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Kevin Farris

Next Step Inspect is a company built on integrity and core values.  We strive to perform top level inspections at a reasonable price.  Simply, we are here for you.  Buying a home is one of the most exciting and scary times of your life.  The inspection process doesn't have to be.  We guide you step by step, room by room through your home and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Our services include: Whole Home Inspection, Termite Inspection, Radon Testing, Thermal Imaging, Well Water Quality Testing. 

Within 24 hours we provide you with a full and comprehensive report deatailed with pictures and recommendations to ensure all of your questions are answered.

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Our core goal at Next Step Inspect is to provide the highest quality home inspection to home buyers and sellers alike to ensure that the home buying and selling process goes as smoothly as possible. Let us help you take the next step!


Outstanding inspecting! Thank you for a complete detailed review!
- D.P., January 2021
Kevin is very knowledgeable and patient when it comes to explaining items of a house. His service is outstanding. Thank you Kevin!
- S.B., November 2020
Kevin is the BEST!!
- M.L., October 2020
I thoroughly enjoy working with Kevin! I am so confident in his work and the condition of the home after he reviews everything with us!
- J.H., September 2020
Kevin is the best!!
- M.L., September 2020
Incredibly professional, thorough and great communication with client and agent. Thank you!
- J.H., September 2020
Mr. Farris is the Right Man for the job. Very pleased with his honest, unbiased appraisal. Highly recommend!
- B.B., August 2019
Thanks Kevin. Look Forward to the next time we interact with business. John
- J.C., July 2019
Kevin was an excellent recommendation from my realtor, Mike Embree. I sincerely appreciated his thorough observation, notes, photos, and documentation. I felt confident in his abilities to inspect the home I purchased!
- M.B., July 2019
I think Kevin did an excellent job. He explained everything in detail.
- S.W., July 2019
Kevin is my go to inspector.
- T.O., June 2019
Kevin was very professional and personally walked me around the house to detail all potential issues. Kevin explained the reasoning behind each fix and preventive measures. When I buy another house in the future, I know who to contact.
- A.W., June 2019
Thanks for taking the extra time to breakdown the ins and outs of routine maintenance of a rual home to keep it in great condition. Your services were very much appreciated!
- S.S., December 2018
Kevin came to us highly recommended by our realtor, and now we understand why! He was so easy to work with throughout the inspection process. Kevin was very professional and thorough in his report. We would definitely recommend him to anyone going through the inspection process!
- A.I., July 2018
cordial, thorough and professional. Thanks for the excellence and quality in what you do!
- B.H., June 2018
Very helpful and very thorough. Excellent report all around. Thank you.
- D.J., October 2017
Kevin is very personable maintaining a calming presence yet conveying a since of urgency as needed. As we did the walk through of my soon to be home Kevin pointed out issues of concern and as repair dollar signs danced in my head he provided assurance that overall the house is a good house & that the necessary repairs won't put me in the poor house. On the other hand when my reaction to a window being unbalanced was, "That's okay I don't really want my son attempting to climb out that window anyway," with my mind not getting past visions of my near teenager attempting to break curfew, Kevin politely yet firmly expanded my thought process by saying, "You do in case of a fire." Suddenly that window became one of my top repair requests! When you're buying a home for the first (and hopefully last time) you vacillate between the extremes of nervousness & joy so it's nice to work with someone who will guide you to the much calmer state known as reality.
- J.T., October 2017
Kevin was very throurough with his inspection and made sure to answer any questions I had. Would definitely recommend him to others!!!
- S.W., August 2017
A pleasure doing business with Kevin. Very knowledgeable and personable - would highly recommend him to anyone in the market for home inspection.
- G.M., June 2017
Kevin is very knowledgable and explained any concerns in detail. He was open and honest in a way that made me feel comfortable in making a decision to purchase my first home.
- D.W., April 2017
Kevin is professional and does a great job explaining issues to buyers without scaring them.
- D.H., February 2017
Likes the fact his straight foward I would tell others too use him
- B.W., November 2016
Kevin is so wonderful with my clients. He takes the time to make sure they understand. He's friendly and relatable. He's always my first choice.
- D.W., November 2016
Kevin was by far the best inspector we have ever experienced! Very courteous and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for the great experience!
- M.K., September 2016
Kevin is the best there is!!!
- M.L., September 2016
Kevin was very thorough and provided detailed information on the inspection. He demonstrates genuine concern for clients, and is very helpful in negotiating for any repairs.
- P.T., July 2016
Recommended your services to Ron Hall
- A.W., May 2016
I cannot say enough good about Kevin's thorough reports. My clients have been extremely satisfied each and every inspection. He calms them when they need calmed and alerts them when they need alerted. It's a great balance. Always honest!
- F.R., April 2016
The only reason I didn't give Kevin a "10" is because I believe we all need something more to strive for! He is incredible with my clients and scheduling. I appreciate his work ethic and time he takes to explain everything to my clients. He comes with a high recommendation from me!
- F.R., March 2016
Kevin was professional and thorough. He explained everything he found and the documentation was completed quickly. I will recommend Kevin to everyone I know.
- J.G., February 2016
Kevin has all of the personality traits you would want from a home inspector: honesty, integrity, and willingness to craw into a tight space. I highly recommend Kevin!
- B.M., November 2015