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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call InspecTech,LLC. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 304-210-1696 Mobile Phone: 304-210-1696

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We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

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Gary was extremely thorough in his inspection. He didn't rush anything and took the time to go through everything with us. The inspection report we received was top notch and we couldn't be more happy with the service he provided. Thanks Gary!
- J.V., September 2018
Gary is very professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone needing a home inspection.
- A.A., September 2018
We've used Gary several times on homes we've purchased and found him to be very thorough and professional! He is very knowledgeable and informative! He is always our first choice when needing a home inspection done! Highly recommend Gary!
- D.E., August 2018
Very thorough inspection! Gary is a great guy and does his job well!
- L.F., August 2018
I truly appreciate the patience, thoroughness and professionalism Gary provided. He patiently answered all my questions and the final reports are detailed and include photos furthering any explanation that may be needed. As for professionalism I do not know how anyone could be better.
- L.T., August 2018
My wife was present for the inspection and was impressed how thorough Gary was and how patient he was in explaining everything. Once we received the report it was very detailed and very beneficial in negotiating with the seller.
- S.L., August 2018
This is the third home Gary has inspected for us. I couldn?t imagine purchasing a home and not having someone as thorough and professional as Gary inspecting it first.
- J.R., July 2018
Gary is very thorough and professional. He explained everything completely. We would definitely recommend him.
- J.B., July 2018
Gary was very thorough, helpful, and pleasant to talk to.
- K.O., July 2018
- M.R., July 2018
Great job. Very thorough inspection. Gary also took the time to walk us through the whole house so we could see exactly what the report was talking about. Definitely would recommend him.
- M.B., July 2018
Thank you for the home inspection. It was very informative. I learned a lot of info from you. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing a home inspection. Thank you!
- K.W., June 2018
Fantastic, highly detailed report. Noticed several things I did not see or even think about. Highly recommended. Would have liked a walk through, but showed up way early and I was informed after the fact.
- R.K., June 2018
Thank you Gary for a very thorough inspection on the property. I learned a lot. All your suggestions were very helpful. Great job!!
- D.S., May 2018
Very professional and thorough. Report was well put together and easy to understand. Thanks !
- A.H., May 2018
Very professional. Highly recommend for home inspection
- M.T., April 2018
He had so much info for me after I move in. So friendly and family oriented. Told me everything he was doing and made sure I understood everything.
- L.W., April 2018
You was great. Thank you so much for coming and doing that for us. Kevin and Tammy Reynolds
- K.R., April 2018
Amazing service!
- K.H., April 2018
Very thorough. Gary gave us a lot of helpful information on our current home and answered all questions we had about future improvements on our home.
- B.J., March 2018
Have used Gary for 4 property inspections and he is very thorough each time. He will respond to you so as to keep you on notified and on time with him for the inspection process. Gary is also amiable and courteous during the course of a job that would ocassionally test your patience with clients or other persons involved.
- R.A., March 2018
Gary was very thorough and helpful! He was very busy but was kind enough to make time for us as we were on a deadline. He was recommended to me and I will definitely recommend him to others. Great job!
- E.S., March 2018
Gary and his company were so proffesional and down to earth. We called and he was there to assist with anything and got out for the inspection in no time at all. Very thorough inspector and makes sure you know what your getting into. Would not recommend anyone but Gary. Good prices as well.
- C.O., February 2018
Never have to wonder if anything is overlooked or missed, Gary is extremely thorough and provides an excellent and easy to follow report. Has always had an answer for any question I've asked or known who to refer. Only person I recommend! JM-January 2018
- J.M., January 2018
This is the third home inspector we've worked with over the years. Gary was easily the best, most informative and easy to work with. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone.
- J.T., January 2018
With knowing Gray Flanagan's family for many years, we knew he would be our first choice for a Home Inspection. His reputation follows him throughout his current business. Thorough with inspection of our prospective home. He walked us around and showed us things that were in question and also the positive sides of home. He is respectful of homeowner and buyer throughout his process of inspection.
- J.M., January 2018
My wife and I where very happy with the work and how well the inspection was done. And when there was something that may cause a concern it was brought to our attention.
- J.M., December 2017
Very informative and knowledgeable. Was able to answer any concern I had. I would highly recommend Gary.
- C.I., November 2017
Gary was great! He spent time to take us through the house inside and out and ensured that our questions were thoroughly answered. He was very busy and still managed to see us on Friday afternoon and stayed as long as we needed. He had the full report to us by Sunday evening! Great guy, very professional and wonderful to work with. If you aren't using Gary, you aren't using the right guy.
