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Certified ASHI Home Inspector Infrared-Certified Home Inspector South Carolina License #2046


Thank you Mr. Stephen for coming out at the last minute. Thank you for the through inspection and report. It was nice meeting you. CONGRATULATION TO YOU and MRS. ERIKA PROUD PARENTS OF A 2021 GRADUATE!!!
- C.S., June 2021
Great job. Very thorough inspection. I highly recommend him.
- J.B., July 2020
Stephen is a world class pro inspector. In 33 years of real estate I have never met another inspector who surpasses his knowledge, thoroughness or ability to communicate issues clearly and directly.
- J.B., December 2019
Thanks so much for providing a extremely thorough inspection! The pictures & videos he provided really helped paint the picture as we were not there to see the house inspected in person. Very reassuring!
- L.W., July 2019
So thankful for his time and expertise!
- L.M., June 2019
In all my years of purchasing homes, through out the US, I have never encountered anyone who could match Stephen's knowledge and professionalism. He was fair minded, through and explained everything. I plan to use him again after my renovation on this ole house. Thank you Stephen it was a pleasure working with you.
- D.H., June 2019
Stephan was informative and entertaining and we are very thankful he was chosen to do our inspection.
- J.W., May 2019
I truly value your expertise and knowledge. Appreciate it so much.
- S.M., February 2019
Great job by Stephen. Very informative. Informally, Stephen told me how best to clean the vinyl siding. I think it involved krud kutter, but I don't remember the details. If I could be reminded that would be great. Larry Miller 513 479-8033
- L.M., August 2018
Stephen is a world class detailed home inspector. For 32 years, I have seen inspectors work, and have NEVER found anyone else who equals him. He is an amazing source of knowledge, and solution based when needed for a path forward.
- J.B., May 2018
I really enjoyed meeting Stephen. He was great with my clients explaining everything as we went along. Very pleasant, funny, and informative!
- C.S., March 2018
Very thorough, knowledgeable, and engaging. He was able to answer all my questions, backed by years of industry, and local, knowledge. I will highly recommend both Stephen and Solid Ground. Thanks again for helping us along with our new home purchase.
- M.S., October 2017
Stephen Houmard is terrific! He's the very best! Not only is he very personable with a great sense of humor, but he is so knowledgeable and his inspection process is very thorough, and his explanations afterwards went above and beyond just giving us the results, he also gave us great advice concerning numerous items on the inspection, and on how to properly care for our new home. He is an educator besides being a great inspector - and it is so evident that he is an expert in his profession. My wife and I already are planning to have him come back in about 11 months from now to give us an updated inspection since this one was so worth it! Bennett and Suzanne Wyse
- B.W., Mount Pleasant SC, July 2017
Awesome service! Took the time to explain and answer questions.
- S.W., July 2017
Stephen Houmard was wonderful to work with and did a fantastic job!!!
- B.M., May 2017
Steve is an excellent home inspector. His inspection was thorough and not rushed using drone, hi def cameras, infra red thermal imager etc. He walked us through the whole inspection and explained what he is inspecting, what he is looking for and in future what we should look for. He educated us how to properly maintain the home including proper operation of the HVAC system, air handling and air flow through the living space. He took extra time to educate my wife about the working of a heat pump and GFCIs. He suggested cleaning products for sidings, windows and even suggested what type of window treatments are the best for this southern home to avoid moisture and mildew. Lastly his sense of humor and personality is so funny that we laughed the whole two plus hours and the inspection was very very enjoyable. The report is in great detail, with suggestions, explanations including drone videos of the neighborhood. I give him 10 star out of five star. He is the man to get if you want a home to be inspected. Can't say enough. Thanks Steve. Qanungos
- S.Q., March 2017
Outstanding. Very personable. Explained what the results of the inspection indicated. Would recommend Mr. Houmard to anyone at anytime. Nice job, Stephen. jc
- J.C., October 2016
He is my go to person when it comes to home inspections. Stephen is great with my clients, especially first time homebuyers. He takes the time to educate them on how to maintain the home.
- M.W., March 2016
Stephen's inspection was excellent. He went out of his way to explain multiple aspects of the inspection and educated us about the home and equipment we were purchasing. He also mixed in a lot of humor and great conversation that made the inspection an enjoyable experience. Thanks again Stephen!
- M.W., December 2015
Stephen did an absolutely wonderful job. This is the second time he's inspected a home for me. Each time I've felt as though he went the extra mile -- relaying much-needed info and providing insight. I highly recommend him!
- B.C., September 2015
Professional & personable. He is knowledgable about homes and many aspects of caring for homes. Great information shared. Be sure to take notes for future reference.
- I.E., August 2015
Stephen was very thorough and professional during the walk-through and inspection process. He pointed out items that are implemented as recent code improvements from the date of our last purchase. The report is complete and documents the inspection, with as viewed pictures taken during the inspection. After the technical walk-through, he used thermal imaging camera to check for hot/cold zones around the interior, looking for hot spots to indicates areas with lower insulation.
