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Grant Carroll

I have been camping my entire life and greatly enjoy the outdoors. We bought our first motorhome in April of 2015 and I immediately took a shine to the RVing lifestyle and everything it has to offer. I had to fly to Alabama to pick it up, and prior to purchasing it the sellers were willing to take it to a local RV shop to have an inspection done on it. As I have learned in the last couple of years it was not nearly as thorough and in depth as it should have been. I didn't purchase a lemon by any means, but there were certainly things that any decent inspection should have revealed that weren't, but what did I know at the time...?
On my own I started learning about how RVs work, operate and how to work on them myself to help save on costly repair work. If I could.

On my own I started learning about how RVs work, operate and how to work on them myself to help save on costly repair work. If I could do the work, great! Through all of my research on the internet I came across the NRVIA and what it has to offer. Since falling in love with RVing, I thought that taking the training with the NRVIA and becoming an inspector would give me the opportunity to help others when it came to purchasing an RV that suits their needs. What better way to make a living is there than helping others in the pursuit of their happiness and dreams while doing something that you enjoy?!

Why have an inspection? As a buyer, If for no other reason it will bring you peace of mind knowing that what you have purchased is worth the investment as well as keep you and your family safe while traveling. It will also give you an idea of what repairs it might need down the road and things to watch for. As a seller it can affirm your selling price, especially if there were any issues found during the inspection and then you took action to have them evaluated by a qualified RV technician. It's a great idea to show potential buyers the inspection report and then the receipts of any work you had done prior to the sale. Just think how much MORE the buyer is likely to purchase it from you!

I completed my NRVIA (National RV Inspectors Association) training in 2017 and I have been helping people purchase and sell their RVs since then. I love what I do and it shows in the quality of my reports as well as my eagerness and enthusiasm! 


Level 2 NRVIA (National RV Inspectors Association) certified RV inspector.


I enjoy the RV lifestyle and I want to help others learn about it and enjoy it as much as I do. With an NRVIA certified RV inspection you will know that the RV you are purchasing, or selling, will keep you and your family happy and safe.


Way beyond what I was expecting, thorough and so much more than I would even know to look at or for. Well worth the cost.
- T.J., Port Orchard WA, July 2022
Grant obviously cares about his clients. He has earned the respect of customers and sellers alike. He examines not just the "house" part of the motorhome, but the engine and all components. The very detailed report will come in handy upon sale, as it is upon purchase.
- M.J., Lake Oswego OR, March 2021
My experience with Grant was extremely positive! He is very knowledgeable, helpful, great teacher if you need schooling (which I did), and has a great sense of humor! Thanks Grant
- L.R., Olney MD, June 2020