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Brad Acker

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Acker Home Inspections, LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 608--225-7231 Mobile Phone: 608--225-7231

About Acker Home Inspections, LLC

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in McFarland and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Home Inspector, Rental Weatherization Certification, WRA Memeber, General Contractor.


Best home inspection service avaialable.


Professional and friendly! Highly recommended if you want your home inspection to be an easy process.
- J.N., Monona WI, March 2020
Brad was awesome. Knew what he was doing and what he was talking about
- L.Z., September 2019
I greatly appreciate the time you took to thoroughly inspect and educate us on the things that you noted in the inspection. Will definitely recommend.
- S.T., Madison WI, October 2018
Brad you were awesome! You made my first ever home inspection a breeze! I appreciated that you took the time to explain everything, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and had already documented everything before I arrived, so that you knew where to focus my attention. You also gave me lots of helpful tips and information about my new home for regular maintenance purposes. If anyone is looking for a qualified home inspector, I would recommend you without hesitation!
- J.I., Madison WI, November 2017
Thanks Brad for taking the time to go through everything with me. It was very informative and I found out a lot!
- D.M., Madison WI, August 2017
I have worked with Brad multiple times, he is very thorough and a pleasure to deal with!
- J.H., May 2017
I'm a little surprised that the a/c unit wasn't at least run to make sure that the fan turned without sound issues. I didn't think to ask you, yesterday. So, I'll try to get up there before the close to run the unit. If I observe any potential issues, should I contact you to consider updating the report? Also, my plumber buddy suggested that we have a water test run, due to possible issues with tankless water heaters might not operate well depending on hardness and acidity. If you were in the area for another job, could you swing by to do an h2o test for us. What would the cost be, if so? Can we pick up a kit somewhere to make this test ourselves with reliable results? ~ Scott
- M.P., Sun Prairie WI, May 2017
Very personable and answered every question we had. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone whom may need an inspector.
- A.K., Sun Prairie WI, December 2016
Very thorough and took the time to explain everything as I am a first-time homebuyer.
- M.M., Sun Prairie WI, March 2016
Brad was very professional an courtesy during my home inspection. His attention to detail coupled with his vast knowledge of homes made it very smooth for me to understand everything. I would recommend Brad.
- G.M., Sun Prairie WI, December 2015
I am moving from out-of-state and the first time I saw the home in person was with Brad. Needless to say I was worried not having seen the house before the point of inspection, but Brad is so thorough and professional he was able to put my mind at ease. We spent a long time inspecting the home, because Brad made sure to answer all of my questions and took time to explain things so that I would be able to understand and learn what he was looking for. He also stopped multiple times to make sure we were moving at a good pace and that he was fully answering all of my questions. I wouldn't hesitate at all to recommend Brad to anyone who needs a home inspection. I feel confident moving forward with my home purchase thanks to Brad.
- J.S., Sun Prairie WI, December 2015
Brad was wonderful. He was so thorough and didn't miss anything. He explained everything to us and was able to put us at ease about buying this home. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone that needs an inspection complete!
- K.T., Sun Prairie WI, August 2015
Very thorough and helpful with all our questions! Thanks Brad! :)
- T.L., Madison WI, May 2015
Brad was very professional. He was on time and very knowledgeable in his line of work! He explained things in layman terms for me. I was very happy with his services and would recommend him to family or friends! Renee
- R.K., Sun Prairie WI, April 2015
He was absolutely great during the inspection! He went through everything with us as a professional should do. Thanks Brad!
- P.Z., Madison WI, December 2014
Very thorough and helpful in explanations of each subject or area in the home. Really nice guy and was willing to go into detail about anything in or around the house.
- C.R., Madison WI, December 2014
Very professional and personable. Had everything ready (fuse box open, attic accessible, water pressure tested) before I got there. Explained clearly what he was looking for and what he found. Report was thorough and delivered promptly. Highly recommended!
- C.R., Madison WI, May 2014
Great job Brad. Very thorough and took time to explain as we walked through. You know your craft and appreciate your time.
- C.A., McFarland WI, April 2014
Good job, any new home owners would be well off by having you for their inspector Once again good job Brad
- I.B., Madison WI, January 2014
Thanks again for the great walkthru-inspection. You pointed out many things that I wouldn't have noticed or had the experience, knowledge or tools to check. You explained a lot of things and why and how they came to be - like the loose insulation foam around the windows at the back of the condo. And how great to have the pics. You've set my mind at east about a couple of things and minimized the possibility of ugly suprises down the line.
- J.M., Madison WI, September 2013
Brad is a phenomenal home inspector! Not only does he do a very good and thorough job of checking out the entire property, he does a wonderful job at educating home buyers to make them feel comfortable. He has all the right tools and puts together an excellent printed report complete with photos. I have no hesitation recommending Brad Acker to anyone looking to hire a great home inspector in the Madison area.
- J.L., Madison WI, June 2013
Great job!
- C.S., March 2013
Thank you for scheduling the inspection so quickly!
- C.K., Madison WI, February 2013
Extremely thorough and professional. Very impressed with his knowledge and time he took to explain the items he was looking for and what, if any, needed to be addressed.
- S.O., Madison WI, August 2012
Brad completed a very thorough and professional inspection. Broke communication down to a level a new homeowner could understand and I would highly encourage anyone out there seeking a house inspector to contact Brad. I will be sure to use him again if I ever need another inspection.
- S.B., Madison WI, February 2012