Will certainly recommend to friends.
- H.A., Raleigh NC, December 2020
Ken is detailed and thorough (and kind!). Communication with both Ken, and Sue, was terrific. They were always available to answer any questions I had, as well as responding quickly. I feel much more confident and protected in my home choice after Ken’s professional inspection and report. I will be referring Ken to everyone I know who is in need of a home inspection!
- K.H., March 2020
I was appreciative for Ken's patience during the home inspection in explaining things to me. He was attentive to ensure I had all of my questions answered and did not want to leave any concerns I may have had unaddressed. As a first time home buyer, I was thankful to have Ken as my home inspector due to his attention and care for details along with education to his client.
- S.A., March 2020
I use Ken for all my inspections. Very thorough but not hysterical.
- J.R., February 2020
Ken is very thorough and he does an excellent job explaining his findings both to me (agent) and my client. Sue (office manager) communicates in a timely manner and is very well organized. The reports are easy to read and the photos and videos are practical and helpful when referencing things as needed. Ken's report made it easy to decide which items we needed estimates on and supported our negotiations. They also gave me and my client each an educational book on home maintenance. As an agent, I found the section on the life expectancy of different parts of a home especially valuable. I'll definitely be passing on the contact info of The Right Home Inspection Services to other agents in my office.
- K.M., CHAPEL HILL NC, February 2020
Ken was very east to work with and thorough. He made sure I understood any issues with the home.
- C.B., February 2020
Keith and his colleague were fantastic. They were accommodating and responsive. I had a tight due diligence period and they made sure that I had my inspection and report with plenty of time to make an informed decision.
- W.W., January 2020
As always, Ken does a great job and communicates well with the customer. He has a great ability to share the facts without trying to impress with his extensive knowledge - but just make certain that they understand what is concerning and maybe not within code and what is nice to know but no worth losing sleep! So many inspectors want to spout all kinds of knowledge to impress the client but wind up scaring them to death with their drama. Ken would never do that but does let them know when there is reason for concern. Thanks for a great job - consistently!
- D.C., January 2020
Ken Neill is the very best in this business ! I would not buy a house without his eyes on the property! He makes selling Realtors quake in their boots because he finds EVERYTHING that’s wrong with a house. And he very knowledgeable about house systems in general. He’s wonderfully professional and a nice man and has an equally nice Asst his wife Sue! It’s a great company and team.
- K.P., January 2020
Kenneth Neill is the best of what a Home Inspector should be. He knows how to educate the Buyer and make absolutely certain that the buyer is neither ignorant of something important they should know nor stressing over something that is truly insignificant. He is (thankfully) not a fearmonger or struggling actor so we don't have to suffer him climbing onto his soapbox and seeking to impress. Thanks for always going the extra mile Ken!!
- D.C., November 2019
Ken was friendly, engaged and very professional. He took the time the explain the inspection process and the steps involved, and carefully walked me through his evaluation. I would absolutely recommend Ken Neill.
- C.N., October 2019
Mr Kenneth came highly recommended he did a thorough job on my inspection, exceeded my expectations. The inspection was for a new home and like any other he was able to point out the obvious that a buyer may miss as well as those hidden/detailed but potential costly and safety risks items. The report was easy to read and I loved the feature that allowed me to build my request list directly from the report. The 360 degree photos were very helpful to point out concerns to the realtors. The prices were extremely competitive. So competitive I added the radon testing as well. Mr Kenneth was not able to do an electric inspections as the seller did not have the breakers turned on, I wish we were contacted while the house was under inspection so the seller's realtor could have handled that, but that definitely was not in Mr Neill's scope of work. I would highly recommend his services, would most certainly use his services again. I am asking that our seller pay to have Mr Neill return to complete the electric inspection as I feel his thorough work will save me more in the future and give me more confidence in such a large purchase.
- C.R., October 2019
Mr.Ken was very knowledgeable and answered any questions that I had. His inspection was very thorough and professional.
- T.E., September 2019
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your attention to detail and the time you took to explain everything to us. It add so much reassurance through the complex process of buying a home.
