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James P. Buren

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call The Home Inspector. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 905-201-6001 Mobile Phone: 416-567-4282

About The Home Inspector

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Uxbridge and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


BA Environmental Studies, RHI (OAHI Registered Home Inspector), 20 years inspecting, inspector training, expert witness.


Buying a house is serious business but let's enjoy what we're doing. I prefer to give good news but when I deliver bad news I help you to understand what you can do to rectify the situation.

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Thank you for your report and a good inspection. It definitely influenced on our opinion. I will definitely recommend to my friends!
- K.A., Thornhill ON, October 2018
I was not only new to home ownership, but also to North American construction methods & materials. That is one definite takeaway from the inspection with James - by the time we were done, we had gone through R ratings, moisture gaps, bitumen roofing, easements, things that were done a particular way due to building code and why... Aside from his excellent customer service and professionalism, I came away with a greater understanding of the workings of the house, and will be better able to take care of my investment. Thanks, Jim!
- C.D., Whitby ON, October 2018
James did a fantastic job. A+
- K.L., Barrie ON, October 2018
James is a very knowledgeable and professional home inspector. You will not be disappointed with his services. Thanks James!
- M.N., Beaverton ON, October 2018
You are very knowledgeable. You are patient with me when I ask you a lot of questions.
- M.N., Beaverton ON, October 2018
James was incredible. He walked us through every step of the inspection and explained issues he found. The finished report is very, very helpful and easy to understand. I would use James again for a house inspection and highly recimmend him!
- L.M., Toronto ON, October 2018
Thanks James. Your inspection was very thorough and most helpful. I was impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. The way you explained things was easy to understand and follow. This is my first home purchase in a long time. The small things you pointed out would have been missed by me even though I've had two previous homes. Having a professional go over things as thoroughly as you did gives me peace of mind knowing that I won't come across any surprises when I move in. As people should know, surprises can cost you a lot of money that you may not be ready for. I would highly recommend that people speak to you before they sign on the dotted line. I like the idea that I can call you anytime for advice and guidance. Thanks again.
- R.K., Bradford ON, September 2018
It was very educational to walk around with you as you did the inspection. I learned a few things about the home I bought that will be useful, things I did not know I needed to do or how to do them. The report was well done and very useful for me. I did purchase the home, but it helps to know what will need attending to once I take possession. I will need to get in touch with you soon to get the name/number of the guy you were recommending who can upgrade/fix the insulation in my attic. Thanks again! Great job!!
- A.B., Pickering ON, August 2018
Thank you again for taking care of my clients! They are very happy with the way you took the time to explain everything in detail and made sure they understood everything.
- J.W., Uxbridge ON, August 2018
Very knowledgeable inspector with pleasant personality .
- F.P., Mississauga ON, June 2018
For the size of the property time should have been allowed for the inspection felt like it was rushed. Not properly trained no working at Heights card so could not access the roof only visual. Lack of proper tools cannot detect moisture in basement had no tool for that . Doesn't test any appliances wouldn't have had the time anyway. Seemed to waste time with obvious things instead of moving on to other things example garage door not working properly spend 15 to 20 minutes playing with it up and down up and down. Would not recommend James for any other inspections and definitely would not use him again.
- J.W., Oshawa ON, April 2018
James was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain his findings to us and was very professional.
- J.S., Courtice ON, March 2018
Thank you very much. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. The comments you made are very helpful & reinforced my opinion to go ahead with this purchase.
- A.A., Brampton ON, February 2018
I have now worked with James on two occasions, and will definitely use his service again if and when needed. James was professional and thorough with the inspections he did for me, and he provided his reports and responded to my questions in a very timely manner. Overall, James is a highly skilled and experienced inspector who is most pleasant to work with.
- J.S., Saskatoon ON, July 2017
James was very thorough and knowledgeable. He kept us updated with his findings at every turn with explanations and suggestions along the way. Very pleased!
- C.C., Keswick ON, April 2017
Very thorough and provided helpful information throughout the inspection with explanations on why the repairs need to be done and the various options on how to do the repair. Thank you.
- K.S., Markham ON, March 2017
Excellent inspection report - very detailed and nicely presented with clear colour photos. Informative 1 hour tour with James explaining everything to us in layman's terms. We like the suggested costs for the repairs as it assists us in knowing roughly what we may need to expend. The fact that we can contact James at anytime in the future to ask questions and seek advice without additional fees in a true bonus. One gets the impression that James truly wants us to have a nice, safe and efficient home and is actually excited for us to achieve such. Dean Kemper & Leslie Kimberley-Kemper
- D.K., Markham ON, March 2017
Very thorough, my family who was there during the inspection are all going to use him as well!
- D.M., Ajax ON, November 2016
Perfect! Thank you, James.