- L.D., August 2015
While I've only had one home inspection, Stephen is my go-to guy for all future inspections!
- J.M., July 2015
I highly recommend Solid Ground Home Inspections to anyone needing a home inspection! Stephen Houmard was my inspector and walked me through every step of the inspection giving helpful tips. They are on your side in the home buying experience and make sure nothing goes unreported! The large report is easy to read and understand. Not to mention the humor Stephen brings to the job, he makes the process a learning experience. I had my inspection done in 2012. It's now 2015 and I had a problem, Stephen came back out to check out the house and make sure there wasn't something missed 3 yrs later! This family based company is very personable and honors there contract! Again I highly recommend this company!
- L.K., May 2015
Since inspection occurred on May 13, an insurance agent told me that 306 Heron Watch Court has a claim for lightning in Sept. 2014. Paid claim was for $1,255. Just wanted you to be aware of this. Not sure if that would have changed any aspect of your inspection - but just in case. Thanks for your good work to inspect this home with such care, and ALL the additional information you provided to, given that I'm a northerner. I learned many things that are unique to southern homes. I appreciate it greatly!
- D.G., May 2015
Very thorough! Would highly recommend. Thank you for your time and details!
- M.C., February 2015
Stephen was courteous, personable, and professional. His report was detailed, accurate, completed in a timely manner, and displayed the personal pride he takes in his work. I will recommend him in the future.
- P.B., December 2014
Great Home inspector, knowledgable and dependable. Not an alarmist!
- J.S., November 2014
Stephen is thorough and professional. I trust his integrity and judgment. I would not hesitate to use his services again or recommend him to a friend. His report was complete and easy to follow. Thanks again Stephen and good job.
- S.N., August 2014
Steve that was SO much fun. Learned a ton and hugely appreciate your high professional standards and rigorous, no-nonsense approach to the inspection. Keep up the great work!!
- A.S., August 2014
Great home inspector. Does a wonderful job of educating the buyer on the best way to take care of their new purchase! Carefully and cheerfully explains all situations and helps delineate the serious from the moderate issue to the long term care issues.
- J.S., August 2014
Awesome job and enjoyable first time experience. Will use for other properties.
- J.H., Mt. Pleasant SC, August 2014
Thanks again Stephen! I greatly appreciate your thoroughness and taking the time to explain things to me, a first time home buyer, to the point of clarity.
- J.C., June 2014
He was amazing. Gave us so much helpful knowledge about the house and general upkeep.
- T.B., May 2014
I appreciate the thorough job he did and his willingness to answer my questions. Buying a house is a big decision and I think it's important to understand what you're getting.
- P.S., May 2014
Thanks for your thorough inspection. I so enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all the inside tips you provided.
- L.C., March 2014
An exceptional inspection on our home. Precise attention to detail. We have recommended and utilized Steve on numerous occasions since he performed our initial inspection. We look forward to using his services for many years to come. Debbie and Bill Craig
- W.C., December 2013
- J.M., October 2013
Great job Steve! Our 3rd home inspection using Solid Ground and every one has met our 100% satisfaction. Very professional, knowledgeable and the Report is wonderful. thanks again
- J.B., October 2013
Stephen is an amazing inspector; very thorough and knowledgeable. He'll explain details about things I never would have thought to ask. Thanks
- A.A., October 2013
Very thorough. Appreciate the "good to know" comments. Would like to discuss those specific items that should be corrected prior to settlement, when you are available. Please let me know. also, would like to have an on-site meeting with you when we return to Charleston in Oct. Again Thank You for a very professional and thorough home inspection. VR, Byron Malogrides
- B.M., August 2013
Thank you for being thorough. I really appreciate all the recommendations listed in the inspection report.
- A.W., August 2013
Thanks again Stephen for your professionalism and helping my clients understand the condition of the home they are buying. Hope to work with you again soon. Mike
- M.C., July 2013
Thanks for inspecting this home.
- C.P., May 2013
Very thorough and attentive to detail. Communicates extremely well with buyers and writes a thorough and comprehensive report very quickly. Would use him again and again (if I was buying again and again) .and would readily refer him to others in the market for a Home Inspector. Excellent work. Thanks
- A.M., April 2013
Stephen and his lovely wife, Erika, are TOPS in my book!! They make the home inspection process informative and (actually) fun for my clients, who have all expressed their appreciation for the thoroughness of Stephen's inspection. He holds the clients hands throughout the inspection process and by the time he is finished they have a good handle on what the report will say and what needs to be addressed in terms of repairs. Thank you for taking the angst out of this process for both my clients AND me! Becca Hodges AgentOwned Realty
- B.H., February 2013
Great job! Highly professional,knowlegable and took the time to instruct and explain major, moderate and minor deficiencies. Exteremely helpful to a home buyer and backs up his inspections w/ warranty and responds to questions and phone calls for as long as you request to keep the communication open. Highly recommend this inspector Cal and Diane G
- C.G., February 2013
Very informative and interactive... Highly recommend.... Thank you...
