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DeAndre Rivers

Our philosophy at Trinity Home & Commercial Inspections Inc is to inspect each home with the greatest care. We are thorough and always explain our findings in a comprehensive and professional manner. We work with skilled inspectors, who have an eye for detail. This allows us to execute every home inspection project in a timely and efficient manner.


I have my residential and commercial Certification and Membership with NACHI


DeAndre Rivers is an Atlanta home and commercial inspector providing unbiased, accurate and thorough inspections in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Ask Trinity about Drone and Infrared Inspections on your home.

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DeAndre Rivers is thorough and professional. I absolutely will recommend him to my colleagues and for future projects.
- M.L., Rockwall TX, March 2023
Mr. Rivers was very calming, he answered any questions we had (and there were quite a few). He took his time with the inspection and was very thorough, but also tidy (that was important to me since it is a new construction home). He has a very professional, calming presence and we appreciated that. He demonstrated confidence in his skills and we could tell that he took his job seriously. Thank you
- A.S., Dayton OH, August 2022
Excellent service by a knowledgeable inspector. He took time to explain issues present in the home. The report was a lifesaver and worth every penny. I would never buy another home without having DeAndre Rivers inspect it for us. Thank you again DeAndre.
- K.J., Decatur GA, November 2020
- L.F., Peachtree City GA, September 2020
DeAndre is very professional and thorough. He is an excellent inspector!
- N.L., March 2020
DeAndre had been conducting my inspections for over 13 years. He's the first one I think to call when I have a client with an inspection need. His timing is very reasonable as are the fees per sqft. I find him to be personable, as well as very knowledgable in his craft. Always on time and just an all around great person to do business with. I'd recommend DeAndre Rivers to any and all of my real estate co-workers and clients, as I do. I've tried others when I've had clients that absolutely wanted to choose their own inspector, but even the quality of the reports don't compare.
- T.O., McDonough GA, June 2019
DeAndre was very knowledgeable and professional. When we asked questions he didn?t hesitate to answer. I will be referring him to others.
- L.J., CANTON GA, June 2019

Based on the inspection report DeAndre Rivers did a great job.  I wish that the seller would have moved the furniture out so that a full inspection around the baseboards would have been examine.  I wish an inspection on mold would have been conducted.  so, base on reviewing the inspection there are a lot of things that need to be fixed eventhough some are consider minor. 

