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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call COASTAL HOME INSPECTION. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 850-525-7297 Mobile Phone: 850-525-7297


We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in PENSACOLA and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Chris was very patient and took all the time needed to complete the inspection in great detail.
- G.N., PENSACOLA FL, January 2018
Thank you for your inspections of the house. You spotted things I missed when looking. I appreciate the help.
- S.W., January 2018
Thank you guys so much! You were very professional and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to explain everything to me.
- H.F., PENSACOLA FL, December 2017
Chris and Sean did a fantastic job during our inspection. They were prompt, very professional, efficient and very clear in explaining what they were looking for and seeing. They explained things well, and made the process very comfortable.
- S.B., PENSACOLA FL, December 2017
Robin & Chris were extremely pleasant while doing our home inspection. We're young and first time home buyers so it was very nice to have someone who knew exactly what to look for! Thank ya'll for your help! We can't wait to move in!
- C.B., PENSACOLA FL, November 2017
Thanks for everything excellent jobs!!!!
- L.T., PENSACOLA FL, November 2017
Very good at what he does.
- D.K., PENSACOLA FL, November 2017
Outstanding support and service!
- C.M., PENSACOLA FL, November 2017
Chris is one of the best ...our family has used him several times and he just does a great job..He takes pictures for you to review and even goes as far as calling the builder for information. I promise you can't go wrong with using Chris Larrieu..he will inspect your home as if he was the one buying it.
- S.J., GULF BREEZE FL, October 2017
Chris Larrieu was very professional and was very quick in getting the house inspection back to us in a short amount of time, within the same week of the inspection. He is very detailed with pictures and is available for follow-up inspections after completion of repairs. He does not leave one thing untouched throughout the house. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.
- A.L., CANTONMENT FL, September 2017
Very thorough, both times!
- S.A., PENSACOLA FL, September 2017
I love that you left the pictures next to the description with number references so I could refer them easily to someone else. Great job!
- H.M., FORT WALTON BEACH FL, September 2017
We have hired Chris twice for inspections. Both reports have been extremely thorough and well documented. He's able to write well and describe the conditions, but is also readily available to discuss any issues that need more explanation. Chris is knowledgeable and detail-oriented. Both are good traits for a home inspector. We've been very pleased with the exceptional service he provides.
- D.K., PENSACOLA FL, September 2017
Thanks being there when I needed help. It took us three houses/inspections to finally complete a contract, but we couldn't have done it without your services. Your explanations of the inspection and advice on repair are great! You know your stuff, Chris. I would be happy to offer my recommendation of your services. Mark me down as one very happy customer.
- B.B., PENSACOLA FL, September 2017
The infusion of technology with your sharp eye for details are a perfect blend for this skill.
- C.H., PENSACOLA FL, August 2017
Very detailed and professional. Chris saved us a ton of money by finding things that the seller needed to fix prior to closing! Will definitely recommend Chris and his company for your inspection needs! Nancy and Scott Speedy
- N.S., August 2017
He was very helpful with explaining everything and did a fantastic job looking at the house . Great attitude, very professional! Very pleased with his work! Would recommend him to anyone ! Thank you again Chris !
- D.O., PENSACOLA FL, August 2017
Provided a very thorough report and called us promptly to review some questions we had. Very kind and knowledgeable. Thank you, Chris!
- L.G., PENSACOLA FL, August 2017
I was surprised at how thorough the inspection was and all the photos.Thanks for the great job! Sandy Ashby
- S.A., PENSACOLA FL, August 2017
Chris was prompt and quick. Was very knowledgeable. I appreciate his hard work.
- R.K., PACE FL, August 2017
- R.R., SHALIMAR FL, July 2017
Fast and efficient. Can't beat that. Thank you for a job well done.
- T.B., PENSACOLA FL, July 2017
outstanding insp.
- J.K., MILTON FL, July 2017
Chris scheduled this inspection on short notice. He was on time, thoroughly inspected all items, answered my questions, and sent my report the next day. Everything could not have been better, and I will recommend him highly!
- S.D., PENSACOLA FL, June 2017
ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!...I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that might be building a new home or having any type of work done to a home. I was very satisfied with the professionalism and knowledge that Chris displayed...You need someone like this on your side!!!...Great company!!!...Thanks Chris!!!
