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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call H.P.Certified Home Inspections. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 386 503-7267

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

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Great work. Highly recommended.
- J.K., April 2020
Hector is a very professional and knowledgeable home inspector. He worked on the house, that I want to purchase, for a few hours and checked all possible and desirable areas inside and outside of the house. He gave me his opinion on problem's areas, and even estimated how much would cost me to fix it. I am very impressed with the way he put report together and ability ho have it as electronic file. I would definitely recommend his business to any one who is looking for an honest and high skilled home inspector.
- L.N., August 2019
Sets the bar for home inspection! Thank you for two excellent jobs!
- A.C., FLAGLER BEACH FL, August 2019
Very impressed with Hector's level of knowledge/expertise and thoroughness of inspection. Thank you for an exceptional job and beautifully detailed and illustrated report. He is a credit to his profession and I would definitely call him again! Thank you!
- C.B., May 2019
Thank you for always being professional, thorough and reliable!
- J.C., Palm Coast FL, April 2019
Thank you for the thorough documentation; I really appreciate it. One of the best home inspection reports I've ever seen!
- D.L., March 2019
I recommend Hector any who like to have an excellent inspection done.
- J.Q., December 2018
Hector's attention to detail is amazing!
- T.V., December 2018
Extremely thorough and professional in presentation. The best I have ever used.
- P.H., Palm Coast FL, November 2018
Thank you again for your time and thoroughness. ~Dorothy
- D.C., October 2018
Thank you again , Hector
- J.Q., May 2018
Mr. Perez is extremely articulate and we have used him as our inspector for all three homes we have purchased in Florida. I would strongly recommend him without hesitation.
- B.G., April 2018
Hector was very thorough, did a great job and was very knowledgeable. He took his time and explained all areas of concern.
- D.R., March 2018
Mr. Perez was very professional at inspecting the homes we were considering for purchase and provided much valuable information about the home while onsite with us and in his report. As a person with 43 years in commercial building maintenance and management I do have a certain amount of expertise in those having worked as a Building Subject Matter Expert for a large international company for over 10 years I felt I needed someone familiar with the Florida climate and local building requirements to inspect the home we were considering and I feel that Mr. Hector Perez filled this need for everything we needed. We are very happy with his inspection and report and can continue in our purchase with confidence in the purchase of our future home in Florida.
- F.E., December 2017
Very pleased with Mr. Perez service, He was very honest, detailed with pictures that show everything that was checked, he is very affordable compared to most others, and even though he was pretty full in his work schedule he still came after hours and met with my husband to do the home inspection!..we highly recommend him!!
- J.B., June 2017
Outstanding job done. Was very elaborate on his findings and knowledgeable. Took time to explain what was being done and how it was done. Will recommend to others.
- R.B., March 2017
Thank you for explaining so many different things about my home. I appreciate all the time you took to go over certain issues the house has and also different types of ways to fix the issues. I recommend you to anyone. Great pricing, very good work, much knowledge about your services and home, and extremely professional. I felt like you cared about my place. That means allot to me. I will definitely look you up for my next property and tell my Realtor and friends about you. Thank you!
- T.L., October 2016
This is the right man for the job!!
- J.H., July 2016
He was wonderful took his time explained everything. It was a painless stress less event. I will be using Hector in the future.
- D.L., June 2016
Very thorough and informative. thanks
- A.T., April 2016
Thank you Mr. Perez for doing such a fine job. You did a thorough job and turned around the report in a very timely manner.
- T.C., February 2016
MR.Perez was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was present at the inspection and Mr.Perez walked me through the whole process explaining everything and anything that he found. His knowledge and experience show in his quality work. Infrared camera is amazing and high tech. The final report is super detailed with pictures and recommendations. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you.
- E.K., October 2015
Very thorough!
- C.P., September 2015
Hector is very thorough, he spends at least 3 hours at the home inspecting. His reports are easy to read and understand and documented with photos. Hector is the best!
- J.W., Palm Coast FL, August 2015
Very informative and professional.
- D.C., July 2015
Excellent Job ...........
- G.O., June 2015
Thorough, comprehensive & expedient. Highly recommended. Thanks!
- J.P., June 2015
I have used him many times and he's very efficient. I would not ever use anybody else. He is on top of everything and very thorough.
- C.H., May 2015
Very thorough inspection. Identifies major issues that need to be corrected as well as risk/safety issues. Shows up on time for the inspection and provides timely thorough reports. Takes time to answer questions and points out issues that will be in the report.
