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Mitch Buchanan

Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call Capital City Home Inspection. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 502 875-5946 Fax Number: 1-866-331-3283

About Capital City Home Inspection

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Frankfort and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


I'm a KY State licensed home inspector(HI -103633), performing thorough inspections in the central KY area since 1993.


I'm the owner of Capital City Home Inspection, founded in 1993. I'm a full-time licensed home inspector, Chairman of the Ky Board of Home Inspectors and member of KREIA. I inspect new and existing homes for buyers, sellers & lenders.

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Thanks for your help Mitch. Great job... Danny Dailey
- D.D., Richmond KY, July 2017
Mitch is very thorough with his inspection. He done an excellent job of explaining all the issues. Would highly recommend him to others looking for a home inspector. Very satisfied with his inspection.
- L.P., April 2017
Very professional. Would highly recommend.
- D.M., October 2016
Awesome job. Much appreciated. Excellent detail.
- W.B., May 2016
Thanks, a very detailed report
- J.H., April 2016
Mitch was very thorough, prompt with a quick turnaround. Thank you for your help with this purchase.
- T.B., December 2015
Mitch is a great inspector. Thank you for a thorough inspection and report!
- J.G., July 2015
This is the third home which Mitch has inspected for us. he does a great and informative inspection
- M.W., May 2015
My daughter will call you when she needs an inspection. Thanks for tips on landscaping also. Bill & Diane
- D.W., May 2015
Mitch did a great job and was also very helpful in explaining what all was inspected and some great ways to remedy said problems. Thank you very much!
- C.B., April 2015
In both his oral and written report, Mitch Buchanan was professional, thorough and extremely helpful in orienting me to my new home's major components and condition when he inspected. The written report with details and pictures was the best and most informative I have ever experienced. And I have bought a lot of home through the years.
- M.C., November 2014
Very nice to meet you today Mitch. I felt you were very knowledgeable, articulate and patient in listening to my questions and concerns. I will highly recommend.
- A.D., June 2014
Mitch, I truly appreciate your thoroughness in the home inspection process. From explaning items in person to the pictures and explanations in the report to back it up. Thanks so much. Sheila B
- S.B., February 2014
Very thorough and customer focused. We will definitely recommend Mitch to anyone in the area who is in need of a home inspection. It is obvious he is very dedicated to his craft.
- J.H., January 2014
Mitch was thorough, informative, and professional. I would certainly recommend him for your home inspection! Anita R.
- A.R., September 2013
I think you did a fine job.The report was complete,to the point and contained all the information needed for repair and correction.I would certainly give a good recomandation to any one who asks. Jim Bartram
- J.B., June 2013
As always, Mitchyou are easy to work with the buyers and sellers. Always very informative but never scares the daylights out of homebuyers! Thanks, Carol Blanton
- C.B., Frankfort KY, May 2013
Mitch is the BEST!!! Professional; personal; pleasant; covers every aspect of the home during his inspection. We highly recommend Mitch! Bill and Sally Bryan
- W.B., April 2013
Great job, you are very thorough and very patient. This is my second inspection and Mitch Buchanan is very professional and makes sure the job is done right. I appreciate his efforts.
- G.M., January 2013
Mitch was very professional, explained everything in detail and answered all our questions, and gave us all the time we needed. We thought it was a great value for the money and gave us peace of mind concerning our home purchase. Thanks!
- J.M., December 2012
Mitch has excellent attention to detail and is a very kind person. He explained everything and the inspection report is impeccable.
- M.S., November 2012
Mitch You always do a great and fair inspection. Your inspections are through and complete. I appreciate your fairness and honesty for your clients.
- P.B., Frankfort KY, September 2012
Great job, and very conclusive report! I will be calling should I need anymore inspections in the future! Thanks again! Charles Colley
- C.C., September 2012
