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George Norberg

Detail Home Inspection has been inspecting homes since, 2000. I have been in business for nine years and my past experience was for fourteen years as a Municipal Inspector. I have a solid background in building codes and a construction management degree. I represent my customers with the highest integrity.

We have a solid background in building codes and general contracting. I have a current State of Illinois license and several International Code Council certifications. We maintain full insurance coverage. I am extremely detailed and represent my customers with the highest integrity.

I do residential, multi family, phase inspections and commercial inspections. I deliver a computerized report with digital pictures presented to you via email, within 24 hours of the inspection.   Along with the Property Inspection Service, I provide Mold Testing, Air Quality Testing and Asbestos Sampling upon request.  I am fully insured and I am available 24/7.

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ICC Certified, Building Code Certificates, Building Code Enforcement Certificate, IAC2,Constuction Management Degree


The inspection is all in the detail. Detail Home Inspection, Inc. will do a complete Property Inspection for you. Available 24/7. Honesty, Integrity & Experience for one great price.


Keep up the great work.
- M.D., May 2017
George does a very thorough job and is extremely knowledgeable. I have used George twice now and he has been responsive to my questions and timely in performing the inspection. He really does a quality job.
- P.G., April 2017
George was polite, personable and very detailed. He took the time to explain things and walked you through each step. He made sure you understood everything and gave you opportunities to ask questions and even encouraged you to ask questions. No question was a dumb question to George. Not only did he follow up with me the following day, but also said if I would have any questions later to not hesitate to get in touch with him. I couldn't have asked for a better or more thorough inspector!
- M.M., April 2017
This is the review I left on Yelp and Angie's list: George was expedient, detailed, thorough, and produced our final report within hours. Everyone that saw the report was impressed with how detailed George was. He is responsive and follows through quickly. I would highly recommend George to anyone!
- S.R., March 2017
Thorough and knowledgeable, I'm completely satisfied.
- S.L., March 2017
George did a great job with the inspection. Everyone told me he is the best, and now I know why. Thanks George!
- M.C., March 2017
Very thorough with an amazing attention to detail.
- S.R., March 2017
George does a very thorough job. He always takes the time to explain everything. I never feel rushed.
- A.E., Winnetka IL, March 2017
George, Thanks for your great service and for producing a timely and thorough inspection report! Katie Coogan
- K.C., Winnetka IL, February 2017
Thank you so much, George! It was a pleasure working with you. You were so friendly, helpful and thorough during your inspection, which we really appreciate as first time home buyers. You were so great at answering any of our questions or concerns during the home inspection, and the report you sent us is well-written, very user-friendly and detailed, which is what we were looking for. We will be sure to recommend your services to any friends or family looking to purchase a home in the area. Thank you again!
- C.H., February 2017
George was great! He was very thorough and walked me through each step of the inspection to keep me informed. The report is detailed and he completed it very quickly.
- M.D., February 2017
George was able to arrange his schedule to do my inspection the day before. He came to the property earlier and had already inspected the roof and foundation. Inside he was very thorough, and explained all potential problems and if they needed immediate attention or can be corrected at a later date. I felt he did an excellent job and addressed my concerns. His report was also very helpful with good pictures and explanations. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
- J.P., January 2017
Very thorough and pays attention to details, which is very essential for a home inspection.
- S.G., Chicago IL, January 2017
Great job! I look forward to working with him in the future.
- C.L., January 2017
I love how George interacts with my clients. He likes to educate them and helps them understand how everything works and how to maintain them. The only suggestion I would give is to add in the report a way to rate the significance of an issue reported (mild, moderate, extreme) or something similar (minor/major; cosmetic/safety issue; etc). It would help me and my clients to understand the significance of any items called out or in disrepair. Thanks again and I will definitely be using George again!! Loreal
- L.U., January 2017
George did a very good job overall. It snowed the day before we had the inspection, so not able to visually climb up and inspect the roof, gutters and chimney. Prompt and on time. Explained to us a few things he found when meeting us. Inspection report was very detailed. I was impressed on how fast he got the report to us. I would highly recommend.
