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Greg Peterson

As the owner of Meridian Home Inspection LLC, I would like to say "Thank You" for considering me for your home inspection and radon mitigation needs. I have the pleasure of working with home buyers, sellers and their realtors throughout western North Carolina. I enjoy helping all parties involved achieve their common goal of a fulfilling real estate transaction.

When working with Meridian, you can expect a thorough, honest and fair home inspection. When fixing an elevated radon problem we offer the highest level of workmanship and quality materials.  Time is of the essence and we will meet your deadlines. Our goal is to offer the highest quality services with top notch customer support. Visit our website at today and learn more.

To see what some of our other clients think about our service, check us out on Angie's List, where you can find detailed reviews of service providers in our area (including home inspectors and radon mitigators) by the folks who use their services.

Let me know how I can be of further assitance!

Greg Peterson, Owner


NC General Building Contractor #57294 NC Home Inspector #2200 NEHA Certified Radon Measurement/Mitigation Specialist


Meridian Home Inspection LLC is looking forward to serving home buyers and sellers in Asheville and Western North Carolina. We offer Professional Home Inspections, Radon Testing and Mitigation Services. Please visit our web page. Thanks!


Greg is always so knowledgeable and thorough in his inspections.
- B.F., Asheville NC, February 2020
Greg is knowledgeable, thorough and an excellent home inspector.
- B.F., Asheville NC, February 2020
Very professional and thorough.
- C.C., December 2019
Greg was very friendly and very thorough with the inspection. He explained everything to me in person and his report was very detailed with pictures and descriptions of any issues he found with the home.
- N.D., August 2019
Greg is thorough and is focused on safety and items that could cause issues not just today, but also in the future. Notes both large and smaller items and when things don't meet current standards. Really gets in there and uses a camera for duct work issues.
- B.V., ASHEVILLE NC, July 2019
Thank you so much Greg! I really appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism. Top notch!
- D.W., April 2019
Very detailed and knowledgeable
- S.P., March 2019
Friendly, Professional, Reasonable, Prompt. Would absolutely recommend Mr. Peterson!
- M.M., October 2018
Greg Peterson performed a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the home we purchased as well as the home we are selling. Greg's reports were well written and effectively communicated the identified issues and related solutions.
- K.T., October 2018
Greg was recommended to us by our realtor. He promptly returned our call, was pleasant on the phone, offered a competitive price and did EXCELLENT work. Greg was so thorough for our home inspection. I would highly recommend Meridian Home Inspection without reservation. A+ on every level.
- N.N., September 2018
Great job. Very thorough.
- D.T., September 2018
Thank you Greg for your very thorough inspection!!
- B.B., July 2018
Phenomenal job Greg... this is a very comprehensive and complete report. It gives me the information I need to make an informed decision and helps prioritize what repairs are needed quickly
- G.M., March 2018
Greg is very courteous, professional, detailed, and friendly... Highly recommended!
- A.L., August 2017
Very professional and thorough. Greg went places I would not have gone and found problems that would have gone unchecked until a serious problem arose. His final report is clear and detailed with recommendations and next steps.
- M.L., July 2017
I have used Greg for all my home purchases. Knowledgeable, professional and friendly.
- J.T., July 2017
Greg did work on two of my properties (one as seller and one as buyer). I definitely want him on the "buy" side. He really wants to find issues that could be safety issues for the home buyer, or other issues which could lead to decreased life of the product & require pre-mature replacement. He found a siding issue, and after we had a siding expert come take a look, discovered that it was going to be a VERY costly repair. So glad Greg found it before we inherited the problem. Nobody finds everything. But Greg communicates clearly that he WANTS feedback after the new homeowners have lived in the house for a bit. I'd use his services again in a heartbeat.
- A.K., April 2017
Greg Peterson was extremely thorough, and fielded questions about the home inspection report in a highly professional manner, while still making things understandable to the layperson. It was very helpful that he pointed out ongoing maintenance items, as well as current issues with the home so that we could put those items on our radar screen. I would definitely recommend using him!
- M.P., June 2016
Greg Peterson is a very thorough inspector, with great attention to detail. He is very pleasant to work with, and I would highly recommend his services.
- M.P., April 2016
Greg Peterson is a very thorough inspector, with great attention to detail. He is very pleasant to work with, and I would highly recommend his services.
