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Before you make that huge investment you should have a home inspection for peace of mind about your new home. Our company has performed over 11,000 inspections in western North Carolina. Our inspectors are Licensed Home inspectors, Licensed general contractors, and registered termite technicians. Call our office to schedule an appointment. (828)687-7221


NC Home Inspection lic.#1093 NC General Contractor Lic. #61956 Housing code inspector for the city of Asheville


Quality Home Consultants is a full service home inspection company. The home inspection will cover all aspects of your home. We have completed over 11,000 inspections in Western North Carolina.


Very thorough. I would definitely recommend Jim
- M.F., November 2019
Second time I have used Jim Rauland for home inspections. He is very professional , and his reports are completely accurate. I have received reports by email within 18 hours of inspection. His service is premium, yet fee is very fair.
- R.B., October 2019
Very detailed inspection
- T.L., June 2019
The man I trust for professionalism, integrity and thoroughness! Thank you, Jim!
- R.B., Hendersonville NC, February 2019
Jim you were wonderful with my buyer and I think this will make the follow-up work on this easier purchase. Thank you!
- K.R., Asheville NC, June 2018
Very thorough and professional. Thanks for your hard work on this property.
- F.D., May 2018
I always enjoy working with Jim, he is very professional and knowledgeable about the structure and elements of a home. Very patience takes his time to explain to my clients what the problem is and how it needs to be fixed.
- D.H., Asheville NC, July 2017
Thanks Jim! Great job!
- G.E., May 2017
The best in the business!
- M.M., January 2017
I have excellent confidence in Jim, he has done a competent job on every home his has inspected for my clients. Whether it is a pre-listing inspection or a buyer inspection. I have recommended Jim's company for over twenty years.
- D.H., Asheville NC, January 2017
Thorough and timely - great to work with!
- C.B., October 2016
This is the second home Jim has done for us- Wish he was around for our previous 5! The man is thurough, timely and a true professional.....Can't say enough good things about him. We will definitely be telling anyone in need of home inspection services that Jim is the go-to man for the job!
- A.P., October 2016
Great inspection, very thorough and complete! My wife met the Mr. Rauland at the house and she advised he answered all questions she had. David Johnson
- D.J., September 2016
Thank you, Jim, for a great inspection experience! You were very thorough, explaining everything and answering all my questions. And the A/C referral was so appreciated! I will be recommending you!
- L.D., July 2016
It was a pleasure working with Jim during the inspection - he was very thorough and if he found anything he immediately brought it to our attention and documented it. Well worth every penny because he pointed out some big issues with the house that need to be fixed.
- J.B., June 2016
Thank you so much! I appreciate the time you took and your knowledge and expertise!
- J.C., April 2016
Jim, thank you for all you help and information AND ideas! I hope that this "Sara's" house! Ammie
- A.F., August 2015
Very pleasant while at the same time being professional. Kept us informed with what he was doing and what he found step by step. Would definitely recommend him to anyone for an inspection.
- P.L., June 2015
Chris was terrific! He took his time and explained everything he was seeing. What a great guy!
- S.S., June 2015
Jim was extremely thorough and informative during the inspection and in his follow-up report. He also answered all of our questions and gave helpful advice on how to remedy certain problems. His timely and accurate report allowed us to make informed decisions regarding the home we were considering buying.
- A.H., April 2015
Jim Rauland performs the most professionally inspections for my clients. He always is friendly and full of information for my clients. He is not an alarmist and take care to explain every aspect of the inspection to the buyers. I highly recommend Jim and his company.
- A.M., Hendersonville NC, April 2015
Jim is a great home inspector; skilled, patient and communicative.
- C.T., April 2015
Thanks for taking care of this so quickly. This is a very professional report. Well Done! Jeff Schiff
- J.S., January 2015
Very professional and thorough. I would welcome his services again.
- E.L., November 2014
Jim, Thanks for a very thorough inspection! We really appreciate all the time you took to look at each and every thing and the interest and care to explain it all to us. We would certainly recommend you to anyone and everyone! Thanks again and all the best, Richard and Susan
- R.S., September 2014
Thank you Jim for being so professional and at the same time so easy and pleasant to work with. You were very thorough and answered many of our questions. We would definitely recommend you to anyone who inquired about having an inspection.
- J.F., July 2014
Very thorough and complete report quickly.
