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With over 15 years of service, over 12,000 inspections performed, and 180,000 defects identified, Coastal Home Inspection Services has become the "Premier" Home Inspection company in the Low Country of SC.  We offer "two" inspectors at each home and perform the most thorough inspection available for your home purchase.  Please review the testimonials below from our past clients to reinforce that you are getting the best home inspection "team" in the industry.

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Licensed and Certified. SC License #s: RBI.2132 / RBI.2133 / RBI.49349 General Liability Coverage - $2,000,000


With over 15 years of service, 12,000 inspections performed, and over 180,000 defects identified, Coastal Home Inspections is the most trusted source for Home Inspections in Bluffton & Hilton Head.


Very thorough pre-inspection which put us in an excellent position to sell our home. Thanks!
- P.B., October 2019
Thank you for such a professional job as always! Without your thorough inspection, I am afraid the issues with the furnace flew may not have been identified - what a scary situation.
- S.S., September 2019
They were great. Very thorough and did not mind me going around with them so they could explain everything. Would highly recommend!
- B.Z., September 2019
Excellent service, very thorough review of property. Very responsive, took time to answer all my questions in detail. Would highly recommend
- J.T., September 2019
Very thorough job and impressed with the software you use. Makes things so easy!
- M.Q., September 2019
Great inspectors. Very thorough and timely. Highly recommend.
- D.Z., August 2019
Timely and very professional, I would highly recommend Coastal Home Inspections to all my friends.
- J.F., August 2019
Excellent, cordial and detailed service! Your assistance in finding any necessary repairs and/or replacement items was invaluable. Many thanks, Carole Ricker
- C.R., July 2019
Great service , also took the time to answer questions my wife and I had from the inspection report. Told us to callback if anymore questions came up and we’ll use them in the future if needed. Thank you...
- D.B., July 2019
Great guy! Went through the home and did a great job! Will be using you in the future if needed. You have our referral to friends too. Have a great week! Jim & Jie Battista
- J.B., July 2019
Keith and Jaime Hutcheson were extremely polite and professional. They are thorough and were very quick to report their findings. Great team!!
- K.W., July 2019
The team was very thorough, direct, and honest about what they found during the inspection. I am very grateful and would recommend everyone use this team for their home inspection needs.
- C.S., July 2019
Always a pleasure. And the Peace of Mind due to the complete and thorough Inspection is invaluable. Keep up the awesome work!
- J.B., June 2019
Report seemed very thorough and when I called Keith to discuss a few points he did an excellent job of alleviating my concerns. Home buying is anxiety provoking and he helped the process.
- M.B., June 2019
We were very happy with the home inspection, prompt, thorough, professional. I will use them again.
- M.B., June 2019
Excellent and professional.
- H.B., June 2019
From beginning to end this inspection was so smooth. I was called right away to set the inspection up, they were on time and went right to work. I had not planned to be there, my realtor was handling it. However, I did end up coming to let contractors in. Keith and Jamie were just about done. When finished, they went over their findings and suggestions as to what they felt were the important issues to be addressed. They were so thorough, very professional and within hours I had the written report in my email, highlighting, with pictures, their recommendations. It doesn?t get any better than that, hense-score of 10! Thank you!
- L.B., June 2019
professional and thorough very pleased with our first experience-will definitely use and recommend for our South Carolina business.
- B.P., Savannah GA, May 2019
I researched home inspectors before using Coastal Inspections, and was not disappointed. Everything went smoothly from the initial contact, scheduling, billing, inspection and subsequent questions I had. Their website is very useful and I love the ?fix or repair? function to create a list for the seller. Keith was friendly, explained any faults found and took his time. I would not hesitate recommending them.
- W.D., May 2019
We wanted to be onsite during the inspection, but our commitments would have meant the inspection would have to be put off for two weeks and we didn't want that to happen. The inspection report came quickly (on a Sunday even) and detailed with photos giving us more insight than we expected from a remote position. This process was timely and thorough and put us more at ease with the condition of the house we are under contract for.