- E.G., Durham NC, September 2019
Thanks Ken for providing my client with prompt results and a quality inspection. We will be sending you all our work. Thanks Kim Randle, NVMS, Inc.
- K.R., Manassas VA, September 2019
Ken is consistently thorough and careful to check each system and then thoughtfully communicate the information which the buyer will find useful and which they in some cases will find mandatory to know. He is unique in that he doesn't do this in a manner that comes across as over blown or showy but simply educates and cautions with care. I never have to worry that he will unnecessarily scare my buyers or overlook something that will come back to hurt them later. Thanks for consistency (at least when you are consistently right!).
- D.C., August 2019
Great communicator. Patiently explained to me all the items he found and answered all my questions.
- D.C., August 2019
Kenneth was easy to work with and provided a very detailed report that was easy to follow and understand.
- A.F., July 2019
Very knowledgeable and thorough.
- M.Y., July 2019
Ken Neil has done a very consistent and thorough job with my buyer. I don't have any hesitation recommending Ken as a quality home inspector.
- R.H., July 2019
Ken was wonderful, I very much appreciated the way he explained everything he did and all his concerns. He was extremely patient and thorough with his inspection and report; "I won't leave until you stop asking questions so I know I've answered all your concerns"
- L.D., June 2019
professional, systematic, very detailed inspection willing to explain and answer questions excellent gadgets used for inspection thank you Ken!
- R.L., June 2019
Great inspector! Very thorough and detailed.
- A.O., June 2019
Ken did a great job on our inspection. I really enjoyed the explanations he gave for several things. It was money well spent. Would definitely recommend Ken.
- L.M., May 2019
Very thorough job, while also explaining things to me and asking if I had questions. Would definitely recommend!
- S.F., May 2019
Always very thorough and relates well to my clients. Everyone always leaves feeling like they made a great choice for a home inspector. Thanks for always doing a great job!
- C.S., Durham NC, May 2019
Thank you Ken for your knowledge and commitment to high quality service.
- J.H., April 2019
We really appreciated Ken answering our questions to the best of his knoweldge even when it was outside the scope of a general home inspection. He took his time to investigate the house in a very detailed manner and even waited for our real estate agent to show up so we could make sure everyone was on the same page. We recommend Ken to anyone needing a home inspection and will use his services again if we ever need of another home inspection. He gave us peace of mind by informing us of all the houses current problems as well as commenting on problems that are likely tome come up. He documented everything in a understandable yet professional manner so we could make sure repair negotiations were fair and comprehensive. We can not say enough about how wonderful Ken was- we really struck gold getting Ken as our inspector, and he even worked around our crazy schedules!!
- N.J., Albuquerque NM, April 2019
Ken did an excellent job. After the initial walkthrough he did a thorough inspection and provided a very detailed report with suggestions. When we met with our building supervisor it was clear what needed to be done.
- L.M., April 2019
Kenneth is the best inspection in Durham area.
- Y.R., March 2019
Ken was better than the best. He went out of his way, on a rainy day even, to be thorough, and to explain things in terms I could understand. The reports were extensive and complete. I can't say enough about Ken!
- R.R., March 2019
Ken is very knowledgeable and very great at what he does. He provided us with great insight about our home, very detailed oriented. Ken also gave us tips and advice on how to maintain the quality of our home. I will most definitely recommend Ken, he was very thorough!
- T.W., February 2019
Ken has done 3 out of 4 my house inspections (4th is scheduled in a few weeks), for initial purchase and 11 month inspection for home warranty for two homes. More than worth the fee, in preventing further issues or getting seller to fix issues you didn't find on your own. I've recommended Ken to three of my neighbors. Two have had the good sense to schedule with him :)
- S.R., Durham NC, January 2019
When I say Ken was awesome I truly mean it! Being in sales myself I judge things a little more critically than usual. He made the entire experience not only informative but fun because he taught us about our home and what to look out for. We joked and laughed and it made the encounter more pleasurable. If I could give more than a 10 I would because he really deserved it. He even gave us a booklet on how to maintain our new home as well. Worth the money spent and I?d recommend him to anyone!
