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Chesley Ruff

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Certified by The MHIB Lisc. #0631 and The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors # 15010823


I offer reasonable rates and inspect properties 7 days a week because I enjoy what I do. Read my feedback and learn what my customers think. As your Inspector, we will share a common interest- your knowledge and peace of mind. Call me!

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Thorough, knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. Chesley took time to explain his findings and answer all of our questions. He really cared about us! In fact, we used him TWICE. There’s no one else I’d recommend more enthusiastically. He’s the best!
- C.M., December 2019
You are very insightful and made it more reassuring for me to purchase the home.
- C.N., November 2019
Great service!
- G.S., November 2019
I highly recommend Chesley Ruff. His service was exceptional and communication was top notch. Mr. Ruff is just as excited to inspect a home and give you a good report as you are investing in it. This was hands down the best home inspection process I've ever dealt with.
- B.D., October 2019
Great job! Very thorough and responsive to communication.
- T.S., October 2019
Inspected two homes for my fiancé and I and couldn't have asked for a better experience. First time home buyers so the process was a little overwhelming to us, but Chesley helped with the process a lot, and even took a little stress off when we found "the house" with his positivity. Talked to us on our level so we didn't get lost in the vocabulary of it and broke things down for me when I needed an explanation. Fast turn around and very detailed reports. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- B.M., October 2019
Chesley Ruff demonstrates knowledge, experience and great communication skills. We were and are extremely pleased to have him on “our team “.
- S.P., October 2019
Mr. Ruff was very honest and upfront throughout the inspection. I was very pleased with the amount of images and descriptions in his report. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a future home inspection.
- J.H., September 2019
Chesley did a very thorough job and provided us with an extremely detailed report quite quickly. The report detailed all problem area and included suggestions on how to address them. We would definitely use Chesley again for our home inspection needs!
- J.H., September 2019
We were very pleased with the service we received from Mr. Ruff! He was very detailed in his inspection and a very nice guy as well. He has the client's best interest at heart while inspecting their home. I highly recommend him for your future home inspection!!
- B.R., September 2019
I`m happy with the report would have liked some more information about the underneath portion of the house . I also appreciate the repair suggestions such as for the driveway . Very helpful
- H.J., Thomson GA, September 2019
I was very pleased with the in depth report of the home. I have told a few people at work I was happy and I recommend they also use your services for their home purchasing needs.
- M.F., August 2019
Chelsey does a great job and is fun to work with.
- B.C., August 2019
Chesley was very very thorough and extremely informative! He genuinely cares about the buyers. Highly recommended. Great job!
- N.I., June 2019
I found Mr Ruff to be very knowledgeable and thorough in his inspection. He was very efficient and went about his work with purpose. He was always ready to explain situations and answer my questions.
- B.B., June 2019
He has a professional manner and gave us a lot of usable information. He was also prompt and responsive to our time schedule.
- L.D., May 2019
Mr. Ruff was a professional in every sense of the word. He was knowledgeable about everything in the house. His inspection made me much more comfortable with proceeding in the biggest purchase of my life.
- J.C., May 2019
Mr. Ruff was really great! He made the whole process simple and painless, and he was very thorough. He explained everything in terms we could understand and didn?t mind answering questions. He seems really genuine and like he cares about his work.
- B.W., May 2019
Mr. Ruff was very helpful. I really appreciate his honesty and service. He was also very kind and friendly which has come to be a rare quality in people these days. I didn?t know of an inspector that I wanted to use personally when my realtor asked and now I do. I will happily recommend him to others. It was such a pleasure to meet him.