- J.H., November 2017
Gary performed an extremely detailed inspection on a property my daughter is considering purchasing. His inspection left no stone unturned; he was extremely thorough, detailed and structured in his inspection. He explained all his findings extremely well, and gave explanations of the housing codes necessary for compliance, as well as general comments related to the property. His report was extremely detailed with photos and comments. I have had one other home inspection prior to this one, and this inspection far exceeded both the quality of the prior report, as well as my expectations. Highly recommend Gary. HB 11/15/17
- H.B., November 2017
Thanks for the great information and suggestions!
- D.B., November 2017
I was unbelievably impressed with Gary's level of service from start to finish. He was easy to contact, returned calls immediately, and was pleasant and easy to work with. He truly cares about his work and loves what he does, and that shows in the level of service that you get. He did a home inspection and radon testing for me and due to unforeseen issues, we had to schedule a second time for him to come out to the house I was looking to buy to finish the job. He did not charge me anything additional to have to come back out to the home for a second time, he was more than happy to do so to help. He gave me his personal opinions and suggestions on moving forward and his report was fantastic! It outlined, in detail, every single thing within the house (with photos and examples), as well as suggestions for me on how to remedy any issues or concerns. He also urged me to contact him in the future if I needed his opinions or a contact at any point in my home buying process. This man cares about what he does and the people he does this work for. 10++ I wouldn't call anyone else.
- S.B., October 2017
Great attention to detail.
- S.R., October 2017
We have used InspecTech twice now and we truly appreciate the level of detail in which the home inspection was written and explained to us. Gary is extremely informative and helpful. We will continue to be a future customer!!
- A.M., October 2017
Gary does a good thorough, down to earth explanation of everything he checks & encourages you to ask many questions. He doesn't rush thru the process, gives you time to digest each item on the walk thru, which is a definite bonus.
- C.M., October 2017
Very knowledgeable and willing to explain each area problem
- A.B., October 2017
Couldn't have asked for a better inspector. Extremely thorough in his inspections, goes above and beyond to make sure his customers understand everything.
- M.W., September 2017
Thank you for taking the time to go through everything with a fine tooth comb.
- B.P., September 2017
We were pleased to see how thorough Gary is and the attention to detail is unparalleled! We appreciated the time that he took to inspect our home and the large report he provided was exactly what we were looking for. WE would highly recommend him.
- T.K., September 2017
Very detailed and knowledgeable
- T.B., September 2017
Very detailed and professional
- T.B., September 2017
Very professional and explains things well. Accessible after the inspection for further questions.
- M.G., August 2017
Mr. Flanagan was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. I would not hesitate to use his services again or recommend him to someone.
- P.B., August 2017
Gary always does a wonderful job!!!!
- R.H., August 2017
Very impressed with Mr. Flanagan's professionalism and thoroughness. I would definitely recommend him!
- A.S., August 2017
Gary provided us with the most through inspection we have have ever seen or even heard about. The online tools and report make it easy to share with both the buyer and seller. If I ever sell a house, I will have him inspect it so that I know the house is safe and ready for a buyer.
- P.S., August 2017
Gary, really appreciated you being so thorough with the inspection. You've identified things I would never think to consider. As well as making suggestions for future maintenance on the home... Well worth the cost of the inspection.
- L.F., August 2017
Excellent experience; I will refer anyone needing these types of services.
- R.B., August 2017
Gary was extremely thorough and professional. When Gary found anything that needed addressed he not only is able to identify the issue, he also presents a possible solution. I would hire him to inspect my house every few years even if I wasn't buying or selling it. He's that good. The MOV is lucky to have a professional like Gary here.
- E.P., August 2017
Gary was thorough, knowledgeable, and transparent. I feel comfortable that my potential new home has been vetted properly and I am making an informed decision about the property. I would recommend Gary and your company to any potential home buyers. Thank you for your great work.
- J.S., August 2017
Very thorough and informative! Thank you:)
- M.S., July 2017
He was very friendly and professional. He did a very thorough inspection, and his report was extremely detailed. I would recommend gary to everyone!
- S.Y., July 2017
outstanding , could not have got a better person for the job.
- D.P., July 2017
Mr. Flanagan was very professional and did a great job with the report. We learned a lot about the house with the walk through he did with us. The report was completed and emailed that evening. I would highly recommend Gary Flanagan for all your inspection needs. Bill Gillispie Parkersburg
- , July 2017
Very thorough. Great work.
- K.B., July 2017
Thanks Gary for all you good advise. This is our first time buying a house and you explained things to us and answered all of our questions.
- D.B., July 2017
Gary was awesome and provided additional information that any home owner would find useful!