- A.D., Mebane NC, December 2018
Ken is serious about doing an excellent job and staying abreast of the latest technologies. Very pleased.
- J.H., December 2018
Once again Ken had done a great job pointing out the important things we very well may have missed - while not trying to ever over do things and make the customer worry needlessly. This critical balance is important to me as a Realtor and Ken understands how this must be done. Ken's attention to detail is great and he always does a great job with my Clients and thoroughly covers every system and concern they may have or SHOULD have. Thanks again Ken.
- D.C., December 2018
My fiancee & I are first-time homebuyers, so we were very focused on making sure that the property was inspected by someone both experienced and knowledgeable. Ken was punctual, friendly, and clearly very competent. He did an extremely thorough job of inspecting the house (I'm honestly not sure that I could have gotten into some of the crawlspaces that he managed to explore), and he made an effort to explain all of his findings as he went; I was also very impressed by the way he made a point of leaving the sellers' furniture, decorations, etc. exactly the way he found them, even while he was trying to squeeze himself into every nook and cranny of the house. Then, after we wrapped things up and my fiancee & I were preparing to leave, we saw him retrieve yet another tool from his car and return to the side of the house to inspect some discoloration that he had noted during his initial examination but hadn't been able to reach; this was in spite of the fact that he had told us that it was almost certainly not a notable issue. To top it all off, the inspection report was ready for us that night. I would highly recommend Ken to anyone, but especially to new homeowners who are intimidated by the process and looking for peace of mind.
- R.F., November 2018
Ken was very knowledgable and helpful! It was very eye opening for me. He made the experience fun, but informative.
- H.S., November 2018
We requested a pre drywall inspection for a new build 1,785 sq. ft. town home in Apex, NC (Sweetwater by Lennar / Cal Atlantic). Ken was able to document some key deficiencies that would most certainly have been overlooked. Very happy that I did not skip the pre drywall inspection from a professional even though most suggested that it wasn't necessary. Meeting up with Ken at the home site and going through key issues and concerns on the day of our inspection prepared me for my meeting with the builder's construction manager for our open wall tour the next day. In addition, Ken prepared a detailed inspection report in record time with 3D imaging and HD color photographs showing what needed to be addressed so I could have the report in hand as we toured with the builders rep. The quick turn around was greatly appreciated. Money well spent for a job well done.
- R.K., Annapolis MD, November 2018
Ken was very thorough and detailed. I would definitely recommend him!
- C.C., October 2018
Ken was so easy to work with. He did a great job and made the whole inspection process very easy. We had a bunch of questions and he answered them easily. Ken caught things that we didn't even know to look for. Thanks Ken! We would use him again for sure.
- E.F., October 2018
Very thorough and knowledgeable, takes a detailed approach to home inspection. Great asset to any home transaction.
- K.M., October 2018
I strongly recommend Ken. He does an indepth and detailed work. He is also extremely helpful in helping you understand what is important versus things that can wait
- A.V., September 2018
Kenneth does a remarkable job. He takes his time and does a thorough job. I have used him on several jobs and would highly recommend him for an inspection.
- C.T., September 2018
We are very pleased with Ken Neill's home inspection.
- k.c., Durham NC, August 2018
Excellent work
- N.E., August 2018
Fantastic!! Thorough, did not rush inspection. Explained everything and made sure we were aware of everything. I highly recommend!! Best home inspection we have ever invested in.
- B.M., Holly Springs NC, July 2018
ken did a great job. Very detailed.
- D.J., July 2018
Ken's inspection was amazingly thorough, diligent, insightful, and helpful. He went through every part of the house in detail, from the attic to the crawl space, and he took detailed notes and pictures of everything, which he later organized into a very complete and helpful report. Along the way, he welcomed my many questions and patiently explained what we were seeing and why each item did or did not seem to be a significant problem. He seems to love his work, and appeared to genuinely enjoy discussing any issues I raised in as much detail as I wanted. He did not rush the process, but took as much time as necessary to do a really good job. I've had a number of home inspections over the years, and this was far and away the best. Really first class work, by any measure. It's my great pleasure to give Ken my highest recommendation.
