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Bob Beisbier

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Wisconsin State Certified # 1035-106 ASHI Member #212809 Member WAHI Member BBB InterNACHI #NACHI08082601


Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a BK inspection. I travel throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. A summary report and digital photos are provided on-site. I have over 5000 inspections under my belt and will do a great job for you.

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Thank you for your home inspection service! Bob is timely, responsive, flexible, professional, courteous, and easy to work with. A pleasure to work with! The entire process was smooth.
- F.H., February 2022
Great inspector, very thorough. As a first time home buyer, I felt secure knowing even the smallest defects of a property prior to purchase.
- M.M., April 2020
Thanks for your professionalism and clear concise reporting. Good things to check and improve.
- R.H., Mukwonago WI, November 2019
Bob did a great job. He took his time and made sure to check everywhere, answered any questions I had, gave explanations for why the issues he discovered were a problem, and provided a report in a nice web based format (with pictures when needed). He had a wide range of knowledge and could could give ballpark figures for most work we asked about. Couldn't be happier.
- C.L., March 2019
Bob was prompt, professional, responsive and knowledgeable. He made himself available to answer questions about addressing the defects listed in his report and working with the contractors that we hired to do the work. His website is user friendly and well organized. I have already recommended his services to a friend.
- L.W., June 2018
Thanks for completing a thorough and efficient inspection!
- J.B., October 2017
Bob did a fantastic job! Was very timely in both completing the inspection and the detailed report (within hours of completion). Very friendly. Provided great details on each item and pictures to back up his statements and line of thinking on each. Walked the line of providing detailed facts and reasonable amounts advice on how to proceed without being judgmental or overstepping his areas of expertise. Recommended further detailed assessments where it was appropriate. His detailed report allowed me to get several critical items addressed by the seller as well as a price reduction to help offset other more minor issues. Website was top notch and made producing the Notice of Detects extremely simple choosing each concern line by line and what I wanted to request done with each. Go with Bob you won't regret it.
- B.M., Madison WI, September 2017
Bob was a consummate professional, eager to help educate us on quality home upkeep, and absolutely delightful and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone buying a home as he is the best in the biz!
- D.H., March 2017
Thanks Bob, We enjoyed working with you.
- W.C., March 2017
Thank you for everthing! Very informative and professional. I especially like the pictures with the report, it helps alot.
- R.S., May 2016
Thanks for a thorough walk through of the house. You were very informative! I appreciate that being a first time homeowner.
- T.S., March 2016
Thank you Bob for your help. Great work!
- D.F., March 2016
Hi Bob, I was very pleased with your very thorough inspection. I'm glad that everything is in good condition, except the bedroom door latch. I appreciate your professionalism and would definitely recommend you. Thank you, Kathy
- K.M., May 2015
Thank you Bob. We sincerely appreciated your recommendations, insight and thorough inspection of the home we intend to purchase. Bryan & Linda
- B.W., April 2015
Bob performed a thorough and professional inspection on our prospective home. He answered all questions, and did a great job explaining his findings. The cookies were a nice touch! Thanks for providing us peace of mind during this process Bob. I highly recommend Bob for your home inspection needs. Jack & Kathryn McGraw
- J.M., March 2015
Thank you Bob. Your thoughtful inspection and recommendations have been eye-opening, reassuring and helpful!
- C.P., February 2015
Bob was thorough, and explained everything he was doing! I had a lot of questions and he was patient and answered all of them. The report was ready immediately. The pictures in the report are helpful for someone who is a new homeowner. Thanks Bob!
- T.D., January 2015
Bob, you were great. Wasn't sure if taking the advice from the realtor that recommended you was an okay thing to do. It turned out, that your professionalism was unbias and detailed. It also shows that the agent knows who gets the job done.
- T.T., January 2015
Bob was unbelievably professional and knowledgeable. He is the 5th home inspector I've dealt with over the years and by far the most competent. He doesn't miss a thing. I'm a police officer and pride myself on my powers of observation but they pale in comparison to Bob's. Nothing gets past him. If you want someone who will go over your property with a fine tooth comb, explain things to you in language you can easily understand, and answer all your questions -- call Bob.
- J.P., December 2014
I truely apprecatied his level of focus he showed as he did what he came in to do.... inspect the house. He was professional, but not overly talkative. he was through and went out of his way to show me where and what things were that I would not have known of otherwise. We will use him in the future!