- S.T., July 2017
It was a pleasure to work with Gary. We are selling our current home and purchasing a new one at the same time. Gary conducted the inspection on our current home, per our buyer. Gary was not afraid to be upfront and honest with me regarding issues with our current home, which assured me that he was honest and trustworthy. A few days later when I hired him to conduct the inspection on the new home, I knew that he would do a very thorough job, and he didn't disappoint. Thanks for your hard work, Gary!
- , June 2017
Gary, in the past, I have never asked for a home inspection. Now that I have gone thru the process, I realize that it is absolutely necessary. When you don't buy and sell homes very often, it is easy to overlook some problems. We really appreciated you taking time to walk us thru the house and allowing us to ask questions. It made the Inspection process much easier to understand.
- L.F., June 2017
Second inspection Gary has done for us. Outstanding knowledge and dedicated to providing a thorough inspection. He issued the report in an email the same day in an easy to use format with pictures and explanations. Call Gary, you will not be disappointed. MB
- M.B., June 2017
Gary you were very thorough, professional and personable during the whole process. You quickly answered my text that you were with a customer and would get with me asap when I first contacted you. That told me you give your undivided attention to your customers which is great! Then when it came to you accommodating my crazy schedule for the report walk through you were happy to do so. You were also extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the house. Following the walk through your final report was emailed to me promptly ( the next day). I must also add that your strong support for Law Enforcement is amazing. Thank you for making this entire experience enjoyable and informative to help us make our decision.
- M.M., June 2017
Gary you were very thorough, professional and personable during the whole process. You quickly answered my text that you were with a customer and would get with me asap when I first contacted you. That told me you give your undivided attention to your customers which is great! Then when it came to you accommodating my crazy schedule for the report walk through you were happy to do so. You were also extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the house. Following the walk through your final report was emailed to me promptly ( the next day). I must also add that your strong support for Law Enforcement is amazing. Thank you for making this entire experience enjoyable and informative to help us make our decision.
- , June 2017
Extremely thorough in his inspection process. Pays meticulous attention to detail. Has an eagle eye for even the most minor of defects. All items needing repair or serviced were explained in great detail. We are now buying our home with complete confidence that there are no immediate concerns or costly repairs in the near future. If you need a complete and accurate home inspection Gary is right choice to make.
- , June 2017
Gary is very knowledgeable, detailed-oriented and friendly. He professionally completed his inspections and reports on time and thoroughly explained to me about his findings, the solutions that can be implemented and the contractors who can fix these problems. I'm very pleased that I called Gary for my home inspection and I recommend the others to call him whenever they need home inspection services.
- K.A., May 2017
Gary is a pleasure to work with. He is extremely thorough and offers good advice on resolving any problems. We received our report the same day, full of pictures and explanations. Excellent inspection. Mike and Cheryl Bailey
- M.B., May 2017
Knowledgeable, friendly, highly recommend.
- J.S., May 2017
Gary did an excellent job. The inspection was extremely thorough. Gary took the time to explain any issues and make suggestions. He was very personable and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend him for an inspection. I'm very impressed with his work and the detailed report!
- R.T., May 2017
I found Gary to be incredibly thorough. He took time to walk through the house with us and answer many questions. He is very knowledgeable and his report was very detailed and professional. I would recommend Gary for anyone's home inspection needs.
- A.N., May 2017
Gary provided the most professional and thorough inspection I have encountered in my 10 home purchases. The items he pointed out for repair will more than pay for the inspection. Thanks so much for your diligence and professional approach!
- P.S., May 2017
Gary, your work was nothing short of excellent. I will undoubtedly recommend you to all my friends in the market for a home inspector. Thanks for all the hard work.
- C.N., May 2017
Very professional and knowledgeable. Extremely thorough and the post inspection reports are well laid out and easy to understand.
- A.S., April 2017
Prompt, courteous and very thorough. Answered every question I had for him. Worth every penny.
- T.D., April 2017
Professional and knowledgable! Did a terrific job and answered all our questions!
- D.E., April 2017
Gary was able to catch many items that the buyer and I overlooked. Thank you for a job well done!
- C.B., April 2017
Wonderfully through. A huge help for out of town buyers like us. Thank you!!
- R.L., April 2017
As a realtor, I appreciate a good inspector. Gary was very thorough. He was knowledgeable and professional throughout the inspection process. I really loved his report! His report was very helpful to me as a realtor. I was able to easily pull out the information I needed to send to the seller's agent to request repairs that needed corrected without sending the entire report. Gary followed up with both the client and I after the inspection. All I can say is "professional"!