- E.H., May 2019
Chesley was highly recommended by some friends and was also on the list of "approved" inspectors provided by my realtor. He was the only inspector I researched that had a website and it was very informative and helpful. I called for pricing, his estimate was in the same range as every other quote I was given, but his personality and methods made me decide on him right away. Chesley kept in contact with me through phone calls and text messages. Every text I sent him was answered in a timely fashion. All the questions I asked him (and believe me, there were MANY) were happily answered in a way that I could understand. He kept me updated on what was happening and made it clear that if I had any questions or concerns, he would be happy to help at any time - day or night. Chesley made me feel like we were his only client, and I know that that is by design. He focuses only on a single client per day, so that your needs have his undivided attention. I like that a lot. Chesley asked me what OUR biggest concerns for the inspection were, and then talked about those things in particular during our phone call after the inspection. We received the report the on the same day, full of photos, information and suggestions. Now that the inspection is finished, he let me know that he is still at our disposal until we officially own the home. Chesley made me feel confident that he would find any and all issues, but also like I was his only client. His customer service is outstanding, his methods are thorough, his report was detailed and informative while remaining easy to understand. And if his practices, certifications, and methods weren't enough to convince you; Chesley has a wonderful personality and sense of humor, which in our case, really helped with the tension and uncertainty that comes along with the inspection. The home we are trying to buy is 62 years old - we know it has some faults, but the unknown elements are anxiety-inducing, to say the least. His lighthearted banter and upbeat demeanor really helped to keep me from sailing away on anxiety tidal wave during the process. I don't expect to ever use any other inspector - we found our guy, and that guy is Chesley. He is thorough, informative, detail-oriented, dedicated, helpful and kind. I will be recommending him to everyone I know.
- S.S., May 2019
As a first time home buyer, I wanted someone precise and who knows how to inspect a house as if he is the one buying. Chesley Ruff is the one I would recommend to anyone buying a house. He took his time to show us in detail his results. Even more impressive he took the time to educate my husband and I on ways to take care of a house. He promised we, as his customers, were his number one priority and we sure felt like it! Also, his friendliness and funny personality made it much more enjoyable as well. I highly recommend Mr. Ruff to any homebuyer. We will use him again if we ever do choose to get another house! Thank you so much for an excellent job!
- A.H., April 2019
Mr. Ruff gets a 100+ from me!!! He is very prompt, considerate and helpful!!!!
- S.M., April 2019
Extremely efficient and took the time to explain every detail. Excellent in every way!!!
- S.C., April 2019
He was there to answer any and every question. He was available to explain everything in great detail. Even helped with how to fix any issues found.
- S.E., March 2019
Chesley is helpful, fast, and above all very professional. I would recommend Chesley to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- E.S., March 2019
Very good at his job and a great man!! Thank you again!!!
- B.N., February 2019
He did a fantastic job on our home inspection and our report was very easy to read and follow. Thank you so much again, Chesley!
- A.W., February 2019
Chesley. Your report went above and beyond what I had expected. You were so thorough in providing explanations of how things were supposed to be and then providing the information of how the property was in comparison. We really appreciate your complete inspection and feedback. We would definitely recommend your services. Thank you.
- F.B., February 2019
Ches - thank you so much for the thorough job with no-notice.. awesome job Sir.
- K.D., February 2019
Very professional and very thorough I would reccomend him to anyone
- B.M., January 2019
Chess was responsive, punctual and reliable. Great and thorough home inspection. Thank you!
- J.M., January 2019
I appreciate all of your input. I like that you answered my questions or comments to the fullest. Made the process of purchasing a house very pleasant and informative. Thank you!!
- L.W., January 2019
Chelsey went above and beyond to inspect our home. His detailed report was easy to read and laid out why he saw in each aspect of the house. Chelsey also was available for questions even after the home inspection. I would recommend him to anyone I know who is getting a new home or is looking to get a home inspected
- J.W., January 2019
Thank you for an excellent and thorough job especially around the holiday season! A pleasure to work with you
- M.M., December 2018
Mr. Ruff was contacted on short notice about doing a inspection for our home. We made a offer and expected to close within two weeks so every thing needed to happen quickly. Mr. Ruff was absolutely the best choice I have made in the whole process of selling my old home and buying my new home. His descriptors are great, and word choices are easy to understand. His knowledge is evident in reading the report and the details contained within. While reading the report you can really feel that he enjoys his job and is very talented at it.
- R.R., December 2018
What a wonderful experience. Chesley took the time to go over everything and provided a thorough report.
- K.B., December 2018
Great job thanks for all the help!
- J.L., December 2018
Very friendly and professional. Report was thorough and helpful.
- M.G., November 2018
Did a great job with a reasonable price. Thank you
- F.K., November 2018
Chesley was very thorough with answering any questions we had during the inspection process. He performed his duties in a timely manner. We really appreciated the opportunity to work with Chesley!
- K.T., November 2018
We couldn?t have asked for a better inspector. Mr. Chesley did a thorough inspection and was very knowledgeable!!
- J.W., October 2018
Chesley did an awesome job on my home inspection! He was very quick in getting the job done and his report was very detailed, easy to understand, and organized. Chesley was easy to talk to and very professional. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who needs a home inspection! Thank you Mr. Ruff!