- D.M., November 2014
Thanks for your honesty. I truly appreciate the fact that you were up front with my clients about the condition of the property. We need to get more information but you were our first "heads Up".
- K.P., October 2014
Thank you for everything. Sorry to say, I believe the buyers are going to walk away. He is a CEO of a company and wants a perfect house on his terms. I am still working on it.
- K.Y., September 2014
Bob was great. He showed up early, got right to the point and gave us a great report on the home. He even brought cookies. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- J.L., August 2014
Very thorough and answered all questions and explained things in a clear manner.
- J.L., July 2014
Excellent work, very through and answered all of my questions.
- T.H., May 2014
Excellent Job! Very knowledgeable and very efficient service, would highly recommend
- K.L., March 2014
You were very professional and helpful. You gave us a lot of information and we felt you really had our best interest in mind.
- C.K., February 2014
Bob did a GREAT job inspecting our home. He is extremely thorough both inside and out of the house. He is very helpful in answering all questions and takes you through the process of the inspection, explaining everything he finds. He went over the entire report with us and explained all the fine details. Super nice guy - would definitely recommend him :)
- S.J., February 2014
He even brought cookies. Excellent and explained everything.
- C.W., November 2013
Very competent, very thorough, clearly explains everything in layman's terms, his inspection findings are very well documented and professional-looking, he is very easy to get along with, he showed up not just "on-time"; but he was early for his appointment.
- J.P., October 2013
Very competent, very thorough, explains everything clearly in layman's language, very easy to get along with, showed up not just "on-time", but he was early for his appointment.
- , October 2013
Thorough, polite and one of the best home inspectors out there
- D.S., October 2013
Explained everything that was incorrect or could be a future problem very understandably. Answered all my questions and suggestions very thoroughly.
- L.G., October 2013
Thorough, knowledgeable, highly skilled and very professional. Calm and informative.
- B.W., August 2013
Thank you for not only being extremely thorough but going above and beyond in making sure I understood everything. I now know why you were highly recommended by a previous home buyer. And the chocolate chip cookies were delicious!
- D.K., July 2013
Thank you for the cookies!
- K.R., May 2013
You were very easy to work with, very informative. It appears very thorough also. And of course: thank you for the home made cookies!
- D.S., May 2013
After consulting with friends and cold calling out of the phonebook for pricing with other home inspectors in SE WI, I was finally referred to Bob Beisbier. I was absolutely amazed by his timeliness, knowledge and professionalism. Bob took the time to walk through all areas of the inspection step by step and answer all my questions along the way. His attention to detail is hard to come by. Don't be fooled by other inspectors with low introductory prices to get your business then tack on extra fees. I highly reccomend his services. Thank you again Bob!
- J.J., May 2013
Highly recommend to anyone, especially first time home buyers!
- G.B., April 2013
I'm very happy with the recommendation from my realtor agent and also family & friends highly recommended Bob Beisbier. He was very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks Linda
- L.P., April 2013
Highly detailed! Covered all the areas I would be concerned about and then some. He did not short cut any phase. Well worth the cost and better than other inspectors we have had. His report is very well laid out, very useful for follow up and negotiations.
- R.R., April 2013
If we could give higher than a 10 to Bob we would. He found any and all areas of concern. Highly professional and great to work with.
- D.M., April 2013
Very good at his job and it helped that he inspected this house ten years earlier for the people who currently live in it. Plus I contacted a few other inspectors and they didn't get back to me at all but Bob got back to me within a half hour of contacting him and he gave me a quote and time and he stuck to both. I had the report in my e-mail box before I even got home from the inspection. Give him a call......
- J.W., February 2013
Bob is an outstanding home inspector that goes above and beyond the call of duty. As a former home builder and now a REALTOR for over 20 years, I appreciate Bob's level of knowledge and professionalism pertaining to all aspects of a general home inspection. Bob's reports with detailed photos are very thorough and one of the best in the industry!! Thanks for making our industry look as polished as it should be.
- D.D., Hales Corners WI, December 2012
Bob did an excellent job. Thorough,professional, knowledgeable, and answered our questions.
- T.R., October 2012
Bob was great. He was on time, knowledgeable, personable, efficient, and explained everything I asked and needed to know. I also appreciate his reports. They are clear and informative. He even listed the size furnace filter I needed so I always have that for a reference! I would recommend him to any and every person that needs an inspector.