- F.R., Durham NC, July 2018
Very knowledgeable & helpful. Thankful our paths have crossed.
- J.H., July 2018
Ken did an outstanding job for us. There were many details he caught that the builder had no intention of addressing. Thanks for your time and attention to detial!
- R.M., Apex NC, July 2018
Thank you for your timely and thorough inspection. I am a real estate agent working with clients under a due diligence period and time is of the essence! Sue set up the inspection and Ken completed the inspection 3 days after I called to request the appointment. I will definitely use their services again. Team work makes the dream work! Sue and Ken are the perfect team!!
- J.T., July 2018
Took time to do very thorough job and explain everything.
- J.A., July 2018
Very competent and thorough report. Appreciate comments about concerns. I would definitely recommend this business. Very pleased with the comprehensive report
- M.B., June 2018
Ken was great, super thorough, helpful, and informative (and just all in all a very likeable guy!)
- M.M., May 2018
Another great job with my (First Time) Home Buyers. Ken understands building and construction and at the same time he understands what is going on in the minds of first time home buyers. I never have to worry about Ken using "scare tactics" or trying to impress folks with knowledge that doesn't necessarily apply to the situation with which we are confronted. Ken shares information that is useful in the real world and makes sure they understand the points that should not be overlooked as well as makes sure that the items that are simply for them to "keep on their radar" don't become over blown in their minds. This is crucial for folks who may be getting a rude introduction to home care all at once. They are searching for things they can understand and grasp and sometimes just "lock in" on things that truly are inconsequential. Thanks for a great job once again!
- D.C., May 2018
Ken did a very thorough inspection of a 30 year old home I was looking to purchase. He was also very responsive and delivered the report quickly.
- M.S., May 2018
Ken carried out a thorough inspection of the house, followed by detailed briefing. He is a very knowledgeable, competent, and professional inspector. I would recommend him to everyone who needs in-depth inspection of their home.
- S.Z., May 2018
I'm highly recommending to anyone who needs forhome inspection because my buyers and I were very impressed his work :-)
- M.L., Cornelius NC, May 2018
Thorough, knowledgeable, completely understands his pole in the real estate transaction. Very responsive...performed inspection on a Saturday, for example...and thoroughly explains his findings.
- M.C., April 2018
Thanks for the inspection Ken! You were informative, thorough, and patient. You gave me a lot of confidence in our new home and confidence to address the issues with that home
- S.K., March 2018
With this being my first home I was a little nervous about the inspection process and what all it entailed. Mr. Neill put my mind at ease with his professionalism and organization. He looked at my home from top to bottom and was very detailed in his report of the place. He took many pictures of the property from the attic down to each room. I will definitely recommend him to my friends!
- J.V., March 2018
While I was laid up in bed with the flu Ken walked my clients through the house and explained every little detail to them. They were raving about how much help he had been and his report was very professional and well written which helped immensely during the DD negotiations. I look forward to working with Kenneth on many more deals in the future.
- C.A., Carrboro NC, March 2018
Ken, thanks for your advice, I will be asking for your services again in a few weeks.
- S.R., Durham NC, February 2018
Ken was extremely professional and thorough. I felt comfortable with his knowledge and experience. He explained all issues as we walked through the property. I am very confident with his inspection and his reliability. I totally recommend him. His wife worked hard to get us on his schedule quickly as we had a short due diligence date. Very thankful for her efforts also.
- L.S., February 2018
Ken was fabulous - extraordinarily thorough and knowledgeable. The report was very detailed and written in clear and concise language. Definitely recommend!
- C.W., February 2018
Very thorough and detailed inspection, quick responses to all inquiries => Perfect!
- B.M., January 2018
Ken has been terrific - incredibly thorough, understanding, easy to reach, very responsive to questions, and very helpful! We are grateful to have found Kenneth Neill at The Right Home Inspection Services (919-602-0161) or
- K.S., January 2018
Ken has been terrific - incredibly thorough, understanding, easy to reach, very responsive to questions, and very helpful! We are grateful to have found you!!