- K.K., October 2018
Mr. Ruff quickly scheduled and explained inspection details to us. He was extremely detailed on his inspection and report with pictures as well as specific observations and recommendations. We will definitely use him in the future if needed and recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!
- J.R., September 2018
Chesley did a great job! We are very happy with his work! He was very professional, timely, thorough and a genuinely nice man. I would highly recommend his services.
- E.S., September 2018
Was great, really appreciate texting me. I work nights and sleep when most people are up. So texting and emailing really made it easy for me. Thank you
- C.F., September 2018
Mr. Ruff did an amazing job on our house inspection. We are first time home buyers so everything that comes with buying a house, such as a home inspection, was new to us. We were so pleased at how Mr. Ruff explained everything, it was simple and to the point and he even provided pictures and suggestions along with the final home inspection report. Everything was done in a timely manner. You can tell he is a man of his word and takes pride in his work and his clients satisfaction!! Highly recommend him!!
- M.V., September 2018
Mr. Ruff was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. He answered all of our questions honestly and completely. He was very timely in submitting his report. He reassured us that he was available to assist us throughout the buying process. Could not have been more pleased with him. I recommend him highly!!
- L.S., September 2018
Very detailed. Kept me informed. Easy to read report with good picture details. Great turn around time on report.
- C.Y., September 2018
Chesley is professional, friendly and honest. What a great man to work with. I have bought and sold many properties and many inspectors like to convey that the deal rides on their opinion. Chesley report the facts. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. He is factual. That is so important in an inspection. Thoroughness. Honesty. Factual. What more could you hope for in a home inspection?
- C.S., Scottsdale AZ, August 2018
As a first home buyer I was very lucky to have Mr. Chesley Ruff as my home inspector. Coming from another country it wasn't difficult as I thought to understand new terms and what to look in a house to prevent future problems. The explanation was clear and well detailed. Thank you for your service!!
- A.N., August 2018
Very professional and very thorough. Definitely a great experience.
- J.C., August 2018
Absolutely great!
- B.K., July 2018
Great person explained everything and the reason why .Great rates used him 2x and both times very happy with his work
- R.R., tremont MS, July 2018
Mr. Ruff was great working with and I would absolutely recommended him.
- K.S., July 2018
Mr. Ruff was very thorough and clear in his explainations. He was extremely accommodating with his time and a had a very quick turn around on reports and paperwork. I would definitely use him again in the future and would not hesitate to recommend his services to friends and family.
- P.G., July 2018
Mr. Ruff was very professional and thorough. I highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- K.H., June 2018
Thanks for your help in the purchase of my new home!
- J.C., June 2018
Mr. Ruff did a very thorough inspection. He answered all of my questions and helped me understand the level of quality that is in the home we are buying. I highly recommend Mr Ruff. Thanks for your help!
- W.A., June 2018
I think Mr.Chesley, is way above his class when it comes to home inspection; there some inspectors but here is the #1 Inspector Chesley Ruff !
- G.S., June 2018
It was a pleasure working with Chesley Ruff. I would absolutely recommend Chesley Ruff.
- R.H., May 2018
Mr. Ruff did a very complete and professional inspection. He was a pleasure to work with.
- R.W., May 2018
Mr. Ruff was a delight to work with. He was very professional and went out of his way answer any question i had. I would recommend new home buyers to use Mr. Ruff, because he very easy to get hold of and is will to answer any questions you have.
- V.M., April 2018
It was a pleasure meeting Chesley Ruff and having him as an home inspector. He did an awesome job inspecting. He inspected the home inside out and didn't miss one single spot. He was on time and made me smile throughout the inspection. Thanks, Chelsey Ruff ( You're number 1)!"
- J.D., April 2018
Mr. Chesley Ruff was great to work with. He made sure to keep me updated on any changes that had to be made and made the inspection process very easy to understand. I would definitely recommend Mr. Ruff for any future inspections.
- E.B., April 2018
- C.J., March 2018
Excellent, efficient job on my inspection! Highly recommend.
- T.T., March 2018
Mr. Ruff did a great job in his inspection. would use again if needed..
- S.H., March 2018
Very professional. The home inspection was very well done and very detailed. I would highly recommend.
- K.G., February 2018
you did a excellent job
- K.H., February 2018
Mr. Ruff did a first rate inspection. He was fast and thorough. In attitude and work he was excellent.