- B.A., June 2014
- J.H., May 2014
Jim is an inspector I trust and fully recommend to my clients. His ease of manner and his knowledge assist my clients in understanding the workings of a home. He is not an alarmist and takes the time needed to assure my clients. His reports are concise and to the point without fluff. I will continue to recommend Jim Rauland as a top notch Home Inspector. Alysia Maher, Beverly-Hanks and Associates
- A.M., Hendersonville NC, March 2014
We appreciated the very through inspection and your willingness to answer all our questions as you went along examining the property. The comprehensive report including photos and recommendations is very helpful. Thank you for the great service you provide! The Labbe's
- J.L., November 2013
very informative in terms of helping understand impacts of various issues. explaining what and why he was doing.
- V.H., July 2013
Punctual and very professional
- L.O., June 2013
Thank you, Jim! You were very informative and patient with all of my questions. Thank you for being so thurogh. You opened my eyes to a lot of little things, that need fixing, and few huge things, I probably wouldn't have found! Thanks, again! Kathy
- K.R., June 2013
Jim is great! He is very knowledgeable and so willing to answer all my questions as well as explain how things work and proper maintenance and care.
- D.D., May 2013
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Provided feedback and gave his professional opinion on certain areas.
- A.P., April 2013
Jim, You climbing that tall ladder to put a lightbulb in a fixture and cleaning the spiderwebs from the window have been difficult for us to do and was greatly appericiated! We will gladly recommend you to others who are also moving into the area! Thank you for a great job!
- R.W., March 2013
Jim offered realistic, expert input. He is exactly what you hope for going into a home inspection.
- J.F., February 2013
LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy......he and his wife, Jennifer are always there when I need an inspection done and always there to answer any questions that I might have. He's the best!!
- S.L., January 2013
Jim was very professional and thorough we feel he found anything there was to find in our (hopefully) new home.
- M.C., January 2013
Thank you, again, Jim!
- J.E., November 2012
Jim is very knowledgeable, diligent, and conscientious. He also has a very pleasant personality.
- G.P., November 2012
Thanks for being so pleasant to work with.
- R.B., October 2012
- B.F., Asheville NC, October 2012
Jim, I appreciate not only your thoroughness, but how nice you are to work with. I will gladly recommend you for any inspections my friends may need. Thank you!
- S.B., October 2012
Awesome inspector!
- L.H., September 2012
Great service.
- J.M., September 2012
very thurough and very much appreciated for gong the extra distance to evaluate this home appropriately. was mor than i expected and addressed all areas of consideration for a well informed purchase
- J.Z., July 2012
Very thorough. Jim took the time to explain everything I didn't understand. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
- E.D., June 2012
Complete, thorough and extensive. Was extremely pleased with the explanation and completion. This is the second Jim Rauland has done an inspection and would definitely call him again. Thank you.
- R.T., May 2012
Jim has been inspecting homes for me for over 15 years. He is a "man of integrity". There are few men who can meet this level of truth and trust. I recommend him to all, buyer or seller. Brenda Dillingham Century 21 Mountain Lifestyles
- B.D., Arden NC, May 2012
I really appreciated the through job you guys did on the house. Without this inspection I would have made a very costly mistake in purchasing this home. Thank you so much!
- S.G., May 2012
Quality is the best. The inspectors are professional and friendly. The reports are complete and the inspectors go above and beyond what is required.
- B.G., May 2012
Thank you Jim. It was a pleasure meeting you. You were VERY thorough in your inspection and I appreciate you taking the time to explain things to me as we went through the process. I will highly recommend you to my friends/acquaintences.
- L.T., April 2012
Shannon was a thorough and experienced inspector. He was also extremely personable, and went over everything with us in a professional manner. He has been available by phone for our questions, and continues to provide us with valuable insight and knowledge about our reports. Thank you!
- S.S., February 2012
Jim -- Thank you for the time, expertise, and opinions you shared with me yesterday while inspecting our future home. It was a pleasure meeting and talking with you and I really appreciated your critical eye throughout the inspection process. I reviewed your report and found it to be thorough, on point, and complete. I am certain we received much more value than we paid for. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone who may need them in the future. Thanks again... Chris
- C.W., November 2011
Jim is extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and helpful. Jim allowed me to ask questions and gave me thoughtful and useful information. I have had more than five years remodeling experience / cabinet installer and eleven years as a journeyman industrial painter, so I was able to ask specific questions. Outside my area of knowledge or experience, Jim was very generous with his experienced recommendations and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Jim and will do so with any friends or family looking for a qualified, reliable, and trustworthy home inspector. Thanks, Jim!!! KUDOS.
- L.L., September 2011
Shannon was a delight. Very competent.
