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Keith and Jamie Hutcheson

With over 11 years of service, over 6000 inspections performed, and 90,000 defects identified, Coastal Home Inspection Services has become the "Premier" Home Inspection company in the Low Country of SC.  We offer "two" inspectors at each home and perform the most thorough inspection available for your home purchase.  Please review the testimonials below from our past clients to reinforce that you are getting the best home inspection "team" in the industry.

You select the home.  We'll make sure it's Right...


Licensed and Certified. SC License #s: RBI.2132 / RBI.2133 / RBI.48768 General Liability Coverage - $2,000,000


With over 11 years of service, 6000 inspections performed, and over 90,000 defects identified, Coastal Home Inspections is the most trusted source for Home Inspections in Bluffton & Hilton Head.


Inspectors were very thorough while doing an excellent job of checking out our prospective home. Their verbal report to us was easily understood and complete.
- W.S., February 2018
Thank you for being so thorough and getting the report back to me so quickly! Great job!!
- H.T., February 2018
I wasn't able to be present for the inspection, but my realtor was and highly recommended you. I was put at ease the very next day when, as promised, the inspection report appeared in my email. This report was thorough WITH pictures. I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything and was in good hands. Thank you for making my long distance home buying process that much easier! Now I know why you came highly recommended and I would also recommend your services!
- R.G., February 2018
They were very thorough and precise.They explained the process and their findings, putting me at ease with how to follow through.
- B.G., February 2018
Both inspectors were prompt, professional and thorough in the home inspection for this property. I would not hesitate to use Coastal Home Inspections again or either inspector. Great work and thorough report. Thank you!
- P.M., January 2018
Thank you for the great service for my home inspection. Jorge was fantastic - very thorough, friendly, personable and very helpful!!!
- V.R., January 2018
Jorge Sepulveda Did a very thorough job. He explained his every move. The experience was extremely enlightening.
- G.T., January 2018
Very thorough and quick to provide our report
- D.J., January 2018
Mark Johnson was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge was incredible and very concerned with detail. He took a good bit of time to discuss issues with the buyers. Thanks, Mark!
- H.C., January 2018
Thanks for a great job. You made me feel so confident about our purchase
- P.W., Bluffton SC, December 2017
Wonderful job! Very thorough, efficient and knowledgable.
- H.Z., December 2017
Very Responsive and Always Available. Chuck Zapiec
- C.Z., December 2017
very professional and thorough!
- W.C., December 2017
Hello - my experience with Coastal Home Inspection was above and beyond anything i was expecting. It was nice to see in this day and age prompt, friendly, polite and respectful individuals. Jackie was on target every time and never missed a beat. I have already recommended you guys and if/when the time comes we will definitely use you again! Thank you Dan CIuffreda
- D.C., December 2017
I have been involved in many home inspections. The job done by Keith and Jamie, was second to none. They are the gold standard for home inspectors.
- J.S., December 2017
Very thorough and professional. Gave us information in terms we could understand.
- D.B., November 2017
Additional value will be determined when I have time to call Keith and ask a few follow-up questions or recommendations for contractors who can repair the problems. I know that Keith and Jamie have volunteered to help in this regard - and that is clearly a very pro-active, professional approach - much appreciated. Steve Lampe
- S.L., November 2017
It was an absolute pleasure calling Coastal Home inspections and speaking with Jacqueline in the office. She was extremely pleasant, knowledgable and very efficient. Keith and Mark did my inspection. They were incredible. Easy to speak too, knowledgable, and very respectful of my home. Their final report was very informative and easy to read. From beginning to end, a great experience! Thank you.
- M.B., November 2017
• Great communication from start to end • Quick response time • Show up exactly on time • thorough inspection service • had the complete report the following day .....Now this may be normal in other parts of the country. But NOT HERE !! The Bluffton / Hilton Head Island area is booming. What you sign up for isn’t always what you get (let alone on time) do to how busy everyone is in the area. Do yourself a favor....hire this company for your home inspection.
- R.L., October 2017
Great job Keith!
- W.T., October 2017
Thank you for a very thorough inspection. I appreciate your professionalism and your time in walking me through the house and pointing out the items in the report after the inspection was complete.