- T.H., May 2019
You run a terrific business. Thorough, prompt, responsive, knowledgeable, always open to answering questions and explaining the details. Everything is easy from scheduling the inspection to viewing the results. We have complete trust in your judgement and feel secure knowing you inspected our new home. AND you are both so pleasant to be with!
- T.M., April 2019
From the eyes of a novice I observed your inspection to be thorough and complete. Your verbal explanations were easily understood and the photos reinforce your explanations. Now to get the issues repaired by current owners. Thank You JoAnne and Bill S
- B.S., April 2019
We were very pleased with the thorough inspection and next day detailed deficiency report on our new home. It is comforting to know EVERYTHING that needs to be corrected going into such a major purchase, and Keith & Jamie left no stone unturned. The trusted contractor list that accompanied our final report was an unexpected plus, and will be useful for year to come. We highly recommend Coastal Inspection Services!
- S.D., April 2019
Worked with me to do the home inspection prior to my short deadline. Called Keith with some questions about items on the report and he was extremely informative and helpful. Would definitely recommend!
- L.G., April 2019
Very thorough inspection and clearly written reports.
- J.W., April 2019
Thank you, this is my first time buying a home and didn't know what to expect. Coastal Home Inspection was recommended by my real estate agent and family friend who used your company, I am very happy with the results; detailed beyond belief. It gave me a view to what the "naked eye" walking through missed. Thank you for such a great job, when asked do I know an inspection company, my response will be Coastal Home Inspection.
- C.V., April 2019
Although we are in the digital age, a choice to receive a hard copy of the inspection report (vs printing on home printer yourself) could be included.
- B.L., March 2019
Keith and Jamie and their entire staff are the best!! They are knowledgeable, thorough, professional top to bottom. They provided very detailed inspection reports. Everything was done in the most timely manner. My husband is a civil engineer in building construction, so there was a lot of angst in building a home while living 12 hours away. Keith and Jamie and staff had our backs all the way. They come with the highest recommendations from Tom and myself !! Geri
- G.S., March 2019
Inspection was done on time and report was quickly submitted and was very thorough.
- M.S., March 2019
Thanks for making such a through inspection of our home. It was a pleasure to meet both of you and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.
- R.B., March 2019
Very thorough. They did an amazing inspection. I will definitely use them again.
- J.W., March 2019
Very knowledgeable and professional in every way. Explained in detail about all problems and what to do.
- K.R., March 2019
Keith and Ryan are top notch professionals who document all negative and positive findings of your critically important home inspection. They communicate openly with you and then quickly produce their report with pictures and words that help you to make your fully informed purchase decisions.
- P.E., March 2019
Your promptness and the thoroughness of your inspection were much appreciated. I felt much better about our new construction knowing that an experienced inspector had a good look at everything.
- C.Y., March 2019
They were very professional, kind and informative. Loved how they wore special shoes as to not track dirt in the house. We highly recommend them!
- J.B., March 2019
Keith and Ryan were very detailed with their inspection, and clearly explained all issues to us after they finished their inspection. They explained the difference between items that are normal wear and tear, and items that are not working probably. Would highly recommend!
- D.M., March 2019
The inspectors were thorough and very detailed. Would not hesitate to recommend them!
- D.L., February 2019
Coastal Home Inspection is my go-to source for home inspections for myself and my clients. In nearly 40 inspections, I have no complaints!!! They are excellent in scheduling, thoroughness, knowledge, reporting and followup. You can't ask for more than that! I'm glad to have you on my team! Leslie Ford, Realtor
- L.F., Hilton Head SC, February 2019
Personable and thorough. A follow up to see how the builder responded to the report would have been great customer service. Builder has no issues with what they found just for the record.
- E.P., February 2019
Very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. Explained questions in detail and provided helpful suggestions for future maintence of your home. Highly recommend their service!
- M.L., February 2019
Very pleased with the completeness and quality of our inspection and subsequent report. We are out of state buyers and had to rely on Coastal offsite. They made themselves available for information and discussion to my satisfaction. Highly recommend the Hutchison team.
- N.F., February 2019
Very thorough, great to work with.
