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Edward Sanbower

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call BEESURE HOME INSPECTIONS. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 301-668-5554 Mobile Phone: 301-676-5351


We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Frederick and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


- B.G., Brunswick MD, April 2017
We were extremely nervous in anticipation of our home inspection for fear that we'd walk away not knowing if something was truly wrong with our new home. As soon as we started talking to Ed, and saw the extent of his thoroughness, are minds were at ease. Not only did Ed inspect every inch of our new home, he was very knowledgeable, took the time to explain things to us, and was more than patient in answering our questions and concerns. We are so glad that our realtor recommended him and we would promote him in a heartbeat to someone in need of a home inspection!!
- B.S., Myersville MD, April 2017
Ed was super helpful. He took the time to answer my many questions. He explained things to me in both technical and simple terms. His photographs (with arrows) and comments on the inspection report were also helpful. Ed was prompt, professional, and a really nice guy to work with. I would highly recommend him!
- C.M., Frederick MD, March 2017
Ed was incredibly personable and knowledgeable during our home inspection. He went over every aspect of the inspection and answered all of our questions. Highly recommended!
- E.E., Middletown MD, March 2017
Ed was excellent to work with. He was very thorough and explained anything he found to be in need to repair in detail. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family!
- R.S., Sharpsburg MD, March 2017
I deeply appreciated Ed's attention to detail and knowledge. He was patient and thorough with my questions, found items that had missed previous homeowners' inspections, and helped me to give me a far more informed perspective on the state of the home and what I may be walking into. All of this, and the report came just a few hours after the inspection~ wow~. I am a first time buyer, and I would recommend Ed as an inspector for anyone. ~Thanks Ed.
- K.K., Brunswick MD, March 2017
As a first time home buyer, Ed was everything we could ask for. He was patient with questions and was helpful with information. He had our very thorough report finished on the same day as the inspection. A friendly and helpful person all around.
- B.F., Smithsburg MD, February 2017
Very knowledgeable
- N.R., Hagerstown MD, February 2017
Ed Sanbower was great! He was very thorough with the inspection. Ed took his time, was very good at answering questions, and provided a very clean, detailed, professional report. Top Notch service all the way around!
- M.G., Smithsburg MD, February 2017
Pleasant personality, easy to work with and very thorough. Did not rush.
- B.S., Adamstown MD, January 2017
Your the man!
- S.L., January 2017
Thank you for being so friendly, informative and thorough. We will gladly recommend you any time, Ed.
- H.C., Clear Spring MD, January 2017
It was wonderful working with Mr. Sanbower for my home inspection. He was very professional, courteous, and overall just a very personable individual. Mr. Sanbower was extremely thorough - he took his time going through each room in the house, and pointed out every major (and minor) issue. He took the time to explain the issues and provided his recommendations on fixes, and even went above and beyond to explain other useful tidbits about the property (info. on the HVAC system, where and how to shut off the water, etc.). I could tell he is extremely knowledgeable. As a second-time homebuyer I have been through the home inspection process before, and I can honestly say I was very impressed with Mr. Sanbower's thoroughness. I would absolutely recommend him as an inspector!!
- E.B., Frederick MD, January 2017
Very thorough inspection and report. Provided useful information regarding various issues and components of the house inspected. Very professional and personable.
- M.S., Westminster MD, November 2016
Ed was terrific! He made us feel comfortable while walking through the home with him as he completed the inspection. He communicated his findings to us and did it in a very professional manner. He was well liked by myself and my family. Thanks Ed!
- L.M., Rocky Ridge MD, October 2016
Ed was great, and in fact, I've already recommended him to friends that plan to use him in the next month for their own home purchase. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and prompt with report delivery.
- C.R., Frederick MD, October 2016
Ed was knowledgable as well as thorough. If I did not understand something he provided the information in a manner I could understand and rate its significance for the post-inspection ratified contract.
