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Zach Pentyliuk

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Technologic Inspections Inc.. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 780 777 6204

About Technologic Inspections Inc.

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Edmonton and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Home Inspector License #332275 Home Inspection Business License #332267


Steven Pentyliuk has the legal designation CMI and CET and is a home inspector licensed in Alberta to perform pre-purchase home inspections. Steve has been performing home inspections in the Edmonton area since 1991.


Steve and Zach are knowledgeable and thorough in their work. I appreciated them walking us through each area of the house and explaining the issues and possible fixes. That helped us gauge the severity of any issue and prioritise the work needed to fix what Steve and Zach noticed. I also appreciated them sharing some of their insights with us. Having the report emailed within a few hours of the inspection was amazing too. Would definitely recommend this father son duo!
- H.K., Edmonton AB, December 2020
Steve and Zach make an incredible team!
- A.S., September 2020
Thank you Steve for a very thorough inspection and the patience in answering my multitude of questions. This has given me plenty to do homework on for the important decision on taking on a 'project' older house, with the purpose of creating a home with many more years of comfortable living.
- B.F., August 2020
The best inspector I've ever worked with. He is extremely thorough and knowledgable and has helped us learn about the larger and smaller issues with our prospective home.
- D.R., Edmonton AB, October 2019
Hi Steve, Thanks, once again for another thorough inspection. This one was close to home so thankyou for giving Reed all the information he needs to make a calculated decision rather than a wild guess.
- D.S., Edmonton AB, August 2019
We found Steve to be extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his inspection. We learned a lot about the deficiencies in our potential home and how to correct them. The inspection process was a great education and we came away with a solid sense of the value and condition of our prospective home. Thank you!!!
- D.R., Edmonton AB, August 2019
Steve was very thorough and answered all of my questions on site. He also pointed out several additional small things that were worth considering as a new home owner, but weren't significant enough to include in the report. He also took the time to explain potential maintenance issues and how to address them. We would definitely recommend him and hire him for any future home inspections!
- C.N., Edmonton AB, July 2019
Thank you for the thorough and informative inspection! It really helped us to understand how it's systems were all connected and to become familiar with the bones of our new home!
- J.D., Edmonton AB, June 2019
Thanks Steve for all your advices and for your professionalism
- E.C., Edmonton AB, May 2019
Thank You Steve for our second and hopefully last inspection we will need for a while. This house will be our home most likely. We will definitely look at the aluminum wiring and the panels from house to garage. I think this was probably the biggest concern of all. Attic insulation would be second before winter if we can swing it this year. Cheers!
- D.F., May 2019
Very knowledgeable, full of suggestions for home improvement. Great guy to have on your side for a home inspection!
- E.L., April 2018
Friendly, willing to answer questions, helped me through the steps and procedures of my first home inspection, very thorough. Would definitely recommend!
- J.K., Edmonton AB, February 2018
Great service Steve! I liked your confidence and down to earth nature.
- D.C., Edmonton AB, January 2018
Thank you so much for your excellent and professional inspection
- A.W., Edmonton AB, June 2017
The thorough report was very much appreciated. Very well organized and easy to understand/ follow. Thank you.
- M.G., Edmonton AB, August 2015
Very good service!
- N.N., Edmonton AB, March 2015
Thanks Steve It was nice to see you and thanks for doing such a thorough Inspection and report for the Buyer's. Sincerely, Mike Calverley Realty Executives Progressive
- M.C., January 2015
Great job. Very professional. Thank you, Steve!
- O.R., Edmonton AB, October 2014
I like the report. Need more time to digest the information. Appreciate very much Steve's input and showing me what he found in real time,
- D.F., Sexsmith AB, September 2014
Steve is very good at answering any and all of our questions
- E.P., Edmonton AB, September 2014
Steve, you were very thorough and explained things as you went . I felt very comfortable with your knowledge. I definitely would recommend your services to others. Thanks Steve! Tracey Heaps
- T.H., Edmonton AB, August 2014
- VERY well done inspection - Everything needing to be addressed was done so in an honest manner - I would highly recommend Steve Pentyliuk to inspect any home
- G.K., Sherwood Park AB, May 2014
Thank you very much, Steve, for such a thorough and detailed home inspection and report. We really appreciate all the photos and information you provided. And, we greatly appreciate your willingness and enthusiasm in answering all of our questions about the inspection. We're very happy with the quality of Steve's work and his immense experience. We highly recommend Steve Pentyliuk for home inspection. Lex (Oleksiy) and Nahal
- O.B., Tillsonburg AB, February 2014
This is my first ever home inspection so I don't have anything to compare to. However, the thoroughness of the inspection was very good and the amount of detail provided in the finished report is amazing. Very knowledgeable and approachable.
- K.H., Edmonton AB, November 2013
Thanks Steve!
- J.B., November 2013
Steve is quite knowledgeable and gregarious. He provided a very thorough inspection that allowed us to make a well informed decision about purchasing a home. Thanks Steve, Curtis McHarg.
- , October 2013
A++++ all of the time, he's certainly my go to guy, nothing but a wealth of knowledge and common sense!
- D.V., August 2013
Very thorough, knowledgable and professional. Willing and able to answer any and all questions. Highly recommend Steve - and already have.