- P.G., December 2016
George was the most professional, knowledgeable, informative and practical home inspector I've ever worked with. He turns out his report immediately and is generous with good advice at a competitive price. George is very personable and a pleasure to work with. A+ George! Thank you.
- G.E., December 2016
George was very thorough, informative, and professional. He made me feel more comfortable with the investment I was making in my home, and put me in a better position to negotiate the terms of buying the property. His report was very easy to follow and included pictures of everything. I'd recommend George to anyone in need of a home inspection.
- A.B., Evanston IL, December 2016
George did a thorough inspection for my buyers. They were very happy with his work and the extensive report that they can refer to in the purchase and care of their new home. Thanks again George!
- E.B., December 2016
George did a great job, was very open to discussing issues and potential issues during the inspection and definitely went the extra mile while on the job. His report was detailed, organized and very useful in the rest of the home buying process. Highly recommended!
- C.Y., November 2016
George, I was very pleased with your inspection. It help tremendously in my purchase price. My next buy will also include your service. Thank you, peter p.
- P.P., November 2016
George helped us inspected two homes, and in both instances George done an excellent job. George allowed us to tag along with him while he inspected each area of the house (outside, inside, attic, backyard, trees affecting home, basement, electric panel, furnace, heating, water, etc… basically every corner of the home). During the inspection process George explained what he was doing and what he was observing, pin pointed the problems, provided the reason for the problem, provided his recommendation and solution, and more importantly allowed us to ask questions. George also provided a very detail inspection report within 24 hours for us to review. With this report, we were well informed about the condition of the home which assisted us with our decision making. We walked away from one purchase due to concrete foundation and moisture in the basement that would be a disaster for us down the line. All-in-all, George was friendly and great to work with. I highly recommend George if you’re looking for an inspector for your new house.
- M.L., November 2016
George performed a very professional inspection for my client. His understanding of the process and explanation of the items he inspected in a comprehensive and yet understanding manner was very helpful to the very inquisitive Buyer.
- R.P., Stillman Valley IL, October 2016
Very thorough in all of his work and explained all that he did.
- M.K., October 2016
When selling our home there were inspections by three different companies. I found George Norberg to be most respectful of the home. The report was well organized, easy to understand with clear pictures. When it was time to inspect the home we were buying we received the same excellent service.
- T.K., September 2016
Unfortunately this was my first inspection so really don't have anything to compare to. Overall friendly and professional.
- I.F., September 2016
George did an excellent job on the condo inspection. Very thorough, and called our attention to two areas of concern. Without George's report and knowledge, our Attorney Review letter would have been severely lacking.
- W.S., September 2016
Very satisfied with George thorough explanation of his inspection techniques, tips and advice, and overall demeanor. We are very satisfied with the service he provided and will recommend Detail Home Inspection, Inc. to other homebuyers.
- F.N., September 2016
George Norberg did an outstanding job! He is now my official Home Inspector...................T. Goskie
- T.G., September 2016
George was extremely thorough in his inspection, and we received the inspection report the same day. George was friendly and took care to make sure we followed what he was saying and answered the many questions we had. He not only inspected the house, but gave us very useful and practical advice on proper maintenance of a home, information crucial for first time homebuyers like ourselves. I would definitely recommend George to all potential homebuyers, and thanks again George for the great service and speedy report analysis! Best, Jonathan and Michelle Johnson
- J.K., August 2016
This is the first time I used George. George did an excellent job on the condo inspection. He was very professional and through. He was able to prepare the report on the same day in a very understandable and friendly format. I would recommend George to anyone!
- V.D., August 2016
First time using George. I will definitely use him again and again.
- R.W., Chicago IL, August 2016
George did an excellent job on my home inspection. He was very professional and through. He was able to prepare the report on the same day in a very understandable and friendly format. I would recommend George to anyone!