- S.B., Middletown MD, September 2016
We were really pleased by how thorough Ed was during our inspection. He was very thoughtful and pointed out some informational items that we would find useful after we moved in.
- C.U., September 2016
Excellent and timely service at an incredible price!
- T.G., Hagerstown MD, August 2016
Very knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend!
- J.W., Hagerstown MD, August 2016
Ed was extremely thorough and great at explaining his issues and concerns.
- C.O., Frederick MD, August 2016
Mr.Sanbower was very thorough and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- R.T., Glen Burnie MD, August 2016
Ed was very polite and thorough. Also we brought our young children who got in his way a few times and he was very patience and kind to them as well. Lastly, he finished the job faster than anticipated.
- A.C., Thurmond MD, August 2016
Good morning, I could not have asked for a better inspector. He was able to locate issues and give an honest no bull kind of response. I would feel really good with purchasing a house he inspected. Will use again.
- J.C., Boonsboro MD, August 2016
Ed was extremely thorough and realistic in his assessments. The property needed significant work which we were aware of but it was some of the underlying issues we weren't aware of that he uncovered. We ended up releasing our contract on this property and feel that Ed saved us before we got in over our heads.
- K.S., Hagerstown MD, July 2016
Great quality professional service!
- D.L., July 2016
Very thorough! - I feel confident in knowing there will be no surprises as we move forward with this home purchase. Pleasant to work with and got to us in a timely manner. Definitely recommend Ed to anyone looking to have a home inspected.
- S.S., Frederick MD, May 2016
Thank you Ed for your report. I would highly recommend you to others. You were very thorough, polite, and knowledgeable of your job. Very respectful to others and their home.
- J.C., Frederick MD, March 2016
He was extremely pleasant to work with. As first time buyers he made the process seamless and painless. Thank you for everything. The report was thorough and what we needed to make an important decision.
- C.M., Frederick MD, March 2016
Ed was very nice and did an excellent job providing me with information and answering my questions!
- T.V., Germantown MD, March 2016
Highly recommended, walked through the entire structure with me and was very nice and friendly. Answered any questions I had and would recommend to anyone!
- R.K., Middletown MA, March 2016
Fast turn-around; very professional and knowledgable
- B.D., Waynesboro PA, March 2016
Ed is always prompt, very thorough, gives attention to details, and documents everything in his reports. He's friendly and ready to answer any questions that my buyers have. Ed is very knowledgeable and takes whatever time required to do a good home inspection. In all the years that I've recommended Ed for an inspection, my buyers have been pleased with his service. To sum it up, "Thank you, Ed - keep up the good work!"
- S.K., March 2016
Thank you for a thorough and professional inspection. Tracie and I greatly appreciate it.
- A.K., Smithsburg MD, March 2016
Ed always does a fantastic job of finding items that are unsafe or in need of repair. He has the patience to thoroughly explain his findings to the agent and the client. His reports are very clear and concise and he always gets them out on time. I have used Ed Sanbower for many years and have always been pleased with his work. I will continue to use him and highly recommend his work.
- C.C., March 2016
Great job Ed. Thanks for noticing the window seal
- P.B., Brunswick MD, March 2016
Ed was very thorough and meticulous. I highly recommend
- P.E., Frederick MD, February 2016
The inspection was excellent. Ed did a very professional job. I appreciated how he not only took the time to explain every issue he found as he went along, but he also made several suggestions for how the home could be improved (better drainage from the gutter, places to add insulation, etc.). I would use him again for an inspection, or recommend him to any of my friends and family without hesitation.
- K.P., Frederick MD, February 2016
I was impressed Mr. Sanbower's thorough and careful inspection of all aspects of the property. He explained things in a very clear manner and the pictures included in the report were very helpful. I also appreciate how quickly he was able to schedule the inspection and complete the report. I would highly recommend Mr. Sanbower!
