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Mekdim Tesfaye

Before you purchase or sell a property, call us to protect your investment with thorough home/property inspection! Let us discuss about your individual inspection need. Phone: 703-861-6052

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are buying or selling, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We serve Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia states. You can schedule your inspection 24/7 at our website ( )or call us at (202)709-5348 or (703)861-6052. We look forward to your call!

GiG Inspection Services offers over 12 years of experience in real-estate services, home energy assessment, retrofits and building inspection and diagnostics. We have inspected thousands of residential and commercial structures and also evaluated and managed the improvement of hundreds of residential properties.  

  • Licensed Maryland Home Inspector, #32127;
  • Licensed Virgina Home Inspector, #3380001148
  • InterNACHI Certified Professional Home Inspector, NACHI14061107;
  • BPI Certified Building Analyst & Envelope Specialist. 
  • NCI – HVAC Air-Balancer
  • SEI – Solar PV Design and Installation
 Areas of Specialty: 
  • Pre-Purchase and Pre-Listing Home Inspection
  • Home Energy Audits and Surveys
  • Maintenance Inspection
  • Radon Testing
  • Mold Inspection
  • Solar Site Assessment
  • Commercial Building Inspections
  • Data Center Energy Usage Assessment
  • Infrared / Thermal Building Envelope Survey
  • Infrared / Thermal Roof Surveys
  • Infrared / Thermal Electrical Surveys
  • Infrared / Thermal Mechanical Surveys
GiG Inspection Services is committed to excellence in home inspections. Our inspectors possess the technical knowledge and experience to perform the most comprehensive and knowledgeable home inspections under every condition. All our inspections are presented in a clear but detailed and comprehensive report to help you make an educated decision.
GiG Inspection Services adheres and complies with the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics set forth by the state of Maryland and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).


Maryland Licensed, InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector. BPI: Building & Envelope Analyst NCI HVAC Air-balancer


Serving Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.