- J.Z., August 2016
George is an excellent inspector. He inspected two homes for us, one that we didn't end up purchasing because of issues George found during inspection. He is detail oriented, patient and an all around nice guy. And he took extra time to make sure I understood everything in the report. I would definitely recommend George to everyone I know.
- D.F., July 2016
Very easy to work with and he help explained everything! Very thorough and paid attention to everything.
- A.J., chicago IL, July 2016
Thank you for inspecting our crawl space even though we were both surprised by the fact that the house had one! Your flexibility allowed us to find a problem with the foundation that saved us a thousand dollars! Thank you for your completeness.
- P.S., July 2016
George was a thorough, honest, and valuable component in our home buying process.
- T.K., July 2016
George was insightful, helpful, and extremely detailed with our home inspection. We plan to use his services in the future.
- M.W., June 2016
Thank you George! Once again you've helped us tremendously.
- K.U., June 2016
George was prompt and very thorough with his inspection of our home. He also takes the time to explain what he sees as possible problems. Would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for your help!
- A.C., June 2016
George is a very friendly and approachable person. He works hard and offers great attention to detail. He takes the time to explain everything and really makes a connection with his clients. The report is very professional and even includes helpful maintenance tips and reminders. Highly recommend!
- B.H., June 2016
I am a realtor and once again, George came through for my clients! Thank you, George, for another thorough inspection that will help my buyers determine what needs to be fixed and whether their planned renovations are feasible and worthwhile. You're the best!
- A.P., Chicago IL, June 2016
Thank you!
- S.W., June 2016
I would most definitely recommend George. He was very efficient, thorough, and detail oriented but additionally he was a pleasure to work with.
- K.U., June 2016
Very knowledgeable inspector. Very pleased with inspection.
- V.C., chicago IL, June 2016
adolph and karen want to thank george for his extencive inspection of our new home above and beyond great experience
- A.R., June 2016
George is very customer oriented. He is very pleasant to talk to. He will go over the items that he is showing you and thinks about root cause of any issues he is identifying to help the home owner with remediation(s). I had compared him to some. i like that he was not a fast talking salesman like others i contacted. his reports were on par with what was expected and the photos help in making sure issues were documented for the owner of the house to inspect as well. overall a good inspection.
- V.V., May 2016
George was a true pleasure to work with. He was very understanding with all of our general questions and did an excellent job of explaining everything that we looked at and went through. We had a few visitors during the process and he was very courteous to them as well. I will be using George in the future on my upcoming purchases and will definitely recommend him to my friends.
- M.B., chicago IL, May 2016
George was very friendly, professional and thorough. He explained everything along the way and his report was very detailed. Would definitely recommend George to anyone! Mike and Edie May 2016
- E.C., Northbrook IL, May 2016
George has a good way about doing an inspection. He is calm and puts any issues into perspective. I like to recommend him to my clinets.
- B.B., Chicago IL, May 2016
George, you were so detailed in your inspection I know that no stone was left un-turned. I really appreciate the helpful advice as well! I will definitely be referring my friends and family to you when they need an inspector.
- N.B., April 2016
George did a great job for us. He was professional, thorough and informative. He went the extra mile for us by going up on the roof of the condo building to inspect the a/c, which was no easy task. He provided us with a comprehensive inspection report the same day. Couldn't be more pleased!
- , April 2016
George was excellent, thoughtful, courteous and careful. I am used to home inspection with estimate ranges for needed repairs. This is the norm in Canada and would be a significant service enhancement. Just a suggestion.
- W.B., April 2016
The report was very thorough and I recieved it very fast. Lots of pictures which helped to know what needed to be repaired.
- N.K., April 2016
Great Job, Will definitely recommend. Thank you!
- S.B., Glenview IL, March 2016
George was very thorough and explained his finding in great detail. The report was generated in a timely manner. I appreciate his help and knowledge about inspections through this home buying process!!