- L.N., October 2012
Bob is extremely knowledgeable, accurate, careful and complete in all aspects of his job. In addition to being thorough, he encouraged questions and took time to answer any/all concerns I had. He went above the call of duty and recommended a separate basement inspection when he found an issue. In addition to the aforementioned, he is friendly, courteous, professional and adds a personal touch by bringing WONDERFUL homemade chocolate chip cookies to the inspection.
- K.H., September 2012
Bob takes the time to explain everything and familiarize buyers with their new home. Bob is friendly and easy to talk to; explains things simply and clearly. Thanks for the cookies, Bob!
- D.W., September 2012
Fantastic Job, Very Thorough, Very Polite and Articulate. Two Thumbs Up.
- R.S., August 2012
Bob is very professional and kind. We really appreciated the time he took to inspect our new home and how he explained issues he saw. We would HIGHLY recommend him.
- P.U., August 2012
Bob, Thank you again for your efforts and willingness to help us out. We do appreciate it!
- R.S., July 2012
Bob was great! He answered all of our questions and was very thorough. The cookies were delicious too! He was very courteous and had a very positive attitude. Bob also went over the report to clarify things for us. I would highly recommend Bob for home inspections. -EH
- E.H., June 2012
Bob, Being a single 62 year old female and not very handy, you showed me so many things I was not aware of. You also taught me a lot. I really got to "know" my new home by your insight and tips on things to do. I really appreciate it and think you are the best!! Kathy Atkins
- K.A., May 2012
I'm a first time home buyer and I do not know much, but Bob explained things in a way for me to understand. Thanks Again!
- D.Z., May 2012
Thorough, and trustworthy service. The cookies are an added bonus.
- A.R., May 2012
Thorough, and trustworthy service. The cookies are an added bonus.
- A.R., May 2012
Bob, We just wanted to say thank you again for the home inspection. My wife and I were very pleased with the whole process and would recommend your services to anyone who needs a high quality home inspection. Best of luck in the future and take care, Jesse and Denise p.s. Your wife makes great cookies!
- J.B., April 2012
Bob, I appreciate the time you spend with us describing everything that you were doing. You were very helful with questions and concerns that we had. Thank you! Kim
- K.D., March 2012
Terrific job! Thank you for the time you took to explain things to me. It really helps me to go into home ownership with my eyes wide open! P.S. Thanks for the cookies too!
- M.T., January 2012
Bob was absolutely wonderful. He was early for the appointment and was very forthcoming with tips and explanations for us first-time homebuyers! Great price, too. I would recommend him to anyone.
- O.J., November 2011
that you for your help in inspecting my condo, and pionting out the power swicthes and water valves. this is info that is good to know. also must say the cookies were very good thank you
- B.T., November 2011
Thanks again Bob for a great inspection. Always a pleasure.
- L.I., September 2011
Really detailed inspection.
- M.M., June 2011
Bob - I think you did a great job with the inspection and I really appreciate you not charging the full price when we decided not to proceed with the full inspection and not continue the home purchase. I liked that you were very personable and explained all of the issues and positive aspects of the home to me clearly. I will definitely call you again with our next home inspection.
- C.H., May 2011
Bob did a great job for us. He is thorough, professional, patient and experienced. He answered all our questions and educated us about the home we asked him to inspect. Bob arranged his schedule to accommodate ours and was set up and ready to go to work when we arrived.
- J.S., April 2011
Thanks Bob! We're sorry you didn't have the chance to look at the plumbing and heating due to the damage and shut-offs. We enjoyed working with you, and appreciated the thoroughness and your input. the Parks
- J.P., April 2011
You are awesome!
- S.K., April 2011
Thank you Bob for a thorough and informative inspection!
- K.I., April 2011
Thank you so much for the great job you did. Thanks for the cookies your wife sent,that was very nice. Thanks Bob and Sandy Kopping
- B.K., March 2011
Thanks for all the inspections you've done recently for do a great job and I love the reports...very easy to read!
- K.P., New Berlin WI, February 2011
Thanks Bob! You are absolutely a professional that gave me a comprehensive detailed explination and report after walking through and inspecting every single aspect of the house. I really appreciated the time you took to go through everything with me. The cookies were fantastic! Take care!
- C.E., February 2011
Bob did a great job, he covered everything and we have a nice checklist of things to do to make the house the way it should be. Would highly recommend. The cookies were really good too.
