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With over 18 years of service, over 20,000 inspections performed, and 200,000 defects identified, Coastal Home Inspection Services has become the "Premier" Home Inspection company in the Low Country of SC.  We offer "two" inspectors at each home and perform the most thorough inspection available for your home purchase.  Please review the testimonials below from our past clients to reinforce that you are getting the best home inspection "team" in the industry.

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Licensed and Certified. SC License #s: RBI.2132 / RBI.2133 / RBI.49349 General Liability Coverage - $2,000,000


With over 18 years of service, 20,000 inspections performed, and over 200,000 defects identified, Coastal Home Inspections is the most trusted source for Home Inspections in Bluffton & Hilton Head.


They did a great job and were helpful in also having names of local contractors and electricians to address all inspection findings. They were open to questions and wanted to ensure that I understood their findings.
- E.N., May 2023
Costal Home Inspection Services did a very thorough inspection. They were very easy to work with and patient answering all my questions. They were honest and personable. I would highly recommend them to family and friends!
- M.M., April 2023
I can’t say enough about Harry and Keith….Amazing people, amazing inspection, amazing work product, and I’m not easily impressed lol. I would give them 20/10 if I could. Use them. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! :)
- B.C., February 2023
Thank you for your prompt inspection. We appreciate Michael's thoroughness and clear explanations of the issues found. Hope to use your services again in the future.
- T.Z., February 2023
Our inspection report was posted in a timely manner. It was thorough and easily understood. When I reached out to Michael O'Keefe, he returned my call the same day and was excellent about clarifying any and all questions that I had. EP
- E.P., February 2023
Coastal Home Inspectors were thorough, worked as a team and answered all our questions. I would use them again for a future purchase.
- B.B., January 2023
Wonderful Customer service. Very Knowledgeable.
- T.M., Beaufort SC, January 2023
Their inspection of our new home under construction was an invaluable asset. The report that they provided was very clear, even to someone like us who have no experience in construction. It is obvious that they have a lot of experience in inspections. They work well with our construction manager to insure that the finished home will meet our expectations.
- D.O., November 2022
Mike was a huge help and we felt he very thorough. Honestly, we were extremely satisfied in comparison to other inspections that we have had.
- L.T., November 2022
Coastal Home Inspections did an excellent job on our recent inspection of a 19-year-old, 6300 sq. ft. home. The inspectors were excellent, very knowledgeable and provided a very detailed report of their findings. Everyone in the business was very available for follow up questions. They inspected our smaller home 6 years ago, so I was happy then and obviously happy now.
- L.L., November 2022
They did an excellant job in explaining all that was done during the inspection !
- S.S., Ridgeland SC, October 2022
Great detailed in-depth inspection. Very much appreciate your work.
- S.M., October 2022
Excellent Inspection with detailed report.
- T.F., October 2022
Our inspector was Harry Stoud. Harry was there when we got there, and we were early. He introduced himself, explained what he would be doing, and what he would not be doing, and then methodically went about his business. He was both professional and polite. When he was done he gave us a verbal outbrief and promised the on-line report no later than the next morning. It arrived the same evening. It was thorough and clear, supported by photos. I would recommend Harry.
- R.H., October 2022
Very thorough inspection and details report. Pictures included on all notes which was very helpful. I will highly recommend Coastal Home Inspection Services as well as Keith and Jamie Hutcheson. Benton, the office manager, made scheduling so easy and kept us updated on communication with builder.
- C.R., September 2022
Very pleased with the detail in the report. Everything was clearly spelled out and easy to understand. Exceptional value, absolutely would recommend this service.
- L.C., August 2022
An amazingly thorough inspection! We appreciate the attention to detail that helped us make an informed decision.
- D.I., August 2022
Very professional service. HIghly recommend. Would use them again.
- S.M., August 2022
Very easy to work with. Always sends great inspectors who are thorough and precise in their explanations of both the positives and negatives found. Fair and competitive prices. Wonderful articulation of the home inspection report.
- S.B., August 2022
Great service
- S.F., July 2022
Very thorough, but irritating and unprofessional to include such minutia as burned out light bulbs and food stains on kitchen cabinets. Let's stick to the meaningful issues, not the everyday items that people don't need an inspector to point out to them. It would be better if you could prioritize the results so people know what's most important.