- M.H., Thurmond MD, January 2016
Ed was very thorough and made a point to give me the information I needed before even sending me the report so I knew what to expect. This was the first time I was present for a home inspection and I was very pleased with the attention to details that Ed showed. I would definitely recommend him for any home inspection.
- D.L., Knoxville MD, January 2016
Ed did another terrific job for my buyer! He is always on time and is very professional. Ed takes the time to answer all of my buyers questions and points out things about the property that they find helpful. His reports are easy to read and very comprehensive.He documents the items that need repaired and even the items that are helpful to know, like where the shut off switches are for water and gas. I recommend Ed to anyone looking to have home inspection done!
- C.C., January 2016
Didn't miss a trick. Very professional. Good eye for details. Did not seem to mind my tagging along. He's a keeper!
- G.C., New Market MD, December 2015
He pointed out a number of issues that should be addressed, as well as some of the positive things about the house. He also added info in the report that was helpful such as where the main water shutoff was. The one area that could be improved slightly to get a perfect score would be to talk a little more throughout the inspection. One example was it wasn't until we got the report that we found out about the faulty attic fan. Not a big deal, but was worthy of us asking the seller to handle that issue. Just would have been good to know the day of the inspection. Otherwise, very helpful and knowledgeable!
- R.E., Thurmont MD, December 2015
Very nice! Very thorough.
- M.K., Myersville MD, December 2015
Ed was friendly and professional. I understands the concerns of home buyers and takes the time to explain the various aspects of the inspection and offers potential solutions to remedy common issues in a house.
- E.A., Frederick MD, December 2015
Excellent job. Very thorough and professional.
- K.M., New Windsor MD, November 2015
Thank you so much Ed for your thorough inspection. I appreciate you explaining things about the house I might not have known about. (Water valve). You answered all my questions and were very polite. It was a pleasure meeting you. You came recommend to me and I would not hesitate to recommend you. I especially appreciate the report format. It was easy to read very clear and concise. Thanks again, Karen
- K.M., New Market MD, November 2015
Ed was prompt, efficient and friendly. I definitely would recommend him!
- M.B., Frederick MD, November 2015
Ed was very professional and efficient. He hurt his back the day before and still toughed it out for me and my family during the inspection. I enjoyed that he gave recommendations and personal opinions on things around the house.
- A.S., Shargsburg MD, October 2015
Thanks Ed for going over the details of what you found that need corrected before buying our home. We appreciated your thoroughness and honesty. I can tell that you love what you do, and thanks for looking out for us. You were highly recommended and we will surely recommend you as well!
- P.E., Hagerstown MD, October 2015
You were fantastic to work with and made the experience a pleasant and enjoyable one. Thank you!
- S.D., Frederick MD, October 2015
Ed was very friendly and professional. I had not been through a home inspection before, and he answered all of my questions and willingly explained everything. It was a great experience, and I would highly recommend Ed and his company to anyone looking for a prompt, professional inspection.
- J.E., Middletown MD, September 2015
Ed did a really good job and for a reasonable price. He knew current coding very well and answered all questions. Having the report in PDF form hours later was much appreciated. Will certainly recommend.
- M.K., Brunswick MD, September 2015
Ed was pleasant, meticulous, and personable. He did not hesitate to answer any question I raised, and made himself available to me when I located a prospective issue. I found Ed to be knowledgeable of his craft, a real down-to-earth gentlemen who enjpys his profession. I highly recommend Mr. Sanbower should anyone require his services.
- R.K., Frederick MD, September 2015
Ed did a thorough job including taking the time for suggestions and recommendations in addition to his report
- J.P., Emmitsburg MD, September 2015
Ed was very personable and knowledgeable while doing his job. He made it clear of the items that needed to be done asap and items that can be done down the road, all of this is very helpful to a first time homebuyer.
- T.L., Myersville MD, September 2015
Ed Sandbower has being handeling all my Home Inspections since I received my license:)...Love sending referrals his way!
- M.W., August 2015
Ed was great and very thorough!