- I.B., Atlanta GA, February 2019
DeAndre let me know what he would be inspecting, how long it would take, and if I had any question he would more than happy to answer to the best of his knowledge. He was very informative made suggestion. Took the time and care to make sure everything was inspected. I was very informed and educated by DeAndre I would definitely recommend him.
- S.S., January 2019
keep up the good work
- V.A., March 2018
Great job! Very thorough inspection.
- T.H., January 2018
Mr. Rivers, it was a pleasure to work with you. I do appreciate your work, your time and your efforts, in making this home purchasing process, an even greater one. As a family, we appreciate the basic break down of a home inspection; the ability to grasp the intricate details of what we should know with the items that we are working with, was amazing! You took your time, you took us around the property and your patience, made this experience a great one! You are certainly being recommended to any person who asks me, if I know of a home inspector! -David Lee
- D.L., Clarkston GA, November 2017
Great job!!
- J.C., Norcross GA, June 2017
DeAndre showed up to the inspection on time. He was very professional. Even provided a tape measure for me to use if I needed. As promised, DeAndre provided the inspection report by the end of the day. All in all, a great experience and I would highly recommend DeAndre and Trinity Home Inspections.
- S.B., April 2017
Trinity Home and Commercial Inspection is a very organized and professional company. DeAndre Rivers was on time, gave a thorough inspection and gave honest recommendations based on the conditions of the home. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking to buy a home.
- C.H., Jonesboro GA, March 2017
Thanks for all you do, and always being readily available for me and my clients. You're number one in my book
- T.O., McDonough GA, December 2016
Thanks for all you do, and always being readily available for me and my clients. You're number one in my book
- T.O., McDonough GA, December 2016
DeAndre - This was a very thorough inspection! Thank you very much. This has definitely helped with the decision on whether or not we will purchase this home.
- C.P., August 2016
Hi Mr. Rivers, Thank you for your home inspection @ 1444 Hartford Ave SW Atlanta GA 30310. I apologize for delayed follow-up, my computer went offline and was just recently restored. Thanks for the well detailed report and pointing out discrepancies that needed repairs. I believe Ms. Lisa Vaughn touched bases with you about some repairs that the owner and I consented upon. Will it be an extra charge for you to revisit home to approve repairs? Please inform, I can be contacted 803 760-3273 (c) or 803 926-6469 (o)...thanks Rosa
- R.P., August 2016
My inspection was completed in a professional and timely manner. The report was very detailed and thorough, which also included recommendations, photos and arrows bringing attention to specific issue areas of the home. The report brought to my attention details that I did not even notice after visiting the house on several occasions. Thank you for your professionalism and expedient service. I will definitely recommend this company to friends and family in the future.
- Y.D., October 2015
The absolute best!
- L.F., Peachtree City GA, September 2015
I would recommend DeAndre to all my friends , and family. DeAndre did a GREAT job on this property, and the first property that I was looking at. He really helped me not make a bad choice. Thanks again, Phylisha
- P.D., June 2015
Thanks for a good work done.
- F.L., June 2015
Excellent Job
- G.L., April 2015
My clients have spoke of him being punctual, through with the inspection and submitting a good report.
- L.V., Atlanta GA, October 2014
Thanks for promptness and professionalism. It is good to know that are people with your knowledge willing to work so efficiently and cordially to make sure that I make a sound investment. Your help was indespensable. I will recommend you highly to any friends or colleagues in the market for a home inspection!
- C.M., October 2014
DeAndre was a pleasure to work with, he is both personable and professional. I would recommend DeAndre's inspection services.
- M.D., September 2014
You were very helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly. You really took plenty of time inspecting the house and explaining terms that I did not understand. Thank-you so much! Stacey Gillespie
- S.G., July 2014
Friendly, resourceful and knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend and use again.
- T.W., June 2014
DeAndre you have successfully completed another home inspection, and you continue to provide excellent customer service! You can trust DeAndre to get the job done!
- E.C., May 2014
great Service always provided
- G.R., Atlanta GA, April 2014
Mr. Rivers was very professional. He explain everything to me and answered any questions I had. I would recommend him for anyone who needs their home inspected.
- S.F., January 2014
was very pleased with the inspection,the report was very complete with pictures and very informative. when you receive a report that is this complete and pictures and arrows to point to the problem you know you got your money worth, no brainer.
- P.M., October 2013
He was professional, courteous and very informative. I really enjoyed our experience and will be using him again!
- A.W., October 2013
As always Mr. Rivers remains the consummate professional. There were problems scheduling this inspection due to the Seller and Mr. Rivers accommodated us. Mr. Rivers arrives at his appointments early and the repsort is given to you timely. I will continue to recommend Mr. Rivers to my Clients. Rhonda Haynes The "HUD" Queen Tally Real Estate Group, LLC
- R.H., June 2013
Thank you.
- M.L., November 2012