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He takes his time to search the whole house and surrounding area. He informed me things that I have to know for future. You won’t be disappointed by his work.
- A.S., October 2020
Very thorough inspection. My clients are very happy about his service.
- Z.A., October 2020
Mekdim Tesfaye is very professional he checked everything for us. I’m so happy for his service. Thank you
- L.B., October 2020
It was a pleasure working with Mekdim. Mekdim is very knowledgeable abut the home inspection. He is very thorough and takes the time to explain things if you ask questions and very professional with his work. I would highly recommend him and would use his service again. Thank you Mekdim.
- A.K., August 2020
Very thorough and professional! As a first time homebuyer, I didn't know what to expect during my home inspection. Mekdim assured me that his job is to make sure that my home is safe from top to bottom, and he did just that. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU!!!
- J.C., August 2020
Mekdim was very professional, friendly, and efficient. He was a able to provide an inspection that I needed last minute. He was very timely, worked quickly and efficiently, and helped educate me throughout the process. I appreciate his work and professionalism!
- D.B., July 2020
Great inspection and great experience.
- J.H., July 2020
work well and communicate with his customer well....Well done! I will recommended this agent to other client!
- A.H., July 2020
My family and I are beyond satisfied with the service we received. As 1st time homebuyers, we didn’t know what to expect, but Mr. Tesfaye was very professional & patient with us during the inspection and informing us how often things have to be changed and how to operate sprinkler system & so on. Detailed inspection report was received the very next day. We would absolutely recommend him for anyone who need his service.
- E.G., July 2020
Mekdim did a wonderful and thorough job! I needed my inspection done in a short period of time and he was able to fit me in without a problem. He was also very affordable and professional. I received my inspection report in a timely manner as well! I would highly recommend GiG and Mekdim!
- J.J., July 2020
Mekdim was great to work with. He did a very thorough inspection of the house, took the time to explain what he was finding, and also gave me advise on how to keep up with a few things around the house. He was very professional and we are pleased with his report. Thank you!
- P.S., July 2020
Professionally inspected the property
- E.A., July 2020
Very happy with Mr. Tesfaye use him for a second or third time. we recommends him very highly.
- Y.C., Cheverly MD, July 2020
Mekdim tesfaye is an amazing inspector who is very professional in his work and he is on time .I am and going to work with him in the future .Thank you
- H.B., June 2020
It was a pleasure working with Mekdim. His inspection was very thorough and takes the time to explain things if you ask questions and very professional. I would highly recommend him and would use his service again. Thank you Mekdim.
- Z.T., June 2020
Mekdim is very knowledgeable about the home inspection. He took his time explaining his finding during the inspection and share his recommendation. His inspection report is very detailed and easy to understand with the recommendation summary. Thank you, I highly recommend him.
- B.T., May 2020
Mekdim, you are knowledgeable home inspector I have ever worked with. I am so grateful to have had you to do our home inspection. It gave me a sound piece of mind and a heads up on what we should focus on when we move in. Your patience and careful explanations were so helpful and truly appreciated. Thank you!
- G.B., May 2020
This inspector is a very hard worker who knows very well the work, See things detail and does not waste time. Rev. Priest Kefelegne Woldegiorgis
- D.E., March 2020
I was so impressed with the level of being professional and quality of work by Mekdim. His work was done thorough, holistic, and with great quality. He listened well to my comments and answered all my questions. His quality inspection report showed his attention to details.
- S.N., March 2020
Mekdim Tesefaye is extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. he made sure to explain every issue there was as we walking around. he made our firs home inspection experience more pleasant. i would highly highly recommend him for anybody who wants home inspector.
- B.Y., February 2020
Mr Tesfaye was thorough Inspector and very pleasant. He was very patient and took time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend him!
- B.M., February 2020
Thank You Mr.Tesfaye
- G.H., February 2020
I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Mekdim during my home inspection. I highly recommend him.
- C.D., February 2020
Mekdim was very professional. He was very through with the inspection process. I got the report in a timely manner. I will recommend him to friends and family.
- B.T., January 2020
Mr. Mekdim provided inspection service for some of my clients and he preformed all at high professionalize. His quality of work and timely sending a report part of his great professional quality.
- N.R., January 2020
I appreciate Mr. Tesfaye very much because I needed to get an inspection to be done within a 48 hour time frame and he was able to get it scheduled and done. He takes his time to explain and answer your questions. He makes great recommendations and teaches you what to watch out for - especially new homes owners such as myself. He is worth giving a call and trying out!
- G.P., January 2020
Mekdim is very professional. His detial knowledge about the house structure and all applicable utilities, wiring , external and external structures and foundations is exceptional. His not only inspector his all so a great teacher how to manage and take care your house. Becouse this is my first house to own I appreciate his advice given to me how to operate things in the house and where to check things to prevent problems. I thank you very much mekdim.
- A.B., January 2020
Mekdim is excellent professional, catches everything and gives concrete feedback. Easy to communicate and polite. Keep it up! A.A
- A.A., Silver Spring MD, November 2019
Great inspector. Explained well. And wish him the Best!
- D.G., November 2019
He did a very great job during the inspection of my two homes. He is very responsible and explain things clearly.
- W.T., October 2019
Very knowledgeable and makes maximum effort to explain what the home buyer needs to know.
- D.M., October 2019
is very hard worker.And smart Thank you so much mekdim tesfaye ! ????God bless you.??????
- N.W., September 2019