- A.S., Toronto ON, October 2016
So happy with the service! Learned a lot about our home-to-be, was given very clear explanations of some of the problems (the why, the cost, the hazards, etc.), and came away with a comprehensive list of projects and solutions to get started on after the move. Would recommend to ANYone looking for a reliable and personable inspector. Definitely above and beyond!!
- M.H., Brantford ON, August 2016
James did a thorough review of the home. We appreciated the time he took to not only review aspects in detail but also provide suggestions to improvements without overpaying for repairs. James went above and beyond by making observations not typically included in a home inspection. He is very down-to-earth in his approach and never makes you feel like you're asking a silly question. His enthusiasm shines through! We will most definitely be in contact with him in the near future because he really knows his stuff! I'd never hesitate to recommend James to anyone.
- F.M., Brantford ON, August 2016
Being a real estate agent for over 35 years, and often requiring the services of a home inspector, I need to have an inspector that is thorough, knowledgeable, can accurately assess any defects found and can connect on a personal level with the client during an inspection. Then a need to followup with accurate reports in a timely fashion that are detailed and informative to the client. James is excellent on all counts and I highly recommend him to my clients, to other real estate professionals and to anyone needing the services of a quality professional inspector.
- D.I., Port Perry ON, July 2016
James is great and reliable
- R.B., Toronto Ont, July 2016
James did an excellent job of thoroughly looking at the house as well as explaining the issues and exactly what we needed to do to fix them. He also gave us ballpark estimates of the cost to fix those issues. He had our report ready in less than 24 hrs. Very knowledgeable and professional. This wasn't the first time we used him and we're very happy both times. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
- , June 2016
James did an excellent job of thoroughly looking at the house as well as explaining the issues and exactly what we needed to do to fix them. He also gave us ballpark estimates of the cost to fix those issues. He had our report ready in less than 24 hrs. Very knowledgeable and professional. This wasn't the first time we used him and we're very happy both times. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
- , June 2016
James you are very thorough and knowledgable. Thank you for sharing your ideas and suggestions with us. We also found you to be kind and sincere. We will be in touch again.
- J.S., Markham ON, June 2016
Thanks again James for a complete and thorough inspection of our new home. We appreciated the feedback for all the good and bad areas of the home.
- A.H., Brooklin ON, May 2016
Thank you James for your professionalism in providing us with such a thorough and excellent inspection. We were very impressed in your feedback. It was so detailed, and having the pictures accompany the explanations and recommendations was very informative. I highly recommend James, and certainly would use him again in the future. Angie May, 2016
- A.M., Woodbridge, ON, May 2016
James is by far and a long shut the best inspector we ever had. He is incredibly Proffesional, detailed, dedicated, punctual and honest. He brings tremendous expertise and peace of mind every time we have had the privilege of hiring his services. We highly recommend James and will not buy any property without his blessing.
- S.S., Thornhill ON, May 2016
Thank you for giving us piece of mind on our home purchase again! 10 years ago we used your services and your report was spot on.
- G.S., Stoufville ON, May 2016
We are very happy with the inspection services James provided. Thank you.
- N.S., Toronto ON, April 2016
I found James to be personable and informative. He took the time to describe all the details regarding his findings in every area. He was very thorough and precise. I am very happy with the report provided to me. Would highly recommend James for your inspection needs.
- T.P., Toronto ON, April 2016
Even on a brandnew purchase you found many jobs that needed completion. Without your backup, it would have ended up costing me way more...than you did. ?? Great job...thank you!
- B.M., Uxbridge ON, March 2016
Very thorough job and informative! Thanks!
- W.M., Markham, ON, March 2016
Awesome Thanks again.
- J.F., Toronto ON, July 2015
James is very professional, knowledgeable, and relates exceptionally well with my clients. He explains his findings and welcomes questions as he goes over and through the property. James is my "Go To Guy" for Home Inspections in Durham Region and the Kawartha Lakes. I know he conducts Inspections in Toronto as well, and would be my first choice for clients in that area. I highly recommend James!
- G.L., Port Perry ON, January 2015
James, thank you for doing an excellent job! wie'll highly recommend you to our friends and relatives.
- R.C., Markham ON, January 2015
Thank you, James for the professionalism and diligence you demonstrated during our home inspection. You took the time to explain in detail your recommendations, and the report that followed was very thorough. Best regards, Jeff & Maria
- J.D., Markham ON, December 2014
Always a thorough and informative process.
- V.C., Toronto ON, December 2014
Thank you for being so thorough and detailed with your explanations. Your patience is much appreciated especially in dealing with someone with minimal experience with home ownership and maintenance.