- D.R., Edmonton AB, May 2013
Excellent !!
- J.S., Edmonton AB, May 2013
Excellent !!
- J.S., Edmonton AB, May 2013
Hey Steve, I was very pleased with the inspection, I feel it gave me a lot of useful information that I would otherwise not have. Also, the 46 page report is top notch! I've already organized it into a nice binder that I will use as reference for years to come. Thanks, Derreck Grant
- D.G., Kingman AB, April 2013
Steve did a great job and spent the time with me to point out where the defects of the building and structures are and suggested ideas on how to rectify them. The report was received within hours from Steve and is very thorough with commentary and pictures to show areas of concern. Thank you Steve.
- L.C., April 2013
Absolutely the most thourough inspection I have ever seen. I am 100% confident in the results of my Home Inspection. Thanks Steve!!!!!
- J.K., Fort McMurray AB, February 2013
Steve was awesome. He was so thorough and knowledgeable. I learned a lot and he answered all my questions. He spent a total of 3 hours with us which was great. He even climbed onto the roof and shoveled off the snow to see the shingles, which from what I hear most inspectors don't do. He was great and I would recommend him to anybody.
- B.I., Edmonton AB, January 2013
I thought Steve was excellent! He was knowledgeable, thorough, and gave good advice about what needed to be repaired and some tips on how to do it. Steve took his time and went through every room carefully and with a keen eye. He answered my questions with clarity and authority. Clearly, he knows his stuff!
- S.K., May 2012
Thank you Steve. Great job!I really like your report format. Very thorough and easy to understand.
- J.W., Edmonton AB, May 2012
Steve did a great job inspecting the house. He was not only thorough but explained everything he was doing while doing it. It was a pleasure being the student for the morning.
- E.B., Edmonton AB, March 2012
Steve did a great job. He was friendly, explained why the issues found happened and how to deal with them. He also pointed out potential problems and how to prevent them going forward. I would definitely use Steve again and will recommend him in the future.
- M.C., Saint Albert AB, May 2011
He is very thorough and personal. We will highly recommend him to friends and family.
- J.K., Edmonton AB, April 2011
Thanks Steve Your inspection was very professional and thourough. Also, your comments will be very helpful to me in the future. thanks, again.
- T.T., Lamont AB, January 2011
I always have enjoyed when a client chooses to have Steve inspect a home to purchase. He is knowledgeable, helpful, speaks clearly & concisely, shows interest in any questions posed to him and tries to answer as thoughtfully and thoroughly as possible. I would have no hesitation to choose him for my own inspection should I be purchasing a home myself.
- N.B., Edmonton AB, January 2011
Great customer service. Very knowledgeable of the way things work and the standards they should be upto.
- M.D., Edmonton AB, December 2010
thank you so very Steve, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to do the inspection. Thank you again. Peggy & Keith
- K.W., Edmonton AB, November 2010
Thanks Steve! What a comprehensive report! I love the clear photos and your explanations about any repairs that need to be done.
- A.E., November 2010
Happy Hunting!!! to the best Inspector! Thanks for handling that inspection so well I really appreciate it. I am always thankful for your level of expertise and commitment to doing a good job. It makes you stand out amongst others...thanks again Steve...Raynell
- R.P., October 2010
thorough, knowledgeable, helpful, practical, and pleasant.
- L.B., Edmonton AB, September 2010
I have been using Steve as a home inspector for my clients for over 11 years. I am very pleased with his professionalism, knowledge, honesty and dedication.I highly recommend him for his expertise in his field and his attention to detail. His excellence in his craft also equates with his patience in answering all questions during and after inspections that clients may have. Teresa Koziel with Realty Executives Polaris
- T.K., August 2010
Steve is a thorough inspector who provides more than just the standard information about the house he is inspecting. He works to solve why things were done to the house and then he shares his knowledge to help the homeowner make an informed and better decision about future needs for the house.
- B.M., Edmonton AB, August 2010
I was very happy with the inspection and report. Thanks!
- N.F., Edmonton AB, August 2010
Your inspection and report were very thorough and professional. Thank you for getting us in at such short notice and the promptness in sending the report
- T.T., Cold Lake AB, August 2010
Steve is great. He did a thorough inspection, and answered all my questions and didn't mind being followed around. And he was willing to answer even more questions when I called him a few times after receiving the report to offer suggestions as to how to deal with caution areas of the inspection. I would definitely recommend Steve.
- M.H., July 2010
Hi Steve: You were fantastic. I appreciated you taking the time to explain your finding to me. Thank You, Russell
- R.B., Edmonton AB, May 2010
Very detailed and explained everything to me as he walked through the home inside and out.
- M.A., Edmonton AB, April 2010
Always a pleasure working with you.
- C.G., Edmonton AB, April 2010
Great job again. Thanks, Louis Cass
- F.C., Edmonton AB, April 2010
- L.B., Medicine Hat AB, February 2010
I have used Steve for many years now and have always found him to be very thorough,knowledgable and helpful to potential buyers with his suggestions as to how to remedy many common problems. He is more than happy to answer questions and encourages clients to ask such. His years of experience certainly show.
- R.G., January 2010
Hi Steve, Thanks for giving us an excellent lesson in what to look for during a home inspection. You were very thorough, and did not hesitate to answer our many questions. Carol
- C.S., Waskatenau AB, January 2010
Thanks Steve, Another excellent job. .
- D.S., Edmonton AB, December 2009
It is very simple...Steve knows what he is doing.
- D.S., Edmonton AB, August 2009
Very knowledgable and eager to assist.
- M.I., Edmonton AB, July 2009