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Before you purchase or sell your home or property, please call DTM Building Inspection Services, L.L.C.. We can help protect your investment with a thorough home/property inspection! Call us now to discuss your individual inspection needs. Work Phone: 504-309-2709 Mobile Phone: 504-909-4326 Fax Number: 504-309-2709

About DTM Building Inspection Services, L.L.C.

We perform thorough inspections at reasonable prices. We can help you get to know the condition of the property you are about to buy or sell, and give you the confidence you need to make an informed decision.

We are located in Kenner and serve all surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you!


Dan was very thorough and professional! He took his time and explained everything and answered all of my questions. Would definitely use him again in the future and recommend him to others. An utmost professional. Thank you Dan!!
- L.B., September 2020
Very throughout!
- R.T., June 2019
Thank you for being so thorough and explaining everything to us in detail. We appreciate your help.
- J.A., Metairie LA, December 2018
Dan conducted an incredibly thorough inspection of my (aging) soon-to-be first home. He took time to go over his findings verbally using terminology I could understand. I was surprised at how much of that conversation I was able to absorb and maintain despite being a 1st time homebuyer faced with an overwhelming amount of new information. The official inspection report was clear, specific, detailed, incredibly well-organized, and included numerous photos that clearly identified the areas of concern. There were straight forward, level-headed designations regarding the urgency around his findings, such as FYI only, monitor, immediately address, prepare to repair/replace in the near future, or consult a specialist for more information. His recommendations not only helped me prioritize my repair/improvement planning, but were a great tool for fair negotiations with the seller. I'm certain that I will continue to refer to my DTM Inspection Report for home maintenance and repairs for years to come. Bottom line, this nervous 1st time buyer learned an incredible amount of essential info and was able to confidently make informed decisions, all for an incredibly reasonable price. Absolutely 100% recommend his services!
- K.L., July 2018
Thank you for the thorough inspection.
- D.G., June 2018
Thorough and knowledgeable. Easy to talk to and willing to explain his findings in understandable way.
- T.B., November 2017
Thank you for your inspection. Very professional, informative, and timely.
- M.T., June 2017
Thank you for your services !!
- J.P., May 2017
Dan is very thorough and didn't miss anything.
- N.M., Metairie LA, February 2017
Been using Dan for number of years. I love how he sets up all the appts for me at one time. He makes inspections easy.
- K.Z., January 2016
Absolutely a wonderful inspector. His level of detail was more than I expected and even commented on how to fix everything he found wrong. Thank you for being such a delight and I hope you can inspect our next house!
- C.P., New Orleans LA, May 2015
Dan was extremely professional and his inspection was very through. He provided , in layman's terms if needed, all of his findings and recommendations for repairs. If we buy a house in this area again I would want Dan to do the inspection.
- R.B., Cary NC, April 2015
I am very happy with the inspection report.
- M.P., March 2015
Very thorough in his inspection, not afraid to point out even the smallest deficiency. During the day of inspection he was able to explain his findings in excellent layman's terms. Report was easy to read and the pictures clear. I had a great experience with him and it really put my mind at ease when I got the final inspection results.
- J.C., March 2015
Mr. Maloney takes his time and is very detailed with his work. Definitely would recommend. He is awesome.
- M.F., May 2014
Dan is great because he is fair to both buyer and seller. He is also very accessible and ready to help when possible. Excellent inspector!
- S.D., May 2014
Best inspector ever.
- E.F., March 2014
Hi Dan,I appreciate your good thorough work.Velma
- V.G., March 2014
Hey Dan,always a complete and thorough report,Great Job As Always,Thanks,Velma
- V.G., February 2014
Thanks, Dan.
- B.V., October 2013
Dan did a thorough inspection of the house. He took his time to explain all the items that needed attention, walking me everywhere to show all the details. Thank you Dan!
- J.E., September 2013
Dan is PERFECT! Such a nice guy and he does a very thorough job. He is very knowledgeable. Love the man! Wouldn't use anyone else.
- B.B., April 2013
He is a great guy that finds what needs to be repaired and has a great way of putting buyers and sellers at ease. Recommend him highly.
- S.D., April 2013
very thorough
- R.E., January 2013
Daniel was professional, nice, and very thorough. He took time explaining details that I was not familiar with. He is a pleasure to work with and I will recommend Daniel to friends and family that are in need of a home inspection in the future.
- J.T., October 2012
Excellent inspection and report. Recommend highly!
- S.D., July 2012
Mr. Maloney was on time and conducted a very thorough inspection. He made it clear on items that should get fixed by the seller. He also showed items that should be fixed over time if we purchased the house. I would recommend Mr. Maloney to everyone who needs a home inspection. I was very satisfied after the 4 hr inspection of the house we thought was completely fixed. He saved us thousands of dollars with this inspection. Thank you and Great Job!!!
- C.J., July 2012
Dan was timely and professional. He was very thorough in his inspection and was very happy to answer any questions and my husband and I asked. His report was detailed and delivered within hours via email. I would definately recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection.
- C.J., June 2012
Mr. Maloney is very thorough and detail oriented. His review of the information he collected was very organized, clear, concise and easily understandable. Mr. Maloney is a true professional and deserves the highest rating possible. I will recommend Mr. Maloney to everyone I know who is in need of inspection.
- J.N., March 2012
For my first investment property I have peace of mind now thanks to DTM. DTM was recommend to me and I see why. Mr.Daniel came out and did a great job the man didnt miss a thing and his report is so simple and very easy to read. Thanks DTM
- A.H., January 2012
Dan did a wonderful job. He gave lots of information about the inspection and made us feel good about the whole process.
- C.L., April 2011
Thank you :)
- T.M., March 2011
Dan was very thorough and helpful in his inspection.
- R.S., January 2011
Thank you for being so informative and taking your time to inspect everything even though it was late.
- K.F., January 2011
Daniel was very proffesional in his work. He checked the house top to bottom and was very thorough. Any question or concern we had was answered in detail. We really appreciate all of his help.
- B.B., November 2010
Very nice and took time to explain any questions that I had. I will use or suggest to others to use services in future.
- J.S., October 2010
Daniel conducted a very thorough and professional inspection, and we would reccomend him to anyone.
- A.H., April 2010
Daniel Maloney did a superb job and is very thorough in his inspections. He's one of the best in the business!
- M.D., March 2010
Thank you for your super fine service in inspecting and sending the written report. Great service indeed.
- D.R., March 2010
Very professional, felt as though he had my interest at heart. When the inspection was completed I had the confidence that the purchase of my home was a sound one. Thank you Dan
- J.L., December 2009
Very professional, felt as though he had my interest at heart. When the inspection was completed I had the confidence that the purchase of my home was a sound one. Thank you Dan
- J.L., December 2009
It was a pleasure meeting and working with Mr. Maloney. He was professional, courteous and thorough in his inspection. When he was not given all the information he needed to complete the inspection, he made an attempt to cover all possibilities. I would highly recommend Mr. Maloney for any future inspections. CLP
- C.P., September 2009
professional service
- P.D., July 2009