Mekdim, You did outstanding job, thank you... for your client convenience it would be great if you could add Radon and termites inspection services to you expertises. Thanks again!
- M.C., August 2019
I am extremely happy by his inspection. He did a great job. Moreover, He is very friendly.
- W.T., August 2019
Mekdim is an accountable and hard working guy ,I will advise him to keep it up.
- S.T., August 2019
Mekdim is an accountable and hard working guy ,I will advise him to keep it up.
- S.T., August 2019
Good job thank you
- M.K., July 2019
Mekdim is a great home inspector who dedicate his time for the quality of the inspection work and provide outstanding recommendations and educate the buyer how to improve the efficiency of the energy sources in the property.
- M.H., July 2019
Your punctuality, professional performance, answering all our questions and your politeness have impressed us a lot. Good job!
- M.N., Silver Spring MD, July 2019
I would have no hesitation in recommending, Mr. Mekdim Tesfaye thoroughly inspected the new house I was looking to buy. The service was professional, satisfactory, went above and beyond with the insight. Mekdim is very knowledgeable, Polite and did a wonderful job for us! He willingly answered all questions and expanded on the information more than once when he saw related issues that I did not ask about directly. His report is impressive, detailed with pictures and comments with areas of interest categorized and organized in an easy way to follow it. Again, I would happily recommend him and his company for the positive and friendly service I got.
- M.B., June 2019
Mekdim Tesfaye is very friendly and easy to work with. He is expert and meticulous is his inspection He reports defects observed that is baked by photo evidence Mekdim gives customer highest priority. I would always recommend Mekdim Tesfay to a friend or who ever need home inspection
- F.B., June 2019
Mekdim was polite and thorough during in the inspection. He was very professional and added pictures to accompany his report findings. Fast turn around to get me a detailed report. I would recommend him to anyone in search of a home inspector.
- C.W., June 2019
He was friendly and knew what he was doing. He was detailed oriented and explained very well the things that need repair or replacement. He delivered the report on time and picked up phone calls and answered questions that I had.
- I.H., May 2019
Professional and thorough. I highly recommend him.
- G.W., May 2019
Definitely will work with Mekdim again, he did a great inspection for my client.
- T.B., April 2019
Job well done!
- A.L., March 2019
Mr. Mekdim was very knowledgeable and thorough in both my inspections. Most importantly he patiently answered ALL my questions.
- A.I., March 2019
He inspected the house thoroughly and explained his findings in plain words that I could easily understand what it means without having any technical know how. He is really great and recommend him without reservation.
- B.T., March 2019
Mekdim was on time, explained what he was doing, did his job very seriously, got me involved, completed on time. He is a professional one.
- A.K., March 2019
Great job you are a lifesaver.
- M.D., March 2019
Very professional and knowledgeable the work.
- Y.N., March 2019
would recommend this professional inspector. Fast and accurate.
- M.S., March 2019
He was very detailed, thorough, and very helpful. He educated me about many things that I didn't understand during the inspection process. He showed empathy to the first time home buyer. Definitely a memorable experience! Thumb's up Mekdim????????
- R.A., January 2019
Mekdim is Professional inspector and very friendly thank you so much you are best inspector ever .
- A.B., December 2018
Mekdim is very professional, responsive and knowledgible. We have worked multiple times together Dee H. Realtor
- D.H., November 2018
Very good natured, responsive, knowledgeable, thorough & professional!
- L.S., November 2018
thank you very much mekdim .he is absolutely professional inspector .
- Z.A., November 2018
very committed inspector and provide me with very helpful information for every single thing he has done wonderful and perfect inspection keep it up.
- D.T., November 2018
I was recommended by good friend to Mekdeim Tesfaye, I'm very pleased with his service. His recommendation for us to buy the houses we wished helped us to get what we want. Thank you job well done A+.
- H.A., November 2018
Overall great inspector. Explained everything to me gave me suggestions on a lot of the problems I had. Very thorough inspection I would definitely recommend if you want the right answer's.
- C.K., October 2018
Thanks so much Mr. Tesfaye for all of the following: 1. Taking my call about 1-minute before you closed at 9:00p.m. 2. Being not only on time, but early. 3. Being patient with me and explaining items of concern. 4. Being thorough and providing an easy to read report within 48-hours. 5. For using HomeGauge, which is a great online tool. The repair list feature was a big help and makes for a very professional list that incorporates the picture. 6. Being so friendly and polite. 7. Overall, you provided outstanding service and I can't wait to work with you again. Sincerely, Yvonne Somerville
- Y.S., October 2018
My second time using MEKIDM he is a great guy very professional. He has become my number one in my home inspectors list.
- M.T., September 2018
Mekdim is the best! He was on time for our appointment,Very helpful, friendly and pays great attention to details and he is the most professional home inspectors we would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection. Thank you so much!!!
- L.T., September 2018
So I was in a very tight squeeze, I was forced to work with a small group of home inspectors that were certified by my clients mortgage program. I was double booked twice by two different companies, the confusion wasted our first four days for the Home Inspection. This put us in a situation where we needed the home inspection within the next 24 hours. When I got hold of Mekdim he squeezed us into his schedule by starting his work day two hours earlier than normal! Furthermore he was very personable, efficient, and thorough on the inspection. I plan on using Mekdim going forward, he was awesome to work with and my client liked him too! Thanks Mekdim!
- J.O., August 2018
Professional inspector .
- Z.A., August 2018
Very professional inspection provider! I would recommend Mekdim Tesfaye for all your inspections needs.
- J.B., Woodbridge VA, July 2018
Mr. Tesfaye, I was very pleased with your work and expert thoroughness you showed during the inspection. Thank you for your time and attention to detail. It surely shows that you love what you do. Secunda Wright-Perry