Thank you for a thorough home inspection. I appreciate the time you took to show and explain every thing that you inspected. I will gladly recommend you to others in central ga and the metro area. A great pleasure to work with you during this exciting purchase.
- V.K., February 2012
Thank you! The pictures are most helpful.
- R.A., December 2011
I feel you did a very thorough, professional job. You were informative every step of the way.
- K.V., October 2011
DeAndre is professional and timely. I also appreciated the termite inspection and web accessibility of the report. Thanks for a thorough inspection!
- S.W., October 2011
DeAndre Rivers did a wonderful job and I would definitely recommend him to other clients.
- Y.E., April 2011
Thanks Mr. Rivers, I really appreciate you and the service you provide to my clients. Your outstanding!
- T.B., Atlanta GA, March 2011
DeAndre Rivers was extremely professional. On the day of the inspection he was on time and promised that I would have the complete report emailed to me by the end of the day. I was not disappointed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a qualified professional to complete their home ispection.
- J.C., February 2011
DeAndre Rivers was extremely professional. On the day of the inspection he was on time and promised that I would have the complete report emailed to me by the end of the day. I was not disappointed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a qualified professional to complete their home ispection.
- J.C., February 2011
Great Job and very professional attitude. I would recommend to anyone needing a thorough home inspection
- J.G., December 2010
For future reference, inspector DeAndre Rivers provide me with top notch service and recommendations prior to moving into my HUM Home concerning things that should be replaced or repaired. His knowledge, attitude and professionalism I feel was very positive and appreciate during the inspection. I would give him my strong recommendation for future inspections for myself and others. Keep up the great work.
- T.M., December 2010
DeAndre, I certainly appreciate your services. You performed admirably and my wife and I want to send you our thanks. As mentioned, we will be in touch with additional services once we close on the property
- A.W., November 2010
Thank you my client was very pleased with your service and I am especially impressed with the Home Gauge tool.
- S.J., September 2010
DeAndre was very thorough and patiently answered all of our questions. He went over and beyond explaining details about the house that we didn't even think to ask about. I appreciate the use of several handy gadgets, which gave me assurance of his professionalism. Thank you DeAndre for all of your insight and helpful tips!
- R.S., September 2010
You were very detail. Thank you.
- D.W., August 2010
Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable on the subject. Explained things in an easy to understand format!! His name is at the top of my list of recommendations to my friends and family!
- R.C., August 2010
Thank you first being on time. Second you were very professional and I appreciate that alot. Also EMC came right out and replaced the main power line that had been spliced three years ago. Moisture got in the wire. Once they finished everything worked perfect. All appliances except the microwave. The ac guy put in the part needed to fix the unit for upstairs and it worked fine. The water has pressure and it got hot. yeahhhh. I was worried for a minute. So thank you much for your time and I will definitely forward your card onto others. Stay safe. Peace. Kevin Barton
- K.B., May 2010
Thanks DeAndre. Great site, well organized and love the online report and recommendations. The site was also user friendly and put together very well. Also I tried several times faxing the signed agreement; but keep getting a busy reply message back.
- C.L., May 2010
Thanks DeAndre for all of your hard work! You're the greatest!
- P.J., May 2010
I would highly recommend DeAndre Rivers for a home inspection to anyone about to buy a house. Not only was he professional, he was down to earth. He allowed for questions if we had any (which for the most part we didn't because he explained everything so thoroughly). I felt like he knew what he was doing & what he was talking about, and he made the inspection not only easy, but pleasant. Thank you DeAndre.
- T.J., April 2010
DaAndre is AWESOME! Did I mention thorough......
- S.T., April 2010
He is very thorough in his inspection and educates my clients as he goes along which they appreciate.
- C.C., Atlanta GA, March 2010
Thanks for a great job!!!
- E.L., March 2010
I would like to thank you so very much. You were very courteous and professional. Thank you for taking your time in anserwing my questions. I will not be able to print the report until I get to work on Monday. Have a great weekend.
- J.L., October 2009
Thank you for your professionalism and willingness to be available. As always, it's a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to our next encounter. We would love to have you come out and do a presentation at our Sales Training Class. Our agents will undoubtedly benefit from your expertise in this industry!
- P.C., July 2009
Thanks again for a thorough and pleasant experience. I really appreciate you!
- P.P., Fayetteville Ge, July 2009
DeAndre and I have done Inspections for years and I value his expert opinions. He is very assertive and positive individual that handle the home inspection process correctly.
- G.R., Atlanta GA, July 2009
Thank you so much for your patience and thoroughness. I appreciate you taking the time to answer all my questions and note all issues, regardless of how how big or small they seemed. I really feel like I have a better understanding of the condition of the property now, and you truly have assisted me in feeling more confident in my decision to purchase this home. Thanks again!
- P.P., Fayetteville Ge, June 2009