- M.M., March 2016
Hello George, As I commented to you as we walked around the property, I have never purchased a home or observed a home inspection before. None-the-less, I was very convinced of the quality and DETAIL of your inspection after only a short time of watching you work. The answers and explanations you gave in response to my questions helped me to understand what you were seeing. Maybe I asked more questions than the average home buyer, but you were patient and generous with the time you gave to our inspection. Need I say more? Well, your written report was just as thorough, detailed and easy to understand as you were in person. Many thanks; excellent work! Sincerely, John V.
- J.V., Northbrook IL, March 2016
George Norberg was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, pointed out both issues and strong points of the home , during the inspection. He followed up after the written report , making sure any additional questions or concerns were addressed. Would highly recommend George.
- T.D., March 2016
George was great to work with and helped a lot.
- S.S., Skokie IL, March 2016
Did a great job at explaining everything he inspected, was very professional and seemed extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him.
- J.P., chicago IL, March 2016
George was professional, thorough and engaging. I highly recommend!
- D.B., chicago IL, March 2016
George was extremely thorough and did an excellent job explaining everything in the house. Additionally, his report includes detailed explanations and pictures of the cited area. He climbed into every nook and crawl space to examine the property. I would highly recommend George!
- P.F., Manalapan NJ, March 2016
I thought Goerge did a great job with the inspection. He was extremely thorough and open to assessing things I pointed out; i.e., water damage on various walls and skylights. He took everything I said seriously and did not discount what I was asking. We had a subcontractor in to assess basement water issues and he took special care to ensure we both were up to speed on what was being communicated. My only area of possible improvement/constructive feedback is to control emotions when frustrated. There was a water heater that was difficult to access in the ceiling and the way he handled the situation was out of frustration and made things slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes. With that being said, I would have been frustrated if I was in his shoes because it was a pain to deal with and an unforeseen time-suck. I would, without hesitation, use George for another inspection.
- J.R., San Franciscon CA, March 2016
Prompt and a good communicator, which is what you're looking for. George also gave us some recommendations for contractors and pointed out little things we can do ourselves. This was our first home inspection, but it seemed like George have us exactly what we needed.
- C.S., Culver City CA, February 2016
Thank you for doing such a thorough job on the inspection. From the speed and absoluteness with which you identified and commented on every aspect of the house, it was clear you knew exactly what you were talking about. I appreciated your advice on ongoing maintenance and how to address issues with the seller.
- T.P., February 2016
George did such a great home inspection! He was incredibly thorough and so detail oriented. He definitely is the only home inspector to use when buying a home!
- M.M., February 2016
Thank you, George - once again you've performed yet another thorough and informative inspection! My clients are always quite pleased with your ability to explain inspection issues, along with home maintenance tips. Priceless information!
- D.K., Winnetka IL, February 2016
My client is a first time home buyer and I was not able to be at the inspection, something I always want to be at. I told him he was in good hands with George. My client thanked me for referring George and he felt so taken care of because George did an excellent job of explaining everything to him in detail and answering all of his questions. I will always recommend George to my clients because of his professionalism, knowledge and ease to work with him.
- S.K., Northrook IL, January 2016
George did a great job. Thorough, respectful and professional.
- V.U., January 2016
George is an unbelievable Professional that always does a great job. I will always recommend him to my clients
- S.G., Highland Park IL, January 2016
Thank you George for making me feel comfortable and not afraid to ask questions. I felt comfortable tagging along with you during the inspection and I learned a lot.
- M.L., Northbrook IL, January 2016
George did it all. On time, thorough, and took the time to explain what we were finding. I have had previous homes inspected, and as a roofing contractor have seen many things missed on other peoples homes, but I stand by George as the standard in the industry. Thanks for all the help! J.C. Northbrook, IL December 2015
- J.C., Northbrook IL, December 2015
George, Thank you very much for your professionalism and thoroughness demonstrated when performing inspection to the house I intend to purchase. You were able to identify a number of issues that require immediate attention and repair. I am grateful to you for that. I would wholeheartedly recommend George to anyone in need for home inspection. Ion
- I.B., Wheeling IL, December 2015
Thank you for your professionalism and knowledge in this inspection process. My clients were impressed with the great report and felt you did a fine job.