- R.P., July 2022
They are the best of the best!!! HIghly recommend!!!!!
- S.G., July 2022
I highly recommend Keith and Jamie! They were very accommodating and were able to perform the inspection within one weeks' time of my contacting them. Their inspection was thorough and the report easy to understand. Linda
- L.G., July 2022
Keith and Jamie were exceptionally thorough and provided a detailed report the next morning. I would highly recommend them. Denise & Peter
- D.D., July 2022
Very thorough inspection and report, and the interactive website is great.
- J.A., June 2022
Thank you for your thoroughness and allowing us to ask you questions during your inspection, much appreciated.
- G.E., Reynoldsburg OH, June 2022
Coastal Home Inspections, and specifically Michael O'Keefe, does a very thorough job in inspecting homes. They take the time to explain to the client the areas of concern they found after completing the inspection. This is then followed by a detailed written report with pictures documenting all areas inspected. In addition, they provide home maintenance items suggestions for the future homeowner. They arrive on time and reports are sent out within 24 hrs and sometimes the same day. As a realtor, I value the work they do and the customer service they provide to my clients.
- N.C., May 2022
As thorough as I have seen, and I have done this multiple times. Then took the time to verbally go over what they found. Report was well written and the photos made it easy to see the issues. Price was more than fair.
- D.W., May 2022
We were impressed with the detailed Inspection Report. We're still in Michigan and it was beneficial to get the feedback on our new home. Thank you for your professionalism.
- C.T., May 2022
Keith was wonderful. He was professional and knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We couldn’t be happier.
- D.S., May 2022
My inspectors were Michael and Harry. Both were very friendly and very thorough. I think that they did a terrific job on their report. Thank you very much!!
- V.N., April 2022
Thorough report and great follow up
- K.M., April 2022
Michael, our inspector did a great detailed job and answered all my questions in a timely manner.
- R.S., March 2022
Coastal Home was great! They were fast to take our request and made an appointment in hurry, as we had very limited time to make decision on purchasing the home. The two inspectors we had (Harry & Mike) were extremely thorough. They walked us through their findings and report on the day of and we had hard copy of inspection report at 6:00am the following morning. They were professional and courteous throughout. They were very hands on with our real estate agent and kept everyone in the loop during the entire process. I would highly recommend Coastal Home and we will use them again in the future, if we need to!
- H.Q., March 2022
A very thorough, professional team! Easy to work with and explains things concisely.
- D.K., March 2022
The most thorough and useful home inspection I've ever encountered, really above and beyond! Thank you both.
- A.H., March 2022
Harry was professional, very knowledgeable and very thorough. Couldn’t have asked a better company to have inspect our new home. Thank you again for all your professionalism from start to finish!! Rich and Carol Wohlleb
- R.W., March 2022
In Depth inspection....very pleased with the outcome!
- B.L., March 2022
Excellent experience, would highly recommend!
- J.C., February 2022
Excellent, thorough report.
- S.W., February 2022
The inspection was very thorough and well documented.
- C.O., February 2022
Excellent service, very thorough report, great advice
- E.L., January 2022
Very complete report!
- G.S., January 2022
Very professional and thorough
- D.M., December 2021
Very thorough!! Told us all the issues - big and small - to follow up on with our builder. We now have a better house because of them.
- R.T., December 2021
Harry Stoud performed a very thorough and detailed inspection of the house we are purchasing for my mother. Excellent job!
- M.C., December 2021
Excellent work.
- B.P., December 2021
Our inspector, Michael, was fantastic. Thorough inspection, detailed, on time, courteous. Great explanations (in layman's terms) of what he found and how we should maintain systems going forward. Highly recommended.
- J.P., November 2021
Wow, They did a tremendous job. Great detail & pictures. Thanks for all the super work. AWESOME. Thanks, Mark & Alison
- M.H., November 2021
I was able to get insight on construction in the Low Country as compared to that of the Northern Mid-West, my previous home. The inspection was thorough with suggestions for maintenance throughout the year. This inspection was the second reviewing of the house before my warranty contract ended. There were several items that needed to be repaired which I would have NOT seen or noticed. Photos made it very clear that the inspection was worth the money to avoid larger damage costs in future years.