- N.T., Mississauga ON, October 2014
James' degree of seriousness in provide complete and comprehensive information to his clients are not matched by any other inspector I have seen. I only recommend James to my clients. Peter Sigurdson Royal LePage Signature Realty 416-443-0300
- P.S., Toronto ON, August 2014
You did a fabulous and honest job. Your attention to detail made my family and I comfortable with making such a larger and important purchase!
- J.L., Toronto ON, April 2014
Excellent communicator and well spoken , very knowledgeable inspector.
- K.B., Richmond Hill ON, March 2014
Great temperament; friendly, informative, very focused. I do not know much about homes or this kind of stuff but I felt after that I was had become informed about the property. I also valued James' focus on safety.
- J.B., Toronto ON, March 2014
Very knowledgable and professional.
- R.A., Ajax ON, June 2013
The best home inspector! Explains in depth details on the inspection. You need your own show!
- M.C., Vaughan ON, June 2013
James is a consummate professional Home Inspector! He is honest and takes the time to truly educate my clients and I during the home inspection. In addition, he's very creative arriving at uncommon solutions. Add compassionate caring sprinkled with charm and the value he provides is Referrable! He should have his own TV Show called "Move over Mike, James here!" "Grateful, Our Lives, God's Terms", Peter :)
- P.M., Mississauga ON, June 2013
Very friendly and extremely knowledgeble
- H.S., Markham ON, April 2013
It is a pleasure to work with a thorough professional
- P.S., Toronto ON, January 2013
Great job, as always!
- R.A., Markham ON, December 2012
Very friendly and very technical and detailed knowlege oriented person.
- S.M., Toronto ON, November 2012
James is very thorough and efficient. POinted out fetaure in the furnance that even current home owner was not aware of. Thank you James.
- J.F., North York ON, October 2012
Great guy and a proffessional. It was a pleasure working with him.
- T.Y., Markham ON, August 2012
Thanks for the great work. I appreciated all your advice and tips also.
- J.F., Toronto ON, July 2012
Always on time and always very informative. Although the home is rarely perfect, understanding the pros and cons of each property is a key part of the process and James shows his professionalism every time.
- P.I., Toronto ON, June 2012
Thorough & fun!
- R.E., Willowdale ON, May 2012
James is very personable to deal with. His report is very clear and precise...especially with the corresponding picture to go with the explanations. We would definitely recommend James for an inspection! Demetrios and Christine
- D.A., Whitby ON, May 2012
Thank you James. I found your report to be thorough, well prepared and easy to understand. It was a pleasure to have you perform my inspection. I feel confident knowing that my home purchase will be a safe one based on your findings. Thank you so much. Shawn
- S.B., Thornhill ON, February 2012
Both on site and in the written report Mr. Buren was extremely clear and helpful. The report will be our guideline for repair and maintenance in our new home.
- J.S., Aurora ON, October 2011
Friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy.
- G.L., Richmond Hill ON, September 2011
James was a true professional! He is very well educated and knows his stuff. He was very thorough and expained every step he was taken. I was extreamly impressesd by his knowlege in all aspects of the inspection he took the time to speak to us direct and explain any current concerns or future costs we will incurr. I will gladly provide referrals for him! If you want someone who is profesional and qualified and well spoken who takes the time to help you understand then call James! You won't be disappointed Signed new home buyer in Markham ont.
- P.B., Stouffville ON, May 2011
James, thank you for your advice and professionalism. I appreciated your attention to detail and patience in explaining each step of the process.
- J.D., Whitby ON, May 2011
you are very professional but at the same time a fun individual. will not hesitate to recommend you. thanks.
- L.T., Maple ON, May 2011
James was a professional and was easy to follow. He laid the details out in a clear way that was not full of technical jargon. He was thorough in his inspection and was not rushed. Thanks for helping us ensure that our home is ready for us! Rick.
- R.B., Oakville ON, April 2011
Thanks, James. I feel much better after you walked me through the inspection and your comments. It definitely helped with my decision.
- C.S., Toronto ON, March 2011
Very professional, thorough and prompt, and also a pleasant person to deal with. Steven M. Fehrle
- S.F., Brampton ON, March 2011
James: I am always truly impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. I rely on your expertise with new and old properties and feel confident that you are taking care of my client's best interest at all times. Our most recent experience exposed many costly surprises on what seemed to be a great home from the exterior. Your provide a thorough introduction to the home along with your report and the buyers really appreciate it. Look forward to having you take care of more buyers and pre-listing sellers in the future. Thank you. Pat
- P.W., Toronto ON, March 2011
Thank you for being so informative and thorough, you took your time and that was greatly appreciated. I am sure we will work together again in the future! Regards! DA.
- D.A., Toronto ON, March 2011
- S.B., Mississauga ON, January 2011
Very thorough inspection. Gave a lot of helpful information, tips, and advice.