- D.S., May 2015
During the inspection of 24 Porter Lane. Palm Coast, FL, I watched the inspection process being performed by Mr. Hector Perez, and was very pleased. Hector did the inspection in a professional manner, stopping to show me specific items that I should look for prior to moving in. He did the inspection in a very thorough manner, and at an even pace, to avoid missing anything.Hector also uses an infrared device to check for tale-tail signs of moisture penetration all through the home inside and out. I would highly recommend Mr. Hector Perez for a quality home inspection prior to purchasing a home to insure that there are no major issues or problems before purchasing a possible money pit. His work is fairly priced and the piece of mind gained,during the tedious process of home purchase is one less thing to be concerned with.
- J.B., May 2015
Thank you for a conscientious inspection. You are very thorough!
- M.M., Palm Coast FL, March 2015
I will highly recommend Hector Perez for his professional attitude and high level of knowledge with regard to his thorough inspection and explanation of the issues regarding his findings. Thank you very much Hector, regards and best wishes, Steven Paskewich
- S.P., February 2015
Hector, time spent on the inspection was recognized as a hands on, all business, right tools for the job and right attitude, you did an excellent job in my mind. Your explanation of problems found and possible fixes was very helpful. Keep up the good work, I would definitely recommend you and I think our realtor was impressed as well. There could be more business coming your way. Rich P
- R.E., February 2015
Hector was extremely thorough. I was very impressed. I will recommend him again to my clients.
- T.V., February 2015
Hector: Thank you for your very thorough and professional job. This report will be essential in finalizing our contract, and facilitate fixing the items that will make our new home safe and enjoyable. Thank you!!! Steve
- S.F., February 2015
We really appreciate your input and feel confident that we are not buying any unpleasant suprises! I feel like you were an excellent investment.
- D.T., January 2015
excellent work
- A.L., January 2015
Hector thank you for taking so much time to do such a thorough and complete inspection of my potential new home". Your professionalism was unbeatable. Thank you for taking the time to explain every minut detail in terms that I could understand. I feel confident in making an educated decision on whether or not to buy the home. I would highly recommend you to friends and family.
- L.S., January 2015
Hector was very through very knowledgeable very nice talk to and know exaclty what to do
- L.H., October 2014
Hector did an amazing job on our inspection! He is extremely knowledgable and takes the time to explain his entire report!
- L.B., September 2014
Technical - Very knowledgeable about construction specific to the local area. Extremely thorough inspection pointing out details in every area. Use of thermal imaging provided additional inspection perspective providing details that would not be otherwise obvious. Customer service - Very accommodating to moving schedule. On time. Extremely pleasant and personable. Cost very reasonable for the level of service provided. Overall excellent experience. Would highly recommend HPH for any inspection in the Palm Coast Fl. area.
- D.P., September 2014
Hello Hector! Thank you so much for being so informative as to the locations of utility boxes, giving us a tour of what you would be inspecting and giving us the opportunity to ask questions. You made us feel more confident about the purchase of this home based on your professionalism and very detailed inspection. We will definitely recommend you to our friends should they need your services. Sincerely, Dave & Shirley
- D.C., September 2014
Muchas gracias Héctor por tu ayuda con la inspección. Recomiendo a Héctor a todas las personas que conozco por su gran sabiduría y experiencia. Recibimos el reporte de la inspección al próximo día sin demora alguna. Héctor tiene mucha dedicación por su trabajo. Es una persona honesta y trabajadora. Héctor usa una tecnología llamada infra-rojos la cual detecta problemas con la estructura de la casa que el ojo humano no puede ver. Mil gracias y muy agradecida. Aurora
- A.K., September 2014
Thank you Hector for your thorough inspection. I would recommend you to anyone who is purchasing a property. Hector is reliable and very knowledgeable. He took the time to explain all his findings as well as answer all my questions. He is very informative and educational. The whole report was sent to us the next morning. I would recommend having an infra-red camera inspection. Hector is very experienced with the Infra-red technology. Thank you again. Ahmed
- A.K., September 2014
Hector Perez has worked with me during my 20 years as a Realtor, and he has always performed to the highest level. I feel comfortable recommending him to anyone who needs a home inspection done
- J.A., July 2014
- J.T., July 2014
Hector, You were awesome. You were so thorough & took the time to listen to all my concerns, as well as taking the time to show & explain everything you were doing. I left there feeling so much more at ease & comfortable with this overwhelming move. Thank you SO MUCH!! Kathy Kondrath
- K.K., June 2014
Hector provided an exceptional home inspection. He went way beyond my expectations in every way. He spent lots of time carefully going over the home, calling me aside to explain anything that he thought I might need to know at the site. By pointing out potential problems as well as what was done well and extra touches the owner had added, I was able to get an overall picture that covered the spectrum of what the home offered. His report was most understandable and well outlined, with photographic visuals of all problem areas, using infra-red when needed. In it, he provided a summary, an outline and detailed explanations. He included all the FYIs he had pointed out during the inspection in his report as well. Friendly, professional and reasonably priced, I whole-heartedly recommend Hector and H.P. Certified Home Inspections.