- A.M., Hendersonville NC, August 2011
Very thorough, very competent! Jim took the time to answer any and all questions, even general ones not directly related to the inspection itself. We felt like we were on the set of "Holmes on Homes!"
- J.E., August 2011
Shannon was personable in addition to being thorough and professional. I enjoyed inspecting the house with him. He gave excellent information and advice about potential repairs. Also, I very much appreciate that you were able to fit me in on such short notice. Thank you very much.
- A.W., August 2011
A pleasure to work with you. Excellent report.
- A.C., May 2011
Did a great and thorough job. Feel very good about his work.
- V.H., May 2011
Great job, thanks!
- L.C., May 2011
We were very impressed with our inspector. He arrived on time and went straight to work. At the same time, he took time to answer questions and clarify any issues. We especially appreciated his fast summary at the end and the speed with which he returned the report. I have already recommended him to others since the report arrived to my email before I arrived home.
- B.G., April 2011
Thanks you Jim you done a wonderful job i will let every one i know that is or will be buyin a home in the future. Thanks so much for a well done job
- T.D., April 2011
Thanks Jim for doing a great job. I hope to be able to use you again in the future. Keep in touch.
- V.E., March 2011
Thank you Jim, Steve Agneta, and John Ortell
- S.A., March 2011
Very professional,complete,competant, & took time to explain all questions, above & beyond! Thanks Jim Laurel B.
- M.C., February 2011
Thank you for your professional and thorough inspection. We feel much better knowing what needs to be repaired on our new house.
- J.H., February 2011
Jim is very knowledgeable and proficient in his inspections. Great communication skills, keeped me informed every step of his inspection.
- D.G., January 2011
Thanks for the good job and pictures. It will make it easier for me to follow up.
- C.C., December 2010
I was present during the inspection and thought that Shawn was very thorough in his inspection. He was also very courteous to me and answered all my questions in a way that I could understand. Thank you to Shawn for a job done with a high level of professionalism...and for his reassuring words to a buyer who is more than a litle anxious in this time of economic uncertainty in the real estate market in our country!
- A.L., December 2010
Jim did a fantastic job. this was my first home inspection and I did not know what to expect. Jim was both knowledgeable and polite. He allowed me to tag along with him during the inspection asking questions and also receiving advice where he saw fit. He thoroughly scavaged the house and displayed a keen interest in doing a great job. As a buyer a priority is knowing as much about a property as possible prior to signing on the dotted line. Jim found issues which had not been previously found by contractors that I had requested look at the house. Having full insight prior to closing is a great thing. I would highly recommend Jim and Quality Inspection for your inspection needs.
- J.W., May 2010
Shannon Wilson was not only thorough, but always took time to patiently explain any structure or mechanism I did not understand. Shannon Wilson has my highest recommendation.
- P.D., May 2010
Great job, with a real touch for helping home buyer.
- J.M., April 2010
Knows his stuff and explains what he finds
- B.S., April 2010
Very, very thorough and knowledgeable. he took his time to be sure he covered everything, and made sure that we understood what he observed, and he was pleasure to work with.
- C.W., February 2010
It was my first experience at a home inspection and I felt totally confident with your assesment and recommendations. Thanks for the information...nice to meet you...Beth
- B.H., February 2010
Very friendly and easy to talk to. Would definately recommend.
- J.G., January 2010
See above
- T.A., January 2010
Professional, courteous, friendly, informative and just plain nice. :)
- A.J., December 2009
Very professional and helpful in every way. Answered every question I had without hesitation. Thanks again
- J.C., November 2009
looks like you did a thorough jobs, thanks. Barbara
- B.B., October 2009
Jim did a great job. Very easy to work with
- B.M., September 2009
As always you go the extra mile in client support, even so far as to do a home inspection on a Saturday. I've been using you for over ten years and your skill and sevice continue to just get better with time. Thanks so much for another home inspection well done. You're the best!! Riva
- R.G., Asheville NC, September 2009
Thanks so much for all your explanations yesterday! You made my day when you said that the house was in really good condition.
- L.E., September 2009
I was very impressed by Mr. Rauland's knowledge and his professionalism. Add to that a very friendly personality, which was much appreciated too. He was completely thorough inspecting the houses I was interested in, and unbiased in his reporting. Highly recommended. Jim Brown
- J.B., September 2009
Jim, I think you did a great job, I was very pleased. Thank You, Barbara Frasier
- B.F., July 2009
Thanks for the thorough inspection.
- S.B., June 2009
Very patient and thorough He was pleasant, courteous, attentive and very very patient with the audience
- C.K., June 2009