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Todd Arnold


What does TNT Inspection Services Inspect?

  • Home Inspections for buyers and sellers
  • Well Inspections and water testing/sampling
  • Radon Testing Services
  • Septic Inspections
  • TNT Inspection Services consults, advises and provides sound advice
  • Hundreds of referrals by satisfied customers
  • Highly rated on Angie's List
  • Our mission is to provide a service you can benefit from
  • We accept cash, check, debit and credit cards (all major cards)

What can you expect to get from your home inspection 
with TNT Inspection Services?

  • We are prompt, friendly and have impeccable integrity.
  • We make every effort to go beyond your expectations.
  • We provide a very thorough inspection of your home.
  • We provide a detailed report of the findings.
  • We provide orientation to your new home. We teach you how all of the systems (heat, plumbing etc...) work.  Just give us a call if you have any questions after you move in.
  • For your convenience, we complete the inspection report within 24 hours of the inspection.
  • We use Seek Thermal Imaging to inspect variations in the envelope of the home (missing insulation), water temperature, heat and air conditioning output and water intrusion. 
  • We can also provide a recommendation for a contractor or expert advice if you need help in figuring out your construction project.
  • We are open 6 days a week
  • We use HomeGauge software, reports are saved to the cloud. Inspection contracts are emailed with a click to accept option.

We are proud members of ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors. As such, we abide by the ASHI Code of Ethics, as well as the ASHI Standards of Practice, which sets forth the minimum requirements for a home inspection. The list below incorporates the ASHI Standards of Practice, I utilize my years of experience as a builder, Municipal inspector and home inspector to create an overview of what we inspect for a home inspection for single-family homes and townhomes.  Please Visit our Web Site: 

This is what  our customers have to say:

As Seen on Angie's List:

Home Inspection, Septic System Inspection, Well water inspection, Radon Test

Member Comments: I hired Todd Arnold with TNT Inspection Services to inspect a home that we are purchasing in Brighton, Michigan.  I found his service to be exceptional.  First, he made his schedule work with ours as we are relocating from Indiana.  He fit in a mid-afternoon appointment and worked late to finish.  I appreciate that consideration.  As far as the inspection service itself, I will highlight these points:


- Todd asked for my realtor's contact information and worked directly with them to coordinate all inspection appointments required to perform the well water and radon test in advance of meeting us there for the home inspection.  That saved me a bunch of time.

- The water and radon tests were done before we arrived for the structural/system portion of the inspection.

Home Inspection:

- Todd was extremely thorough in his inspection and stepped me through everything that he was doing and stopped multiple times to field questions from both me and my wife.  He was extremely patient and courteous at all times.  

- The inspection was very comprehensive. I left that inspection completely informed of exactly what is right and what is wrong with the house.  

- He gave tips on upkeep, maintenance and watch areas of the home. 

- As we worked through the house, Todd affixed labels in the mechanical room that indicated important on/off valves, switches etc for us when we move in.  Very handy.

Post Inspection:

- The detailed inspection report was emailed to us the next day.   A hard copy along with some other great information was mailed out to us a few days later.  

The Value:  The inspection price was comparable to any of the other inspection service's pricing, AND a huge bonus is that TNT is certified to perform all types of inspections a potential home buyer may need.  Coordinating with one individual for this step in the home buying process is invaluable.  I would also like to point out that Todd was the most experienced inspector that I contacted.  That is very important to me.

Bottom line:  Todd's inspection was worth every penny that I paid.  His findings were spot on and confirmed by the seller's independent inspector.  I highly recommend TNT Inspection Services.

As Seen on Angie's List:

I called TNT Inspection Services less than a week before I needed the inspection done. Todd answered the phone right away and was able to accommodate the time frame I had to work with for a home inspection. The inspection was scheduled on the day that Old Man Winter decided to really hit hard. As I was driving to the home inspection I counted over 15 cars off the highway and multiple accidents. I was able to barely make it on time to the home and just like I had read in previous reviews Todd was already there and ready to go!
Todd walked through the entire house - basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor and attic and provided detailed information of EVERYTHING. I never had a feeling of being overwhelmed with the information he was giving me because he did a great job of explaining it to me. This was my 1st house purchase and I couldn't imagine a better, easier, smoother home inspection experience. The home inspection was actually the easiest process in the whole home purchasing ordeal and I feel it is only due to choosing TNT Inspection Services. I felt like I was being treated like a human being and not just "another home buyer".
Todd provided a binder filled with his inspection report at the end of the inspection and within a few days later I received the photo CD in the mail from him as well. Very professional and customer service oriented. I would highly recommend using TNT Inspection Services to anyone that wants a 1st Class experience at a very cheap price!


Certified ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Home Inspector, A Previous municipal inspector & Home Builder.