- M.C., June 2014
Thank you for a very thorough job.
- P.W., June 2014
explained things to me. Very thorough
- H.T., May 2014
Thanks for your professional and timely work. You were thorough and honest and I appreciate dealing with a person who knows his work. Feel free to use me as a reference.
- E.S., March 2014
Very thorough, attention to details, punctual and reliable.
- F.T., March 2014
Hector was very professional. He took the time to go over everything with me and made sure I had all my questions answered. I would highly recommend Hector to anyone needing a home inspection done! Thanks! Kim Palm Coast, FL
- K.D., February 2014
Excellent customer service. I would highly recommend Hector to anyone. He is very professional and courteous, and also went out of his way to assist me with answering all of my questions and concerns. A True"10". Jo-Ann Sears
- J.S., December 2013
The most thorough and professional home inspection we have ever seen. We are very happy with Hector and will be sure to recommend him in the future.
- X.M., October 2013
Hector was very thorough and knowledgeable. He did a great job communicating with me and was pleasant to work with.
- K.R., September 2013
Hector was very easy to talk to and answered all mine and my wife's questions fully.His report is complete and very easy to read and understand.To sum it up hector was Fantastic
- J.C., September 2013
Hector Perez was very detailed and did a thorough job. He possesses a lot of knowledge and explains things. He is safety minded and takes pride in his job.
- L.D., July 2013
You have done a great job in the inspection on my home at 28 Riverina Dr. very Professional Thank You!!!!!!! I would recommend you to anyone that would need your services.
- F.V., July 2013
We definately appreciate everything that Hector did for us, and would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. And will be using him for any of our further needs.
- S.J., June 2013
Always ready on short notice, and very thorough, professional.
- P.P., June 2013
thx Hector Norm Ingram
- N.I., June 2013
Very will done. would recommend
- B.L., March 2013
Hector is amazing. He did a complete walk through of the property with me on site. He made sure that I understood EVERYTHING before I even got the report. He is so knowledgeable, and very professional. I would recommend him to ANYONE looking to buy a house!
- B.W., March 2013
I am a Realtor in Ormond Beach, FL. I have used Hector for a number of my inspections. Hector does a very thorough inspection and takes time to answer buyer questions and explains his findings during the inspection. He is very professional and provides the written report in a very timely manner within the time frame promised. I plan on utilizing Hector for future inspections and would not hesitate to recommend him.
- D.S., March 2013
Although I was unable to attend the inspection, my wife went in my place. Mr. Perez (Hector) was extremely diligent and very professional in his task. Hector never rushed taking his time, a few hours in fact to not only do an exemplary on scene and in depth inspection, but stopping to explain the items found and their purpose and performance in easy to understand terms for my wife. Hector even specifically showed the selling agent present the problems hidden. One of which that needed direct and immediate attention to correct the possibility of costly damage. Once complete his notes and report was spot on and precise, easy to read and full of pictures and tips to rectify the problem. As a previous home owner I can truly attest that Mr. Perezâ?? background and qualifications, plus his use of thermo-imagery equipment are a great asset for a complete and satisfactory home inspection. A home inspection that will not only lend you piece of mind but be useful in saving you future problems and money. Thank you again Hector, I will surely recommend you to others. Damon Ruta Palm Coast , via NY
- D.R., March 2013
Thank you Hector. Frank
- F.T., January 2013
Great to work with. Highly Recommend
- J.M., January 2013
Hector is so thorough and I am happy to be using his services again. Dawn Cales
- D.C., September 2012
Excellent job, respectful, informative amd very thorough with his work. Great job!!!!
- H., September 2012
I have used several Inspectors for possible home purchases in different states and Hector Perez is by far the best I have ever used even compared to one who was a P.E..
- B.D., August 2012
Great Job. Very Pleased. Knows how to inspect a house. Keep up the great work.
- M.G., July 2012
Hector has done excellent job. And took time to go over problems and required fixes. Thank You.
- V.V., July 2012
Mr.Hector Perez was very professional and very helpfull during my home inspection. He have alots of knowledge went comes to home inspection. I thank him for going over certain particular areas which I have very little knowledge of it. A very outstanding report which, I recevied the next day.