- L.D., December 2017
Absolutely the best quick and efficient definitely recommending him to anyone in need of the services!
- C.S., December 2017
Chesley was friendly, helpful, thorough and engaging in the process. He not only provided detailed reviews but insight into potential solutions.
- J.W., November 2017
Chesley is quick to get the job done. His reports are always detailed and thorough, and he maintains a strong communication line with both agents and clients. Chesley is always a pleasure to do business with. He truly goes above and beyond for his clients.
- A.W., Saltillo MS, November 2017
Phenomenal person to work with! Super thorough inspection, and easy to understand.
- A.J., November 2017
Mr Ruff was courteous and fast. He did a thorough job and made me feel confident in the home I am buying.
- J.C., November 2017
Thank You for your hard work and dedication during my inspection. Chesley answered all my questions and I am more than confident with his results. His customer service is exceptional!!!
- B.M., October 2017
Thank You for your hard work and dedication during my inspection. Chesley answered all my questions and I am more than confident with his results. His customer service is exceptional!!!
- B.M., October 2017
Chesley provided a very thorough inspection of a home I am purchasing and provided a detailed report of his findings in an exceptionally timely manner. I had the opportunity to talk with him prior to the work he did and I found him very friendly, easy to communicate with, and very responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking a detailed inspection of properties.
- V.S., August 2017
Chesley provided a very thorough inspection of a home I am purchasing and provided a detailed report of his findings in an exceptionally timely manner. I had the opportunity to talk with him prior to the work he did and I found him very friendly, easy to communicate with, and very responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking a detailed inspection of properties.
- V.S., August 2017
I would recommend Mr. Ruff because he was very professional and it was apparent he was truly an expert at his job.
- R.R., August 2017
We were buying a home in Tupelo, living in CO. We contracted with Chesley and I can't recommend him enough. He was honest, professional, competent, and punctual. We received the report and there were four items of concern, all of which the builder agreed to take care of before we took possession. Thanks, Chesley!
- R.F., July 2017
Arrived promptly at our appointed time. Consummate professional and very detailed. Would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Ruff.
- K.P., July 2017
Very detailed and did a great job!
- S.S., July 2017
Mr. Ruff did and great job very professional job and was willing to ask any question me are my wife had thank you so very much for a job well done.
- H.W., July 2017
Very professional and knowledgeable. Extremely fair and totally dedicated to his client.
- T.W., June 2017
Very professional and knowledgeable. Extremely fair and totally dedicated to his client.
- T.W., June 2017
Chelsey was very professional and made sure he checked the details.
- J.S., June 2017
Very professional.
- S.L., May 2017
Mr. Ruff was very knowledgeable and professional in the home inspection. He walk through and inspection was done in manner which reflects how well he knows what to look for and the things of concern. I would highly recommend Mr. Ruff for anyone getting a home inspection.
- J.S., May 2017
I was very impressed by Mr. Ruff's professionalism. He was very thorough and used current technology to his advantage. GOOD JOB!
- S.B., May 2017
Your on-site procedure was very professional and thorough. The resulting report will be very helpful in supporting a confident purchase as well as providing a great deal of information that will be helpful after the purchase. You were recommended as "the best", and I believe that to be true.
- A.T., May 2017
Completely satisfied with the service I received! Fast, complete, and amazing value for the service. Would and will recommend to anyone needing a home inspector!
- H.B., May 2017
I appreciate the time Chesley took in explaining everything and answering my questions, no matter how insignificant. He greatly eased any anxiety I had about the home.
- W.B., May 2017
You were great to work with! Honest and very helpful!
- B.G., April 2017
An absolute professional. Efficient and thorough.
- S.M., April 2017
Quick, thorough, and easy to work with.
- A.W., Saltillo MS, April 2017
Very thorough when inspecting homes and completes his inspection and sends the report in an efficient and timely manner.
- A.W., Saltillo MS, April 2017
We were very happy with Mr Ruffs service. He is very professional and does exactly what he says he will do, when he says he will do it. His inspection report was thorough and to the point. We couldn't be happier with the service we received, we would use him again tomorrow should the need arise and we would have no hesitation in recommending his service to anyone.
- C.B., April 2017
Professional inspection done in a timely manner.
- C.M., Corinth MS, March 2017
Always available and willing to answer all question you have before and after inspection.
- C.P., March 2017