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Douglas Cash

Knowledge is the buyer's best defense against the unexpected. All homes have issues. Some issues are normal and some are not. It takes knowledge to find the issues and distinguish one from the other. Emotions run high and can cloud decisions. Since inspectors are not emotionally attached to the home, they can objectively evaluate the homes condition and provide an unbiased perspective. Inspectors understand the emotional side of a new home purchase and the importance of keeping issues in perspective while protecting you from unexpected repairs and costs.

At BHI, the focus is on providing a high level of confidence in, and knowledge about, the condition of your next home by providing one of the areas' most complete and thorough inspections.

Please keep me or my company in mind when you need a good home inspection!


Virginia State Licensed Home Inspector #3380001305, NRPP Radon Technician #109601RT, ASHI CI #263714, "NRS" Certified


We couldn’t say enough of how wonderful Doug’s service is!!! He is patient and professional; most importantly, he detected a serious leaking problem that nobody had paid any attention, which could cause severe damage! We are also very impressed that he responded all questions quickly after the inspection! Highly recommended! We couldn’t think of anyone who can do a better job than Doug! Thank you!!!
- S.X., February 2022
Absolutely! I was considering buying an old house, while I knew there could be some problems- the amount found in this house was way more than I expected or was comfortable with. This inspection was well worth it, as I ultimately walked away. Currently looking for a newer property and would definitely like to use Bateman again to inspect it. The report was very thorough and easy to understand.
- J.W., June 2021
I would absolutely recommend Doug to all and anyone needing a home inspection. Douglas was extremely thorough and knowledgeable, overall a true professional. When scheduling my inspection, the office staff was very helpful and accommodating. Thank you Bateman Home Inspections for providing me a great service and peace of mind while purchasing a new home!
- K.M., June 2021
Great service for the Radon testing of a home I am purchasing. Called and came out the same day to set up. Explained everything and super nice.
- T.C., May 2021
Doug was both knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to carefully examine the large, old house he was inspecting and submitted a valuable and detailed report. I was also impressed by his use of drone photography to provide perspectives that would otherwise be unavailable.
- S.S., Covington VA, December 2020
Did an excellent job.
- B.C., Vinton VA, September 2020
This inspection was so thorough and provided so much detail of the conditions found in the house. Rating the items found as the urgent fixes and observed fixes is so helpful too. And pointing out things like shut offs, etc is great. I feel like this was worth every cent spent on it.
- M.R., August 2020
Doug was so informative and helpful, explaining issues and how things worked in non-technical language. He was thorough and patient and the inspection report was also very thorough with pictures and arrows pointing to things we needed to know. He even included the estimated remaining life on some of the more expensive items. It was a pleasure to work with Doug. Dave and Donna
- D.S., Roanoke VA, July 2020
Awesome experience with Doug Cash and Batemen Home Inspections!! You can expect exceptional Professionalism, punctuality, attention to detail and a prompt report!! Highly Recommend!!
- J.L., July 2020
Doug was great! Very friendly and down to earth. He completed a home inspection on our new construction home and we received an instant return on our investment when he noticed that our garbage disposal was not functional. Under further inspection, he showed us that the blades in the disposal were seized with grout, which had hardened, rendering the garbage disposal, inoperable. Thanks Doug for your "eagle eyes" in detecting this and for the Bateman Home Inspections "swag" (aka stainless steel straws, coffee mug and LED flashlight)! :-)
- T.J., July 2020
Our experience with Bateman Home Inspections LLC was excellent. Doug was very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable, it is clear that he takes a lot of pride in what he does. I believe that accurate, prompt, and professional describes Bateman Home Inspections to a 'T'. We would highly recommend Doug to anyone that is in the market for a home inspection.
- W.R., May 2020
Very thorough professional job. Explained things as I accompanied him for much of the inspection. Very attentive to details.
- B.B., April 2020
Doug did an excellent job at our recent inspection. He is professional, has a solid knowledge base, does a very thorough inspection and is easy to talk to. I would urge anyone thinking about doing an inspection call Doug's company. When first contacting Bateman, Ashley was very helpful and a pleasure to work with when setting up the inspection. Great Company!
- B.K., April 2020
Doug was great and very thorough
- W.H., April 2020
Doug did a super thorough job, taking the time to explain any issues that were found and how to address them. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. We would highly recommend him!
- H.B., April 2020
Great job! Thank you for the inspection.
- M.G., March 2020