- h.C., July 2012
Hector Perez was knowledgeable, thorough and informative. He went step-by-step through the entire inspection process and walked us through of all his findings and how we can address each issue. He made professional recommendations on what we, as the future homeowners, should and should not attempt to tackle on our own. He gave us great tips and advised us on what issues were minor and which may become major issues in the future. His report was exactly as he stated it would be, very informative and descriptive. Each item that he discussed and reviewed with us was listed on his report with pictures and specific details which eliminated the need for us to take any notes. We would highly recommend Mr. Perez to anyone who is seeking a Professional and Thorough Home Inspection. He has given us the confidence and security we were seeking to proceed with our purchase. Thanks a Million Hector! ~ Kevin & Leida N.
- L.N., July 2012
This is the third inspection I have had the pleasure of working on with Hector. He is very through and reasonably priced.
- D.C., July 2012
Really enjoyed the experience. It was nice to know we had someone on our side looking out for interest.
- D.M., June 2012
Mr. Perez was very knowledgable and thorough in his inspection of the home I am purchasing. He took his time to address each area of the house and then explained his findings with me which were then written in his final report. I am extremely pleased with the quality of Mr. Perez's work and his professionalism. I would recommend Mr. Perez to any one needing an inspector in the future.
- D.G., June 2012
Thanks, Hector Perez for doing such a thorough job. I will certainly pass your name onto others that need a home inspection because you do your due diligence at a very fair price! Sincerely, Dora Garcia
- A.C., May 2012
Wow ! Great service and communication. Hector was very professional and right on time. He spent three hours doing our home inspection and communicated with me throughout the inspection, answering questions and pointing out issues, both positive and negative. He has all of the high tech tools and equipment to perform a full home inspection. The Infrared Camera is something that most inspectors do not have or use because the equipment is very expensive. However, having an Infrared Camera provided critical information for the inspection. A full report with photos was provided to us in less than 24 hours and it included all of the details and recommendations that we need to move forward with our new home. Thanks again for a great experience, Chuck & Susan Mitchell Flagler Beach
- C.M., May 2012
Hector has done over and above his call of duty. He is a people person and will answer all your questions. Please use him he did a wonderful job. His interpersonal skills were amazing. I highly recommend him.
- T.J., March 2012
very complete inspection.... he looked at everything! good knowledge of building codes and practices....
- C.H., March 2012
Thanks Hector! I learned a lot from you! Dawn Cales
- D.C., January 2012
Very through and informative, not only did Hector point out any issues, he also provided very specfic information on how to resolve these issues be they repairs or for insurance purposes. Hector took his time explaining all aspects of what he was doing, and as he said, his report contained all his recomendations so my taking notes as we went along wasn't necessary.
- J.M., July 2011
Our inspector, Mr. Perez, was extremely knowledgeable and took his time to answer my questions throughout the inspection. I highly recommend him.
- A.V., June 2011
Nice job - exactly what we were looking for. We knew it wouldn't be perfect for the price, but he pointed out the small items and we feel that structure won't be giving us problems down the road. And he's warned us of any problems that might.
- D.B., April 2011
Hector did a great job on our home inspection. I would definitely use his company again. Very through!
- T.H., April 2011
Thank You for all your suggestions, looks like I have a Honey-Do list already............. As soon as we close on the house I will address the items mentioned. The big ones are the Pool , Hot Water Heater and prevent water intrusion...... Thank You Again--Glenn & Sharon Olsen
- G.O., April 2011
Excellent.Nothing passed him by
- F.W., March 2011
you are the best
- J.B., March 2011
Thankyou Hector for your time this weekend! I found your inspection to be thorough. I feel comfortable now that I am making the right decision about purchasing this particular house.
- D.Y., March 2011
Was extremely thorough & informative. Had a great experience with Hector! Thank you so much!
- A.E., February 2011
Thank you very much Hector! I appreciate how thorough your inspection was. It's great to know such a professional & knowledgeable person using top notch technology has done my home inspection. I am much more confident in proceeding with the purchase of this home now. Thank you! I will definitely refer you to my friends and family & would use your services in the future.
- R.O., February 2011
you were very helpful in the inspection that was done to this property. thank you for your thorough work. you will be recommended to others i will come to know that need an inspection done or just for advice. thanks again Hector, Dwight Holston
- D.H., February 2011
great job,always responsive
- J.B., January 2011
Thank you very much for your services you were highly recomended by Mr Russ Sanfilippo
- M.R., January 2011
Thank you Hector for all your work and for explaining the problems areas. I will be glad to recommend your service anytime. Sincerely, Geraldine Langford.
- G.l., November 2010
We were very pleased with the detailed inspection. Thank you so much. we are moving forward with the sale on the property~wish us luck! Thank you again, lisa & eric schwartz
- E.S., November 2010
Hector, thank you for the professional job that you did. Talk to you soon.
- E.M., September 2010
He is efficient, thorough, and awesome.
- E.J., July 2010