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Todd Moelker

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Alert Inspection Services LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 616-662-6990 Mobile Phone: (616)889-1003

About Alert Inspection Services LLC

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Hudsonville and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


ASHI Member #211130, Licensed Builder #2101111656, ASHI GLC Inspector By Review


Solutions Based Inspections: informing the buyer of the condition of the home is more than just pointing out problems! I provide expert advise on how many of the defects found on an inspection can be corrected.


Todd was great! Very friendly, took time to answer all our questions, walked us through his findings and explained what we was needed to do to fix any issues!
- M.R., Jenison MI, July 2020
Todd did a very thorough job, we were really pleased with his work. Thanks!
- K.D., July 2019
Todd does an excellent job. He is very thorough and great to work with. We will definitely use him again.
- N.V., July 2019
Todd was incredibly thorough and very friendly. He was very knowledgeable and we felt very confident in his report.
- M.P., March 2019
Both Todd and Mitch are very friendly and informative throughout the inspection. Offering recommendations and referrals for potential solutions. Also the inspections are very detailed and nothing goes untouched.
- S.T., February 2019
The inspectors were very informative and helpful during their inspection. They made our first home inspection a breeze. Thank you!
- C.J., January 2019
He was so friendly and extremely knowledgeable. We have complete confidence in his Inspection.
- M.P., January 2019
Tod and Mitch both are extremely competent and thorough. I appreciated that they would take time to explain what they were looking at and what their concerns were during our inspection. They are very knowledgeable about building codes and home construction. I would never buy a home without an inspection and I can't imagine anyone better to do them than Todd Moelker.
- J.C., Grant MI, December 2018
I appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness, as well as the recommendations on how to remedy issues! I've learned so much with each house you have inspected for me - Thanks!
- J.S., MIDDLEVILLE MI, September 2018
Kind, knowledgable, and informative!
- K.F., May 2018
Todd performs a very complete survey. He displays knowledge in his field as an inspector as well as brings experience from being a builder him self to the table.
- E.L., October 2017
Todd did a fantastic job with my home inspection. He was prepared, punctual and thorough. Also a very nice guy! I had a lot of questions and he took the extra time to answer me as completely as possible. As we went through the inspection, he pointed out areas that needed repairs and correction, but also when he knew I was interested, pointed out things that would need updating or routine maintenance (i.e. when an outside water source was not self-draining, he pointed out the indoor drain and taught me that I would need to clear the drain before the winter freeze to prevent pipes bursting!). At the end, he showed me all of the pictures he had taken and summarized the entire inspection. I received my report that night and could save it with all the included pictures in a pdf file. Highly satisfied with my inspection. Would definitely recommend Todd to all my friends and family.
- E.P., October 2017
I have used Todd for many years and have always been very pleased with his inspections they are thorough and complete and my clients are always very happy with his patience with them when there are questions and explanations needed. SCB
- S.B., October 2017
Todd is very thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly!
- H.K., October 2017
Excellent service and very personable. Extremely knowledgable and appreciated his insight on how to fix things.
- P.W., September 2017
Would not hesitate to recommend Todd, he was thorough and very knowledgeable. Todd was a great help in looking over the property and explained what he was doing and why.
- T.N., July 2017
Always through. Great work!
- D.C., November 2016
Thank you Todd! You exceeded our expectations, you did a thorough job and reported many issues in detail!
- T.S., Sand lake MI, October 2016
Very professional and knowledgeable inspector. Well worth the money.
- T.P., August 2016
Very thorough. Listing age of appliances or units and expected lifetimes was very useful in anticipating future replacement needs.
- R.L., May 2016
Awesome as alway, stay true the standards
- R.R., April 2016
Todd is very thorough! He takes time to explain things to clients and is clear in his communication. I appreciate the fact that he encourages clients to be present during the inspection so that he can show them things as he is inspecting them. That greatly increases the buyer's understanding of any issues that are uncovered and also helps them understand how things work in their home. I recommend Todd without hesitation!
- J.L., East Grand Rapids MI, January 2016
Todd does a Great Job for your buyers. Alert Inspection is first on my list to give to my buyers for their inspection needs
- J.B., Hudsonville MI, October 2015
I met Todd at the house and spent a couple hours following him through (and over, under and around it) the property as he did his inspection. He is very personable, very knowledgeable, very thorough - and I'd have to add, very good at explaining everything. I highly recommend Todd for your property inspection!
- J.C., Grant MI, September 2015
Awesome professional. Greatly helpful. Absolutely recommend him!
- M.N., August 2015
very pleasant company to work with, seemingly very thorough, and report provided very quickly from date of inspection. zero complaints, hundreds of kudo's!
- D.S., May 2015
Very knowledgeable and helpful for a new home buyer. Will refer to others
- A.V., April 2015
Great job Todd! As always my clients so appreciated your explanations of necessary repairs and your ability to explain each repair so they could understand what needs to be done. You are the best! Sandy
- S.B., February 2015