- K.S., January 2018
My daughter bought a house recently and used someone else (I don't know why). I can tell from the items I found that were missed, they didn't to as good a job. I'll tell her to use Ken when it's time for the 1-year warranty inspection.
- W.L., November 2017
Ken was awesome. He?s very knowledgeable and honest. He?s very funny as well. He answered all of my concerns and even gave me a book, to help me maintain and operate my home.
- C.S., Durham NC, November 2017
Ken, Thanks for a doing a very thorough inspection for me. Your level of professionalism will be rewarded with referrals. Any thing I can do to help you make contacts I certainly will.
- P.C., November 2017
Incredibly thorough, and detail oriented. Beyond this, Ken communicates well as to what are major concerns that may need immediate addressing, or minor things. Is willing to answer any questions during or after inspection. He has inspected 3 houses of mine, and I will hire again.
- B.K., Durham NC, October 2017
Complete and detailed inspection.
- R.M., September 2017
Very Personable. Provided a very thorough Inspection report and took the time to explain every detail and answer all of our questions. We recommend and would use his services again!
- L.H., September 2017
Thorough and complete. Those are the words that come to mind with Ken Neill. There was no question too simple for him to answer and his knowledge of all aspects of the inspection process is tremendous. Details of the inspection were available the day after inspection and recommendations were given with rationale. We recommend him highly.
- T.M., Durham NC, September 2017
My wife and I are in the process of purchasing our first home. I was very impressed with the attention to what to me seemed like minor details. He found all the little things as well as the big things. The report was very detailed including pictures. Mr. Neill gave suggestions on ways to fix some of the issues and a owner's manual on how to operate your home. I would definitely recommend Mr. Neill to any potential homebuyers I know for their home inspection.
- L.F., September 2017
My wife and I are in the process of purchasing our first home. I was very impressed with the attention to what to me seemed like minor details. He found all the little things as well as the big things. The report was very detailed including pictures. Mr. Neill gave suggestions on ways to fix some of the issues and a owner's manual on how to operate your home. I would definitely recommend Mr. Neill to any potential homebuyers I know for their home inspection.
- L.F., September 2017
Ken makes all efforts to check each corner of the property and give you a completely full report of the condition of your property, and explain to you patiently if you have any questions, while charge a very reasonable/low price.
- W.H., Cary NC, September 2017
Than you Ken for gettingbthe survey done on your weekend. Both my client and I commend you for the job you did. It was a very thorough and you took the time to explain everything. The report was also well detailed and clear. Thank you so much fir a great job done. Will see you again soon.
- M.M., Raleigh NC, August 2017
Knowledgeable and communicative. Did my inspection on a Sunday! Report issued Monday!
- J.C., August 2017
This inspection was great, you provided helpful information as well as inspecting the house, that gave us a better sense of the house and we feel that we know the house even better, great Job!
- J.N., August 2017
You were one of the most detailed inspector I've used. I will be sure to use you again.
- W.A., July 2017
Ken Neill is my preferred Inspector and always my 1st choice. He is punctual, knowledgeable, responsive, helpful and always delightful to work with. I'll choose him every time when he's available.
- M.O., June 2017
Ken did good job with home inspection. He take lot of photos during inspection and allows you to walk along him during inspection. He explain you issue and also do some research and send updates on issue over an email. Inspection report sections are easy to understand. Each issue , condition of appliances is mentioned in detail. Thanks,
- K.C., June 2017
He is trusted. Professional & knows his job.
- J.Z., May 2017
Awesome inspector,,, explained every problem found, even gave advice on how to fix problem
- W.K., May 2017
Detail work, detail reports. Lots of pictures.
- W.H., Cary NC, April 2017
Ken is very pleasant to work with, detailed inspection reports and convenient scheduling. Yes give this company a try.
- K.O., Durham NC, April 2017
It was one of the most thorough home inspection reports I have ever read.