- J.W., February 2019
Thank you for all your support of us through this process. Your expertise and customer service is of the highest quality. We really do appreciate having you on our side. Keith, Jamie and Benton, a BIG BIG Thanks!!! Looking forward to the next step of the process with you and having a quality home to move into without worries. Tom and Geri Stanley
- G.S., February 2019
Keith, thanks so much for your prompt service and f/u after the inspection! Your inspection report was great and very easy to read.
- P.O., January 2019
Great job, just what we where looking for. As we live out of state, it good to see all the little thinks about this area in the report. Thanks
- J.S., January 2019
We were so impressed with the whole process from beginning to end. Very professional and thorough.
- D.B., January 2019
It is invaluable to have a home inspector that answers your questions thoroughly. Keith took the time to address my concerns; whether is was during the inspection or follow up questions later. He is very knowledgeable. I would definitely use him again.
- S.B., January 2019
Keith and Jamie did a very professional and excellent job on my home inspection
- K.P., January 2019
Absolutely the most thorough and professional home inspectors I have ever used! Absolutely will recommend them to everyone looking for a building inspector.
- T.C., December 2018
Very through report. Thanks!!
- P.M., December 2018
First time home-buyer. Was recommended your company for my needs. Very thorough job and very detailed. I really appreciate the time you guys took to note all the features/issues with the home. Happy holidays.
- B.M., December 2018
I really appreciate how timely and thorough you were with my inspection! Thanks for doing a great job!
- B.B., November 2018
The service and appraisal we received from Keith and his team were quite impressive. They showed up 5 minutes early and proceeded to inspect this home in a way that I never experienced before. They were thorough and professional, alway connected by headsets so that they could communicate with one another. Keith took some time to discuss a few issues with us and he was genuinely engaged and concerned for our situation. Service like this is so rare today. I recommend the team at Coastal Home Inspection Services with the highest regard. They were simply amazing.
- W.J., November 2018
You fellows were fantastic!😊. We could not have been more pleased!!! A very thorough and informative inspection. Joe and Terri Lenahan
- J.L., November 2018
Your folks were thorough and communicated very well with me and the seller. It was a pleasure to work with you. My only concern was that there was no mention in the report of a severely damaged fire pit....which I now hope won?t become a more difficult issue to resolve with the seller. Also would appreciate your advice re the lumber stored in the crawl space. Need it be removed?
- T.S., November 2018
Quick response time. Extremely thorough. Well staffed with several inspectors on site. Together, they found several things I missed. I will use them again!
- K.K., November 2018
efficient and thorough, easily understandable assessment, user friendly review format. I highly recommend Keith and Jamie Hutcheson.
- T.M., November 2018
Very thorough and the photography was very helpful
- B.B., November 2018
This was for new construction, pre-drywall. Report was very detailed. Clearly explained. Coordinated effectively with the builder. Inspection was done on a Friday and the report was sent to us on the following Sunday!
- C.Y., October 2018
Appreciate their expertise and attention to detail.
- T.S., October 2018
The inspectors (Mark and Jorge) did a great job; and the Report was clear and detailed, with plenty of photos describing each issue.
- M.R., October 2018
very professional, on time, accurate and thorough. I will always use Keith and Jamie.
- T.F., October 2018
I was very impressed with the final inspection report. It was very easy to understand and the photos showed the whole story. No long waiting for the final outcome. PH
- P.H., September 2018
Very professional and thorough. Excellent job!
- P.S., September 2018
Although I was not on-site, the day of the inspection, the report came to me in a timely fashion. Appreciated the photos and the organized list of recommended repairs! ML Dimmick - Endicott, New York
- M.D., September 2018
Mark Johnson was fantastic! He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He explained everything to us in detail. He spent time with us, and answered all of our first time homeowner?s questions. We received the 36 page report the next day in an email. Very efficient! We highly recommend Mark and this company.
- N.S., September 2018
Mark & George were very thorough and a great team.
- M.B., September 2018
I have never had such a in depth inspection report and we have bought 15 homes in our lifetime. Thank you. Liz Kennedy
- V.K., September 2018
I've used Coastal Home Inspection Services several times and have been extremely happy with their service. They are very professional, timely and thorough. The actual inspection reports are clearly presented with enough explanation for a non-expert to fully understand.
