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Lloyd Allen

The Right Inspector
I will conduct a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out. As a licensed, certified professional home inspector, I have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a thorough and professional, visual inspection of your home, from foundation to roof. 
Professional Services
Residential Inspections
  • Pre-Sale / Closing Inspections
  • New Construction Inspections
  • Construction Phase Inspections
  • Rental / Investment Properties
  • Periodic Maintenance Inspections
  • Warranty Inspections
  • Energy Audits
Plans Examinations
Code Consultations
Mold Sampling
Lead Testing
Over 20 years of construction experience
15 years as a Municipal Government Inspector:
  • City of Memphis, Housing Inspector
  • MFD, Fire Prevention Inspector
  • Shelby County, Building Inspector
  • Shelby County, Weatherization Site Inspector
Inspection Process
Here are some of the many items I will be looking at during your home inspection:
  • Foundations & Structure
  • Fireplaces
  • Roof Systems
  • Basement 
  • Exterior Components 
  • Water Heater
  • Skylights 
  • Ventilation
  • Electrical System
  • Structural Integrity
  • Heating systems
  • Air Conditioning systems
  • Walks and driveways
  • Built-in appliances
  • Plumbing System
  • Garages, Carports
  • Surface Drainage
  • Doors, Windows & Interior 
  • Insulation
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Decks


Licensed in Tennessee and Mississippi ICC Certified: Residential Combination Inspector Certified Energy Auditor


Over 20 years of construction experience 15 years as a Municipal Government Inspector: City of Memphis, Housing Inspector MFD, Fire Prevention Inspector Shelby County, Building Inspector Shelby County, Weatherization Site Inspector

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Mr. Lloyd Allen was very patient and thorough. I had tons of questions about the inspection and specifically about the possibility of lead in the home. Mr. Allen shared his educated knowledge of lead testing as well as the inspection process. I could not recommend his services enough. He was also very professional, a great communicator, and extensively thorough.
- L.P., January 2023
Good morning. Inspector Allen was VERY well equipped. He came in knowing his job and wanting tovtake it seriously enough to allow me for knowledge about my soon to be Greatest purchase or most Disastrous purchase. The time he put in on my inspection was qorth it and very Detailed. He had all waht i would say in the latest equipment and tools to complete his inspection.
- L.B., October 2022
Great service and reliability thank you for the follow up visit to the property to check a/c with the weather temperature more favorable for the testing and evaluation appreciate your approach to business
- J.F., February 2022
Lloyd Allen gave a very detailed report however, not good with returning phone calls about the report. I would only recommend him if someone needs a detailed home inspection report without having any questions.
- A.O., January 2022
Mr. Allen was great!, However, In the future I would like to see the inspector explain the inspection results and possibly the estimated costs for repair to see if the purchase is worthy.
- U.W., January 2022
I was pleased with the inspection done by Mr. Lloyd Allen. He was professional and thorough. He answered all my questions and let me know of the things he found of concern. I was pleased with his detailed report that included pictures of all the findings. Outstanding service!
- K.W., December 2021
Absolutely, very informative.
- J.P., June 2021
Lloyd provided excellent, prompt service in a professional fashion. I was able to make an appointment right away and the inspection report was detailed and very helpful.
- P.R., March 2021
I really appreciate your report. The format you use is very informative and professional. And to keep me in the loop about every detail, your pictures are great examples of each and every concern. Thank you so much.
- K.L., November 2020
Very thorough. Fast report
- H.L., October 2020
Mr. Allen was extremely thorough and detailed in my home inspection and really went the extra mile. He was very patient with me and my many many questions. I highly recommend!
- A.J., July 2020
As an out-of-state investor, one of the things that matters to us in this team is inspector, is our eyes on the field, is the one by which I decide whether to buy a property or not. Lloyd Allen is simply amazing, in less than 48 hours he arrived at a house devastated and full of problems and issued me a professional and detailed inspection report. A very pleasant and approachable person, he explained the whole process to me, went through all the deficiencies with me. As an investor on another continent, reliability and availability is key and Lloyd Allen has it all. Having automation on the entire process of obtaining and receiving documents simply simplifies the whole process. During the examination he found a very large liquid under the house which caused a serious problem in the foundations, thanks to his professionalism and determination the problem was discovered and prevented me from buying a house for demolition. Highly recommends his services
- M.E., July 2020
Lloyd did an excellent job as my home inspector. He was easily accessible and very professional. I would highly recommend him.
- C.A., Newton NJ, June 2020
Mr. Allen was very professional and thorough with his inspections. Will highly recommend
- A.W., June 2020
My inspector was amazing! I couldn't ask for a better inspector! He is very thorough and detailed! You will not be disappointed!
- K.H., May 2020
He did a very professional and thorough job. I would highly recommend him to other clients.