A very good seemscomplete report.
- L.W., August 2012
Mitch. Thanks for all your help. Great job! Terri Bennett
- T.L., August 2012
Thank you for the very thorough inspection. We appreciate your professionalism and expertise.
- M.B., July 2012
Mitch, Thank you for a throrough and timely inspection. Meg and I appreciate the work you did and the level of service in which you provided. Everything was handled with top-notch customer service and professionalism....from your staff that scheduled my appointment to your meeting with us to discuss your finding to the written report. Great job and we appreciate it very much! Thanks!
- R.W., June 2012
I really enjoyed interacting with Mitch during the wrap-up of the inspection. He was very thorough and provided a number of helpful suggestions and tips that went beyond what I would have expected from an inspector. Will recommend his services without reservation. Thanks!
- M.J., June 2012
Mitch was great! Really appreciate his thorough review, and detailed personal tour thru the Property! Highly recommend or refer Mitch to any person who would need such services? Bob Elliston
- B.E., May 2012
Mr Buchanan was very professional, super nice and very informative. Done an excellent job.
- W.P., April 2012
Mitch you are the best. Thanks for all you do.
- P.B., Frankfort KY, February 2012
Mitch is thorough and communicates well with his clients. I highly recommend him.
- T.S., February 2012
Mitch was very professional and detail oriented when looking at the house. As first time home buyers we werenâ??t sure who to call on for a home inspection. We decided to use Mitch after being recommended to him by 3 different past customers. I will be sure to recommend him to anyone I know planning to buy a home.
- B.B., January 2012
Mitch Buchanan has done many inspections for my clients and I have been very pleased with his work.
- C.B., Frankfort KY, January 2012
As always Mr. Buchanan does a terrific inspection without terrifying the buyers! I would recommend him to anyone. Carol Blanton
- C.B., Frankfort KY, November 2011
Very pleased with his work and professionalism. Not only was he thorough in his review/inspection of the property, he provided realistic and understandable solutions to bring resolve to the negative findings. I would recommend Mitch to anyone wanting a thorough, honest and understandable home inspection. Mike Lawrenceburg KY
- M.T., August 2011
It was a pleasure meeting you. I enjoyed how you took the time to explain all parts of the inspection. I will know in the future who to contact in and around Frankfort. Thanks John
- J.S., June 2011
Mitch, thank you for the most thorough and efficient inspections we've ever had. Your reports are excellent and easy to read and follow for repairs. Thank you so much for working with us on getting our house ready for sale.
- D.E., June 2011
It's been 10 years since I bought a home and as in the past I was expecting the inspection report to be a 1-2 page summary. WOW!! I'm impressed. Pictures, wording in layman terms and an Inspection Report and a General Summary in 50+ pages. Plus the report came within a couple of hours of the home inspection. I will highly recommend your company.
- R.E., May 2011
before even reading this 'i believe you made a superb inspection." curt Savage
- B.H., May 2011
Great job on the home inspection. I love the digital report with all the pictures with arrows indicating the problem areas. I appreciate your honesty and education! Thank you. I will always recommend you to my friends/family!
- A.T., April 2011
great job,,very informative and a pleasant guy,,a value to customer service,,will reccomend to others along the way,,
- M.R., April 2011
Thank you for the complete and detailed job you did. You were very professional and had an answer for every question we had!
- M.H., March 2011
Thank you so much, you are so thorough and I appreciate you....We will definately forward your name on to anyone needing this service.
- D.D., February 2011
Thank you for helping us once again. We are confident that your report will help in preparing this house for a family. Marcey Broderson
- J.B., January 2011
This was a very professional and thorough inspection. It exceeded my expectations of a home inspection I appreciate the job well done and I will be sure to recommend Mitch Buchanan.
- R.D., January 2011
I appreciate the detail you went through making my inspection. Thank you!
- E.G., Versailles KY, January 2011