- R.C., September 2017
From start to finish, the whole process is quick and automated and the reports are excellent with pictures and great recommendations, thank you!
- D.T., September 2017
Very fast response time and kept us informed of changes required as a result of hurricane Irma. Also we like the easy way of getting the results back through the website for our reviewing. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.
- G.F., September 2017
Very pleased with the home inspection, it was thoroughly written including some well welcome suggestions!
- J.H., September 2017
The entire process was great! The team was very thorough, knowledgeable and extremely friendly. They took the time to explain things and answer questions. The report was delivered quickly and very easy to follow. The online access also made it very convenient. As a homebuyer and a mortgage professional, I appreciate all of these things!
- C.J., August 2017
Very punctual and professional. Thank you.
- S.T., August 2017
Excellent service. Particularly impressed by the follow up service and suggested remedies.
- G.T., July 2017
The best inspection I ever had on a home! Keith was great ! Saved me from making a mistake... I will be using them again very soon....
- J.F., July 2017
We're SO GRATEFUL to have obtained Keith and Jamie's inspection services. It is very clear these guys work for the potential buyer and not for the agent. Customer service is their top priority... their professional knowledge and thorough reports are well laid out with pictures and details from roof to can tell they have been doing this line of work for some time and are not only certified but WELL experienced...moreover their willingness to answer questions and extend professional courtesies like contacts for other various qualified trade industry craftsman is above and beyond any service we have received from before. Also, we have to mention that the office staff is very pleasant, well organized and professional as well. This is our 5th home and we've seen a lot in our home buying experiences. We've seen good inspectors as well as unfortunately crooked unethical inspectors who take a payout from an immoral agent to pass a house as "good bones" when it in fact was later discovered to be the complete opposite. With that said, let us say that with all the experiences we've had, we were MOST impressed with your service. We would not take the time in our hectic lives to leave this stellar comment if we did not feel compelled to. Its our way to really say "Thank you!!!" to Coastal Home Inspections for taking such good care to protect us with an honest, professional, thorough and informative service experience. We will confidently recommend Coastal Home Inspection Services to all inquiring...its so important to have a good inspection company; as buying a home is huge investment for your family...Coastal Home Inspections is exceptional and will NOT disappoint. They will impress you. Its so nice to know that there are STILL really honest hard working fellas like these guys. You guys truly put in a hard, honest days work and all home buyers who obtain your service are SO MUCH better off because of you. THANK YOU!!! We can't imagine how much money you have saved potential buyers by providing them with your stellar service. You really should be proud of what you do. You're the best and its because you care about what you do and who your doing it for. Thank you again so much!!! The Kane Family :)
- , July 2017
Excellent,clear, thorough
- A.A., July 2017
Nice job
- A.L., July 2017
Thank you for the timely inspection of the home I am in process of buying. The inspection and report were comprehensive and well organized. I would recommend and use your service again when needed. Roger Reynolds
- R.R., July 2017
Seem to have been very thorough. We were not present at the inspection but the report was very informative and comprehensive
- R.M., July 2017
Great job. Very thorough and detailed descriptions with pictures make everything very clear.
- A.S., July 2017
The inspection was thorough and well documented. Keith and James were very professional and explained every item in layman's terms so that I understood exactly what they discovered during the course of the inspection. I would definitely refer Coastal Home Inspection Services to others!
- P.P., June 2017
Thank you very much for scheduling my inspection in a very timely manner, and for the professionalism of your inspectors, and their subsequent reports. Well done!
- H.M., May 2017
Mark and George were great and so thorough!
- M.S., May 2017
Very satisfied with your inspection report, which was extremely thorough. We want to thank Keith for taking the time to talk us personally and giving us some good advice.
- L.B., May 2017
Mark did such a fabulous job and recommended a roofer to save my deal! I will never use anyone else.
- C.K., May 2017
Prompt, thorough and very knowledgeable. Glad we found you thank you very much!
- F.D., May 2017
Excellent and professional service from Mark and George.
- L.C., May 2017
We had very pleasant contacts with the office to set up the inspection. It was done promptly and was very thorough. We would definitely recommend them.
- D.B., May 2017
Inspection was done on a timely basis. Report was very thorough and all items were well documented.
- K.K., May 2017
You did an excellent job!!!