- J.P., CENTURY FL, June 2017
ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!...I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that might be building a new home or having any type of work done to a home. I was very satisfied with the professionalism and knowledge that Chris displayed...You need someone like this on your side!!!...Great company!!!...Thanks Chris!!!
- J.P., CENTURY FL, June 2017
Chris and co. were great!! Very thorough report, following very thorough inspection... Chris was knowledgeable, helpful, and patient/receptive as I tagged along all day... Thanks, Chris!!
- K.J., GULF BREEZE FL, June 2017
Timely, professional and thorough. Well done! - Bill
- B.S., MILTON FL, May 2017
Very thorough and professional!!! I would recommend Chris without reservation.
- R.S., PENSACOLA FL, May 2017
Very detailed in both home check and report. No problem with us "shadowing" him around. Explained clearly, in detail and understandable.
- T.B., PENSACOLA FL, May 2017
You guys are great
Very thorough. Took the time to explain his report to me and made himself available for further questions. Good experience.
- L.C., PENSACOLA FL, April 2017
Thank You for being so professional and thorough!
- L.P., PENSACOLA FL, April 2017
Very complete report with specifics pictures and information about major systems.
- , April 2017
Chris and his associate did a great job on our inspection. They were thorough and took the time to explain what they were looking for and offering suggestions on future maintenance. My husband is a home maintenance tech and we owned a property for 30 years, on which we did extensive renovations, so we ready to be underwhelmed. Not so. I highly recommend him!
- R.H., PENSACOLA FL, April 2017
Did a great job!
- D.G., PENSACOLA FL, March 2017
Chris conducted an inspection on a home before we went to closing. The inspection done by Chris was thorough, attending to pre-determined categories of the home and its systems. It was an invaluable effort that identified areas to which I wanted remedy and/or repair before we moved into the home. The categories, the pictures and the observations and narrative are clear, rich in terms of content, and offer suggestions and recommendations for the homeowner, or the potential homeowner. I will keep the report and refer to it as we follow up on the home. The inspection also supports my purchase of the home warranty, which I find useful. I compliment Chris for his effort and commend him for the finished report. Stephen M. March 2017
- S.M., PENSACOLA FL, March 2017
I was very impressed w how thorough the report is! The pictures will help in dealing w the issue of the repairs. I felt my inspections had been done well but rwalize now that I fell in love w the addition n lost my perspective at that point. I have family who will also be moving to the,area, i will definitely w no qualms recommend your company. Thank you!! Mary L. CRAVENS
- M.C., PACE FL, March 2017
Very professional and done the inspection on the day that we were told.Will recommend you to anyone that ask me for a person to do home inspection..
- J.P., CANTONMENT FL, March 2017
Chris has been our home inspector for two different homes in Santa Rosa county the first home we decided not to get the fellow that owned the house posted a nasty comment about Chris but I'm here to tell him he didn't kick his painted over termites damage it most likely was the termite inspector I walk the property over with him I know Chris didn't do that hope this guy has luck selling his house even if he was nasty to Chris , chris was very thorough with his inspections thank you so very much for having such a good eye
- P.R., MILTON FL, February 2017
Mr. Chris Larrieu is an outstanding home inspector and I would recommend him for all and any of your real estate needs.
- C.M., PENSACOLA FL, February 2017
Honest, fair, thorough, accommodating and flexible. Would definitely recommend.
- B.S., February 2017
I am a first time buyer, so I can't compare this to other inspections, but from what I can tell it was very thorough and accurate. Thank you for doing a great job, especially when I couldn't be there to check the problem areas out in person!
- M.C., PACE FL, January 2017
We would highly recommend Chris and his wife, they are very through from inspection to report.
- B.H., CANTONMENT FL, January 2017
Fantastic job all around. Chris spent time showing me features on the house and explaining the inspection as he went. The report was concise and included photos for me and the seller. I would definitely recommend him!
- K.B., NAVARRE FL, December 2016
Absolutely awesome, Chris Larrieu will always be my home inspector and I recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.
- C.M., PENSACOLA FL, December 2016
Chris was very professional and thorough.
- B.H., GULF BREEZE FL, November 2016
Chris Larrieu is professional and responsive...he is a home inspector you want on your team.
- C.M., PENSACOLA FL, November 2016
Awesome to work with and very responsive...look forward to many more inspections.