- C.W., May 2020
Lloyd was very professional and detailed. He was very knowledgeable and helpful with any and all questions. His report was very informative and the software he uses makes the whole process very user friendly. He even answered when I called the next day with more questions and went out of his way to make sure I had all the answers I wanted. I would highly recommend Lloyd Allen to anyone who is looking for a home inspection!
- D.B., November 2019
I want to say how glad and pleased with Allen Professional Services. Lloyd was THE BEST! He had all the necessary tools (I was impressed with the visuals he provided which included air space above the home even though it was very windy out), he was extremely patient, meticulous & knowledgeable. He explained an issue & as a first-time home buyer I was initially confused. However, he took the time to explain it in such a fashion, I understood. He pointed out the issues and provided an explanation as to why it could cause a greater issue later. Its been a long time since I have experienced the level of service he provided. I can't thank Allen Professional Services enough on a JOB WELL DONE! You would be doing an injustice to yourself if you don't book Lloyd from Allen Professional Services. And not to mention I was do EVERYTHING online! From booking, paying and reviewing my report (which was ready in less than 24hrs)!
- L.T., October 2019
Excellent and professional service.
- J.C., September 2019
He did a phenomenal job! I would recommend him to anyone! He takes his time and is very thorough at his job! If you go with Allen Professional Services you will not be disappointed!
- J.F., August 2019
Thanks for going the extra mile for my kid's and I first home.You performed an outstanding job and I greatly appreciate it.At last,I couldnt have chosen a better inspector. - -Best Regards, - Sherika Wheeler
- S.A., August 2019
Awesome experience all the way around. He made it easy to schedule online and then delivered an incredibly thorough home inspection complete with awesome pictures and drone shots. He takes his time and does things right.
- K.R., May 2019
Lloyd thank you for taking your time doing a thorough inspection. You done an excellent job!
- S.S., February 2019
Very thorough and friendly guy. Was a pleasure working with him!
- S.B., October 2018
Mr. Allen, thank you for the professional home inspection report. The report was informative and very through. I would strongly recommend you to conduct housing inspection for friends and relatives. Thank you for your service, Robert
- R.T., August 2018
Very thorough work with plenty of pictures and even video walk-thru. The thermal imaging and aerial drone pics are an added bonus!
- B.W., July 2018
Thank you for the thorough inspection you performed for me. The pictures and narratives in the report revealed more problems than I could have possibly imagined. That was definitely a good decision on my part to hire you. Be blessed and keep up the good work. Thank you again for a job well done. RG
- R.G., July 2018
Prompt, professional, and thorough!
- D.J., July 2018
Very thorough inspection. I am very satisfied and would recommend Mr. Allen to other buyers.
- D.W., June 2018
First we would like to thank Mr. Lloyd Allen for our inspection of our home. We would recommend him to anyone who needs an inspection of their home. And thanks again.
- E.B., April 2018
Mr. Allen is MY trusted and professional home inspector. He is very knowledgeable, with strong interpersonal skills that my clients appreciate. Mr. Allen is listed in the brochure that I provide to all of my buyers and sellers.
- L.C., March 2018
I found Lloyd after reading some great reviews on Yelp. I was very impressed with the amount of detail as well as photos in his inspection report. Overall he was very helpful. I don't see how the experience could be any better.
- C.F., February 2018
Thank you so much Mr. Lloyd Allen for providing a super detailed report. Love all the pictures inside the report too; they are very helpful. You will definitely hear from us again when we purchase additional turkey properties in the near future. Thanks again!
- V.T., February 2018
Lloyd was very friendly. He did very detailed work and explained everything we asked. This company is amazing at how quickly they came out.
- J.P., November 2017
You did a great job. I recommend you to anybody that needs an inspection done. You did not miss anything. You are very good at what you do. Thanks
- S.S., September 2017
Thanks so much, Lloyd, for such a thorough inspection. The report was generated quickly, and the videos were particularly helpful and valuable to an out-of-town investor like myself. You're definitely the man for the job, I strongly recommend your services, and I'll be contacting you for any future inspections. Thanks again!
- J.H., August 2017
Very professional, organized, detailed, effective communicator, on time, thorough inspector, very neat, warm welcome, meticulous, and diligent. Lloyd provides Five Star Services. Very knowledgeable and patient in providing information and answering questions. Lloyd Allen is my number one pick for recommendation for an home inspection. Lloyd Allen deserve a 10+++++ rating for an OUTSTANDING JOB WELL DONE. Thank you.
- C.H., July 2017
Lloyd - Great report and videos. You exceeded my expectations. Thank You, Brett Comer
- B.C., July 2017
I feel that you are very professional and did an awesome job. You explained your findings well where we could understand. We're overall pleased.
- D.H., June 2017
This is my first house purchasing experience. Being from out of state, I wanted a thorough and detailed inspection and that is exactly what I got. The report was very informative and Mr. Allen was very nice. I can't say anything bad about the experience. He was thorough, punctual, and professional. I'd definitely recommend him.