- M.P., April 2016
Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough help. We highly recommend Greg!
- C.B., January 2016
Thank you for your excellent work Inspecting the property at 889 New Haw Creek Road. Your work was thorough and impeccable. Best, Candix Yanes
- C.Y., January 2016
Greg was thorough, timely and pleasant. Always walked me thru any questions I had.
- S.C., August 2015
Phenomenal experience. Easy to understand and recognizably thorough.
- D.J., May 2015
Greg did an outstanding job. he was thorough and explained everything to me about my new construction home. i would definitely use him again.
- D.B., April 2015
SuperDuper! He's really an 11, not a 10.
- J.O., February 2015
Greg is the best!!! He is always my first call when myself or my clients need a home inspection.
- J.S., Asheville NC, January 2015
Greg Peterson is an excellent home inspector. He spends the time to look at issues and decide which are simply cosmetic verses issues that can pose a problem. He is very skilled and understands how items are repaired and makes suggestions of how the repairs can be accomplished. He is on time and has a state of the art reporting mechanism where we could access our information electronically and send it to other individuals we needed to include.
- J.D., October 2014
I have learned a great deal through having an inspection via Greg Peterson. It has saved me from making a choice that would not be wise, to affirming a choice that is viable, reasonable and appropriate. Frequently there are items that could have gone unnoticed, leaving me with costs that were not planned or much higher for areas of concern if missed. the attention to detail has picked up significant concerns, allowing that to be a part of the negotiation in my purchase of a home. I recommend Greg especially for a thorough and informative listing of what I need to know! The photos are excellent! He is pleasant, capable and competent. I would give him an A+. Sandra Fodi
- S.F., August 2014
I just received another thorough and comprehensive report from Mr. Peterson. It is clear why I am a repeat customer when I am trying to make a comparison decision. The attention to detail and accompanying photos make it easy to follow his progress through the house and any specific information that he has noted in his inspection. Since I am not a contractor and have not had extensive experience in choosing a home, it is comforting to know that it is being looked at by someone with that extensive experience and practical knowledge. Thanks again! Sandra Fodi
- S.F., June 2014
I already recommend Greg every chance I get!
- P.L., June 2014
This report is excellent. The details noted are valuable and pertinent. It is a thorough and comprehensive report of the status of the home inspected, including information that would enhance the ownership of this place. I believe a report such as this, given every 10 years could both increase the life of the home, and reduce the impact of any detrimental event or occurrence financially and effort wise. Thank you to Mr. Peterson for his extensive efforts in this home inspection.
- S.F., May 2014
Very thorough & complete. Seems to have a good broad base of knowledge to advise customer on appropriate repairs to make or replace.
- T.U., May 2014
Greg is honest and does a thorough job. I am a licensed and experienced contractor and consider him to be great asset. I would recommend him to anyone that was looking at buying property.
- C.N., April 2014
It was Wonderful working with Greg. He is very knowledgeable and cares about what he is doing. I have used him twice now to do inspections for me and am very pleased by his professionalism and courtesy. I also like how thorough and detailed he is. He was more than willing to answer any and all questions and go over things i had personally seen and investigate them. I will always recommend him to others and use him for any future projects I may have.
- C.G., February 2014
Greg was super thorough and patient. We were inspecting an old home, and he looked through it with extreme attention to detail and explained along the way. His report was a complete and detailed survey of the home's status. Highly recommended!
- B.H., January 2014
I will most definitely recommend Greg to friends who are buying a home or otherwise need a careful, experienced professional to take a good look. Greg's inspection was efficient and thorough, and he explained details of his findings clearly, both on-site and in his very complete written report.
- A.D., November 2013
Greg's inspection report was comprehensive and meticulous in its detail. His comments were direct and to the point and his photos clearly illustrated the problem He flagged every issue large and small that I would encounter as a purchaser of the property. Of particular importance, he flagged potential problems with the foundation and recommended that I have an engineer also inspect it. The engineer confirmed the problem and estimated that a cure would cost $5,000-$10,000. With that information, I was able to get a price reduction sufficient to cover the bulk of the estimated cost. Gregg's heads-up on the issue saved me from a very nasty surprise down the road.
- J.C., August 2013