Doug was absolutely phenomenal. He started by telling us what to expect to give us an idea of what was included in the inspection and the length of time the inspection would take. Once the inspection was done, he explained what he found taking care to use language and terms we could understand. He said to expect the results the next day, but we actually received them late the same day. My realtor gave me the option to choose any inspector, but when I told him I choose Bateman, a big smile showed on his face. He told me I would be impressed and he was absolutely right.
- M.C., February 2020
I felt that Doug did a superb and thorough job inspecting my future home. Would definitely recommend him to a friend!
- T.S., January 2020
We are very pleased with our home inspection and our inspector. He was very knowledgeable and answered all the questions that we had. Through the whole inspection he took his time and made sure to let us know everything he saw or found no matter how big or small the issue. We would 100% recommend Douglas Clark and if we ever need him again would absolutely use this company again. Thank you so much for making our home inspection so wonderful!!
- S.H., Lexington VA, January 2020
Doug was awesome, very nice and very knowledgeable. I stayed for the entire inspection and he walked me through the entire thing, providing great insight and tips about our prospective purchase. Absolutely would recommend.
- C.W., January 2020
Very pleased and satisfied with my new home inspection thank you very much highly recommend.
- A.C., December 2019
Doug, your imput was vital for a decision that would impact us for many years. Thanks for your knowledge and professionalism. Charlie Perry
- C.P., November 2019
Douglas Cash was personable, professional, and thorough. He answered all of our questions during the inspection and we would not hesitate to ask for him in the future should the need arise. The report was provided promptly and was easy to understand. We highly recommend Douglas and Bateman Home Inspections. D.L. November 2019
- D.L., November 2019
We were very impressed with Doug's knowledge of new construction and his ability to find even the smallest concern about a house. He was professional, friendly and thorough. We would definitely use him again!!
- A.K., November 2019
Douglas performed a wonderful home inspection and was wonderful to also speak to.
- B.Z., November 2019
Our experience with this company has been wonderful. prompt, friendly, knowledgeable and detailed. We highly recommend Doug. Gerald Nolt
- G.N., November 2019
Very professional and thorough inspection service! Organized detailed report given at the end with pictures to easily navigate the entire document.
- J.C., November 2019
Douglas provided an exceptional service, was friendly and helpful in answering questions and explaining his observations, and provided a thorough inspection of the home. I am very pleased with the service provided and would highly recommend him and Bateman Home Inspections to anyone in need of a quality home inspection.
- E.B., September 2019
Great service! Was thorough with the inspection and explained everything well. Would definitely use his services in the future.
- W.W., September 2019
He is a very professional guy who you can tell is very knowledgeable about his job. He make sure you understand everything and answer all your questions. I would recommend him to anyone because he is polite and carry himself in a professional way.
- C.T., August 2019
Doug is probably one of the best Home Inspectors that we have used when buying a home. He is thorough, professional and excellent at explaining any of the issues he finds with the home.
- B.M., August 2019
Thorough inspection which was very easy to read and understand. All "concerns/issues" were clearly identified.
- D.B., August 2019
Doug was extremely patient and professional. No matter how small the detail, he took it seriously and explained the implications. I also appreciated his approach to safety with matters such as not lighting pilot lights and not getting on the roof because it was too steep. It was pretty cool, because we got to watch him fly the drone to take pictures of the roof. He was such a nice guy and a pleasure to work with.
- S.H., July 2019
Doug was very helpful and thorough, and explained everything clearly. Would definitely recommend him!
- K.B., May 2019
Personable, Professional and thorough.
- D.R., Riner VA, April 2019
Doug was very courteous and helpful with the inspection. He answered any questions that we had and helped us understand all the repairs and/or suggestions that were needed for the home. He was very thorough and was great to work with! Thank you Doug!
- R.T., April 2019
10/10 would recommend highly to anyone needing a home inspection. Great guy, can carry on a great conversation, very approachable!
- M.V., April 2019
Douglas was very thorough! Highly recommend!!
- S.T., April 2019
Mr. Cash was very proffesional and helpful, as well as easy to talk to. He was very thorough during the entire process and I'm confident he didnt miss a thing. Will definitely recommend!
- M.H., March 2019
Doug did a great job at answering any questions we had. He was very thorough going through the house and explained everything he was doing very well. Definitely good at what he does. We really enjoyed having him be our inspector. He made the whole process very enjoyable. If I ever need another home inspected will definitely ask for Doug.
- J.M., March 2019
Very thorough and knowledgeable.
- R.B., March 2019
Doug was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and did a thorough inspection. I am very pleased with the service provided.
- T.M., March 2019
Very professional and helpful. Encouraged us to ask questions!
- K.G., March 2019