We are prompt, friendly and have impeccable integrity We make every effort to go beyond your expectations We provide a very thorough inspection of your home We use Thermal Imaging on every inspection

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Todd is always efficient, prompt and thorough in his work. A very comprehensive analysis of the property to give the best informaiton of a home and how it presents itself in the current condition. His attention to detail and direction for favorable remedies is always appreciated.
- M.M., July 2022
Todd does an excellent, thorough job. I've used him 3 times - one of which saved me from buying a home with a significant underlying problem. I have been very happy with his work. He focuses on the mechanical and structural aspects of the home (the ones that can cost you a LOT of money in the long run). His inspections are a valuable tool.
- A.K., June 2021
Very detailed inspector. One of my go to inspectors for sure. The technology that he uses with the thermal reading and detailed reports with photos is one of the best.
- T.L., Chelsea MI, August 2020
Once again, Todd did an amazing job. This is the third house he has inspected for us. He is always thorough, knowledgeable, and straightforward. In one instance, he saved us from moving forward on a house which needed many non-obvious repairs. I highly recommend using Todd for any home inspection!
- M.H., LINDEN MI, August 2019
Thank you Todd for all of your help detailing all of your expert observations in each area of our home.
- D.D., July 2019
Todd you are the man at what you do we will highly recommend you to anyone we know needing inspection you are worth every penny
- F.C., July 2019
Todd is simply the best in the business hands down. I would choose him (and try to) for every home inspection for my clients. He's thorough, he's knowledgable, and he goes above and beyond what is typically expected in an inspection process. I, of course, used him for my own personal home purchase! My only wish is that I could clone him because he is so in demand!
- S.P., May 2019
Todd is simply the best in the business hands down. I would choose him (and try to) for every home inspection for my clients. He's thorough, he's knowledgable, and he goes above and beyond what is typically expected in an inspection process. I, of course, used him for my own personal home purchase! My only wish is that I could clone him because he is so in demand!
- S.P., May 2019
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- A.L., May 2019
Todd inspected our home we are purchasing and let me just say he goes above and beyond. He did an amazing job. I will be recommending him to anyone I know buying a home.
- L.B., May 2019
I've worked with A LOT of different inspectors over the years and let me tell you...... I'm BLOWN AWAY by Todd's work! I don't even know where to start! First of all he is easy to get a hold of which is a plus for us realtors, since we are on a strict schedule for time and completing the inspection. He's also made the scheduling for an inspection very easy to do online for my clients. He always brings goodie bags for my clients and I with cookies to snack on while were their which is awesome :). Todd is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about every inch of the house, it just blows my mind! As we walk through he is constantly engaging with us explaining every little thing through the whole process. If a problem arises as were walking around the house he explains to both my clients and I on how to fix it, how its suppose to work or what its suppose to look like and gives my clients referrals on who to call to get it fixed. I love how he's super hands on and puts visual labeled tags on everything, so my clients know what is what when they move in! Todd has caught so many little things that other inspectors never took the time to do, which has saved my client from having MAJOR problems in the future! That is huge for me! As a Realtor my job is to have my clients best interest at heart, protect them, guide them and insure them that who I recommend is the best of the best and will take care of them like I do! I have now found my forever referred inspector! Todd Arnold you are the best of the best! Till next time!!
- A.H., May 2019
Award winning...Dependable... Friendly...Extensive knowledge of all things inspection oriented..Very detailed !!!
- C.K., April 2019
Very Thorough and takes time to explain certain items.
- C.S., March 2019
We first hired Todd (TNT Inspection Services) on a home we had an accepted offer on. Not only was he up front and honest about his findings but he was very thorough. I feel as though he saved us a huge financial headache and possibly serious health issues when he did his inspection and conveyed his findings to us. When it came time to have a second home inspected, it wasn't even a question who I would hire. My situation is also one in which I was not able to attend the second home inspection and I felt completely comfortable having only Todd there with the realtor for the inspection. Follow-up reports where detailed both with written descriptions and photographs. I highly recommend Todd/TNT Inspections Services. P.S. I have not received any compensation to write this review other than receiving an inspection that exceeded expectations and deemed the house safe for my family.
- M.M., January 2019
I know nothing about septic systems and Todd explained everything to me. He was very thorough and gave me a well informed conclusion that allowed me to make my decision about the house purchase. I?m glad I hired him
- J.A., December 2018
Thank you for your prompt and thorough inspection. The knowledge you shared with new homeowner is valuable
- K.O., November 2018
He is very thorough and informative. I would definitely recommend Todd Arnold.
- M.M., November 2018
I would recommend Todd for any inspection! He did a great job, very thorough, helpful and very knowledgeable. Thanks for the great job Todd!
- D.B., October 2018
Very satisfied with the work Todd did for us. He explained everything to us that he was checking.
- R.M., Howell MI, September 2018
Todd does a GREAT job! I was very relieved when he was able to schedule me in for an inspection. He saved my son from buying a condo that appeared to have be nicely redone only to find out that they covered up a lot of problems. This is why I only wanted Todd to do my inspection.
- G.G., September 2018
Todd did great job with my inspection. He took his time and explained what he was looking for. He was very meticulous throughout the entire inspection. I would use TNT inspections again.
- C.N., August 2018
I cannot be happier with his thoroughness and professionalism. What a great guy and excellent home inspector.
- M.B., Farmington Hills MI, July 2018
Todd was so helpful, through and professional. So glad we spent the extra money for an inspection with him. SO WORTH IT!!! The chocolate chip cookies are an added sweetness to the deal. Do yourself a favor and have Todd do your inspection.
- D.L., June 2018
Very thorough and professional. Thank you
- M.C., June 2018
Very detailed and helpful. Best home inspection I have had.
- J.S., April 2018
Todd was very professional and thorough. Highly recommended.
- G.K., March 2018
At our recommendation, many of our clients have utilized TNT Inspection Services. Todd Arnold works continually to ensure his extensive knowledge base is current. Todd is always professional when working with our clients to address questions and concerns. Todd demonstrates exceptional care to make sure he treats his clients new home as though it was his own.
- K.G., Wixom MI, February 2018
Todd is the best!!!! Thank you for providing excellent customer service. As a realtor it is nice to be confident that your buyers have someone they can trust.
- K.L., Milford MI, January 2018