- S.S., April 2017
Ken is very knowledgeable about homes and how the real estate transaction works. So nice to have him give the information in a way the client can understand and to not scare them unduly. Highly recommend him. He also gives the home buyer books about how to care for their new home, my client found it very useful and was excited to have it!
- N.C., Durham NC, April 2017
How many ways can I say it? Ken was thorough, professional, timely, detailed, and helpful. He not only provided all necessary documentation but took the time to call me to see if I had any questions about the report. I loved how he also offered websites that would provide additional information on things that he encountered in the home. I would highly recommend him to anyone that was seeking an inspection prior to purchasing or selling. There will no rock left unturned, literally! Thanks Ken!
- F.T., April 2017
Ken was very thorough and accommodating to a short turn around time table.
- F.T., April 2017
I found Kenn Neill by using the Thumbtack website. There were several reviews listed that touted his expertise and professionalism. My builder had a very detailed home access agreement for their buyers that required certain documentation to be presented within a certain timeframe. Kenn responded with that information within the first 24 hours. We were able to establish the first appointment followed up by rescheduling several times; no fault of his. However, it revealed to me how flexible he was in working with us and our builder. He was there already looking at my property before the appointed time. He went through the home and asked about the floor plan. He allowed me to follow him around and called my attention to any area he thought would be important for me to view. He analyzed the home?s strengths and weaknesses, explaining them to me. He even asked about ingress/egress entrances for my disabled mother. That was definitely not in his purview. This was a pre-drywall inspection, money well spent. I will definitely be calling him back when we close. ~ j & k cheek
- K.C., February 2017
Ken is very knowledgeable, thorough, diplomatic, considerate, flexible and efficient. He adheres to the highest standards of integrity, has a great sense of humor, and provides a great value. His reports include video links explaining FAQs and showing how homeowners can easily repair many commonly found items on inspections. Even though he has been building/repairing homes for 60 years, he always wants to know more, and is happy to look up topics where he thinks his answer is less complete than it could be. His paramount objective is helping prospective homebuyers know what they are getting in a home, what to worry about, and what to not worry about. I am confident that, if you hire him, you'll be very happy with the results.
- J.F., February 2017
I would highly recommend Ken for a home inspection. Ken arrived on time, and did a thorough and careful review of my home (new construction). Additionally, as a first time home buyer, I had a lot of questions and he was happy to answer all of them (even the ones that came up after the inspection was complete). After the inspection, he provided me with a few books to help me understand how to use the inspection report and how to take care of my new home. Twenty-four hours later, I received the final documented home inspection report, which included a detailed write up and photos of what needed to be corrected. I plan to use this inspector again should the need arise for a home inspection.
- R.G., January 2017
Mr. Neill, I also left a review on the HomeAdvisor site. I checked and they have posted it. I thought you did a great job, exactly what I wanted. Your inspection was attentive to details, complete and carefully done. I especially appreciate your comments regarding the garage floor cracks. I plan to ask you to do my inspection just before the warranty period ends.
- W.L., December 2016
Thank you for all of the detail you put into the inspection and report. My husband was glad to have been able to go through everything with you that day and it will definitely help us as we get ready to close on our home. We have been very pleased with everything!!
- R.C., November 2016
Ken was a fantastic pick for us. Even though we were purchasing NEW construction I was happy to have Ken go over the home and find all those small things that needed fixing. Ken was able to provide peace of mind as to the construction of this new home as well as confidence in the builder. He was easy to work with and provided us a detailed, easy to read report by the end of the day. Many thanks, Ken!
- K.W., Cary NC, November 2016
Kenneth brings a unique perspective to the table. As a former Real Estate Broker - Ken knows how to communicate with my clients and level with them on any concerns he may discover - while not scaring them half to death. This is very important when clients are considering an older home (which may very well have some serious issues). He has "bailed me out" on more than one occasion when I needed a home inspected on a tight time frame. Always careful and observant - he hasn't missed anything yet! Thanks for superior work at a reasonable price Ken!!
- D.C., September 2016