- E.B., December 2015
Very thorough inspection, with an extremely detailed report E-mailed the same day of inspection. Report filled with pictures, recommendations, and much more.
- J.G., chicago IL, December 2015
The inspection was thorough and professional. George even climbed up into a tiny crawl space to check the heater
- A.D., November 2015
Fantastic service, I would highly recommend to any one. The report was thurough and very detailed.
- R.B., chicago IL, November 2015
Very professional and thorough!
- D.A., Deerfield IL, November 2015
George did an excelent job and was able to make us aware of a number of areas on the house that we would never have thought of on our own. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great inspector!
- D.S., Glenoce IL, October 2015
Thank you George for a very thorough job you did. You were sincere in doing the best you could to serve our interest with great professionalism. You were always respectful to us and you never showed condemnation of the property when there were faults to be corrected. I will recommend you to any one in need of an inspector.
- O.K., chicago IL, October 2015
George, Thank you for inspecting my future townhouse. The report you sent me is very handy that if I'm planning to buy a regular house down the road, I'll keep my eyes open on these areas. Thanks again.
- K.I., October 2015
George did an excellent job on our home inspection and I appreciated the fact that he took the time to explain each and every detail to us while conducting the inspection.
- J.R., October 2015
George, it was a pleasure to work with you and I could not be any happier with how detailed your report was. Thank you so much for your outstanding attention to detail, and thorough explanations of all the questions and I had. I don't think a more detailed and straight forward description then you had provided is even possible. Great Experience! Thanks George!!! -Serge
- S.P., September 2015
George was very professional, thorough, and caring. He gave suggestions when asked and made sure i understood everything he was doing. A+++
- S.O., chicago IL, September 2015
I wasn't there for the whole inspection but the report was thorough and he explained everything to me very well. Both in person and on the phone he was professional and i would recommend him to anyone!
- S.K., August 2015
Great detailed inspection. I love the use of mobile and web technology in the inspection. Very well done.
- D.H., August 2015
George performed an inspection on our new home prior to closing. He was excellent to work with, extremely knowledgeable and thorough, and very promptly provided a report. In addition to the home inspection, George provided a lot of useful tips to help make our new home safe, efficient, and enjoyable. I'd highly recommend Detail Home Inspection and George Norberg!
- M.T., August 2015
George thanks for all your help. I will call again when your needed. Your were very quick to go on the job site and complete the work. Thank you!
- T.M., Romeoville IL, July 2015
George was very thourough and extremly knowledgeable. I appreciated the time he took to point out all of the things which seemed like minor problems but were actually significant.
- D.S., July 2015
Certainly appreciated George's expertise!
- B.K., Hoffman Estates IL, July 2015
George did a very thorough and detailed job. I have already recommended him to a sibling who just purchased a house.
- J.M., July 2015
George was great! The report was very detailed and he pointed out every detail no matter how small it was. I would use again and refer to others.
- S.M., Streamwood IL, July 2015
Thank your for the professional, quick and thorough inspection!
- N.G., Buffalo Grove IL, July 2015
George was very professional and very easy to work with. We were very pleased with his report.
- N.W., July 2015
Very Knowledgable, straight shooter. George did not try to hide anything from me and was very straight forward with his concerns.
- J.S., July 2015
George did a wonderful job at our condo inspection. He is very professional, yet personable. He took the time to answer all of our client's questions and was very thorough. We would definitely recommend him to other clients.
- B.M., Evanston IL, June 2015
Thank you for being thorough in your inspection!
- J.B., Skokie IL, June 2015
George explained everything to me about the house, answered all my questions, and generally did an excellent and thorough job for us. He took the time to do it right and I appreciate that.
- S.R., June 2015
George was very polite and flexible with scheduling. He worked very hard to meet the expectations of his client and was very thorough in his inspections. His work was greatly appreciated!
- C.E., June 2015
I like that George was flexible and willing to work with me on dates and times still allowing me to meet my deadlineBro have the inspection completed. His turnaround time was swift and detailed.
- A.H., June 2015