- M.E., November 2021
these 2 gentlemen were very professional, personable, courteous, and knew what they were doing. the report they wrote was extremely detailed and easy to understand. and they gave us a few pointers on how to better take care of our house, something they did not have to do. i am 100% satisfied with all they did. tony fiorillo
- A.F., November 2021
Great detailed inspection report! Fast Service!
- T.W., November 2021
Very detailed report. The pictures and detailed explanations by Jamie and Keith clearly presented each issue. This made it very easy to provide our concerns back to the owners as part of our purchase process.
- G.S., October 2021
Provided good, timely service to help with discussions with the home builder. Some items I would not have picked up on and were important to try to extract as much quality out of the home build as possible.
- D.R., September 2021
I cannot say enough good things about Mike, Harry and the whole team. We wanted to have a second inspection because the first inspector with a different company was negligent and missed a number of critical issues. When Mike and Harry showed up and we saw how they approached things, we had immediate confidence that we were in great hands. They were very knowledgable, thorough, professional and explained everything very clearly. Their report was detailed and provided us the necessary documentation to have a fair negotiation with the seller. I would highly recommend them and would absolutely use them again on another future purchase.
- K.N., September 2021
Mike and Harry were very thorough as was the inspection report. Answered all of our questions with clear and concise explanations. Made recommendations where needed. We have used Coastal on two occasions and would highly recommend their services. Lou and Joanne F.
- L.F., September 2021
Keith, I hit submit on a previous comments and suggestion survey, did it register. I left a long detailed report, all in great praise for you and your company. Hopefully it registered.
- D.M., September 2021
great feedback and very knowledgeable Really appreciate it..
- P.S., September 2021
Keith and Jamie did a great job. They were on time, efficient, very detailed and provided a very complete inspection. We especially appreciated the inclusion of things we should be doing to maintain the property. I would highly recommend them and Coastal Home Inspections to anyone needing their services. E. Bush
- E.B., September 2021
Keith and Jamie are absolutely wonderful. They took the time to explain the issues we had. They were also very informative. If needed I would use coastal home again.
- C.W., September 2021
Keith and his team are knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of construction. Great people to help you with your home inspection needs.
- D.W., September 2021
Keith, Jamie, and their whole team were incredibly helpful. Responsive, reactive and thorough through the whole process. We hired them for a pre-drywall inspection, working entirely remote and couldn't have asked for better service. We will be using them again for the final inspection and look forward to having the chance to meet them in person at that time.
- D.K., August 2021
Very courteous, professional and thorough--
- A.L., August 2021
This was our first home purchase and the inspection process with these guys was a very good experience. They are on top of their game. They are personable, knowledgeable, and helpful! If/when we have an inspection in the future we will be using Harry and Keith!
- T.S., August 2021
Excellent service
- M.A., August 2021
Professional, timely, accurate service. Would definitely recommend and or use again.
- K.S., August 2021
Fast, efficient and incredibly thorough. A pleasure to work with and available to answer all our questions.
- H.P., July 2021
Absolutely recommend them for home inspections. They were professional and thorough. I was able to make an informed decision based on the condition of the house because of the inspection. Thank you!
- L.M., July 2021
Our inspection of the house we were buying was very thorough. Every area of the house was inspected inside and out, top to bottom. The detailed report gave us all the information we needed for areas of the house that were a concern and needed to be repaired or further inspection needed. We were very happy with the service we received at a fair price.
- H.J., June 2021
I would definitely recommend this team. They did a fantastic job. They told us things about the house that played a big decision NOT to buy it! At least now, the seller has to disclose what was found. At least I hope they do.
- M.H., June 2021
Keith and Michael were very professional, on time, and friendly. Their report was very thorough and helpful in dealing with our contractor.
- S.H., June 2021
Well done, detailed, very professional.
- B.C., June 2021
It was a great process. Very easy to work with and a very thorough report.
- J.W., May 2021
This was my first home inspection. The report was very detailed and very professional. Making request to resolve any issues was easy and very organized. Thank you! Michael Wilcox
- M.W., May 2021
Great job. Efficient and well done.