- S.P., June 2018
Very professional and detail oriented. We really appreciated how thorough his inspection process was. He checked everything, from every single outlet to climbing into the attic to inspect it from edge to edge. We would recommend him highly.
- A.A., June 2018
Highly professional. Excellent job. Thank you.
- T.G., June 2018
Mekdim is very communicative and knowledgeable professional that did the inspection thoroughly and easily. During the inspection, he gave us detailed answers for our questions as well demonstrations and recommendations on proper handling and safety practices. Report is thorough and easy to understand. Great job! Thanks for the service!!!
- A.B., June 2018
Medkim is a wonderful inspector. Makes sure to show you everything he thinks you should know and is very thorough. Highly Recommend.
- J.L., May 2018
Mekdim is highly knowledgeable, patient, detail-oriented and does not hesitate to go far beyond the "script" and help with any inquiries! He answered all questions I had during the inspection and demonstrated very high level of professionalism and great customer service. I highly recommend Mekdim for those searching for home inspector! His inspection cost is reasonable and well worth it! Mekdim was in the recommendations list provided by my realtor, and I will recommend him to all of my friends!
- P.N., May 2018
Great inspection Thank you !!!
- A.T., May 2018
Mekdim was professional and Knowledgeable. Spent time find out what exactly were issues and could potentially be issues down the line. There were other pre inspectors there, but I know for a fact they didn't find three things that Mekdim found. Will be calling him as my guy from now on!
- J.K., April 2018
Very pleasant to work with. Answered and explained all questions, issues and suggestions. I thought you were very thorough in your inspection. Thank you!
- A.M., March 2018
I believe he knows his job very well. He was happy to answer my questions. I will definitely tell friends to work with him.
- B.B., February 2018
He knows what he does. Very professional and very detailed. He has very reasonable price. I definitely recommend GIG inspection company.
- A.T., February 2018
Great and detailed inspector. Thank you so much.
- A.T., January 2018
We had a home inspection done a few days ago by GiG Inspection services & we are very pleased with their services. The Inspector Mekdim Tesfaye is incredibly professional, knowledgeable & thorough. He took his time & answered all of our questions. I highly recommend their service.
- M.B., January 2018
We had a home inspection done a few days ago by GiG Inspection services & we are very pleased with their services. The Inspector Mekdim Tesfaye is incredibly professional, knowledgeable & thorough. He took his time & answered all of our questions. I highly recommend their service.
- , January 2018
I am really satisfied with the the service with GiG Inspection. Mekdim is very informative and well trained in the details he provided me. He is also friendly. I absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants to inspect his home. If you are a person who asks a lot like me, Mekdim will go far distance to explain all your questions. What I like most is, he has solid experience on his job and confident enough to explain his knowledge. Wish you all the best! Ted
- T.A., January 2018
Thank you so much! I had a great inspection. Mr. Mekdim explained everything to me and explained it so that I understood exactly what everything in the house was and where everything was at. he even gave me suggestions on things that I could do long term to help me keep the house in tip top shape. He arrived on time and was very helpful and hands on before the inspection during the scheduling and even after he sent the report. I plan to recommend him to my friends who are purchases homes.
- B.W., December 2017
I saw him looking to each details ad I am happy about that keep it up!!
- S.Y., November 2017
MEKDIM did GREAT GREAT job and send all report on time. In addition to this he advise the very important things for the first time home buyer. Keep on doing this professional service all the time. LAB 11/15/2017
- L.A., November 2017
Highly responsible person! On time and detailed report! We highly recommend Mekdim to your Home Inspection.
- m.m., October 2017
Excellent job!! Keep up the good work.
- M.B., September 2017
did a great job was kind and very smart great experience give this man a bonus lol
- A.H., September 2017
Thank you Mekdim for our great service!
- V.S., September 2017
He was vary professional and helpful answering all my questions
- A.D., September 2017
Mekdim Tesfaye was very professional and comprehensive during the inspection. The report he generated has been very useful as we prepare for renovations and safety repairs.
- C.E., September 2017
Mekdim gave our prospective home a thorough inspection all around and displayed great professionalism as he was doing it. He also gave suggestions and answered questions not pertaining to the inspection which were not necessary but added to his already great service.
- A.T., August 2017
Mekdim Tesfaye is more ethical and professional person. I recommend him for needy ones and gave him 99.5% grading.God bless you and families! ( BE)
- B.E., August 2017
Mekdim Tesfaye is more ethical and professional person. I recommend him for needy ones and gave him 99.5% grading.God bless you and families! ( BE)
- B.E., August 2017
Mekdim Tesfaye is more ethical and professional person. I recommend him for needy ones and gave him 99.5% grading.God bless you and families! ( BE)
- B.E., August 2017
Thank you very much for excellent and fast services.
- Z.Y., July 2017
Mekdim Tesfaye did an excellent job inspecting the house. He was very thorough and the report very comprehensive. I will definitely recommend to friends. I showed report to husband and he was pleased
- W.W., June 2017
Excellent inspector we would like to recommend to other customers.
- W.W., June 2017
Excellent inspector definitely we recommend to other customers.
- M.A., June 2017
I am a realtor and I have an inspector that I use everytime but this time my inspector was fully booked and my buyer had to engage Mekdim through his friend's referral. I am glad I got a chance to work with him. Mekdim is now top of my preferred home inspectors list. He is thorough, patient and very knowledgeable in all aspects of a home. His report is clear. And his price is the best I have seen so far. I am going to share the best kept secret to my future home buyers and realtor colleagues. Keep up the good work, Mekdim!
- A.T., June 2017
Mekdim did wonderful job and got my report on time. Keep on doing this kind of service Y. A
- Y.A., April 2017