- P.W., January 2011
Very professional, thorough and courteous. I would and will highly recommend Bob to all I know. Ken
- K.W., December 2010
- J.V., November 2010
Bob is clearly a professional Home inspector. I wanted a concise, accurate, and straight facts kind of inspection and that is exactly what Bob Beisbier of BK Home Inspections gives you. His experience shows as he guides you through the home in a very clear, concise and understandable manner. He has attention for detail and will even recommend fixes for each item that he addresses. Bob Beisbier is the consummate professional Home Inspector. I highly recommend his services. It will give you piece of mind and a clear conscience about investing or not investing into your inspected property. Thanks Bob!
- M.G., October 2010
great job bob...will definetly recommend !
- D.M., September 2010
Thanks again.
- L.M., August 2010
Bob is awesome. He is the most knowledgeable inspector I have ever worked with. I strongly recommend using Bob.
- D.E., July 2010
Thank you Bob for doing such a great job. Very complete, showed me all the important basement shut-offs, found extra screens tucked away, professional report, ..... Bob clearly knows what he's looking at and where to find it if it's not obvious .... and DELISH chocolate cookies! Extra kudos on the mouse disposal!!!
- L.L., June 2010
Love ya Bob!
- D.D., June 2010
Bob was patient and willing to answer any and all questions. Inspection seemed very thorough and comprehensive.
- M.B., June 2010
Thank you so much for your expert advice and inspection. I truely felt like you found everthing to find - and again, please thank your wife for the delicious cookies!
- K.J., May 2010
Bob was very friendly and easy to work with. He took the time to walk a first time home buyer through the ins and outs of owning a home. His patience and attnetion to detail was greatly appreciated.
- B.K., April 2010
Thank you, you came at a very short notice and did exactly what you were hired to do. Thanks Again. Tangie & Mike Cokes
- M.C., April 2010
Awesome inspector with an obvious knowledge and experience in his craft. Also, very good with explanation in 'layman's' terms.
- J.R., March 2010
Thank you so much for your flexibility and making time to re-check the property on such short notice. You are very thorough and I feel great knowing that there shouldn't be any unexpected surprises in the near future.
- J.C., March 2010
Bob did an outstanding job! He was very complete in inspecting the whole house. Extremely helpful when he gave me an approximate price to repair a certain defect. The numbers he gave me were very important in making my decision. Thanks! Mervin
- M.L., February 2010
Bob Beisbier did a fantastic job. He inspected the house thoroughly, explained everything in detail (even how to work/test certain applicances ie:furnance etc), and provided a detailed report the same day. He really took his time with us being first time home buyers. Following the inspection, he also promptly responded to our emails/questions. I would highly recommend Bob to everyone and hire him again!!
- A.E., February 2010
Bob always does a great inspection for our clients. His knowledge of the workings of a house is superior! He never gets "ruffled" and has a very professional yet down-to-earth style with the client. Reports are concise, READABLE(!) and easy to access on line. The information is easy to understand and never ambiguous. Thanks Bob! Pat and Ben Mullikin
- P.M., October 2009
Thank you so very much for the absolutely wonderful professional job that you did. I will always recommend you to all of my friends and family:) You were honest, excellently priced, never rushed through anything, and you were an absolute joy to work with. Suzanne R.
- S.R., October 2009
This is the second time we have used Bob as an inspector, and as always, he did an outstanding job. He saved us from making a $10,000 mistake on the first home that we were looking to purchase.
- T.K., September 2009
Bob was on time, very professional, explained everything in detail, and showed that he really cared about the home we were purchasing. I would without hesitation recommend Bob with the highest regard to anyone else I know who is in need of having their future home inspected. Thank you BOB!
- M.D., September 2009
Great Job Bob.
- A.P., September 2009
Another great inspection Mr. Bob. You are very thoroughly and best of all you stay calm and that helps alot especially with first time home buyers. My clients, for the most part, are very apprehensive going into an inspection not knowing what to expect. You make the process very simple and easy for them to understand. I would highly recommend you to anyone. If you haven't used Bob as your inspector, you haven't experienced the best in the business. Linda S. Cefalu, Realtor
- L.C., Hales Corners WI, August 2009
Excellent Inspector - very thorough and knowledgable. Great "bedside manner" with clients. The epitome of honesty and integrity without being a scare monger. Will always include Bob on my "Top Three" list. Dick Natrop Shorewest Realtors
- D.N., August 2009
Best cookies in town!
- P.B., July 2009
Did an Excellent Job!!!!!
- C.E., June 2009