- J.W., April 2017
I appreciated your prompt attention to our home purchase inspection request. Your report was thorough and understandable. The pictures helped a lot.
- J.D., April 2017
Inspection report was very thorough and the professionalism in the follow up was terrific!
- J.C., April 2017
Keith and his crew were terrific. They arrived on time, they were very professional , thorough and knowledgeable and their inspection report was complete and easy to follow. I highly recommend them.
- C.B., April 2017
Thank you so much for a very thorough and discriptive inspection report. Mark was very helpful and informative when Don reviewed the report with him. We would absolutely use your office for any future needs.
- , April 2017
Thank you so much for a very thorough and discriptive inspection report. Mark was very helpful and informative when Don reviewed the report with him. We would absolutely use your office for any future needs.
- D.L., April 2017
Very Fast Professional Service. Inspection Report was very thorough and pictures very helpful to understand items found. I feel very confident in my purchase knowing that this inspection was performed. Thank you
- H.S., March 2017
Very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection and your attention to detail. Appreciate your patient and friendly willingness to answer all of our questions. Also appreciate that you ran through the inspection with us verbally as well as issuing a comprehensive written report.
- B.M., March 2017
Very please with the home inspection, it was very thorough and detailed. Also we appreciated the follow up phone call with Mark who handled the inspection. Thanks, Pat & Nancy Beyer
- P.B., March 2017
Best I have ever seen! I have had private homes and commercial property. This team, and this company are by far superior to any that I have hired before. THANKS JAMIE AND KEITH!
- M.L., March 2017
Mark and Jorge did a great job. They were very professional and efficient. Thanks for a very thorough inspection report.
- B.K., March 2017
I was very satisfied with the timeliness, thoroughness and professionalism of the report. As I often say to friends, you don't mind paying when you're satisfied with the product and/or service. I will recommend your company going forward
- B.W., February 2017
Mark Johnson performed our home inspection. I asked Jacque to have the inspector look at probably a dozen or so items I did not have the opportunity to inspect. Mark looked at the items I identified and responded to each and every one of them. Mark identified a significant number of issues, especially wood deterioration. I am grateful for the thoroughness and completeness of his inspection.
- M.E., February 2017
very good report with there detail added on what could have caused the problem with the items
- J.F., February 2017
Love the detailed comments in the report! I chose Keith, because I knew he'd nit-pick every issue to protect me in the purchase of my new home. Thanks!! :)
- L.B., January 2017
Friendly, competent and provided an incredible turnaround time! Great work to Keith and Jamie, and to Jackie as well!!!
- M.H., January 2017
Keith and Jamie, Thank you for the extremely thorough and efficient job you did inspecting our future home. Your report was very easy to read and pointed out the areas that needed to be addressed. We would have no reservations what so ever recommending you to someone else. G.W. and D.M. Gunn
- G.G., January 2017
I think they did a good job . They found things I overlooked. I would use this again. Thank You!!
- M.A., January 2017
I think they did a very thorough job. They noticed things I overlook. Thank you.
- M.A., January 2017
Very professional and thorough.
- P.S., November 2016
Thank you for a very thorough, efficient and detailed inspection and also for a very helpful follow up call to clarify and advise on the highlighted issues. Would not hesitate to recommend your services at anytime
- J.C., November 2016
Mark & Jorge did a great job. They explained everything to us and answered all of our questions.
- R.H., November 2016
I was very impressed with the inspection service and how detailed the report was and with the ability to create an inspection report to give to the seller of the items that needed to be addressed. It was very helpful with the pictures and the explanations for each item.
- C.M., November 2016
Excellent Job! Mark's thorough inspection post Matthew was very helpful!
- B.M., October 2016
Excellent job!
- E.D., October 2016
Keith and Jamie are great people to work with and I would highly recommend them to anybody that needs their services, thank you very much for doing a great job .
- M.B., October 2016
Thorough review with plenty of commentary to put findings into context and/or suggest optimal repair approach
- J.B., October 2016
The report was organized, easy to understand and well-documented with pictures.
- B.B., October 2016
Extremely satisfied with the home inspection.
- M.O., October 2016
Really appreciate the great job you did and taking the time to follow-up the following day!!
- P.O., October 2016
Prompt, professional, knowledgeable, honest. The best!