- S.D., Frederick MD, August 2015
Ed was great and thorough!! Would recommend him to everyone!
- E.H., Frederick MD, August 2015
Ed did a thorough job and was a real pleasure to work with. He took time to point things out and gave excellent explanations of any issues we encountered.
- T.L., Frederick MD, August 2015
Mr. Sanbower was a pleasure to work with. He was thorough and very professional.
- N.M., Walkersville MD, August 2015
Ed, Thank you so much for being so thorough in the inspection of the Tivoli townhouse and for showing me where the important valves for shutoffs are. I appreciated your courtesy and professionalism. Janice
- J.T., Frederick MD, August 2015
Thanks Ed, you are the best! You always do a very comprehensive inspection and the reports are easy to read. I love that you take the time to tell the buyers the details about the house and explain what you find. The pictures on the report make it easy to address what you are talking about to the sellers! I always recommend you to my home buyers!
- C.C., July 2015
Ed did a great job inspecting our potential home. He was onsite early, courteous to everyone there, thorough with his inspection, and took time to explain issues as he found them. Upon the conclusion of his inspection he took me aside and reviewed the summary of his findings. His rate was reasonable and his final report was presented very well. I would highly recommend his services to any potential homebuyer in need of an honest home inspector.
- J.R., Boyds MD, July 2015
Ed, You are very knowledgeable and great at what you do! You answered all our questions and made us feel so comfortable! I would recommend you to anyone that is in need of a great home inspector! Thank you!
- A.M., Frederick MD, July 2015
Pleasant personallty,easy to work with and very thorough. Did not rush.
- M.F., Mt Airy MD, July 2015
Ed was wonderful to work with, incredibly thorough. He spoke to me in layman's terms and took his time explaining things. He was friendly and kind. A great person and a great inspector.
- C.W., Thurmond MD, July 2015
Mr. Ed was absolutely the best. He was very thorough and took his time to explain in details everything to us as first time homebuyers. Mr. Ed went above and beyond the call of duty and did a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend him to others. He is very knowledgeable, timely and professional. We received our report the same day. Our experience with Mr. Ed was truly one of a kind.
- K.L., Frederick MD, July 2015
Ed was knowledgeable, prompt and efficient during the home inspection process. He was able to answer any and all questions. I will definitely recommend his services to friends and family.
- J.H., Frederick MD, July 2015
Ed was fantastic. He explained everything as he went, and even helped us out with some "mechanical" questions for our future home. He was friendly, honest and kind. We would recommend him to anyone.
- L.D., Walkersville MD, June 2015
Mr. Sanbower was an excellent inspector who reviewed everything throughly and took the time to explain things to us in detail. He answered all questions and was very polite and friendly.
- B.R., Sharpsburg MD, June 2015
Ed did a fabulous job and was very thorough in providing us with detailed information on the home we are planning to purchase. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody! Also I was very pleased that we recevied the inspection report the same day. Very efficient.
- C.D., Williamsport MD, June 2015
I was able to make an appointment in a timely manner, and Mr. Sandbower was prompt, thorough, and professional. My results were emailed immediately and in a very easy to understand and professional format.
- S.H., Frederick MD, June 2015
I liked Ed a lot, he was very thorough. Ed was very nice and took time out during his inspection to answer all my questions. I highly recommend. Tom D
- T.D., Walkersville MD, June 2015
Ed's was very professional and his report was detailed. I would have no problem referring his services to others
- M.M., Myersville MD, June 2015
Nice detailed report, thanks..
- S.K., Hagerstown MD, May 2015
Nice detailed report, thanks..
- S.K., Hagerstown MD, May 2015
I could not have been more pleased with Mr. Sanbower of BeeSure Inspections. He was very attentive to details and obviously well informed. I was equally impressed with his knowledge of construction and structure and his willingness to address structural changes in my new home. Ed was very prompt, personable and cooperative. Enjoyed meeting him and would definitely call him again if the need arose!!!!