- C.B., April 2017
Gary is the best of the best. He is very professional and so helpful. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
- A.D., March 2017
we were very pleased
- J.M., March 2017
Extremely thorough and professional. We were particularly pleased with the attention he paid to our questions during the walk through and how respectful he was to us. We've purchased multiple homes and this was by far the best experience we have ever had with a home inspection.
- J.F., March 2017
Very knowledgeable and explains the issues/concerns in laymen's terms. With Gary, there is never a "stupid question." Also great follow-up. He comes highly recommended!!!!
- M.D., March 2017
Gary was very knowledgeable and professional. He also gave me a folder containing all the information I needed to help me maintain my home. As a first time home buyer, I really appreciated this!
- M.C., March 2017
Thorough and detailed initial inspection, follow up explanation, recommendations, and final report. Quick to complete the inspection and report. Thank you for truly caring!
- B.H., March 2017
You were great to work with. Very thorough on review of the house. I was impressed that for only being at the house for a couple hours, you pretty much had the findings memorized to go over with me in the end walk thru. The report was great with detailed notes and photos of your findings. I want to extend an extra thank you for coming out of your way to service our inspection request. Overall, we were extremely satisfied with his professionalism, attention to detail, affordability, and meeting our needs. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family. Thanks again!!!
- M.D., March 2017
Very informative, helpful, and knowledgeable. Made us feel comfortable as first time home buyers.
- M.G., February 2017
Very nice, open to speak with us about our investment, and was open to disclose everything with, for now and for the long term as he showed interest in our purchase. He was professional in all his work and his mannerisms. Was pleased to have met him and to have him inspect our new home.
- J.H., February 2017
Gary is the most detailed inspector I've ever worked with. He is unbelievably knowledgeable in his field and I plan on using him for any inspections I need in the future.
- G.E., January 2017
I was extremely pleased with Gary's inspection. He was very thorough and detailed. He delivered my inspection report promptly. You can't ask for me than that. I will definitely recommend Gary to anyone who needs a home inspection done.
- T.D., November 2016
This was our first home inspection so we were a little concerned on how it would go but Gary walked us through and explained everything step by step. Very professional and courteous. He was able to answer all of our questions and concerns. I would use Gary again in a heartbeat.
- C.M., November 2016
He did a wonderful job and help me out alot thanks for a very nice job. I would use him again . Thanks so much Diane LaBarbara.
- D.L., November 2016
Gary was super helpful and a pleasure to work with!
- S.H., October 2016
Thank you so very much for all the information you provided me with. You were great about taking time to show me and explain things to me. Well worth the money. I would recomend your wervice to anyone thinking of buying a home.
- N.M., October 2016
Gary was very thorough in his inspection. He answered all of my questions and explained everything very well. His report is extremely detailed. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- J.M., October 2016
This is the 2nd Home Inspection Mr. Flanagan has done for me. He is very thorough and professional. The 1st inspection he did for me saved me from buying a property that had many hidden problems and would have caused me many headaches and cost thousands of dollars. I didn't hesitate to use Mr. Flanagan the 2nd time. He locates, documents and explains potential problems in a concise way that conveys experience and knowledge in all areas of home maintenance. I am thankful I had his observations to assist me in making an informed decision regarding home ownership. I would highly recommend Mr. Flanagan to anyone.
- T.W., October 2016
Gary is pleasant, detail oriented and pragmatic. His common sense approach should be appreciated by all. I was impressed with his work ethic, knowledge, and interpersonal skills. I have hired several other inspectors in my life and was not impressed with their work. You will be glad you choose to involve him in your project/purchase.
- , October 2016
This report shows lots of items that I missed in my inspection. Since I'm on a budget for repairs, this has helped me make a decision on this property.
- J.B., October 2016
Our sellers were very anxious about having a stranger go through their home as well as what you might find. I appreciated your kindness and gentle care of them throughout the inspection. I found you to be very thorough not only in your inspection but in your explanation and education of the few correctable items there were. I was also appreciative of the home maintenance items you pointed out that needed done. Thanks for a great job!
- , October 2016
Mr. Flanagan performed a very thorough inspection. He clearly explained all aspects of his report, taking the time to be sure I understood all findings and recommendations for correction of identified deficiencies. Mr. Flanagan was very professional and knowledgeable about all areas covered in the home inspection.
- T.W., September 2016
Very professional and takes time to explain. His manners, communication during and after the inspection speaks for his commitment to be the best at what he does. Larry Fought
- L.F., August 2016
Very thorough with our home inspection as well as with explanations of any issues that may need to be checked in the future. Very impressed with his attention to details, even small things we would have never thought of. We would highly recommend Gary to anyone needing a home inspection. Thank you!!!
- C.O., August 2016
This man went above and beyond with this inspection. Extremely satisfied!
- J.B., August 2016