- C.M., PENSACOLA FL, November 2016
We are very pleased with the service Chris has provided us. As we could not inspect the property ourselves Chris has done a great job. We feel confident that nothing has been overlooked.
- J.C., NAVARRE FL, October 2016
Very thorough inspection, answered all my questions and did not seem to be in a hurry to get done... Very patient and professional... Highly Recommend
- J.M., GULF BREEZE FL, October 2016
Chris provides a very detailed but easy to read home inspection report. I highly recommend him.
- T.M., PENSACOLA FL, September 2016
No suggestion. He showed me every thing that needed to be fixed and answered all my questions. He was great.
- J.T., PENSACOLA FL, September 2016
Chris is very thorough. We got his report within 24 hrs. Wants us to call him anytime to discuss the inspection. We'll be doing that soon.
- S.E., MILTON FL, September 2016
Chris was awesome.
- J.N., PENSACOLA FL, September 2016
Thank you Chris for doing such a detailed inspection on a home I made an offer on. Your report helped me realize the home was not what I had hoped for and the issues were too much for me to fix on my own.
- T.M., PENSACOLA FL, September 2016
Thank you Chris. We appreciate how thoroughly you inspected the home. Thank you.
- C.R., MILTON FL, August 2016
Thank you very much for coming out on a dreary, rainy day to do the inspection. We appreciate it very much. You were very thorough in your inspection and even though answers to some questions (well, sprinkler system, & electric gate) were not readily available from the seller you still managed to do a great job.
- M.S., PENSACOLA FL, August 2016
Very thorough and also very helpful to us! Thank you so much!
- L.K., PENSACOLA FL, July 2016
I wasn't able to accompany Chris for the inspection, so I was very pleased to see the considerable detail that was included in all his reports. Additionally, his follow-up phone call to discuss the reports was exceptionally thorough. I felt as if I had been there. Chris is an exceptionally knowledgeable inspector and very customer-oriented. I strongly recommend him and Coastal Inspections to anyone in need of a home inspector.
- D.K., PENSACOLA FL, July 2016
Chris was excellent and professional. Walked me through the whole house and was very thorough with the inspection. I would recommend a full home inspection with Chris to anyone buying a house.
- S.Z., PENSACOLA FL, July 2016
Chris was such a pleasure to work with. On time and great to communicator. Survey was prompt. Great guy and I would highly recommend Chris.
- E.J., PENSACOLA FL, July 2016
Seems very knowledgeable and thorough.
- C.B., PENSACOLA FL, June 2016
Prompt and professional. Inspection was informative and very thorough. I would highly recommend Coastal Inspections and would definetely use again!
- R.E., PENSACOLA FL, June 2016
Thanks, Chris! Prompt, attentive service and good communication.
- T.S., GULF BREEZE FL, June 2016
Chris was very thorough during our home inspection. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home.
- M.D., GULF BREEZE FL, June 2016
the report showed everything that needed fix . it was layed out very well and easy to understand. the only thing i didnot see was the wind test for the roof. very good report.
- T.L., PENSACOLA FL, June 2016
Maybe I just didn't see it, but the wind mitigation part of the inspection didn't seem to be addressed in the report. Other than that, the report and pictures were excellent. Any issues were addressed succinctly but with enough detail to understand the issue, and It was great to actually see exactly where any issues were.
- R.K., PENSACOLA FL, May 2016
The services that Chris provided were essential to our moving forward with our contract to purchase this property. We our relocating from St. Louis, Missouri and needed to make a decision regarding the condition of the home in a short timeframe. Chris scheduled an appointment to inspect that fit our schedule, conducted a thorough inspection, explained his findings and then remained on site until we were able to clarify an issue with regard to the heat pump system. We would absolutely recommend his services to others!
- B.S., PACE FL, May 2016
Detailed inspection, his report informing me of the real condition of the property before making the final purchase as a first time buyer. Knew exactly what was wrong with the property to make a sound decision. I thank you for that if not I would have been stuck with major cost that I would otherwise would not be able to afford.
- A.U., PENSACOLA FL, May 2016
Chris was very professional and knowledgeable, he seemed very thorough and accommodating of my many questions
- C.D., PENSACOLA FL, May 2016
Very thorough inspection done. I am really happy with the inspection. ..
- P.B., NAVARRE FL, May 2016
very good job
- T.H., PACE LA, April 2016
Very thorough and explains everything as he goes, highly recommend him to anyone!