I enjoyed meeting and doing business with you and was glad you were willing to discuss the details. Your written inspection report was complete, concise, practical, and helpful. I thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Lila Munsey
- L.M., December 2010
professional, courteous, thorough, helpful
- D.W., December 2010
Mitch was very through and went thru everything with me after the inspection. I feel like he doesn't cut any corners and I appreciate that. I want someone who is truly honest and he was that. I would recommend him to anyone.
- C.A., Lawrenceburg KY, November 2010
Money for this home inspection was well spent. Mitch does a very thorough inspection, coupled with a detailed report. Thank you, Lois Praprost
- L.P., Waddy KY, November 2010
A very complete and comprehensive report done by someone who,in my opinion,cares about the process and results. I was looking for someone to do my inspection like I would do it and Mr. Buchanan fits that bill.Highly recommended!
- J.P., Tallahasie FL, November 2010
thanks mitch, you where great to work with reggie fitzgerald
- R.F., October 2010
I really appreciate your thorough work and thank you so much for the FYI notes. I will definitely call on you again if I need an inspector!
- B.H., Frankfort KY, September 2010
Very thorough and trusted throughout the community. Great reporting and easy to understand, I highly recommend Mitch! F. Goins
- F.G., Frankfort KY, August 2010
i thank u for looking my new home over.i trust ur judgement ,i feel u did a very good job.again thank u very much.
- P.S., Versailles KY, August 2010
Mitch, Thanks for the great job. You've given us confidence in the home that we are purchasing and I appreciate the maintenance tips and walk around that you did with us. Professional job and service. Thanks! Harry and Michelle James
- H.J., Frankfort KY, July 2010
Very thorough!
- D.D., July 2010
He was recommeded to me and I will do the same.
- J.A., June 2010
Very professional and a great house inspector.
- D.G., Versailles KY, June 2010
Very professional and through. All information was disclosed.
- C.W., June 2010
I appreciate your professionalism and advice.
- R.I., Lawrenceburg KY, April 2010
Great job. Thanks!
- A.C., February 2010
Very detailed, Mitch is the most thorough person I know. Thanks so much. Brian Kiser
- B.K., February 2010
Thanks for doing such a great job, and sending the reports so promptly
- R.M., February 2010
We found the home inspection process to be easy and extremely helpful in our decision to purchase this home. Mitch is very professional and knowledgeable. We are completely comfortable that we can trust him.
- C.B., February 2010
Mitch, We are very pleased with your work! We feel we have been made aware of some important things and given great information about our new home! Your web site is a wonderful and very useful tool. Well worth the cost! Thank you, A Happy Customer
- W.H., January 2010
Mitch, Thank you for a very thorough look at our property. You've given us a lot of things to do, but at least we know where to start!
- L.G., January 2010
Thanks for the detailed report! The ease of viewing the report on line, photos and all of the arrows pointing to the details. The inspection report has sure changed. I know what I need to repair! Thanks!
- m.b., November 2009
Mitch is always very thorough and very experienced at his job. I highly recommend Mitch to any home buyer looking to have a complete home inspection.
- L.P., Lexington KY, November 2009
You came highly recommended and by your report I can see why. Thanks
- J.P., Frankfort KY, October 2009
Thanks for taking the time to explain everything!
- M.J., September 2009
This is the 2nd home that Mitch has inspected for us over the years. We have always been happy with his work and the way he relays the information to us. Great guy, easy to work with,and communicates well. Thanks again for your help Mitch.
- A.C., Frankfort KY, August 2009
The very best in my book.
- S.D., Lawrenceburg KY, August 2009
I felt the inspection was very thorough on the house I am purchasing. Mitch also did the inspection on my mothers house that we are selling and after seeing that inspection I was even more confident about his thoroughness.
- L.W., July 2009
Thank you so very much for an outstanding job. God bless.
- J.O., June 2009
Thanks for the thorough job and your patient review in the scorching heat! Very helpful!
- A.Y., June 2009
Have seen Mitch do several home inspections and think he's absolutely wonderful! He's always so professional and has such a calm, soothing way of relaying information to his clients.
- J.M., June 2009