- F.S., May 2021
Very through inspection. The report was very well prepared and easy to understand. Very good job!
- B.B., May 2021
Very professional. Gave us a great rundown at the end and had our official report to us very quickly as we were up against a tight contingency deadline.
- R.S., May 2021
They were both very helpful and affective in helping me with my 11 month home inspection for my warranty. They explained things to me and gave me helpful hints and tips! Would highly recommend., & would use for future inspections.
- A.C., April 2021
My dealings with Coastal Home Inspection Services was exceptional. Being for out of state, I was a little skeptical of what I was in for. Dealing with Keith Jamie and Benton was a great experience. Their Customer Service was exceptional as well as being very thorough in their reporting... C.H.I.S. is very easy to recommend. Thanks Team.
- J.B., April 2021
Keith and Jamie were so thorough! They were very patient with questions and were so easy to work with. Will absolutely recommend to anyone in the future.
- J.C., April 2021
Keith - Thank you for all of your help. The report was extremely detailed and very helpful. Thanks again. Charlie
- C.H., April 2021
First time I've actually been present during the inspection. At the end of the inspection, our inspector was able to review all the major findings with me in person. This was invaluable. He also answered my questions and explained things I did not understand. I would absolutely recommend Coastal home Inspections.
- C.C., March 2021
Did a thorough job. Facetimed with me to explain what they found.
- D.K., March 2021
The home that we are purchasing was only a few years old so we didn't expect to find a lot of issues in the inspection. We were correct in thinking that there were not a lot of major issues, but I would certainly recommend Coastal Home Inspections to anyone who is looking for a home inspector. Even though we didn't have a lot of issues that came up with the house, the inspection contained a lot of information about the features of the house that we may not have been familiar with in newer construction type of homes. Our inspector was great and always willing to answer any questions in as much or as little detail as we required. We were very happy with the results and it was well worth it!
- S.J., March 2021
thorough and complete thanks for a job well done
- J.A., March 2021
Very thorough. Attentive to our concerns. Prompt and professional.
- T.W., February 2021
Our team is very professional. Reports are detailed and easy to understand. Team did an outstanding job of communicating throughout the process. We have not participated as a purchaser in this process for over 20 years, but I found the cost to be reasonable. Would ask that title be changed from Perri to Terri. Thank you
- D.F., February 2021
Very detail quick efficient and when I had follow up questions answered right away!
- A.L., February 2021
Mike was thorough, courteous and timely. Great job!!
- S.C., February 2021
Professional from top to bottom.
- R.L., January 2021
Great job!!!!
- M.L., January 2021
Your inspector was top notch! He explained what he was doing and looking for professionally and accurately. He answered questions thoroughly and freely. I would recommend your services to anyone. Seeing we live 800 miles away, your service is crucial in the decision to proceed with the purchase.
- P.S., January 2021
Cindy and I were extremely pleased with the work down by Keith and Jamie. They were friendly and professional, and very thorough in their inspection. We were informed of all issues, large or small. Those that we needed to have fixed and those that we should just monitor over time. We would have no problem using their services in the future and highly recommend them to anyone needing inspection services for their property.
- M.S., January 2021
- D.D., January 2021
Yes absolutely would refer! Very thorough and explained inspection report to us clearly. Keith also gave us requested referrals for plumbers and we will ask for referrals for electricians soon.
- J.M., January 2021
Keith and Jamie did a very thorough job inspecting a home we were intending to purchase. The inspection revealed some major flaws with the home and helped us to make an informed decision regarding the home. I will be using their services when we find the next home to purchase in the area, thanks!
- A.U., December 2020
Really superb work by Keith and Jamie Hutcheson. Our inspection was thorough and clear. The expertise of the Hutcheson's shows in how well structured the inspection was. We are remote buyers, and having truly objective, experienced professionals provide this level of detailed report has been very valuable.
- M.C., December 2020
very detailed and helpful report that was easy to understand.
- B.D., December 2020
Thorough and fast work!
- B.C., December 2020
Absolutely, the most thorough, responsive and knowledgeable inspector I’ve ever dealt with. You’ll learn invaluable information and insights about your home from dealing with him.
- J.C., November 2020