- M.B., August 2018
Mark and Jorge were my inspectors, they did an excellent, thorough inspection and were able to answer our many questions satisfactorily. My written report was available in less than 24 hours- very impressed with the turn around time. I would recommend this company without reservation.
- N.C., August 2018
Very prompt response. The online access was very helpful because I am not on site.
- P.H., Summerville SC, August 2018
Thanks for your help with the inspection. Very detailed and organized.
- R.M., July 2018
Thank you so much. Professional in every way.
- G.G., June 2018
Very thorough inspection that put me at ease while purchasing from out of state. Would definitely use again!
- L.S., June 2018
While I was not personally present, I appreciate the detail of the report and pictures to show the issues. It even included things to be aware of, like the age of the water heaters that are very useful to know.
- M.B., June 2018
Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Great job. Thank you!!
- A.B., May 2018
Keith and Jamie are top notch inspectors! Very professional, efficient and thorough. The report was clear and concise and making repair requests was super easy. I hope I never move again but if I do I will definitely use their services again. Thanks guys!! B.C., Bluffton
- B.C., May 2018
Excellent experience. Very professional and timely.
- J.M., May 2018
Very thorough inspection. Second time I have used Keith for a purchase, and could not be happier. Reports are easy read, and repair request is essentially done for you. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!! Charlie &Linda Pfeil
- C.P., April 2018
Very professional and efficient. We experienced excellent communication, prompt service and a comprehensive report that enabled us to make educated decisions. We highly recommend Coastal Home Inspections Services, LLC.
- B.M., April 2018
Very easy to work with, and clear about the areas of concern
- B.H., April 2018
Keith and Jamie were very pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. We would highly recommend them to either friends or family. We would not hesitate to hire then again should the need arise.
- B.C., April 2018
Inspection was done thoroughly and precise! Would recommend Coastal to anyone for their home inspection needs! Thanks Y'all
- D.W., March 2018
The team of Keith and Jamie Hutcheson along with realtor Bill Kelly can’t be beat! Quality work from quality people!
- M.C., March 2018
Absolutely winddful, this company is first class and does an excellent job.
- J.B., March 2018
They were both great though and professional
- D.A., March 2018
Excellent to work with, detailed report, and appreciated the overview of findings while we were at the property.
- C.C., March 2018
In one of the customers comments as they said you make buying a home long distance a whole lot easier on my mind. Excellent report with colored pics and detailed oriented report. Your company is for the buyer not the seller or the realtor. Couldn't ask for more because they give it there all.
- D.C., March 2018
It was nice meeting you and we were very pleased with the quality of the work you performed.
- B.R., February 2018
Inspectors were very thorough while doing an excellent job of checking out our prospective home. Their verbal report to us was easily understood and complete.
- W.S., February 2018
Thank you for being so thorough and getting the report back to me so quickly! Great job!!
- H.T., February 2018
I wasn't able to be present for the inspection, but my realtor was and highly recommended you. I was put at ease the very next day when, as promised, the inspection report appeared in my email. This report was thorough WITH pictures. I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything and was in good hands. Thank you for making my long distance home buying process that much easier! Now I know why you came highly recommended and I would also recommend your services!
- R.G., February 2018
They were very thorough and precise.They explained the process and their findings, putting me at ease with how to follow through.
- B.G., February 2018
Both inspectors were prompt, professional and thorough in the home inspection for this property. I would not hesitate to use Coastal Home Inspections again or either inspector. Great work and thorough report. Thank you!
- P.M., January 2018
Thank you for the great service for my home inspection. Jorge was fantastic - very thorough, friendly, personable and very helpful!!!
- V.R., January 2018
Jorge Sepulveda Did a very thorough job. He explained his every move. The experience was extremely enlightening.
- G.T., January 2018
Very thorough and quick to provide our report
- D.J., January 2018
Mark Johnson was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge was incredible and very concerned with detail. He took a good bit of time to discuss issues with the buyers. Thanks, Mark!
- H.C., January 2018
Thanks for a great job. You made me feel so confident about our purchase
- P.W., Bluffton SC, December 2017
Wonderful job! Very thorough, efficient and knowledgable.
- H.Z., December 2017