- B.J., Newmarket ON, December 2010
You were very thorough and competent. we were impressed by your credentials and were not disappointed when we met you and witnessed how you work. Many thanks.
- A.G., Scarborough ON, November 2010
Excellent professional inspector. Doesn't beat around the bush, gives thorough professional opinion on remedies of deficiencies found.
- A.K., Toronto ON, October 2010
James, thanks so much for the inspection. It was a pleasure to meet with you and accompany you for the inspection a few weeks back. I would recommend that any buyer request an inspection, regardless of the age of the house. This was a great learning experience! Brett McClellan
- B.M., Markham ON, August 2010
James, Just wanted to say thanks for conducting the home inspection for me. I really appreciated you doing this on short notice, as it allowed me to finalize the conditions on time. You were not only professional, but also so friendly that it made me feel such at ease. You explained the technical aspects in language that a layperson, such as myself, could understand; and gave me great piece of mind. Many thanks again. Phil
- P.S., Mississauga ON, July 2010
I would not hesitate to recommend James. He is thorough, knowledgeable and very informative.
- D.A., Toronto ON, May 2010
He tries harder and had the highest ethical standards.
- A.F., May 2010
James is the most thorough and detailed Inspector I have ever worked with. It is a pleasure to recommend James to my Clients. They all have told me they were very satisfied with his Inspection Reports. Joyce Ramer Broker RE/MAX All-Stars Realty Inc., Markham
- J.R., Markham ON, April 2010
Great job, very detailed...Thanks James!
- V.N., Oshawa, ON, April 2010
Thank you for taking the time to inspect our home yesterday. You have provided accurate recommendations which were very accurate and could help us budget for future expeses.We definitely had a very positive experience dealing with you and I would most definitely recommend you to all our family and friends. Keep up the good work!
- G.N., Scarborough ON, March 2010
Great job, very thorough and honest. Further, I appreciate his resourcefulness i.e., giving me personal contacts to help with future house work.
- R.W., Markham ON, March 2010
James, The information provided will help us improve the safety and efficiency of the house.Thank you for being thorough. Stephen Worrall
- S.W., Markham ON, March 2010
James, The information provided will help us improve the safety and efficiency of the house.Thank you for being thorough. Stephen Worrall
- S.W., Markham ON, March 2010
We were surprised by the professionalism, quality of execution, knowledge, thoroughness and explanations provided by James for our new home inspection, We will definitely recommend James with no hesitation Michelle
- M.P., Markham ON, March 2010
Great advice. Thanks
- R.W., London ON, March 2010
Job well done. Very professional. inspection was thorough and portfolio is a great addition
- S.M., Pickering ON, December 2009
Thanks for your very knowledgable assessment of the property.I would recommend you to anyone needing an inspection.Thanks again.
- J.S., Toronto ON, December 2009
Hi James, Thanks tons for your availability and thorough feedback. The info is hugely beneficial in both short term and long. Thanks for your honesty and tips on the rest of the endeavour we're taking on, too~ Much appreciated!! Krys and Brent Scagnetti
- B.M., Toronto ON, October 2009
thanks James!
- J.P., Markham ON, October 2009
thanks James!
- J.P., Markham ON, October 2009
This is great! We have a much better understanding of this house. You have given us more information than the past 4 inspectors. AND it's all useful! Thank you very much, Bill & Liz
- B.M., September 2009
Hi James: Thanks once again for bringing your expertice and vast experience to a succssful conclusion with the Inspection and Dale of 5765 Yonge Street, PH 102, Toronto. I appreciate your thorough and tactful handling of any situation that we may encounter when we have worked together over the years; whether a Condo Apartment or Townhouse or Freehold, Single Family Dwelling. I am always more than happy to refer you to my Associates, Buyers or Seller anytime. Thanks once again! Regards, Joyce Ramer Broker RE/MAX All-Stars Realty Inc., Brokerage 5071 Highway 7, Unionville, Ontario L3R 1N3 905 477-0011 office 905 477-6839 fax web site; e-mail:
- J.R., Markham ON, September 2009
James, you work ostensibly in your client's best interests by being dynamically informative, meticulous & pragmatic. You're friendly extroverted personality makes you a welcome extension to my strategic team. Thanks for adding more Value! Respectfully, Peter Mazzuchin, Real Estate Broker, B. Comm.
- P.M., Mississauga ON, August 2009
I was very impressed with the information, professionalism and mobility of this service. The report was printed from the back of his vehicle on the site of the inspection. The inspector had an obvious knowledge of all home systems and materials which provided us with a comfort level in purchasing our first commercial rental property. I have no hesitation to recommending James. Money well spent! Linda McOrmond
- A.M., Oshawa ON, July 2009
James you were very thorough, knowledgable,friendly, professional,a pleasure to have in our home! John & Carole Service
- J.S., Pickering ON, June 2009