- T.D., October 2012
He's the best inspector I've ever used...he's very thorough...and checks everything...likes to see things done the right way...I like that! thanks so much Stephen! You're A++++++++
- S.M., September 2012
As Realtors we let our client choose their own home inspectors. Some of whom we are impressed by and others, not so much. In 12 years as a Realtor I can honestly say that I have NEVER worked with a home inspector as professional as Stephen. He took his time and educated my client on the features of her home and walked her through the home inspection process. He is a very pleasant person to be around. I have now added Stephen to my list of Home Inspectors that I tell my clients about.
- F.M., September 2012
Stephen Houmard has made a BIG difference in how my clients' home inspections are conducted. He has a special skillset to not only do a thorough job of inspecting a property from A to Z, but obviously enjoys the educational aspect of walking the clients through the home inspection one room at a time and explaining how things work. Then, when they receive his inspection report it is not overwhelming and they under the important points and do not over-react over other other words they don't "major on minors", as I like to say. It makes my job as a realtor, protecting their interests, so much more professional! Thank you, Stephen, for your attention to detail and attention to the clients' education of the home that they are about to purchase. Becca Hodges CTAR "Realtor of Distinction" Accredited Buyer's Representative/ABR Atlantic Edge Real Estate Charleston, SC
- B.H., May 2012
We were very pleased, impressed and appreciative with SteveĆ¢??s service!
- K.M., March 2012
Great help with understanding components of a home, how it was installed, how to maintain, tips and tricks for home care to make our first home last as long as possible! Put us at ease about our first home purchase. A+
- A.W., July 2011
I was very impressed with the inspection that you gave us. You were very professional, and very informative. You touched base on every inch of the house. Tonya and I both were impressed, and really appreciate the great service you gave to us. I would defenitly recommend your services to others. Thanks, Kurt & Tonya Prioleau
- K.P., May 2011
Thanks a great job, and a great person.
- K.R., May 2011
The best home inspection I ever had done. They are great!
- K.W., April 2011
110% worth using! He is helpful, thorough and very knowledgeable! Thanks Stephen! - Meredith and Bruce Toler
- B.T., April 2011
Very Knowledgable and very thorough, I was very impressed with his services.
- R.B., March 2011
Great inspection- learned a lot about my home, Stephen took the time to explain in detail any issues.
- R.D., March 2011
You were so thorough and took your time. You have a good personality and were a joy to work with.
- E.H., January 2011
He is very thorough. We wouldn't have thought about checking things in the home that Mr.Houmard. He inpected everything from the crawl space to the roof--attic, fixtures, appliances, electrical, plumbing, structure, etc. I would highly recommed his service.
- C.S., October 2010
We think you were great!! Very knowledgeable and informative. With a great personality! We would most definantly refer you to our friends.
- K.H., October 2010
Thorough and knowledgeable. Excellent documentation and report. First class inspection and inspector.
- S.S., October 2010
Thanks for a great job and explaining everything to me. I feel a lot more comfortable about buying the condo after talking with you.
- M.C., September 2010
Thanks for all, espeacialy for educating me on various key points of the house.
- M.D., June 2010
report did not address several of the items that were important to my Client & in lieu of the fact that this was a new construction inspection these issues should have been addressed in the report.
- J.C., Goose Creek SC, May 2010
I am more than pleased with the entire staff at SolidGround! I have recommended you to other agents in my office who have personally thanked me for introducing them to your great company. Ericka, Tripp, and Stephen I applaud all of you on the professional service you provide to me and my clients. THANK YOU. Bobby Cook Keller Williams Realty
- B.C., March 2010
Stephen and Erica, Rose Ellen and I are very impressed with your report and the detail in which you covered all the important information. If you need any references, I'd be glad to recommend you! Jeff Umstead
- J.U., February 2010
he's good check every little thing and learn a lot stuff that i don't know before, thank you for him i really appreciate god blessed.
- R.G., November 2009
Stephen Houmard provides a great service at a fair price. His work on behalf of my clients has always been thorough, professional and detailed. The inspection results provide valuable information on the home's condition. Additionally, the hard copy book is a useful and informative tool for the new homeowner, with plenty of useful tips about how the home's systems work.
- S.R., November 2009
The first inspection you did for my client turned out to exceed expectations. It took longer then prefered to generate the report. This time the report was right on time and the work performed exceeded expectations for less cost than the competition. You are now first on my list .
- C.M., November 2009
very complete report for a very reasonable cost thanks Jimmy & Lori Sholler
- J.S., October 2009
Thanks for performing the home inspection. I am impressed by the amount of information received from the report. I did not anticipate it being that long, but I am glad it is so detailed. You were also very thorough during the inspection, so thank you for paying close attention to every detail. I am not a handy man by any means, so this helps a lot.
- J.F., September 2009
You do a great job, Thanks!
- M.G., September 2009
Thank you for being so thorough on our inspection. I'm very impressed with the report and it will be useful to us for years to come.
- B.C., August 2009