- C.F., Frederick MD, May 2015
Ed is awesome!! Thank you so much for all your help and expertise.
- C.B., Point Of Rocks MD, May 2015
He was very friendly and very helpful. Seemed that he knew a lot about everything he was doing. Very thorough and seemed to enjoy explaining to me things I might forget as a first time home buyer
- C.C., Frederick MD, May 2015
Great job, Ed. You saved us many hours and dollars that we would have spent fixing the myriad of small but significant maintenance issues that the house that we are buying had. You clearly stated the issues in your report, along with photos and supplementary diagrams so that we could understand the exact problem and the sellers could quickly respond to your report and make the necessary repairs.
- B.W., Frederick MD, May 2015
Ed was extremely professional and informative. He explained what he had found, and what I needed to do to fix it. I would definitely used Ed again, and recommend him to anyone needing a Home Inspection. Thanks Ed
- J.B., Walkersville MD, May 2015
Very informative inspector. Took time to explain things to me in a way I could understand them. Would recommend him to anyone without reservation.
- A.G., Myersville MD, May 2015
He was prompt, efficient and thorough during the inpsection of our new home. He took his time to make sure we had all our questions answered and showed us what he suggested needed to be fixed with explanations. I would definitely recommend Ed to inspect your home.
- M.S., Myersville MD, May 2015
Good job, and very kind and flexible.
- J.S., Boonsboro MD, May 2015
Very thorough. Thank you so much. - Tiffany and Chris Mahaney
- C.M., Ijamsville MD, May 2015
Ed was personable and accommodating as well as being extremely professional, meticulous, knowledgeable, and diligent. I found him trustworthy and very experienced. I would use him again or strongly recommend him any day.
- C.C., Frederick MD, May 2015
Ed was extremely thorough and professional.
- R.M., Walkersville MD, April 2015
Ed was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and genuine. It's hard to find people like that nowadays.
- K.C., Frederick MD, April 2015
Ed was fantastic. I appreciate the things he told me, ideas, tips, etc.
- M.W., Frederick MD, April 2015
Thank you for your time yesterday, Mr. Sanbower. Your inspection, and report, was a great help and as a first time home buyer I learned a lot from you. Thanks again!
- T.D., Gaithersburg MD, April 2015
Thank you for the thorough inspection of the property. We appreciated the clear explanation of all findings and the description of what was a safety concern vs cosmetic.
- S.P., Frederick MD, March 2015
Ed was clearly knowledgable about home inspection and readily offered his advice and expertise. He was very professional and I felt as though he had my best interest in mind. His report was presented in a thorough, easy to understand, professional presentation and came with color pictures of items in question. I believe the inspection was money well spent.
- R.S., New Market MD, March 2015
Very careful and complete; great knowledge of what to look for and how to evaluate potential problem areas
- P.S., Frederick MD, March 2015
Excellent job. Showed me all the things that needed to be addressed and was extremely thorough. I feel confident that my purchase will be problem free for many many years.
- M.H., Frederick MD, March 2015
You were extremely thorough and answered all my questions. You have very friendly and funny.
- H.J., Middletown MD, February 2015
Mr. Sanbower arrived to the inspection in a timely fashion and did a very through inspection of the home. He noticed things I would have never thought of. He is also very knowledgeable about a variety of age of homes.
- S.S., Bowie MD, February 2015
I was able to understand every item that inspector thought needed attention or repair -- He was both able to explain the problem and the necessary ways to address the problem in terms I could understand without knowing any builder's trades -- He speaks well to both men and women and gave excellent explanations. Very highly recommended.
- D.P., Frederick MD, February 2015
very knowledgable and thorough. Ed had our best interests in mind as he very cafefully inspected the property. He took his time and was careful to ensure we got an accurate inspection.
- J.H., Frederick MD, January 2015
Ed is excellent, very knowledegable and thorough.
- M.M., Hagerstown MD, January 2015