- T.T., May 2017
Very detail and professional. Excellent work.
- M.C., May 2017
Very knowledgeable and detail oriented inspector. Will recommend his services to others.
- J.B., May 2017
Thank you Mr. Allen for Outstanding Home Inspection Service! The quality of your service, along with your professionalism, promptness, and courtesy to your customers are Valued. Again, Thank you!
- L.C., April 2017
great job! Thank you for pointing out everything that needed to be repaired. I value your service.
- L.M., March 2017
Always very professional and very detailed.
- W.W., February 2017
Very professional and in depth inspection.
- T.H., December 2016
Very thorough & professional & didn't leave anything untouched
- R.B., December 2016
Very thorough & professional & didn't leave anything untouched
- R.B., December 2016
Hey thanks for fitting us in so quickly, even when you said you had other things line up already.
- A.T., November 2016
excellent service!
- T.I., October 2016
He was very professional and on point in knowing about his job duties! Everything was clear and understandable! He pointed out a lot of things that I missed! A very nice and professional guy I would use him again!
- J.A., September 2016
He was very professional and on point in knowing about his job duties! Everything was clear and understandable! He pointed out a lot of things that I missed! A very nice and professional guy I would use him again!
- J.A., September 2016
Great, Detailed Inspector! Very Knowledgeable Of His Profession! I Highly Recommend Lloyd Allen!
- L.N., September 2016
Mr. Allen provided the most comprehensive home inspection I have ever had. He was efficient, timely, and professional. I would very much recommend him. I am thankful for his attention to detail.
- V.A., June 2016
Loyd is very thorough and knowledgable. He also keeps current on the latest standards and technical equipment used for performing home inspections. He saved us from buying a home that had serious issues. I recently read a real estate article that identified the 8 major problems that normally are not assessed in the usual home inspection. Allen Pro covered 7/8 areas. That shows you that they are way above average. I'd recommend him to anyone. We have used him twice already.
- D.T., June 2016
Mr.Allen did an awesome job glad I call him????.
- A.M., June 2016
We appreciated how professional and thorough Lloyd was through the entire inspection. We received a lot of very helpful information to help with our decision to purchase the property.
- Y.O., May 2016
Was very thorough with our first inspection. Im thankful that he had the time to do an initial inspection the same day I contacted him. Would definitely recommend his services to someone building or buying a home.
- B.H., April 2016
Much more thorough and detailed than any previous inspector I have dealt with as buyer or seller. I recommend him very highly. My suggestion is more details about the garage doors. It was recently brought to my attention that my double wide door should have two springs instead of one.
- T.T., March 2016
Mr. Lloyd Allen did a very good job inspecting my new home. He's professional and detail . Mr. Allen takes pride in his job and he's very thorough. I would recommend using Mr. Allen for an home inspector. Again, great job!!!
- C.G., January 2016
I would absolutely recommend Lloyd Allen for a home inspection He did an exceptional job. He was very professional and very, very thorough. The pictures were also spot on. I can't commend him enough.
- M.H., January 2016
I NEVER write reviews good or bad but after using Lloyd Allen to inspect my home, I had to share my flawless experience. I used a different home inspector prior to be referred to Lloyd Allen. It was the BEST choice I've made in the home purchase process outside of selecting the home I love. He is very professional and knowledgeable about all things inside and outside of the home. He didn't miss anything major or minor. The report that he sent was equally thorough and pointed out positive things as well as those things that needed repair. The pictures included in the report were very clear, professional, and detailed. Hiring Lloyd provided an extra layer of ease in this home buying process. He is definitely the perfect for your home inspection needs.
- L.T., October 2015
Very detailed inspection
- G.C., October 2015
Thank you for your service you did a awesome job and I will recommend you to anybody thanks again.
- R.E., September 2015
Overall Great job, provided exceptional Customer Service, paid close attention to details, very honest and professional.
- W.W., August 2015
Mr. Allen was very knowledgeable and accurate in his proper inspection. I love the professionalism demonstrated during our transaction. I would definitely use him again if needed
- S.M., July 2015
Your inspection and report are very thorough and easy to understand. Love the pictures and video that correspond to the item described. Great job!
- C.S., July 2015
Thank you so much for everything..
- E.G., June 2015
Mr. Allen was both friendly and professional. He explained and showed us all the major issues. I really appreciated his sound advice upon completion of the inspection.
- J.R., June 2015
Mr. Allen was excellent. He absolutely pays attention to detail. Will most definitely use him again.
- F.W., April 2015
Very thorough inspection. Very good notes and pictures. GOOD job!
- E.C., March 2015
Lloyd Allen is someone I have become dependent upon for quality Home Inspection services. Keep up the Great work
- C.D., March 2015