- G.P., April 2016
Very easy to understand problems with pictures and descriptions. Lot of info on items I would never notice.
- G.W., CANTONMENT FL, March 2016
Chris was great. Very detailed. Walked me through the whole home inspection and pointed out areas of concern. I would definitely refer him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- M.C., PENSACOLA FL, February 2016
Very nice guy. Down to earth. Honest about things he found PLUS offered great suggestions as well.
- M.C., PENSACOLA FL, February 2016
Chris was fabulous. He allowed me to tag along and watch and ask questions while he worked. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Chris was like having a friend along to give his expert advice to make buying a home less scary.
- D.S., PENSACOLA FL, January 2016
Thank you so much for doing my inspection. It was very thorough. Thanks for helping my home buying experience easier
- C.G., PENSACOLA FL, January 2016
Thank you so much for doing my inspection. It was very thorough. Thanks for helping my home buying experience easier
- C.G., PENSACOLA FL, January 2016
To any new home buyer in need of an outstanding inspector/inspection product...Mr. Chris Larrieu is the man for the job. He was quick to respond and very professional.
- C.M., PENSACOLA FL, January 2016
Chris and Robin were very friendly and approachable. They were able to address all of my concerns and questions no matter how inconsequential it may have been. They were both knowledgeable about the areas that they inspected and were able to offer any recommended repairs for minor issues. Thank you again for such a professional inspection and I truly appreciate it.
- J.D., CANTONMENT FL, January 2016
Chris was very thorough and speedy with our home inspection report. Thank you.
- S.G., PENSACOLA FL, January 2016
You did a fantastic job, really knew what you were doing, got things done quickly but thoroughly and answered questions I had and gave us recommendations for some things that was reassuring to me. And the paperwork is put together so well and detailed perfectly. Thank you so much!
- A.R., FORT WALTON BEACH FL, January 2016
Chris quickly made my family and I know he was there on our behalf with his positive attitude giving us a Honest assessment of the property. Thank You Chris!
- C.V., CANTONMENT FL, December 2015
Chris was terrific in communicating with me as I couldn't be there for the inspections. I really appreciated the extra attention to detail.
- C.P., PENSACOLA FL, December 2015
Although we have never been through a home buying process before ever, we are very impressed with the detailed manner in which the inspection was done. Definitely would recommend you to our friends and family if they ever need these services done for them! Thank you so much. :)
- P.R., NAVARRE FL, December 2015
Excellent job. Chris was very thorough in his inspection and review of problems he found. Thanks for a great job.
- D.G., GULF BREEZE FL, December 2015
Great Inspection Chris. Thank You
- M.H., November 2015
Thank you ', this experience was totally new for me, thank you for you honesty.
- E.P., PENSACOLA FL, November 2015
Very efficient and personable.
- R.L., PENSACOLA FL, November 2015
Very satisfied. Inspection report was returned very fast. Answered all of my questions.
- D.W., PENSACOLA FL, October 2015
Chris did an excellent job. As a first time home buyer, I was there for the inspection. Chris pointed out several things to me along the way which I really appreciated. I would request him again in the future.
- C.M., PERDIDO KEY FL, October 2015
Very professional and thorough, and did an amazing job on the report. I'm very impressed, and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspection.
- T.M., PENSACOLA FL, October 2015
I was not able to be there for the inspection but I had a very good friend go in my place and she was so impressed with Chris. She said you went through everything and took the time to explain why you check everything you do. I was very impressed. Thank you
- D.G., ORANGE BEACH AL, September 2015
Excellent job. I would recommend him to anyone needing an inspection.
- J.M., September 2015
Chris's inspection was thorough and detailed. He checked things that I never would have thought of. Thank you.
- S.B., GULF BREEZE FL, August 2015
If I need a home inspector again I would call Chris Larrieu. I was very happy with his expertise and service. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a home inspector.
- C.R., MELBOURNE FL, July 2015
Thanks Chris for the home inspection. I feel very comfortable moving forward on the purchase of this property knowing that I had such a well qualified, professional inspector checking out this property.
- S.S., GULF BREEZE FL, July 2015
1st - Thank You for your outstanding service & support; Your technical knowledge was, is Super Extensive. 2nd - I hope you are able to train-up junior co-workers !
- J.P., PENSACOLA FL, July 2015