- B.N., September 2016
The crew of three was very professional and thorough. Since we were present for the inspection, they gave us an immediate verbal report, which was followed within a day by the detailed written report. Would recommend highly.
- D.P., September 2016
Wonderful to work with over the phone from out of town. Inspection was very detailed, and the report was available within 24 hours online. Great experience. Thank you.
- S.D., August 2016
I recently sold a one year old built home and the new buyers hired your company. I was surprised at how much they found wrong in our one year old home (all covered under warranty thankfully) that I wanted to hire them for my new home purchase. Thank you for your expertise and promptness!
- J.S., August 2016
Thank you so much for your very thorough report on the house. We especially valued your FYI info. We were attempting to purchase this property sight unseen so we really needed to hear what you told us. Unfortunately we are not going through with the purchase because there were just too many things about this house that needed attention--we are thankful that you were willing to point these things out to us because our realtor had not mentioned any of the issues to us. Thank you so much for helping us to make the right decision. We will continue our search for the "right" home and would request you to do our home inspection again.
- T.M., August 2016
Very curteous, timely and on track during entire inspection. Once completed answered questions of my husband over the phone who was out of town. Report was very thorough . Would recommend any time.
- , August 2016
Very curteous, timely and on track during entire inspection. Once completed answered questions of my husband over the phone who was out of town. Report was very thorough . Would recommend any time.
- F.L., August 2016
You can't afford to have an inspection done by anyone else!
- A.M., August 2016
Thank you for the comprehensive and thorough report
- J.F., August 2016
Excellent report. Thank-you very much both for the detail and the timeliness.
- E.B., August 2016
Thank you!
- S.L., July 2016
Thank you for being prompt and thorough. I will feel more confident with this purchase knowing that it has been looked at in detail by a "trained and informed" eye. Larry
- L.P., July 2016
All of the inspectors that were at the inspection were very patient and nice in explaining what they performed. They were also very helpful in offering suggestions and letting me know if I needed any help with anything to contact the company since I am new to the area. I was very happy with their performance and explanation and suggestions.
- M.S., July 2016
We were extremely pleased with your inspection process and feel that you really did a through job. The process was very easy and our daughter and son-in-law were present during the inspection in our absence and were able to fill us in with various comments that your inspector made during the actual inspection. We were delighted with your very professional and prompt service.
- P.L., June 2016
the inspection was easy to schedule. We had the report the next day and it was very thorough. It is great that we could view everything online and upload as needed
- N.C., June 2016
You were so accommodating in scheduling the inspection in a short time. The report was thorough and the inspectors were friendly, personable, and professional. The report was ready the next day. We could not have a better experience. We have dealt with other companies on the island in other capacities and this was a wonderful experience! Topnotch!
- V.H., June 2016
Very responsive to getting this inspection done quickly for us. The final report and summary report were prepared and sent quickly and was very thorough and detailed with pictures that helped explain some of their findings.
- J.H., June 2016
We were extremely impressed with Coastal and did not expect such professional inspectors. Needless to say I highly recommend Coastal to anyone. Bob and Grace Short
- G.B., June 2016
Very thorough and complete. Courteous and concise. Great suggestions.
- L.M., June 2016
Did not meet them but report was thorough and on time. I was very impressed with the digital format and the ability for the buyer to easily accept or recent repairs and to generate a Repair report. Very efficient!
- S.S., June 2016
We really appreciated the thorough, detailed report we received. Thanks for the quick turnaround! Tom & Cheryl Mitchell
- T.M., June 2016
Inspection was performed professionally and timely. Report was detailed,well done.
- J.M., June 2016
They were very thorough and explained everything clearly. They were fantastic.
- B.H., June 2016
My inspection was handled in a professional manner. Both Keith and Jamie were extremely knowledgeable. They were able to make some suggestions that will help us limit cost and improve our property. We would highly recommend their services and will be glad to convey that to any future clients.
- S.L., June 2016
Great job on the inspection. Very thorough and professional.
- G.J., May 2016
Keith & Jamie, As I have previously stated in an email to CHIS, I will highly recommend or again utilize your Inspection service should the occasion present itself. John Albano
- J.A., May 2016
Keith & Jamie, As I have previously stated in an email to CHIS, I will highly recommend or again utilize your Inspection service should the occasion present itself. John Albano
- J.A., May 2016