Very detailed, explained everything very well and even made special accomadations to get into second unit at the property. The confidence he provides in moving forward in negotions/purchase of a property is highly valued. Will absolutely recommend Todd to others and hope to use him again myself. Thank you Todd!!
- T.R., January 2015
Todd did an excellent job. Very thorough and knowledgeable and friendly. Would highly recommend Todd.
- J.D., August 2014
Todd was very thorough in his inspection, and gave a well organized inspection report with good pics. He went over these with me after he had completed the inspection and was very patient with all my questions. I strongly recommend him.
- N.C., April 2014
Todd was very friendly and informative. He thoroughly explained every issue and more as we went from room to room. Very knowledgable! Thank you!
- A.S., April 2014
Another Great Inspection!
- K.A., Grand Rapids MI, April 2014
Communicates well with the clients.
- D.S., Grand Rapids MI, February 2014
As a real estate agent I have been recommending Todd for almost 9 years as a home inspector. He does an excellent job with finding everything that is wrong with residential homes and what could need attention in the future. He works well with my clients answering any questions that they may have about their new home.
- J.D., Wyoming MI, January 2014
Very cordial, knowledgeable, and thorough.
- L.S., September 2013
Todd did a great job. He was very thorough and explained everything to me as I walked with him throughout the inspection. He was in no hurry and looked over everything he possibly could. I would recommend him to anyone and will use him again if I needed a home inspection in the future.
- E.R., August 2013
Great work. Very respectful of seller who was on site as well as their property. Very thorough.
- P.K., July 2013
hate your system. Go back to a plain and simple report not internet based.
- A.A., June 2013
Thank you so much for conducting the inspection so soon. I'm so glad I was there today. You pointed out all of the shut-off valves, I would not have found the water shut off behind the furnace. Thank you for explaining the water leak in the ceiling. Also I would not have known to replace the dryer vent pipe, the smoke detectors, and the carbon monoxide detectors. Again thank you for taking the time to go over everything with me.
- I.S., April 2013
Todd is very knowledgeable and performs a detailed and thorough inspection. I would highly recommend him for any home inspection.
- J.J., April 2013
My clients really appreciate your level of communication and the time you take to explain areas they are unfamiliar with. Your thoroughness, honesty and willingness to work with clients schedule. I have never once in the years we have worked together had a single complaint from my clients with regards to your home inspections.
- S.B., February 2013
Very thorough, very knowledgeable and very informative. Would recommend to anyone.
- J.M., February 2013
Todd does an outstanding job. He is very thorough and answered all of my questions. He also points things out that you will want to know as a home owner. This is the second inspection that Todd has done for me. I will hire him again if I decide to move. Thanks again, Todd. S. Fredricks
- S.F., December 2012
I appreciate the thorough inspection that Todd Moelker performed on the house that I would like to purchase. He found many things that I missed when looking at the home. I would recommend his work to anyone buying or selling a home. S. Fredricks
- S.F., November 2012
Thanks you very much Todd for doing such a thorough inspection on our home to be. Were will definitely recommend you if somebody ever needs an inspector.
- S.W., July 2012
Great service and excellent communicator.
- D.S., Grand Rapids MI, February 2012
I was extremely impressed with your level of knowledge and expertise. I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.G., February 2012
Todd has a very common sense approach to the inspection that makes the buyers comfortable. Todd does an excellent job and I will always recommend his work. Jeff Berdyck Five Star Real Estate
- J.B., Hudsonville MI, January 2012
Very helpful and thorough in pointing out things we should fix or replace.
- R.D., October 2011
Todd consistently does a great job and I get many good comments from my buyers.
- D.S., Grand Rapids MI, July 2011
I would recommend Todd to anyone needing a home inspection. He was very professional and helpful with me being a first time home buyer. He explained everything in great detail and answered every question I had. I really like that he had me walk through the house with him during the inspection...I have heard from others that inspectors typically don't want the home buyer to be there for the inspection and they explain things after it is finished.
- A.D., April 2011
Great job, Todd is very friendly and knowledgeable. He answered all of my questions and was very good at explaining issues, etc. Thanks again Andy Hills
- A.H., April 2011
Todd was on time - a great first impression! He inspected the house with care and educated me through the entire process. I feel confident that our new house will not have any unexpected "surprises". Thank you!!!
- E.G., March 2011
Todd is very knowledgable and communicates well with the customer.
- D.S., Grand Rapids MI, February 2011
Todds level of professionalism is unmatched.
- T.V., January 2011
A very professional job. Invited us to follow him around so we could get a better understanding of what "problems", etc. that he found.
- D.E., December 2010
Todd, Thanks for being so thorough and completing our inspection so quickly. Jim
- J.S., June 2010
Todd did a good job on the inspection. He made it very helpful to have his insight and expertise available to the buyer. Teresa Molyneux Five Star Real Estate
- T.M., Grand Rapids MI, April 2010
Very thorough, professional job, Todd. I like how you explain the inspection to the buyer in lay-mans terms and not in an alarmist way. You're definitely at the top of your profession Todd.
- T.F., March 2010
Thorough inspection; congenial, professional and communicative; patient in responding to questions and providing explanations; knowledgeable; unbiased and objective. Recommended.
- R.O., February 2010
Todd thanks for giving my client wonderful service. I appreciate the time you take with the client going through the home.
- B.M., November 2009