Another good inspection which revealed a few items the Buyer should address. Thank you. Frank brown
- F.B., August 2013
The best
- B.B., August 2013
Greg Peterson did a very thorough job inspectiong a home for me and I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgable, pays close attention, answers your questions and provides a timely report tthat is detailed with good pictures to capture key items. Dana Stonestreet July 14, 2013
- D.S., July 2013
A very professional and sincere gentleman who gives a very comprehensive inspection and a report that very detailed.
- J.P., April 2013
Greg was friendly, thorough, and spent a long time helping to explain findings and answering questions.
- D.S., April 2013
Greg, Sandy and I really enjoyed working with you. Your knowledge of your field and ease which you explained everything was just superb. Your modern equipment and software were a pleasure to navigate. We will call you in the future for our inspection needs. Thank mucho Jim & Sandy Fowler
- J.F., Merritt Island FL, March 2013
Johnny on the spot. I will use him again. thanks, lee
- L.M., November 2012
Greg is one of the most detailed inspectors I have ever worked with. I recommend him to anyone looking for a timely thorough inspector.
- J.L., August 2012
Greg is very thorough. He explains things well and makes very helpful suggestions. He also makes a distinction between necessary fixes vs. things that are less important. I will definitely recommend him to others.
- C.W., May 2012
Thank you Greg! For being on time. For being thorough. For being patient. For answering questions in a professional manner. For your very detailed and timely report. Thank you.
- A.E., April 2012
Always professional and courteous. Takes time to make sure the client is comfortable and understands the inspection. Delivers a very professional, thoughtful inspection report.
- D.D., April 2012
Greg is the best... very prompt and thorough. I highly recommend him as a trusted, knowledgable home inspector.
- H.C., March 2012
Keep up the good work.
- B.L., March 2012
Wow, Greg! We are beyond impressed and very pleased with the thorough, professional and complete inspection of our new home. The actual report itself is so detailed and useful - not only as an assessment of the quality of our new construction, pointing out areas that either need some attention now or down the road a piece, but it is a homeowner's dream guide for maintainining the house in the future. Combined with the instructions and documentation that our builder will provide we should be able to locate features in and be able to maintain our home easily in the years to come. We sure will know where to start to look if something isn't working right in the future. Those photos rock! THANK YOU!!!
- D.S., March 2012
Very thorough, pictures are very descriptive, feel very confident that this is a very useful and informative report.
- L.T., December 2011
Very thorough and professional
- M.M., May 2011
Greg was absolutely wonderful. He is extremely thorough and methodical. He was very patient in answering all of my questions. I highly recommend him for a home inspection.
- J.S., April 2011
You conducted your inspection in a highly professional manner. Clearly communicating what you were doing, pointing-out deficiencies, and suggesting remedies. I was particularly impressed with your in-depth knowledge of all the systems in the house and the extra considerations of a log structure. In short, you did a great job -- thanks.
- B.I., April 2011
Very thorough job. Thanks.
- W.W., March 2011
I cannot express how much I appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism. Even though there were many "bad" things to discuss in your findings, you made the review as "painless" as possible for me, as the potential buyer.
- N.H., February 2011
Wonderful Through Quick Great value
- N.T., January 2011
Greg, It was a pleasure doing business w/you... Thanks, GAIL
- G.R., November 2010
Very professional, exactly what we needed and were looking for.
- C.S., November 2010
Professional. Very good at explaining items to the buyers.
- P.K., September 2010
Greg was a great home inspector. He was professional, thurough, and extremely informative. He informed me of everything I needed to know and I really felt he had my interests as a potential home buyer as his priority. Overall I had a great experience with Greg and would recommend him to friends/family
- R.S., December 2009
Greg Peterson is the home inspector I work with - that's all there is to it. I only want the best for my clients and he's the best!
- T.S., Asheville NC, September 2009
Mr. Peterson was prompt, professional, incredibly thorough, and a real pleasure to work with. His final report likewise reflected those same qualities. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in the western North Carolina area!
- B.D., August 2009
Thanks, Greg, for the thorough inspection of my new home. I believe that a home inspection is an essential component for the purchase of all homes, new or old. The report was comprehensive and easy to read...the pictures were extremely helpful. You made the information available and accessible to all interested parties. This method is very efficient! Great job!!!
- L.D., August 2009