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Chris Callor

I believe the truth is in client testimonials, please click above to find out more about my services.  I provide solutions to the problems I discover during inspections.  My cients are invited to join me after the inspection to discuss my findings.  Simple, professional, thorough.  Thank you for your consideration.   


B.S. Building Construction Management. MSU Home Performance Specialist 2003-2012. BPI Energy Auditor 2014


Inspected Once, Inspected Right


Great job at a fair price.
- K.H., July 2020
Chris is always timely, thorough and personable. He goes the extra mile and I'm continually surprised at all that he provides. My clients are always very happy with him so I am too!
- S.C., March 2020
Spot on inspection when we bought our house!
- L.M., July 2018
I am very impressed with your findings and appreciate the solutions you provided in your report. Thank you.
- t.c., January 2015
Chris Callor is experienced, thorough, detail-oriented, and professional. He left no stone unturned and did a great, complete inspection of our new home. Thanks!
- J.J., November 2014
Terrific service and exceedingly thorough Chris. Thanks, Kurt Simpson
- K.S., August 2014
Very pleasant to work with. Very thorough in his inspection and reporting
- G.M., Meridian ID, August 2013
Chris, Thank you so much for this detailed report. We appreciate your professional nature, and know we have received a solid inspection on our home.
- A.C., November 2010
I found Chris to be professional, thorough, timely and very knowledgeable.
- M.F., August 2010